Apr 142019

We’ve been pretty clear. The local media in Riverside County is abhorrent. They were 100% complicit in the corruption of Stan Sniff, and similar to the New York Times and Washington Post – both caught in multiple lies related to President Trump – the Desert Sun is on a rampage to assuage its’ endorsement of Stan Sniff.

As not seen in the local Riverside Media. A clear promise kept, CCW Backlog eliminated, process streamlined.

Neither of the major local toilet papers have bothered to cover the myriad of efficiency improvements implemented by the Sheriff. Neither covered the CCW issue, because at the end of the day most of their employees are gun-grabbing liberals anyway.

There has been no follow up on things like Kevin Duffy, Sniff Management Personnel that got away with sexual harassment (think #METOO), crimes, cover-ups, gross mismanagement and the like.

What we do get from the Desert Scum is a chicken-feed cheap shot headline.

The headline reads “DID CHAD BIANCO LIE!?“, but the article is pretty much the same pablum we’ve grown tired of since the Desert Sun failed to properly cover the Stan-Sniff deputy cheating scandal cover-up.

You have to read down 7(!) Paragraphs (note the similar pattern in the New York Times or the Washington Post) – to get to the meat of the story. The first seven paragraphs were replete with implications of secrecy and lies lies lies by the Sheriff.

Although the proposed rate isn’t what Bianco promised, this year’s 2.19% rate increase and next year’s projected 5% increase are not as dramatic as rate increases in the years before he took office.

Imagine that. But, Bianco is a liar because the rates did not go down. It is similar to media attacking President Trump’s Tax Reform that dropped taxes for 85% of Americans

Then after all the cheap shots to lead the article – there is this:

Even though many said they were hopeful Bianco could lower the rate in the weeks leading up to the meeting, officials from Temecula, Menifee, Moreno Valley and La Quinta commended Bianco for reining in the rate at which the contract cost is increasing.

Now why did you call Chad Bianco a liar, Desert Sun? I think you owe him an apology, front page above the fold.

And Bianco thinks his 5% estimate for next year’s rate increase was on the high side.

“With what we are doing, I can’t imagine it going anywhere but down,” he said in an email to The Desert Sun.

Very interesting that an article headlined “Broken Promises” has these sorts of quotes in it. This is what Media outlets do when they feel forced to have to cover positive news about electeds they don’t like. (Especially a Conservative Republican like Chad Bianco)

La Quinta City Manager Frank Spevacek said Tuesday’s meeting was a refreshing change from prior contract partner meetings but he was taking a wait-and-see approach to determine if the new sheriff’s administration could rein in costs.

Note – no mention that the prior contract partner meetings were with Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff. Imagine that.

“Proof of their commitment to this new way will be determined by the going forward actions the sheriff implements,” he said.

I can hardly wait to serve the Desert Sun some more crow when the reforms bear more fruit

A couple of side items. Stan Sniff’s cronies that used to control CCW Classes and ranges now have competition. One of the many reforms brought in by Chad Bianco are new ranges and new vendors authorized for the CCW Program. H Paul Payne, a man I believe to be invertebrate slime, who inexplicably is in a position of authority in gun rights groups has been silent while Bianco does in 4 months what his boy Sniff did the exact opposite of in 11 years.

Omitted from the Desert Sun Story – conveniently so by the way – is the hiring binge going on by the Sheriff’s Department. Inside sources tell me that the fiscal mismanagement under Stan Sniff was so pervasive that just simple changes to methods of doing business are allowing the department to make their money stretch further. It is unclear to this blogger if the extent of the mismanagement, what I believe to be felony embezzlement, misappropriation, commingling and accounting fraud that was the rule under sniff will ever be fully known or revealed. This was also omitted from the Desert Sun Story.

We had written previously that one of our favorite punching bags, Jason “Deuce” Horton was being hired as the Chief of Police for Yakima, WA. Well, Horton quit his job in Code Enforcement and was already packing his bags. The City Council missed the memo and hired someone else. DOH! I guess that means Horton can glare at me at the next CAGOP Convention in Indian Wells in September.

I am waiting to hear about several individual cases of employees who were screwed over by the Sniff regime. People like Tammy Smoak, Gabe Dennington and Lance Colmer come to mind. I am also very curious to see what is coming next related to the massive cover-up of one of the worst serial child molesters in American History (if everything alleged is true) Kevin Duffy. I am sure the Desert Sun will have nothing to say, or they will try to blame Chad Bianco for it.

If the Desert Sun is following the typical leftist media pattern – they are going to set a narrative that Bianco is a liar, tries to hide stuff (which they did in this cheap shot article) and is in over his head trying to run the department. Watch for it, I’ve seen it for years from media outlets, especially those butt-hurt when their endorsee loses an election.

Mar 262019

Click here to see photos of a county vehicle he totaled.

Click here to read about Jason Horton’s “History” within the Riverside Sheriff’s Office.

