Apr 262019

And like a busted clock, even someone like Chimelewski gets it right once in a while. I have cut and pasted the post from Danny boy here for your review, because it is devastating for Sean Mill – in terms of exposing his inconsistent values, hypocrisy an the like:

Seam Mill’s flyer for Riverside City Council 2019

When last seen, former Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Sean H. Mill resigned from his seat in July 2016 after a private investigation discovered he was no longer a resident of Santa Ana (more details on this to come).

Mill has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican and is running for City Council in Riverside.  But stretching the truth is something he’s applying in his campaign for voters in Riverside who don’t know him as well as we do.  And he has a long track record of being less than honest.

Mill resigned from the Santa Ana Planning Commission on July 13, 2016, about a week after his wife saw a private investigator taking photos of Mill’s car outside her home in Riverside.  When Mrs. Mill confronted the PI, on July 5, she told him, “My husband lives in Santa Ana.”  Mill’s resignation letter reference he had moved to Riverside in “late June” making one wonder if he was hiding in his wife’s home or did she not get the new script.

It’s entirely possible Mill was residing in Riverside for months while he remained on the Planning Commission and enjoyed all the perks that came with that sans residency.  Here’s the Voice of OC story on the resignation.  Remarkably, Mill was appointed to the Riverside Airport commission less than a month after leaving Santa Ana, leading many of us to wonder if there’s a real shallow pool of candidates for commissions in the area there.

Take a peak at Mill’s fundraising flyer.  He states he was an airport commissioner from 2015 to 2017.  Now the rules for being on commissions require residency.  How could Mill be on this commission in 2015 when he was a Santa Ana Planning Commissioner in 2016?  That’s actually a crime — fraud I believe.  But knowing Mill as we do, we’ll chock this up to an attempt by him to make voters believe he’s been a factor in Riverside longer than he has.

Here’s the minutes of the meeting where Mill was appointed commissioner:

I have to wonder if the Republicans in Riverside are aware of Sean’s “liberal” past.  Here’s a blog post from 2015 after we filed an FPPC complaint against Mill for failing to adequately complete his form 700 disclosures.  In particular, he was called out for homophobic comments in an LA Times letter he wrote in the late 90s.  Watch him address the audience in this YouTube video.

Mill continued: “Folks that pick and choose comments — cherry picked them — taking them out of context to try and make their point failed to get the newspaper articles I’ve written in support of the LGBT community — scores of them as a matter of fact — but those never seem to make their rounds.”

Mill continued: “I own what I say. When hearing what people have to say, for every article they’ll come and show you, and ‘oh look what he said’ after they take it out of context, I can show you articles I have written  with my name published in the newspaper in which I support the LGBT community. So be very careful of folks telling you things.”

Mill continued: “I usually sit here and be quiet and take it, but when I see an organized effort based on a pack of lies to come down here and attack myself and Commissioner Alderete I’m not going to remain silent.”

So where are these “scores of articles” with Mill’s byline in support of the LGBT community?  If you can find one published in the newspaper, send us a scan of the print edition or a link to the website.  We can’t find a single story.

Mill never says which newspaper he’s published “scores” or articles and, from his speech, we’re almost certain he doesn’t know that a “score” means 20 articles and “scores” would be 40 or 41.  I challenge Mill to produce “scores” of stories…I just don’t think they exist. I’d be happy to see one or two, but “scores” of pro-LGBT articles with Mill’s byline are simply hot air.

I still can’t find a single article written by Sean H. Mill that supports the LGBTQ community published anywhere.  I do have a comment where he called the former publisher of this site, Chris Prevatt, an HIV+ gay man, “you infected little shit.”

For voters in Riverside who don’t know Mill’s party-switching, political vendettas and honesty about his LGBTQ support, Santa Ana residency/Riverside residency, and his Airport Commission appointment date.  Does this man have the integrity to serve you on the city council of your city?

Blogger’s Note – while Dan C is obsessed with homosexuality and left-wing purity (including supporting 4th Trimester Abortion) his points about Sean Mill’s failure to be honest, his residency, potential fraud, potty mouth, abusive behavior, playing fast and loose with the truth, pandering, party-switching and the like paint a picture that is not a good scene at all.

Feb 172019

Any of us paying attention to politics in Orange County have heard ad naseum about the disaster down there for the GOP. Newly minted Republican Sean Mill did his part. Andrew Do won two elections by the slimmest of margins, literally a few hundred votes. Sean Mill was a reason why:

what will Sean Mill do for an encore? Can anyone trust him as a Republican?

It looks like Sean Mill is the latest in a string of Republicans for a convenience. He should be rejected by BOTH parties for his antics as no one can trust him. Mill is running for Riverside City Council in District 5 and likely has determined that re-registering Republican is his best ticket. (See also fraud)

And here is your encore. Proud to have Obama representing the US.

I’d lay odds Mill is a huge fan of Robert Mueller, Alexandra Occasional-Cortex, Illian Omar and other far-left fringe wackjobs.

Republican Groups should reject Sean Mill post-haste. Voters should reject him too for dishonesty.