Sep 142020

The Teacher’s Union is trying to avoid having to go back to work while still getting paid. It is that simple. I’m repeatedly told that about 2/3 of teachers just stay silent while about 1/4 of them are pushing their left-wing agenda.

This is what silence from the good teachers is causing – yes, I meant that exactly how I typed it. No teacher that actually cares about students would be manipulating and indoctrinating them.

Check out Brainpop – a popular curriculum being shoved down the throats of Children in man places of America:

See the top liberal democrat talking points, sexual indoctrination, COVID fear-mongering, BLM, Gloablism, OMG the Postal Service, and two more items with leftist COVID talking points.’

Given crap like the above that masquerades as education, you will not be surprised to learn that some teachers in Rocklin and Roseville are abusing the trust of Students to manipulate people in to keeping schools shut down. These “teachers” could care less about the emotional and psychological damage of isolation and fear. Children need socialization and interaction – depriving them of that will lead to several consequences in their adult life.

Worse, some of these teachers are lathering parents in to a frenzy. Some incredibly weak parents are making their children mask up and are keeping their kids away from any physical contact due to the hyperbole about COVID-19.

This is the petition being circulated in Rocklin, I am told some of the usual suspects such as Michelle Sutherland and Camille Maben – along with the crazed Theresa Landon (who teaches at Granite Bay but lives in Rocklin) MAY be part of the crew circulating this. (I am waiting for more than heresay confirmation as such.)

The petition has about 900 signatures. It is impossible to tell who signed and where they are from. Similar to when extreme left-wing homosexual groups bused people in to Rocklin at the alleged request of Rick Miller the night of the Rick Miller – Camille Maben – Eric Stevens vote to institutionalize extreme sexual education curriculum in the RUSD, it would not surprise me if the same Communists are behind this lie.

There will be no accountability for who signed this, just a bunch of crap from the Teacher’s Union as they pressure the weakling Eric Stevens to provide the third vote to keep the RUSD sequestered.

Rocklin is not unique. I was told by people with knowledge of the situation that Roseville Joint Union High School District Teachers from Granite Bay High School (Remember, the crazed Theresa Landon teaches there) – but similar to Rocklin I have no concrete proof of who the perpetrators are. (Anyone with proof – please email me at [email protected] you can remain anonymous and I will protect your identity from the Placer County Antifa-Dem lynch mob)

This is an email sent out by a teacher – apparently abusing the email system of the school district with one-sided and biased information in an attempt to scare people in to staying home from school.

It is time to start taking these teachers on and calling them out by name. They do not care about the children, they care about creating robots that vote democart and abusing fear and trust in order to keep ripping off the taxpayers. Ripping off the taxpayers? Indoctrination is not education, manipulating people in to letting them not have to work while getting a full paycheck (funded by the taxpayers) is ripping off the taxpayers (and beyond the pale).

Once again, if you have information, screenshots, emails and such – please email me at [email protected] – let’s set fire to these people and put a stop to the teacher’s abusing our students to push an agenda of fear.

Nov 112016

Let’s start with Roseville City School Board:

Extreme Left-Wing Activist Liberal Gary Miller survived a challenge, due mostly to Doyle Radford’s ballot title. (He called himself a Labor Union Representative or something similar)

Miller vastly under-performed the winner, Julie Constant. Miller will indeed have another rough election in 2020 as the blog has elevated him to #1 on our list of South Placer Favorites.

Gary Miller recruited fellow left-winger David Larson to run for another 2-year seat on the same board. Larson in our opinion intended to use that 2 year term as a springboard to run for Roseville City Council. He got shredded by Alisa Fong. The Placer CIR and League of Placer County Taxpayers endorsed Constant and Fong who both won.

If David Larson runs for Roseville City Council in 2018, it won’t end well for him.

Gary Miller is now isolated in the RCSD Board, three Republicans and a Conservative Independent make up that board now.

Roseville Joint Union High School District:

Rene Aggielairuh, the left-wing 2016 Hillary Clinton Delegate to the DNC lost twice on Tuesday. His run in local office has been terminated and the woman who paid his way to the DNC Convention got shellacked 306-232. It has long been our opinion, backed up with evidence that Aguilera is a career welfare recipient who was using local offices to get Health Insurance benefits at all of our expense.

