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Camille Maben is a liberal democrat.

Camille Maben worked for Delaine Eastin, who was a sworn enemy of school choice, and charter schools.

Camille Maben has been antagonistic to said movements as a member of the Rocklin School Board.

Despite her far-left views, which included supporting AB32, the Bathroom Bill and a host of other insanity – she has enjoyed a ton of political cover in Rocklin.

As a subset of the unfolding drama in the Rocklin City Council Race is a three-way race for two seats on the Rocklin School Board.

We here at Right On Daily have endorsed:

Eric Stevens and Kathy Turner for Rocklin Unified School District Board.

Camille Maben wrote in her 2008 Ballot Statement that she was running for her 5th and final term. She broke that promise, and has now done so twice as she is seeking her 7th(!) term on the Rocklin Unified School District Board.

Don’t take my word for it – have a look at this PDF. Turn to page 19 and read it for yourself.

In addition that statement references working for the governor’s office. Which Governor, you may ask? The recalled and scandal-riddled Gray Davis.

Camille Maben needs to be retired as she seems unable to retire herself, or to keep her promises. The part about her extreme left-wing views on Common Core, Charter Schools, Bathroom Bills and the like and the complete buffet of deplorables that are the Camille Maben experience.

Jan 082012

I struggle sometimes to understand how an extreme leftist like Camille Maben has so much support from the Right in Rocklin.

Rocklin is 2-1 GOP by registration – even though voter turnout is usually horrendous. (It was about 11% in the AD-04 Special Election)

Camille Maben is up for Re-Election in 2012 – she is an extreme leftist who used to work for Delaine Eastin. (at least she is honestly a registered Dem)

If you read the history textbooks that our children are being taught from it is appalling. And the genesis of these revisionist textbooks happened under Eastin’s watch.

How would it make you feel to know millions of Children are being taught that George Washington was a hypocrite because he owned slaves? Or that children are being taught that Abraham Lincoln did the emancipation proclamation as a political ploy?

Camille Maben.

Maben recently supported SB48 – the homosexual indoctrination bill. This bill will force school districts to spend millions of dollars on new history books so that children can be taught about gay sex, how sex-changes are ok and the role of people that engage in the aforementioned actions in society.

How do you like that? Lincoln, Hypocrite, Harvey Milk – a county supervisor from San Francisco – hero.

Thank you Camille Maben.

Ms. Maben’s control issues don’t stop there – she hasn’t decided on whether she wants to run for re-election or not.

I have spoken to several in the community about the out-of-control Kevin Brown. Brown is a union moonbat that is on a rampage Jihad against Charter schools.

Kevin Brown and Camille Maben came in to the education community through similar circles.

Brown went behind the back of the Rocklin School Board and filed lawsuits against Maria Montessori and the WSCA. It is likely he will lose both lawsuits and cost the district tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Camille Maben wants to control who replaces Kevin Brown if he steps down.

No thanks, Camille. We can’t afford anymore absurd lawsuits or educational mandates that force parents to pay for education that is both a lie and an enathma to their values.

Camille Maben – You’re dead wrong and look forward to seeing this blogger campaign against you if you file for re-election.

Note: Maben also endorsed Charlie Brown over Tom McClintock.

Diana Ruslin Mailer #2 Last one in Race and Solid Offering + my prediction for Rocklin Outcomes.

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Oct 312010

Diana Ruslin Mailer #2 is better than mailer #1 for a couple of reasons:

1. It does not have a long endorsement list on it. Greg Janda’s second mailer still did. In this election where people are looking for the “establishment” and the “boogie man”… that could be a huge difference.

2. It was smaller. Smaller is good. Both of Janda’s Mailers were the 6 1/2 X11 and Diana’s Mailer #2 was in this format as well.

I still think Diana Ruslin Wins. This Mailer gets an 8.0 for an A-. The reason – it replaced the endorsement list with a resume’ a very, very smart move.

I also believe that Greg Janda could knock off Scott Yuill – which was not the intention of the folks that recruited Janda.

Janda raised a lot of Money. So did Scott Yuill.

Scott is an incumbent. Janda is not.

All of them visited my house – but the reason why Diana Ruslin will finish first is that her people were knocking and talking to all the houses they visited. I have that confirmed by several. Ruslin has also knocked on more doors than all the rest of the candidates combined.

In my home precinct – there are Four Diana Ruslin Yard Signs, and One Scott Yuill Yard Sign (The one in my front yard). No Janda signs at all.

I have endorsed Scott Yuill and will be voting for him on Tuesday along with Diana.

The reason Greg could beat Scott rests with Mark Klang. I have friends convinced that Klang has done the work necessary – I am also aware that Klang has walked a ton of precincts (knocking and talking).

People dismiss Mark Klang way too fast in every election – Klang is a hell of a campaigner.

Every vote Mark Klang gets takes a vote from Scott Yuill in my opinion.

In the end I think that Diana Ruslin finishes first, Yuill and Janda will be in a photo finish for second…

… but do not be suprised if Mark Klang makes a really strong showing. I mean strong.

Rocklin School Board?

Steve Paul finishes fourth.

