Nov 112016

Let’s start with Roseville City School Board:

Extreme Left-Wing Activist Liberal Gary Miller survived a challenge, due mostly to Doyle Radford’s ballot title. (He called himself a Labor Union Representative or something similar)

Miller vastly under-performed the winner, Julie Constant. Miller will indeed have another rough election in 2020 as the blog has elevated him to #1 on our list of South Placer Favorites.

Gary Miller recruited fellow left-winger David Larson to run for another 2-year seat on the same board. Larson in our opinion intended to use that 2 year term as a springboard to run for Roseville City Council. He got shredded by Alisa Fong. The Placer CIR and League of Placer County Taxpayers endorsed Constant and Fong who both won.

If David Larson runs for Roseville City Council in 2018, it won’t end well for him.

Gary Miller is now isolated in the RCSD Board, three Republicans and a Conservative Independent make up that board now.

Roseville Joint Union High School District:

Rene Aggielairuh, the left-wing 2016 Hillary Clinton Delegate to the DNC lost twice on Tuesday. His run in local office has been terminated and the woman who paid his way to the DNC Convention got shellacked 306-232. It has long been our opinion, backed up with evidence that Aguilera is a career welfare recipient who was using local offices to get Health Insurance benefits at all of our expense.

Paige Stauss was re-elected. Although she is a liberal democrat, every conservative on that board respects her and she has been in agreement with them on all the important issues Conservatives care about. Stauss is only the 3rd democrat I have ever voted for in my life.

Julie Hirota finished second. That was an easy one to call, she has a lot of friends and drew the second spot on the ballot. Almost everyone we knew was supporting her. She was also working tirelessly.

Gary T Johnson won outright despite doing little. It is very simple why. When we observed ballots at the county, we saw democrat ballots with votes for Paige, Rene and Gary on them. Johnson drew the last spot on the ballot, which is almost as good as being on top. Most importantly, his ballot designation was Retired Peace Officer – in an election where Hillary Clinton was scapegoating cops and paying for violence at Donald Trump rallies anyone or anything anywhere near Law Enforcement was a winner in this Republican Area.

Gary Johnson will do well as a School Board Member and is a massive upgrade from Rene Aguilera.

Andrew Tagg, a first time candidate who was relatively unknown finished 5th. We are sure that we will hear from him again soon. Tagg also worked very hard, but drew the short straw on the ballot placement.

The author of this blog claims responsibility for the content of the attack mailers that were sent out by the Placer County Impact Republicans against both Aguilera and Miller. People can look forward to seeing more against Mr. Miller in the future – there is a price to pay for being out of touch with the area he live in and for trying to harm a man’s mother.

We are expecting Aguilera to attempt another run for office in 2018. It is 100% certain that he will get hammered again repeatedly until he just goes away.

Roseville City Council:

The Roseville Chamber of Commerce effectively killed the campaign of Tracy Mendonsa (who is now a Planning Commissioner) by refusing to endorse him. They instead endorsed the virulently anti-growth Richard Roccucci. Roccucci lost spectacularly. This marks the first time in a generation no Roccucci will be in office.

The seemingly bizarre choice of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce that appears to have been driven by a fear of Scott Alvord and some other under the surface issues blew up. Their endorsement of a man in contrast to their own stated mission of economic growth was incongruent and played out as such at the ballot box.

Bonnie Gore was elected mayor. No surprise there at all. Like Julie Hirota, everyone likes Bonnie Gore.

John Allard appears to be in 3rd. Either way, he is in as it appears that he did not slide enough for Ozenick to catch him in the final count. Allard’s huge financial advantage over the entire field carried him.

Phil Ozenick finished 4th by a large enough margin to call it. Mr. Ozenick infuriated a lot of people by systematically destroying people’s signs and replacing them with his own and those of Rene Aguilera. It is apparent that Aguilera did it as well. Both men lost their bids for office. It is nice to see that those with poor campaign and personal ethics lost. Like Aguilera, we are sure we have not seen the end of Ozenick until biology does what repeated losses at the ballot box don’t seem to be able to accomplish.

(The Below is from Aaron F Park, and does not reflect the opinion of the Placer CIR or League of Placer County Taxpayers)

Scott Alvord finished second. He worked his tail off. I saw evidence of him walking precincts in all areas of town. He also did some effective marketing to his fellow democrats, annoying the heck out of some of my Republican friends with targeted marketing that they got by accident!

There was also an independent walk by the labor unions on his behalf that was poorly targeted, ending up on the doorsteps of many local Republicans.

Based on what I know of Scott (and stay tuned as I will be doing a sit-down interview with him and his wife soon), he is a social liberal but a business friendly “fiscally conservative democrat”.

I told Mr. Alvord in person that I was going to vote for him. I am now stating publicly that I did. (Alvord is only the 4th Democrat I have ever voted for in my life) I felt that Alvord was the third candidate for Roseville Council most in-line with my values, and I also keep my promises. Mr Ozenick and Mr Roccucci needed to stay retired in my opinion. I do understand that there will be personal consequences for my decision to support Mr. Alvord, but I hope that anyone upset by that will respect my decision to do so and the reasoning therein. I am outspoken and I lay it out there in an attempt to influence opinion, there is some consequence to that for sure.