He must have not liked me visiting his hood very much.

Your intrepid blogger received word that Riverside County Chief of Code enforcement Jason Horton quit his job with no notice.

This is apparently because Horton got hired to wreck the Yakima, WA police department. He is now their Chief. That is kind of like asking Jussie Smollett to moderate a debate.

For those of you in Riverside County that were mistreated by Horton, you may want to reach out to the Yakima Police Union and find forums to warn them what they are in for.

Here is an article in the local Yakima Rag.

For those of you mildly interested in the Stan Sniff Saga – Jason Horton was one of Sniff’s top henchman.

To be continued…

Mar 182019

Actually, this time I’d call it more of a business trip. As perfect timing (aka God) would have it, I was long since scheduled to be in Buena Park for the CIR Convention. Then, I was contacted by a Chad Bianco Loyalist and asked if I wanted to go to his event. It happened to be on the same day!

I will write about the CIR in a separate post.

Your Intrepid Blogger with Peter Swirsky and Sean Freeman. Both were loud, public opponents of Stan Sniff. (While most hid in the shadows)

I decided to visit the Chad Bianco fundraiser on Saturday Night for one main reason. I had not met 95% of the people I interacted with. I was hoping I could meet a bunch of them. By the end of the night, I had the halo effect in my eyes from so many flashes. It was a great feeling to meet all these “Good Cops”. If it was not for these people, learning about the Riverside Sheriff’s Office would have ended my faith in law enforcement.

At the same time, it also stirred up a lot of other emotions as I was re-living parts of the campaign. I was recalling a lot of the people I met contacting me under condition of anonymity – people who deal with blood and guts every day terrified of Stan Sniff and his goons. I recalled when Sniff’s crew attacked my wife, as others told me stories of the same thing happening to their spouses as well.

I met people who had first-hand experiences of the tirades of Stan Sniff. I met people affected by the biased reporting of the Riverside Puke-Enterprise or the Desert Scum newspaper. I met a variety of people that had bristled under the tyrant and his minions held back from promotions, or had been subjugated, stripped of authority, stripped of assignments and the like.

Your Sheriff – Riverside County. Ahem, lose the mustache…

I got a chance to talk to several of Chad Bianco’s Chief Deputies and Assistant Sheriffs. To a man, they all know what a mess they have to deal with. It was actually astounding to see these hardened police veterans tell me in spades that they are overwhelmed.

They mentioned specifically, they are having to work with Sgt, Lt, Captain level members of the department to re-empower them to make command decisions as the previous administration was top-down micromanagement. One mentioned the $120 Batteries and $150 Oil Changes that the county maintenance racket has been ripping off the Sheriff’s Department for. Still another was talking about how they were going to staff the new Indio Jail and the logistic difficulties in doing so. The problems are endemic and systemic.

Then, I was reminded that the local media has not reported a bit on the mess that is the Sheriff’s Department – seeking instead to assuage their bruised egos in attempts to whitewash the failure of Stan Sniff. What is clear is that the Puke-Enterprise and the Desert Scum are going to do their best to undermine the New Sheriff.

To that end, I stopped by former Chief Deputy Jason Horton’s house on the way out to the Chad Bianco Fundraiser. The message is simple, I am not going anywhere and due to the abject bias of the local media, Horton or anyone else entertaining delusions of running against Chad Bianco in 2022 will find themselves in lights on this blog. Some will think the local media in Riverside County will carry them over the line, ask Stan Sniff how that worked for him.

When I spoke to Chad Bianco at the end of his event, he told me something that will likely resonate and echo for the rest of my life. “Aaron, I can’t tell you the details or tell you why but the problems we have are 100 times worse than anything you wrote about…”

I had become convinced there were years of benign neglect, when added to Stan Sniff’s Cronyism became a toxic cocktail. It is clear that Sniff’s proclivity toward yes men and his own megalomania / superiority complex let widespread corruption reign. It is also clear that the sudden realization that the Sheriff’s Department has enough money to do its’ job is an indicator of incompetence that was the standard of the last Sheriff.

When you add in the local media’s complicity in covering up the malfeasance and corruption of the Sniff regime, it makes sense. The Puke-Enterprise and the all-too-close relationship many in their ranks had with the Sheriff contributed to his belief that he was above accountability. Even today, the Puke-Enterprise and the Desert Scum are giving sniff a forum to continue his narcissistic rage.

What is clear is that Chad Bianco and team have a handle on the problems. They would not be as overwhelmed looking as they were to me if they were not aware of what they have ahead of them. What is not clear, however is whether the Riverside County Board of Supervisors will do their part to help. Three of the members were present at the event, including Supervisor Jeff Hewitt and his District Director that no one likes. (several talked to me about that guy)

Chad Bianco announced from the stage that they had figured out how to double the number of patrols in the rural (aka County) areas starting next month. During the evening, I learned that the number of applicants submitted for background checks went from 4 in December (the last month of Sniff) to 43 in February. The wait time for a CCW vetting is down to 2 months from the previous regime at 24 months. With the exception of the Puke-Enterprise attempting to whitewash the CCW issue, and some weak reporting about a hiring spree made to look like irresponsible spending, nothing substantive has been reported about the myriad changes occurring within the first two months (save a whiny story about Kurly, who should be in jail let alone under a termination investigation).

