Sam Blakeslee to Republican Caucus: SUCKAS!!! Why SD-01 Race is Critical

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Sep 042010

What am I talking about?

Remember how Abel Maldonado had to be confirmed as Lt. Governor because we needed him out of the State Senate and in the LT Gov chair so he could not vote to raise taxes again?

Remember how we needed to throw Sam Aanestad under the bus? Even though Aanestad is as flawed as any politician – he never raised anyone’s taxes…

How does that relate to the SD-01 Race?

Well – the Assembly, led by Martin Garrick tossed aside principle in the name of strategy to get Sam Blakeslee elected in a special election to the State Senate to follow Maldo. The Assembly Republicans voted as a block to confirm Maldonado to the Lt. Governor position – vacating Maldo’s Senate Seat so Sam Blakeslee could run for Senate – giving the GOP an “upgrade”.

Blakeslee returns the favor by refusing to sign the No New Taxes Pledge.

Now – another Republican who has refused to sign that pledge is running for office. Roger Niello.

If both Niello and Blakeslee are in the State Senate – there is no defense from another massive tax increase like the one in Feb 2009 that Niello voted for.

Think about it – the biggest sellout Republican, Abel Maldonado (whose campaign signs look like Obama’s) is now Lt. Governor in the name of having a better vote in his place, now Sam Blakeslee has bailed after getting what he wanted…

Garrick looks like a failure and…

Now Roger Niello and Ted Gaines are locked up in an Epic Primary for another State Senate seat.

Think about it.

Meantime – Republican leadership gets yet another Epic Fail and they are wondering why California is 21% DTS?

Apr 092010

That’s correct. As early as next week – Assembly Speaker John Perez will be putting the confirmation of Abel Maldonado up for a floor vote. This comes from a well-placed source in the capitol…

So the man who supported Harvey Milk Day, the Largest Tax Increase in State History, Voted to Ban .50Cal Weapons, Voted for Socialized Medicine and so much more is going to get rewarded.

Remember – Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Martin Garrick has declared that voting to confirm Abel Maldonado is a leadership vote. Yikes.

This is politics over principle – and a lot of the Orange-County Based Republican Blogs are silent because Garrick is from their neighborhood.

I have no such constraint – and if I was from Orange County, I’d probably be in Garrick’s office making them defend their decision to sell out Republican Values in the name of strategy. Why is a man who sells his budget vote every year getting backup from the Republican leadership?

You see – Sam Blakeslee, the immediate past Assembly Permanent Minority leader is in line to run for Maldonado’s Senate Seat. The thinking is that we get Maldonado out of office now so that Blakeslee can have an easier time of retaining that seat.

What about the effect of making it that much easier for the poster child of reject Republican values to be the nominee for Lt. Governor? Janice Hahn and Gavin-Any-Twosome-Newsome are in city governments that will both be in municipal bankruptcy shortly.

Martin Garrick’s legacy to the Republican Party will be set in stone soon. If the Assembly Republicans – including Chuck DeVore – all tow the line again, we will have had our values trampled.

Leave us not forget who Abel Maldonado is.

Meantime – a good man, Sam Aanestad who most of the above Assembly-members support is getting thrown under the bus.