Apr 102012

Here’s the score. Rumors that Dan Logue was colluding with Doug LaMalfa are 100% false – Logue is hiding out trying to make sure he doesn’t get a stray bomb or two in his living room…

… David Stafford Reade outsmarted himself. He recruited a County Supervisor to run against Dan Logue – he tried to stop the CRP from endorsing Logue. (Like they would go against an incumbent?)

David Stafford Reade thought Doug LaMalfa had the Congressional Race Locked up! Whoops.

Now Reade has the Republican Caucus mad at him for recruiting a candidate to bleed money off of Dan Logue AND the very real possibility that Doug LaMalfa is going to lose.

If David Stafford Reade thinks Gentlemen Jim Nielsen can beat Logue – he needs to be reminded that Pot is not legal in California.

If David Stafford Reade thinks there will be anything left of Doug LaMalfa after this Congressional campaign – he needs a padded cell with fingerpaints.

Why? David Stafford Reade / Dave Gilliard have made the political error of the Century… they tried to take over the entire north state, then along came some Conservatives.

Sam Aanestad is not Rick Keene. Keene refused to engage Doug LaMalfa until it was too late – Sam Aanestad is not messing around.

San Aanestad decided to take on Doug LaMalfa broadside and ask a very straightforward question – why are you talking about deficits and government spending when you’ve taken $4.7 million tax dollars in Farm Welfare?

Listen Here.

Reade and Gilliard have a problem. They’ve infuriated a ton of people – attacked Republican volunteers, tried to strong-arm candidates, floated crap to the local media – etc. etc. etc… the usual ethically challenged crap Consultants usually do. When you scorch the earth – it comes with consequences… in my case, LaMalfa tried to get even by using his psychotic supporters. I’m still here and they are scattered in pieces all over the political landscape.

It looks like LaMalfa is next.

The farm welfare issue is Doug LaMalfa’s Achilles heel. Make bank on it. Doug LaMalfa even advocated against state budget cuts to keep the farm welfare coming! Doug LaMalfa even helped found a Federal Organization that hired a lobbyist to prevent the Farm Welfare Reform Bill in 2007! Then the LaMalfa family split their “ranch” six ways to get around the welfare reform limits…

Dan Logue is the luckiest politician alive. If LaMalfa wins the run for Congress, he still destroys Jim Nielsen.

If Doug LaMalfa loses – he will be beat to a pulp with the world knowing he is a fraud and having to deal with a Pissed off Dan Logue and a pissed off Republican Caucus – because Logue’s money could have been donated to other Republicans running for Assembly… but, David Stafford Reade and Dave Gilliard in their brilliance had to cross that invisible line. Logue vs LaMalfa for State Senate in 2014? Oh, Please, Oh, Please…

Big Winner: Sam Aanestad
Big Winner: Dan Logue
Big Winner: Taxpayers
Big Loser: Fake Conservatives
Big Loser: Farm Welfare

Mar 262012

Visit Doug LaMalfa’s website – look at the Issues and Solutions Webpage.

There’s nothing there! – It says coming soon.

I think the rice lobby will be disappointed if they found that out…

In contrast – look at Sam Aanestad’s Website.

There are issues there!

Look at Colonel Pete’s Website… There are issues there!

It is stuff like this that makes it difficult to buy rice. I feel like I am being double-taxed every time I do.

Feb 222012

It looks like Doug LaMalfa is in trouble.

The Redding Record-Searchlight is the largest paper in the CD01 district and they LIT Doug LaMalfa on Fire over the Rice Welfare issue.

$300k last year alone! $300K!!!

I am sitting here finishing my dinner – L&L Hawiian BBQ which consists of Chicken, Polynesian BBQ Sauce and, you guessed it, taxpayer subsidized rice!

$4.7Million? Really? And all LaMalfa had to say for himself was – “You shouldn’t talk about a farmer with your mouth full…”

Doug LaMalfa – you shouldn’t talk about Welfare Reform or fiscal conservatism with your pockets full! (OF OUR MONEY!)

Quoting today’s Op-Ed:

But we will say this about LaMalfa. He’s one of those conservatives whose rhetoric has hit an increasingly bitter anti-government note of late. He recently touted his congressional candidacy on the Republican website FlashReport in part by saying, “I see it as my job to stand between the bureaucrat thugs and the people.” Are those the same “thugs” who send his family business six-figure subsidies each year?

