Feb 222014

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It appears that Robert Weygant is not going to run for re-election to the Placer County  Board of Supervisors.

Today – Democrat Reginald Bronner – who ran for AD06 and failed to make the runoff in  2012 pulled papers along with liberal Republican Spencer Short.

Spencer Short is a Lincoln City Councilmember who was part of the fiscal train-wreck that  nearly bankrupt the city. Short is also socially liberal as during the four years I served  with him on the Placer GOP, he never took a stand on a social issue, ever. He also  studiously avoided endorsement votes – except when it was taking a stand against the  conservatives led by the Placer CRA.

Sources indicated that Short once again was disparaging the Placer GOP Central Committee and used his dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the Placer GOP Cent Com as part of the reason he is taking papers. The Cent Com’s current leadership consist of Socially Liberal Republicans Mike Holmes and Dennis Revell.

Perhaps Spencer Short should reconsider whether he is a republican since he is criticizing the current leadership saying that the current recruiting process by the Placer GOP will net some “Poor Choices”.

The chair of the candidate recruitment committee is Bonnie McAdams, a Placer Tea Party member who is aligned with the moderate leadership of the Placer GOP. (She recently voted against the President of the Placer CRA for a vacancy on the Cent Com as did Spencer Short)

Regular readers of this blog will remember Spencer Short’s arrogant letter resigning from the Central Committee in the last term.

Short will almost certainly draw Paul Joiner as his primary opponent and here’s to Joiner wiping up the floor with him.

Spencer Short VS Lincoln FD – Pay Close Attention

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Jun 152013

When I first heard that Spencer Short was at odds with the firefighter’s union, I thought he had seen the face of Jesus and become a Conservative.

Spencer is a member of the Placer GOP Central Committee and is a huge fan of Beth Gaines over some sort of billboard bill she got passed (that may have been written by staff so that is wasn’t a repeat of Friday’s floor debaucle)…

Mr. Short also got $1,000 as part of the nearly $35,000 he had to spend to defend his infestation of the Lincoln City Council from the Firefighter’s Union.

I think the Union is regretting that decision.

Spencer Short has been the poster child for the shuttered fire station in Lincoln. He has been there the longest on the council and the Station sits idle with a ladder truck worth nearly $1.5 million in it.

Spencer wants it open.

So – he tried to jam a proposal through the council to open said fire station with 2 Firefighters per truck, not three. This would take the already minimal staff and spread them across more trucks. Imagine a three-man defensive line without a Nose Tackle.

It gets better – apparently, there is actually money to hire more fire fighters. The proposal is to hire two firefighters or a battallion commander. The two are similar in cost.

Logic says, if your fire service is on a skeleton crew – hire two dudes, and fast. Short wants a Batallion Commander so that fire station three can be re-opened with the two-men-per-truck option.

The Union Posted this on their facebook wall:

Dear followers of Lincoln Professional Firefighters. We are here to let the people of Lincoln know that your Firefighters want only the best for you. There was a decision made by city council last night on changing our ways of staffing. They decided to go from 3 person engine companies to 2 person engine companies. They did this to open the McBean station. This idea was not brought to our attention to be discussed as a department and implemented without input from the people that are actually on the engines running the calls. We do not support this plan and do not support how this was brought upon us. This plan can compromise our safety and quality of service and care for you. We agree that the 3rd station needs to open, but it needs to be done right with staffing of 3 personnel. Our stance is two engines with 3 would be more effective than 3 stations with 2. We know this posting might create discussion, some agreeing, some not. Feel free to ask questions. If this turns into a heavy topic of discussion, we are willing to set a date to meet and greet our citizens to inform you facts and stats to educate you on how exactly an engine company works. Thank you for your time.

Wow, Spencer Short can’t win for losing, he’s wrong again.

Feb 082012

Believe it. Oh and Beth Gaines abstained.

Rico Oller. Abstain. Tom McClintock, Abstain. Dan Logue? Abstain – courageous leadership from Ted Gaines.

Liberal Democrat Jennifer Montgomery is running for re-election. We (the Central Committee) recruited an opponent for her.

We (the Central Committee) put the opponent, Mark Wright a software engineer from Colfax up for a Placer GOP Cent Com endorsement.

What ensued is a primer on why the GOP loses elections.

First off -the liberal members of our Central Committee lectured us about how we should not be endorsing in Non-Partisan races. However, the Democrats do and have done so for years.

Jennifer Montgomery? The poster child and 2011 Woman of the year for California Red-to-Blue. RTB is a progressive leftist organization that runs lib-dems in Republican Areas.

Ted Gaines voted against endorsing her opponent.

Tax-Raising Liberal Repbulican Lincoln Councilmember Spencer Short? Voted No.

Left-Wing former Assembly Candidate Cheryl Bly-Chester? Voted No, after her usual accusations of bribery, extortion and corruption. Cheryl is so liberal that she was endorsed by the Placer County Libertarian Party in her assembly run!

Liberal Republican Auburn City Councilmember Mike Holmes? Oh heck, he’s already endorsed the Democrat!

Ted Gaines – not a leader. Worse, toxic to the Republican Party. Spencer Short? I endorsed his recall and I keep getting reminded that choice was a good one.