Mar 172016

We detailed how John Moorlach soaked us all for a $198k extreme office makeover.

$8,990 on a desk. $10,300 for shelving. A 52 inch flat screen to the tune of $4000. Moorlach, whose tab was the highest among the supervisors at $198,525.84

At least John Moorlach is consistent – his total compensation package weighed in at $237k, far more than his colleagues.

John Moorlach also raked in $16k for 5 years of taxpayer money in to his 401 plan.

John Moorlach has a 2.7% at 55 Pension – guaranteed by OC Taxpayers. He also Opposed efforts to cut said pension.

7/31/2007 – Moorlach voted to bump up his Car Allowance, which counts toward his pension, nearly double his comp time from 90 to 170 hours and bumped the taxpayer funded part of his 401(k) plan from 6 to 8%

Moorlach also received $6300+ for serving on the OCTA – the Orange County Transportation Authority.

In addition to this – Moorlach also received a cash benefit of $4500.

He also voted to give large amounts of money to losers, sexual harrassers and contract breachers.

In order to vest himself further in his office, Moorlach supported onerous campaign finance rules.

John Moorlach completed the package by opposing Term Limits, publicly, multiple times, including supporting a failed ballot measure.

Ask yourself if this is what you thought you were getting from a “Conservative”, “Tax-Fighter”, “Fiscal Watchdog”. John Moorlach is a fraud. He got rich on your back and spent your money poorly on many occasions.

Yet, we are told by the leadership of the shrinking Orange County GOP that we are to support this guy because he is the incumbent. They haven’t gotten a dime from him either, meaning that Moorlach’s inaction has contributed to the shrinking Republican numbers in Orange County!

Just because John Moorlach foresaw the OC Bankruptcy of 20+ years ago correctly, does not qualify him to hold office. He has dined on the reputation for years. It is time to retire him.

Press Tribune Article on the Roseville City Council Drama!

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Oct 272010

The recent article on the Roseville City Council Race has some interesting By-Lines to it:

Who is that masked e-mailer?

At least eight of these e-mails have gone out to recipients obtained by voter-registration lists. The domain server for the e-mails, “” was purchased from through the domain name That domain name is registered to Loomis resident Joseph Scharrer.

Scharrer isn’t new to local political controversy. In 2008, news stories reported that he bought dozens of website domains in the names of politicians he opposed to use the sites against the candidates.

Ooooooh, could it be?

They quote the “Non-Partisan” former employee of Charlie Brown for Congress (a liberal democrat) Lee Reed:

Roseville resident Lee Reed is upset by the partisanship of the e-mail messages. In 1960, at 21 years old, Reed tried to vote for the first time, but was turned away at the polling place, he said, because he “appeared to be a Republican” by his three-piece suit and shiny shoes in the Democratic-dominated city of Chicago — he actually planned to vote for John F. Kennedy Jr.

“I’ll never forget that,” Reed said. “I came from (a place) with some of the dirtiest politics in the nation. I moved out here to California. I want nonpartisan to be nonpartisan.”

Really? Then why Mr. Reed you file a complaint with the City Attorney’s office in an attempt to shut this blog down? Democrats. Free speech only works in one direction for them – you know, like the military ballots that several states deliberately did not send out in time?


More quotes:

Cannon, chief of staff for California Assemblyman Paul Cook, said he’ll focus on restoring jobs, improving the local economy and promoting public safety. The Roseville Planning Commissioner recently earned the endorsement of the Roseville Police Officers Association, Councilman John Allard and Councilman Jim Gray.

And now Tim Herman:

“I’m looking forward to being done with the (campaign) and going on to the next stage,” Herman said. “I’ve enjoyed knocking on doors and talking to people. I’m feeling very positive. It’s a long experience — I started walking precincts in 105 degree weather and (walked) this past weekend in the rain.”

Sounds like Mr. Herman thinks he has it won already.

(Pople) He has raised $2,866 for his campaign, mainly from the Placer County Democratic Central Committee, Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento and several individuals.

No surprise there. (The Stonewall Democrats are a lifestyle group of Democrats)

“(The campaign) has been very exciting and a lot of fun,” Rohan said. “I’m anxious to see the end of it. I’m just plugging away until it’s done. You do everything you can think of, and it’s best to just be settled.”

Amen, Susan. Just be settled – If I had a vote, I’d have voted for Sam and Susan already.