The evidence? People have tried to roll out the fact that Amanda Tingler went to Obama’s inaguration – they forget that she got the tickets from Tom McClintock to do so.

The late mailer sent by the three incumbents – while I loved it and thought it was great – indetified them as incumbents, guaranteeing that one of them will lose.

The recent spate of sign destruction and the fact that the incumbents bought the California Voter guide slate mailer late shows they were caught flat-footed and did not take Tingler seriously.

Finally – the late hit peice put in the Rocklin Cat Pan Liner (aka the Placer Herald) in the final indicator that Both Amanda and Glenn Moeller got traction.

The communist left-wing Democrat Alex Ferriera will win re-election as his buddies spent about $10K on his behalf.

Cari Dawson Bartley wins her race for Sierra College Board

Howard Rudd wins his race for Sierra College Board as he spent $10k of his own money over Kelli Gnile whose campaign was effective and grassroots… but not enough to compete with Rudd’s Money and connections.

Let’s see how many of these I got right?

I Thought Slates Didn’t Work in Rocklin? Excellent Piece of Mail for RUSD Candidates

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Oct 292010

I am truly suprised.

The Placer Herald prints their hatchet job against Amanda Tingler, Glenn Moeller and Joe Scharrer and the same day this mailer comes. The timing is really interesting.

That does not take away from the fact that it is a great mailer.

I need to look up the voter registrations of the other 5 folks quoted – but I know Camille Maben is a liberal Democrat who once worked for Delaine Eastin.

Eastin was known for attacking private schools in favor of Union schools in the mold of Bill Honig who ran the ICR out of California.

Other than having a glowing quote from a liberal Democrat – the Mailer is a success on several fronts:

On the address side – excellent pictures of the candidates. I am not a fan of the suit-and-tie look on the guys, but that’s just me. (I drive a Subaru Outback and wear sandals)

It also tells you what to vote for – someone with marketing experience put this together.

On the Back – they cite all the rave reviews the district is getting. There are a lot of number #1’s listed when compared to the area or the entire State. (Remember, California’s schools are ranked 49th in the nation overall)

They then use six endorsees that look like a representative sample of the communtiy to make the case as to why they should be re-elected.

I appreciate the fact that they are not running from the fact that they are incumbents – rather, like Scott Yuill, they are making the case why they deserve to be spared the wrath of the angry voter.

Here’s the insider scoop – between the Placer Herald Hit Peice on Amanda Tingler and Glenn Moeller and this mailer coming out… it tells me that Both Amanda and Glenn are getting traction.

I have news for the RUSD – it would not be a bad thing for some new blood to come on board, really.

All the above said – this mailer is a 9.5, quite possibly, it is the best mailer I have seen from any campaign for any reason this entire cycle. It was done by someone with marketing experience and makes a compelling case to re-elect the incumbents.

It could be too little too late for at least one of the incumbents.

Update on Placer County Republican Cent Com Endorsement Meeting

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Sep 032010

We finished up our endorsement calendar – please note that the Cent Com will take different positions than the CRA as the standard is different. (Republicans vs the CRA that looks for Conservative Republicans)

The debate was harmonious – but the meeting was long.

Eureka USD – Eric J. Teed-Bose

Roseville JUSD – Linda M. Park (joins Scott Huber who was endorsed in August)

We added George Romonsky – South Placer Municipal Utility District and Miguel Ucovich Loomis City Council to the list as they are the only Republicans running in their respective races.

PCWA District 1 – Ken Phillips was endorsed after some debate that included a discussion of the committee’s disagreement with the direction of the current PCWA board.

Auburn City Council – We endorsed the three incumbents – Mike Holmes, Kevin Hanley and Bridget Powers. This was pulled from consent and debated somewhat.

Challenger Dan Sokol was at the meeting but did not convince the committee to endorse him over any of the incumbents.

Rocklin USD – Glen Moeller was the only one endorsed.

It should be noted that this was pulled from the consent calendar and debated extensively. I  advocated on behalf of the Republican Incumbents Todd Lowell and Steve Paul to make sure they had representation at the meeting.

Rocklin City Council – Scott Yuill, the incumbent Mayor was endorsed in August.

The discussion was for the open seat being vacated by Kathy Lund (who would tell you it is the people’s seat 😉 ).

Diana Ruslin presented an impeccable resume’ and endorsements. (including 3 Current Rocklin City Council Members)

Greg Janda presented himself really well – he impressed a few people at the meeting (including this blogger). It remains to be seen if he can raise enough money to compete with Diana Ruslin.

Mark Klang is an old friend of the committee who was elected to Central Committee as recently as 2006 (and was also endorsed in 2006 by us for RUSD).

Klang also demonstrated a superior grasp of the issues of Rocklin. Klang is the outsider candidate with strong grassroots support.

In the end – Diana got a 7-7 split vote on the motion to adopt. (Needed 2/3) A subsequent motion to endorse no one passed with no objection.

Finally, Miguel Ucovich asked the Central Committee to reconsider its’ position on Measure A. Reason? Why would the committee endorse Miguel – then support a term limits measure that would bounce him out of office.

The committee changed from Yes on A to No Position.