Feb 202011

I’d assume this went to the master voter list that you can purchase from the Registrar’s Office.

Greetings Citizens of the 4th Assembly District,

If you’re tired of being jobless or the threat of loosing your property rights, then Support Rob Matthews.

If you’re tired of businesses fleeing the State and taking there jobs with them, then Vote for Rob Matthews.

If you’re tired of the actions or non-actions of our California legislators, then
Elect Rob Matthews.

Vote Rob Matthews for Assembly! He’ll get the job done!

Please support your cause by donating $2.00 – $5.00 dollars to our campaign. We appreciate your support and will accomplish much with our Grass Roots efforts.

Best of regards,
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Feb 062011

John Allard was the featured speaker in January.

On 2/5/2011 – the SPRWF invited the AD-04 Candidates to their luncheon to speak.

Mike O’Connor arrived and camped himself at the table I was sitting at.

Rob Matthews arrived a bit later and sat at the table next to where I was.

Beth Gaines arrived about 15 minutes late. Her staff (Christina and Andre) were there early handing out flyers and they brought some yard signs with them. (More on that later)

Beth Spoke First – her speech was generic, but two key items. 1. She referenced her record as a businesswoman – a direct response to the contraversy of last week. 2. She talked a lot about being a mother of 6. That could have been due to the audience – but I think it may be more due to the perception that she was trying to distance herself from being a “stay at home mom…”

Beth was received politely.

Rob Matthews spoke next and was terribly nervous behind the microphone. He spoke of Ronald Reagan and his personal core convictions – again, I was impressed by his sincerety. The problem was that he came across as being in over his head for the job he was seeking…

Mike O’Connor actually gave the best speech, while Matthews was by far the most sincere, O’Connor is a brainiac that spoke about a ton of policy.

Both Matthews and O’Connor stayed for at least an hour – both paid for lunch. Beth Gaines was present in the room for about 8 minutes (I looked at my phone).

Cheryl Bly-Chester stopped by before the event and dropped off some flyers.

I will have a separate analysis of each flyer forthcoming…

P.S. – those signs? Three of Allard’s signs were taken, none of Gaines’.

AD-04 Update: Rob Matthews, not to be outdone – starts a bus tour of AD-04

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Feb 022011

Blogger’s note: I gotta tip my cap to Matthews for making a go of it! I also think it’s great that he is canvassing ElDorado County and Alpine County as well! As soon as the fur starts flying between Gaines and Allard – will Matthews benefit or will he be forgotten?

For Immediate Release:

Rob Matthews Campaign announces a 20 day Bureaucracy Busting Tour of the 4th assembly District.

Matthews’ Team deploys the Mobile Command Center.

Rob Matthews, a Republican who is running for the recently vacated 4th District Assembly seat, is announcing an ambitious 20 day tour of the 4th district named the “Bureaucracy Busting Tour.” Rob has been speaking to voters over the phone by the hundreds and walking Roseville and Lincoln precincts daily. Now the Matthews team is reaching further by deploying its Mobile Command Center today. Matthews said “We’re going to kick off the Bureaucracy Busting Tour in my hometown of Placerville and get out and meet with more voters and business owners all across the district to hear their voice. The cornerstone of my campaign has been my accessibility. I am the only candidate who has put my cell phone out there and that won’t change if the good people of the 4th district send me to the capital as their representative. The Mobile Command Center allows me to do just that get out there and meet people, without having to sacrifice the office component of our campaign located in Roseville. We can get out meet people and quickly get from one end of the district to another in matter of hours. Today the tour is scheduled to be in Placerville then on to Alpine County to the town of Markleeville and finishing the day in South Lake Tahoe.

“I have a great team of volunteers. We have the organization and determination to win this race. This is truly is a grassroots campaign, fast pace and it will be hard fought and we’re bringing our ‘A’ game to the fight.”

Donations are coming in and the phones are ringing all the time. “I am a fighter and will fight all the way for 4th district.. the people here want a fighter, someone to fight for them, who’s accessible. Not some career politician but an everyday kind of person who can bring common scene and their voice to the legislature. It’s really what our founding fathers envisioned for the lower house of the legislatures.”

“We are energized and we really have struck a nerve with the people out here tired of politics as usual… I am totally committed.”

The Mobile Command Center, (MCC) is a nearly 40 foot long, 900 square foot mobile office with computer and media capability. The MCC has sleeping, dining, and restroom facilities for the campaign staff and Rob’s family. The MCC has a backup support SUV the campaign has dubbed the “The Beast,” specifically equipped for heavy snow and adverse weather conditions.

David Acosta

[email protected]
Press Secretary
Rob Matthews for Assembly 2011