AD-04 Update: Nutting and Briggs Give rightondaily the Beat-Down

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Nov 232010

Hey – what can I say, I have friends in politics. They tell me stuff, and my friends in El Dorado County think Nutting and Briggs hate each other. The recent Sheriff’s Race was epic and it pitted Nutting vs Briggs with the candidates as proxies – as it was told to me.

Both El Dorado County Supervisors are rumored candidates for AD-04. Both left comments on a previous post – which are being re-posted here in their entirety:

Ron Briggs wrote:

for the record, Ray and I are friends, we often lock horns due to conflicting styles but those fights are left at the dais after each vote.

My decision to enter the 4th AD will be on an ability to win.
ron briggs

Ray Nutting just posted last night:

Thank You,

For the opportunity to share info

I regret that your information to the public uses such words like hate. Ron Briggs and I sit next to each other as members of the Board of Supervisor’s in El Dorado County. We get along just fine. We have our differences but are very respectful.

This state is heading in the wrong direction and is very disconnected with reality. The state election results is very sad. We can’t continue to raise tax’s and to curb business activity. I am taking a serious look at running for the fourth assembly seat.

Your information is wrong about how many people I represent. I represent over 180,000 people. That is the population of El Dorado County.

Please feel free to get in touch with me (redacted) or

For the record – I was referring to Ray’s sup district that elected him, not the entire county when I mentioned that he represented about 30,000 people.

Based on the above input – it may be a safe bet that only one of these guys files for AD-04.