Paige Stauss was re-elected. Although she is a liberal democrat, every conservative on that board respects her and she has been in agreement with them on all the important issues Conservatives care about. Stauss is only the 3rd democrat I have ever voted for in my life.

Julie Hirota finished second. That was an easy one to call, she has a lot of friends and drew the second spot on the ballot. Almost everyone we knew was supporting her. She was also working tirelessly.

Gary T Johnson won outright despite doing little. It is very simple why. When we observed ballots at the county, we saw democrat ballots with votes for Paige, Rene and Gary on them. Johnson drew the last spot on the ballot, which is almost as good as being on top. Most importantly, his ballot designation was Retired Peace Officer – in an election where Hillary Clinton was scapegoating cops and paying for violence at Donald Trump rallies anyone or anything anywhere near Law Enforcement was a winner in this Republican Area.

Gary Johnson will do well as a School Board Member and is a massive upgrade from Rene Aguilera.

Andrew Tagg, a first time candidate who was relatively unknown finished 5th. We are sure that we will hear from him again soon. Tagg also worked very hard, but drew the short straw on the ballot placement.

The author of this blog claims responsibility for the content of the attack mailers that were sent out by the Placer County Impact Republicans against both Aguilera and Miller. People can look forward to seeing more against Mr. Miller in the future – there is a price to pay for being out of touch with the area he live in and for trying to harm a man’s mother.

We are expecting Aguilera to attempt another run for office in 2018. It is 100% certain that he will get hammered again repeatedly until he just goes away.

Roseville City Council:

The Roseville Chamber of Commerce effectively killed the campaign of Tracy Mendonsa (who is now a Planning Commissioner) by refusing to endorse him. They instead endorsed the virulently anti-growth Richard Roccucci. Roccucci lost spectacularly. This marks the first time in a generation no Roccucci will be in office.

The seemingly bizarre choice of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce that appears to have been driven by a fear of Scott Alvord and some other under the surface issues blew up. Their endorsement of a man in contrast to their own stated mission of economic growth was incongruent and played out as such at the ballot box.

Bonnie Gore was elected mayor. No surprise there at all. Like Julie Hirota, everyone likes Bonnie Gore.

John Allard appears to be in 3rd. Either way, he is in as it appears that he did not slide enough for Ozenick to catch him in the final count. Allard’s huge financial advantage over the entire field carried him.

Phil Ozenick finished 4th by a large enough margin to call it. Mr. Ozenick infuriated a lot of people by systematically destroying people’s signs and replacing them with his own and those of Rene Aguilera. It is apparent that Aguilera did it as well. Both men lost their bids for office. It is nice to see that those with poor campaign and personal ethics lost. Like Aguilera, we are sure we have not seen the end of Ozenick until biology does what repeated losses at the ballot box don’t seem to be able to accomplish.

(The Below is from Aaron F Park, and does not reflect the opinion of the Placer CIR or League of Placer County Taxpayers)

Scott Alvord finished second. He worked his tail off. I saw evidence of him walking precincts in all areas of town. He also did some effective marketing to his fellow democrats, annoying the heck out of some of my Republican friends with targeted marketing that they got by accident!

There was also an independent walk by the labor unions on his behalf that was poorly targeted, ending up on the doorsteps of many local Republicans.

Based on what I know of Scott (and stay tuned as I will be doing a sit-down interview with him and his wife soon), he is a social liberal but a business friendly “fiscally conservative democrat”.

I told Mr. Alvord in person that I was going to vote for him. I am now stating publicly that I did. (Alvord is only the 4th Democrat I have ever voted for in my life) I felt that Alvord was the third candidate for Roseville Council most in-line with my values, and I also keep my promises. Mr Ozenick and Mr Roccucci needed to stay retired in my opinion. I do understand that there will be personal consequences for my decision to support Mr. Alvord, but I hope that anyone upset by that will respect my decision to do so and the reasoning therein. I am outspoken and I lay it out there in an attempt to influence opinion, there is some consequence to that for sure.

I sincerely hope that those that opposed Mr. Alvord will give him a chance to settle in as a Roseville Councilmember. It is possible that the negative things some believe about Mr. Alvord may prove to not be true. This may startle some that know how conservative I am personally to see me write this, but Scott Alvord earned his election to Roseville Council.