Roseville City Council Update – Herman Mailer Flops

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Oct 192010

It says little and is very general. I also note that it is a normal page folded in half. It, of course featured the obligatory pictures you’d normally see!

Please see the front and the reverse of the mailer.

I did pick a few items out that interested me.

1. The endorsement list is pretty thin – he seems to have about half the “High-Power” endorsements of Sam Cannon. This may not be a 100% negative in this “find-the-boogie-man” race.

(The irony is that Herman does indeed have the “Old Roseville” establishment pushing to the extreme for him)

2. It is absent the mention of his affiliation with the Charlie Brown for Congress Campaign – and is also absent a lot of local Dem leaders… with the exception of the three endorsements he has based his campaign on – Garbolino, Garcia and Bonner.

3. It features his service on committees – most notably (in my mind) the sustainability action committee. This dovetails well with his opposition to Prop 23, support of an electric car ordinance and his calls for more “Green Jobs”.

4. The mailer is bullet-pointed and has far less words than you typically see in campaign mailers. Either this is smart marketing or trying to stretch limited material out over a pre-prescribed area.

All in all, it is not a bad mailer – but, I am not impressed with it either. It needed more “meat”.

I give Tim’s campaign a 6.5 (a C+) on this effort.

Scale: 1-2 F / 3-4 D / 5-6 C / 7-8 B / 9-10 A

Oct 132010

Let’s see – Tim Herman opposed Prop 8, and supported Charlie Brown over Tom McClintock and than issues this gem in the Roseville Press-Tribune Article:

Herman, registered as “decline-to-state,” said the e-mail involves private voting, assumptions and issues that “aren’t important to how one would function as a City Council member.”

Tim Herman is an excellent dentist. My salute to his professional prowess, or my acknowledgment that he is qualified does not extend to how I feel about his stances on issues or how I’d feel about his governance.

I have never met a social liberal who can govern as a fiscal conservative. Tim publicly supported bond issues and sat on the oversight board on another. His public comments at candidate forums never once referenced him supporting city fee reductions or fee eliminations.

This is the choice Roseville needs to make – Susan Rohan and Sam Cannon are unassailable Fiscal Conservatives.

It is also interesting to see how the Press-Tribune spun the content of the ‘offending’ email. It was a straight-forward attack on the Prop 8 issue – it was not a smear, but rather talked about David Larson’s marriage to Brad and Tim Herman’s social liberalism.

The Email that was forwarded to me by the reporter also included how Larson and Herman supported Charlie Brown over Tom McClintock – and I took due note that was not included in the P-T story.

All in all, voters deserve to know about the actions and patterns of people they may be voting for.

Sam Cannon / Susan Rohan – Republicans, Yes on 8, Tom McClintock

Tim Herman / David Larson – Non Republican Liberals, No on 8, Charlie Brown.

That’s pretty simple.

Oct 032010

Prop 19 – Legalizing Marijuana.

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – ?
Sam Cannon – Opposed

Prop 20 – Take drawing Congressional Lines out of hands of politicians

Tim Herman – ?
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 21 – Raise Car Taxes to Fund State Parks and “Conservation” (even though money can be re-directed by legislature)

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 22 – Stops state from Stealing Local Government Money to Balance the State Budget

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 23 – Suspends disasterous Golbal Warming Bill until unemployment drops below 5.5%. If Prop 23 fails – Roseville’s Utility rates will skyrocket

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 24 – Repeals Business tax breaks given in a recent budget.

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 25 – Creates Simple Majority Budget / Simple Majority Tax Increases

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 26 – requires 2/3 supermajority to raise “fees”.

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 27 – eliminates Prop 11 Re-Districting Commission

Tim Herman – ?
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Based on David Larson being purchased by the labor unions and his status on the Placer County Socialist Party Central Committee – his positions on the ballot measures are pretty easy to ascertain.

Based on my lengthy conversations with Tim Herman – I am pretty clear that he supports legalizing Pot and a simple majority budget at the state level. During our conversation he referred repeatedly to the problems the state budget impasses have caused at the local level.

Sam Cannon is a Republican… his positions are crystal clear. No new taxes – again, of the three, the only candidate that is clear about no new taxes, not making it easier to raise taxes or fees.

Prop 23 is also a big one – both Herman and Larson talk about Green initiatives, sustainability and Herman even goes so far as to tout an electric car ordinance in Sun City!

It is impossible to be as Green as Herman and Larson and claim to be pro-business. Sam Cannon is the clear choice for sanity.