I sincerely hope that those that opposed Mr. Alvord will give him a chance to settle in as a Roseville Councilmember. It is possible that the negative things some believe about Mr. Alvord may prove to not be true. This may startle some that know how conservative I am personally to see me write this, but Scott Alvord earned his election to Roseville Council.

Labor Unions Making a Move on the Roseville City Council

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Nov 172015


ROSEVILLE, CA – Roseville Police Officers’ Association, Roseville Police Association, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1592, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245 and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 39, announced the establishment of a newly formed political action committee (PAC) – Roseville First 2016.

Starts a Press Release that was run in a local website.  Further analysis shows that the release was sent by a Doug Elmets – who also works for the left-leaning Auburn Indians.

The Roseville City Council had an extremely contentious contract negotiation with the local police and fire departments and it would appear that they are going to attempt to wield influence in the upcoming 2016 Roseville City Council election.

It means that the likely beneficiaries of the labor union largess would be Scott Alvord, David Larson and Richard Rocucci out of the field running.

Now – read the rest of the release carefully:

“As Roseville residents, it is vital to be engaged in public service, through employment or volunteerism. Everyone has a role to play in keeping Roseville safe and we believe the establishment of Roseville First 2016 will help achieve that goal,” said Phil Mancini, President of the Roseville Police Officers’ Association. “Roseville First 2016 will ensure that everyone who lives and works in Roseville is fairly represented.”

Fairly Represented – this means pushing for by-district elections.

“As Roseville employees, public safety personnel and residents, we believe that everyone deserves to have a say in how our city’s affairs are being conducted, now and in the future,” said Jamie Pepin, President of the Roseville Fire Fighters Association. “Roseville First 2016 is our way of inviting the community to come together by supporting candidates who truly desire to put Roseville and its residents – first.”

Roseville First 2016 will  support candidates that believe in public safety, fiscal responsibility, and appropriate development and retainment of businesses.

This is an interesting way of saying that they will support those who will give out unsustainable contracts to public safety employees.

“As Roseville grows, so does its representation. It is important to ensure that longstanding members of the community and rising leaders are engaged and attentive to the City’s growing needs,” said Mancini.

What this basically means is that they intend to deceive voters in to believing that unsustainable public safety contracts are actually putting Roseville First.

… unless of course a coalition of three of the most hard-left unions in California in concert with local law enforcement really intend something different. Leave us not forget that the local law enforcement and fire unions hired bay area agitators for the last contract negotiation.

Sep 152015

The Roseville City Council Race is already captivating insiders. There will be two open seats next year and a variety of suitors are lining up for the race. This update is as of 9/15:

Julie Hirota is out – she has said specifically that she does not want to run in 2016 because 2018 will have a lower voter turnout. A candidate would only say this if they are in the minority in an area. Roseville is a Republican-Leaning City. Hirota has made several public comments that suggest that she is quite liberal.

Krista Bernasconi – she is out and is also eyeing a 2018 run. My vetting shows her to be a Moderate Republican.

Richard Rocucci – various reports indicate that he is lukewarmly pursuing a run. The nexus for said run appears to be bravado according to some circles as in he wants to run headlong in to the conservative buzzsaw that shredded Rene Aggie-lair-uh. I thought Richard was running to serve Roseville, rather than to prove something. By the time I am in my 70’s, I would like to be clogging two-lane highways in my RV seeing the USA.

Phil Ozenick – Phil will be 92 years of age by election day of 2016. He has asked some people for support – unsuccessfully.

Bonnie Gore – incumbent, running. She was involved in some tough negotiations with public employee unions, how much do they play in this race?

John Allard – former councilmember, running. Key issues will be the fact that he is a well-known quantity in Roseville, will he make more friends than enemies? (This is the key reason why I do not run for office and reserve the right to blog)

Tracy Mendonsa – transportation commissioner, running. Mendonsa has picked up several key endorsements that will make him formidable. While somewhat unknown, Mendonsa has very few detractors amongst those that know him.

Scott Alvord – Mod Dem Businessman, running – key issue will be his dem registration and some residual issues from conflicts in his last race.

David Larson – Hard Left planning commissioner, running. He is married to another man – this will be a difficult issue for him in this area, let alone his far-left politics. To Larson’s credit – he has endorsed some conservatives in other races, so this indicates some political savvy on his part.

I do expect a couple more unknown candidates to arrive in the race by next summer.

——- Sutter County ——–

There has been an ongoing drama in Sutter County. Carla Virga, a Tea Party Leader and conservative activist in Sutter County had a dust up with others on the local Central Committee. She was voted off of the Sutter GOP. In an altercation (not physical) one night at a tea party meeting, another Cent Com member, Elaine Miles poured nail polish on the trunk lid of their Cadillac.