Is Rene Aguilera Running for Something Next Year??? Look At The Comments He Just Left…

 Rene Aguilera, Roseville Joint Union High School District Race  Comments Off on Is Rene Aguilera Running for Something Next Year??? Look At The Comments He Just Left…
Jul 192015

Well, well, well – some “anonymous” commenter who is likely the man himself left a couple of priceless comments.

They seek to justify the drug dealing nephew and the $18k judgement that REMAINS UNPAID!

What a bunch of BS…. Just because someone you are related too, or even housing someone who has a drug problem does not mean Rene is unfit to do his job.

Obviously he is attempting to help a family member, it does not mean he condones that life style.  As a matter of fact, just because he has first hand knowledge and has been around people with problems, makes him more capable of being a better leader, supported, helper, etc., as he can relate to others that have problems too.  I bet almost everyone in Politics, schools boards, etc., all have family members who have or had drinking and/or drug problems within there life time.  Get real people!!  And Homeless people help too, and just b/c Rene may try to assist them in steering them towards avenues of support does not mean he or they are leeching off the system…  And who’s business is it, on WHO lives at Rene’s house..or who pays the rent… GEEESH.. find something better to write about, versus slamming people who actually care about California, Roseville and the residents.  Why don’t you post this!!

Rene Aguilera is on a school board and was harboring a known drug dealer in his house (until he moved him next door). There is no spinning that. Note – I left the typo and emboldened the choice lines in the comments left.

Such hear say.  Just b/c he houses his nephew and his nephew has been picked up for drug paraphernalia, and has admitted to drug problems, DOES NOT mean he sells it out of his Rene’s house.  Do you really think he and/or anyone would condone someone selling drugs out of his house.. You saying saying he is an accessory since his nephew has had charges in the past and/or b/c he uses drugs, that Rene is an accessory.  Everything you are posting is LIBEL and hearsay.  Just b/c Renene got a mortgage and hasn’t paid it, does NOT mean he ripped them off and/or any bad intentions when he got the loan.  You do not know his financial situation.  Like you said, he listed no income, no assets, so how can he repay the loan?  So its not stealing, as when he got the mortgage or loan I am sure he had every intention to repay it.  He has fallen on hard times and WHO are you to judge?  What a joke you are.

I did not know that the unpaid judgement was a mortgage. Maybe the lienholder will foreclose and help clean up the neighborhood? Also note the standard democrat line of “I meant well”… as in I meant to pay it back. (and then didn’t) What kind of fiscal responsibility does that show the Children of the RJUHSD???

In order to get a judgement and a charge-off, it means that Mr. Aggie-Lair-Uh has ignored repeated attempts to communicate and/or has made no attempt to make arrangements to pay back the money. Of course Aggie-Lair-Uh knew this when leaving these anonymous comments.

Looks like we will need to re-start the meat grinder in 2016.

Placer County Grand Jury Slams the Eureka USD Over Documented Brown Act Violations

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Jun 262015

Dear El Dorado County Grand Jury – please read this report from the Placer County Grand Jury and use it as a template for how to professionally write a report.

Contrast the politicized El Dorado Grand Jury Report opener with the Placer Grand Jury Report opener:

Summary The Grand Jury investigated the formation of a food services contract between the Eureka Unified School District (EUSD) and the Roseville Joint Union High School District (RJUHSD) to determine whether the EUSD Board had violated the Brown Act in approving the contract. The Grand Jury recommends that an individual Board member not be allowed to attend more than one information meeting in a given series of meetings set up by the Superintendent. Further, the Grand Jury is recommending that EUSD Board members and executive district staff obtain additional training regarding the Ralph M. Brown Act (hereinafter, Brown Act or Act; Government Code § 54950, et seq.), so that the district can avoid any violation of the Act and any appearance of violation of the Act.

Much more professional and what you’d expect.

If you read the report, you will find out that the Eureka USD needed a vendor for their school lunch program. The RJUHSD entered in to negotiations with the EUSD. Apparently, it was not an easy deal. It also appears to have been done by a very small group of people in violation of the Brown Act.