Now, that will leave a mark.

But – it gets better, Doug LaMalfa has invested considerable time in supporting his Farm Welfare. He helped found an organization that is all about Farm Welfare:

LaMalfa served as a founding member of the California Rice Commission (Butte County). As a founding member, he helped start an organization that lobbies for rice subsidies, more friendly trucking regulation and cheaper power for rice growers.

The California Rice Commission had retained a Washington lobbying firm, Lesher and Russell, to make its case against such reductions for the 2007 federal farm bill that included rice subsidies.


Doug LaMalfa has some explaining to do. Big Time… but wait, there’s more… much more.

For example – the California Rice Commission applauded liberal Democrat Doris Matsui for protecting their welfare payments in the 2007 Farm bill.


We are now swimming in it. Quoting the Record-Searchlight again:

But a combination of pandering to the base about small government while paying the farm’s bills thanks to FDR’s legacy? Yeah, some folks might think that smells like fertilizer.

Oooooh. LaMalfa is a fraud.

Doug LaMalfa Gets Pounded

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Feb 182012

Doug LaMalfa had a really bad day today.

He got lit up for being #9 on the top ten list of Farm Welfare recipients in Northern California by the Redding Record Searchlight and Ryan Sabalow.

His response? “This guy is a paid mudslinger,” LaMalfa said of Park

LOL! Last September – LaMalfa got caught with his fingers in the CRP Proxy cookie jar and his response was to call people to tell them it didn’t matter that their proxies ended up in the hands of Bay Area Moderates because the proxies weren’t voted!

Now it’s nothing to see here – the guy pointing it out gets paid for his work!!!

Sam Annestad’s crew avoided commenting in the article on the $4.7 million haul of taxpayer money Doug LaMalfa has made. Then, later forwarded some news clippings of their own that prove the point of the graphic – Doug LaMalfa is #9 on the welfare list!

In opposition to the measured approach of Aanestad, Colonel Pete Stiglich came out and ripped in to LaMalfa…

Stiglich said it’s hypocritical for a fellow Republican to receive federal farm aid, especially because LaMalfa has billed himself as a leader in the fight against expensive government entitlement programs.

“When it meets his personal interest, it’s not a big entitlement,” Stiglich said.

Therein lies the rub. This is the primary issue with Doug LaMalfa – Conservative to your face and liberal behind your back.



Feb 122012

Best short speech: Kirk Uhler rocked the crowd with his short address.

Pam Tobin took suddenly ill and did not make the dinner. (Perhaps her liberal democrat activist consultant and campaign manager did not want to come to the dinner?)

Biggest Surprise: Robert Grigas is running against Jim Holmes in Sup District 3. Holmes left the GOP a few years ago because of our “divisive” stands against local tax measures. His Brother Mike ran against John Doolittle twice in the Primary. Grigas picked up support by virtue of being a Republican willing to file.

Best Long Speech: Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh connected with the crowd bringing some North State Values down to Placer County. His speech was so good in fact that it caused…

The Worst Speech: Ted Gains. Obviously rattled by the connection his opponent for State Senate made, Ted attempted to envoke Tim Tebow to gain traction. Ultimately, it was the failure to string thoughts together that doomed Ted’s presentation.

Hello Again: Sam Aanestad is taking on the biggest fraud in the North State – Doug LaMalfa. LaMalfa’s popularity will be tested by Aanestad. That congressional district has a choice now.

Welcome to the Race: Linda Park – was the only candidate who got interrupted by applause mid speech. This was her first major address as a candidate for AD-06. (Beth Gains was ill and did not attend the Lincoln Dinner.)

Welcome to the Race part 2: Mark Wright also came in a suit and tie and made an impression on the crowd.

Honorable Mention – Rick Bosetti. Running for AD-01 which includes 1/2 of Placer Sup D5 – Bossetti decided to visit the Placer County faithful to introduce himself. I think he made  a good first impression.

Red Meat Award: I want some of what Dan Logue had before coming to the Placer Lincoln Day dinner – he was on fire. Les Baugh was charming and warm, Dan was on a tear.

Wally Herger gave his first and last address to Placer County as a Congressman. He was charming and gracious – Assemblyman Dan Logue presented Wally with an Assembly Resolution when he introduced him.

Notable Absences: Pam Tobin D-Granite Bay, Beth Gains R-Roseville/Rocklin, Doug LaMalfa R-Subsidy