— at least that is what the Judge ruled in small claims court when a judgement for the $2500 in damage to the Virga’s car was entered.

In the court proceeding, it appears that Carla Virga made her case and according to accounts from there, Miles brought people from the Sutter County Taxpayer’s Association and some of the remaining members of the Sutter GOP to do nothing other than attack Mrs. Virga personally.

When Miles could not prove she did not do it – the Judge held her liable for the damage. In a twist, the case may well end up back on the desk of the prosecutor for criminal charges. $2500 in damage is felony vandalism.

While on the brink of a historic election, we are having to deal with stuff like this. Larry Virga has been on the agenda of the Sutter GOP for an expulsion vote of his own. The last two months the Sutter GOP Cent Com has failed to make a quorum and has been unable to toss Mr. Virga.

It appears I am not the only one getting thrown out of a GOP group. Seems like a party-wide cancer.

———– Beth Gaines ————

I have written extensively about the self-serving moves of the Gaines family in their quest to keep the government checks coming in. This includes the recent move in to a rental home in El Dorado County to facilitate a run for El Do County supervisor.

Beth Gaines plans to run for State Senate in 2020. In what I believe to be another move to keep her name ID up, she is going to run for CA GOP National Committeewoman. Anyone preparing to support her for said move should ask her pointedly if she intends to parlay that in to a state senate run. The Gaines have added next to nothing to any local GOP so a run for a state GOP position should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

Yes- Gaines has a 100% score from most conservative groups. The point is one of motives and effectiveness.

Consider yourself updated.

Roseville City Council Update: Richard Rocucci’s Union Gambit (a Dem Slate?)

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Aug 192015

politics4 In case you have not heard, Richard Rocucci is back.

Rocucci is in the center of this picture – to his left is Union Made Brian Vlahos (who I happen to like on a personal level), to his right is Democrat Political Operative Todd Stenhouse and my favorite local elected Rene Aggie-lair-uh.

Now why would a “Republican” like Richard Rocucci be out with the finest of the dem party? Even Andy Sheehy – on the outside left – left the dem party because of things like assisted suicide, and the extremism that has taken over Sacramento. Unlike Sheehy, who is now a DTS because that is who he really is, Rocucci registered Republican to hide who he really is. The dem establishment know he is their friend and they also understand that Pauline Rocucci is not Richard.

Richard recently began popping up on people’s radar screens, penning a letter to the editor and doing the other things you’d expect from an old-school democrat.


Richard is pictured here with Big Daddy, Jack Duran – who I expect to run and hide knowing he is in a supervisor district that is 20 points to the good for Republicans. Duran would risk outing himself is a labor union, left-wing democrat. (oh, wait – I just did that.) You should also recognize now SD06 Senator Richard Pan, the author of the SB277 forced vaccination bill and Aggielairuh. Rocucci keeps really good company.

So the conventional wisdom is that the public employee unions are going to come for their pound of flesh. The Police Officers are still seething over actually having to have to negotiate versus being able to bully their way in to double-digit raises and benefits in perpetuity. Rumor has it that the fire-fighters are equally as angry. One or Both may well be preparing an onslaught for Roseville.

The talk is that Scott Alvord and David Larson ( both of whom have run for Roseville City Council Previously) would round out a Democrat City Council Slate supported by the aforementioned unions.

Allow me to remind you a couple things: David Larson is very hard left and is also openly gay. He has supported Republicans in the past for elections based on friendships. I’d assume he will have some support for all the previous reasons listed.

Alvord presents himself as a moderate Democrat businessman. He, unlike Rocucci has stayed true to his political convictions and is still a registered dem. Alvord has a lot of friends in Roseville (including this blogger, who will not be able to consider endorsing him because he is a democrat), and will be a credible candidate.

Rocucci, on the other hand, has a long history of being wrong on almost every issue that matters to Roseville:

Opposed the Galleria – even supporting a local measure that would have forced all large developments on to the ballot at the expense of the developer.

Opposed the Fountains

Attempted to derail transportation improvements – like the Cirby Way and the Harding/Galleria road widening that have reduced accidents

Was involved in forcing the bizarre design of the 65 freeway due to his participating in opposing all growth of any kind at any time.

Attempted to mess up the planning of the downtown revitalization – preferring low/slow growth options that would have been a money loser for the city.

… and would be a reliable vote for the unions to bust the city’s budget. (Remember all the 4-1 votes when Richard was last on council?)

Based on what I know of Scott Alvord, the above agenda sounds way too extreme for him. I’d hope that this “slate” was someone else’s idea and that Scott is along for the ride. David Larson? He and Rocucci may be in competition for who is the most liberal candidate running for Roseville City Council. Whether Alvord is along for the ride or is an active participant with the other two – it will not end well for the three of them.

Look at why Trump is getting traction. It has nothing to do with anything other than people are angry. If you think people in Roseville are not angry, and/or worried about their financial future while the democrats in Sacramento are continuing their rampage year after year making it worse – think again.

Roseville may be one of the best places to live in California, but the reasons why are what this slate will be fighting against. Think it through.