I read the report. Here are the conclusions I drew:

1. It appears that one member of the EUSD Board was present at all meetings related to the food contract with Roseville Joint Union High School District. The RJUHSD is not mentioned has having a similar problem. I have learned that this member may, or may not have been Renee Nash. Apparently, there is a facet of the Brown act called “serial meetings”… the idea being to prevent one member of a board from controlling circumstances or an outcome. Apparently, the board can not designate a member either to be able to do “serial meetings” on behalf of the board. (Man, I hate the Brown Act)

2. It also appears that the Superintendent of the Eureka USD was involved in every aspect of the Food Contract as well.

3. A condition of the Food Contract with the RJUHSD was that there was supposed to be no dissent or negative comments at the EUSD meeting where the contract was ratified. I am not sure why this was the case, but I find it odd. Could it be related to the history of tensions in the EUSD amongst the board members? Could the inclusion of this issue be the grand jury implying that the RJUHSD or an individual member of it was in on this Food Contract deal as well?

So now the EUSD has to respond to the Grand Jury, which is extremely rare in these sorts of things. (see the last page of the report) Does Renee Nash have to respond, or the board on her behalf? The Grand Jury also addressed the superintendent directly as well, I’d assume the district’s counsel will be responding.

Why is the EUSD issue the top issue when you click on the Grand Jury site?

Renee Nash was more than polite to me when I saw her on election night in 2014. I have been told that she has been very supportive of my Mother on the RJUHSD Board. It seemed to me that the drama on the EUSD was abating…

… now we have a case where it appears that Ms. Nash and the Superintendent let their control issues get the best of them as it related to the food contract with the RJUHSD.

I hate the Brown Act with a purple passion for this exact reason. Nash, when she campaigned, railed on violations of the Brown Act committed by board members and now she has the shoe on the other foot.

Nash is an attorney who advertised one of her specialties being the Brown Act, she has also published a book or books on the act! Why did Renee Nash do this? Was she that worried over the school lunch program?

What happened here?

The Grand Jury wrote the following:

The Grand Jury recommends that:

R1. Informational 2×2 meetings between EUSD staff and Board of Trustee members should never include a common Board member present at all the meetings.

R2. The EUSD staff should arrange an annual training seminar on the Brown Act provisions for all Board members and executive staff.

Did I mention that I hate the Brown Act? The problem is that it is the law and the law was violated. Now what? Does someone go to jail? Get sued? Does the district get fined? Will the district superintendent get disciplined over this?

All this happened over trying to deal with the school lunch program (don’t get me started on that either) that the EUSD and other districts are forced to do by state and federal mandates!

Jan 102012

Bonnie Gore is running to replace the Termed-Out John Allard on Roseville City Council. Republicans seem to like her – she used to work for State Senator Rico Oller.

Moderate Republican Carol Garcia is running for re-election. Garcia was not endorsed by the placer GOP the first time she ran as at the time she had only been a Republican for about a year.

Another Democrat-turned-Republican Pauline Rocucci is also running for re-election. Unlike Garcia (who supports republicans for other offices), Rocucci helped Ted Gaines and others exact political revenge on former Supervisor Rocky Rockholm. Instead Rocucci campaigned for labor-union Democrat Jack Duran. ($10,000 from the AFL-CIO for example)

I am still irritated over the Tim Herman vs Sam Cannon race  and everything that was manipulated behind the scenes to manufacture the outcome – but may yet support Carol Garcia. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to speak with her at some point.

It remains to be seen who else will run – everyone is expecting Far-Left Rene Aguilera to file as it is his pattern to do so in off years from his school board seat. Aguliera is on the Placer County Democrat Central Committee.

Roseville City School District

Rumor is that Susan Goto, in her 80’s will retire.

Extreme Left Homosexual Activist Gary Miller (and Dem Cent Com member) is up for re-election.

As with Roseville City Council – Republican options seem to be limited at this time. Any Republican interested in running – please contact the Placer CRA at

Roseville Joint Union High School District:

Jan Pinney and Gary Genzlinger look to both be retiring.

Teacher’s union darling and proponent of the 55% Parcel Tax Bill Paige Stauss is intending to run for re-election.

No One has stepped up yet from any camp.

Eureka Joint Union School District –

Both Republican Incumbents look to be running for re-election. The Teacher’s Union wants the reserves of the district badly for pay increases – will they recruit candidates?

Sup District 4 – Kirk Uhler is going to be covered extensively and separately.