I think Chad Bianco will be an effective Sheriff if the first 2 months is an indication of what is to come. I will be watching Riverside County. Please keep the tips coming [email protected]

Feb 112019

During the election campaign I wrote about County Council Snodgrass. (I think he is a corrupt piece of garbage that should not have a law license.) Based on accounts, I have reached a conclusion that Snodgrass is a small, shriveled up vindictive bureaucrat hitman that was as much a part of Stan Sniff abusing his men as anyone else.

Snodgrass is reputed to have dragged a member of the old second floor to some sort of official hearing. The rub was that the individual in question is alleged to have attempted to pass himself off as still having authority. Snodgrass is reputed to have received an urgent message from County Admin, after which his vindictive game against an aggrieved Sheriff’s Office Employee was terminated and the proceeding was continued to a different date. Once your intrepid blogger is cleared to release the specific details – it is our hope that Snodgrass is both terminated and drug before the State Bar to answer for being a slimebag.


See the list above? Someone I believe to be either Kevin Vest or Dave Kurylowicz went running to an extreme left wing social justice warrior blog to whine about the terminations that happened after SHERIFF (repeat as many times as needed) BIANCO was sworn in.

A key difference between Chad Bianco and Stan Sniff has already manifest. Misha Graves, who your intrepid blogger believes was used as a campaign prop by Stan Sniff, was allowed to demote herself and go back to a jail. If the new Sheriff was as vindictive as Sniff, Graves would have been terminated.

We’ve written that now Lt. Christian Dekker, a reviled piece of vermin within the department was up to his old tricks of planting recording devices in his workplace. (This time a jail) His good buddy, Correctional Lt. Martin Tochtrop (again promoted by Sniff in 2018) has a headache of his own.

His girlfriend Jennifer Higgins appears to have been caught in a lie. Higgins has quite a history with a lot of men in the department, one of which happens to be the disaster known as Andrew Shouse. Apparently, Higgins’ report / testimony against Shouse that was part of the termination of Shouse was fabricated.

One account has Higgins being walked out and another has her just simply being investigated by Internal Affairs. My biggest issues with Shouse were his using his rank to get sex and his drinking on duty. I believe accounts of both by Mr. Shouse to be true as the number of people with first hand knowledge is legion.

I am not sure why Higgins felt she needed to lie. Both accounts I have received indicate that PSB (Stanley’s name for Internal Affairs) knew she lied and did nothing with it. Worse, Higgins was allowed to continue her poor performance on the Homicide team until SHERIFF (repeat as many times as necessary) BIANCO was sworn in and had her moved elsewhere.

Jennifer Higgins is one of only Two real people whose accounts I blocked off of my Right on Daily page as she made over the top threats. It appears that she has worse problems than being angry over Right on Daily writing accurate stories about the misbehavior of Martin Tochtrop (her current boyfriend).

P.S. People are telling me Sniff is talking about running against Mark Takano. That is insane.

Jan 292019


We chronicled how Stanley promoted Sgt. Christian Dekker to Lt in the waning days of his reign of terror. We are sure the 4 checks Dekker wrote to Stanley’s Campaign had nothing to do with it…

Dekker, along with Correctional Sgt. Martin Tochtrop pulled some legendary stunts at the jails they worked at. These included allegedly setting up inmates being released in error and leaving recording devices in several locations of places he was assigned to. Dekker is also alleged to have cheated on his time cards, racking up thousands of dollars in overtime he should not have gotten.

It is alleged that even in his last weeks as a Sgt. (Lt’s are salaried) he arranged to be on the clock on a couple of holidays.

When Dekker was promoted to LT. he was shipped back to a jail. I believe it is the SW Jail. Regardless of wether it is RPDC or the SW Jail – just today Dekker was up to his old tricks. He dropped in on a couple correctional deputies in their “Pod” and when he left the area, a flashlight was left behind by Lt. Dekker.

One of the two correctional deputies had the presence of mind to pick up the Flashlight and open it. Inside the flashlight was a recording device.

While this may only be a misdemeanor in California, it is a massive violation of the “POBAR” Statute. Christian Dekker has obviously forgotten that there is a New Sheriff in Riverside County.

The two Correctional Deputies did not file a complaint for fear of retaliation. Remember, Right On Daily has written about Correctional Deputies that have been terminated out of Retaliation – see also Tammy Smoak for one.

If you can direct me to where and who I need to talk to in order to file a complaint against Lt. Dekker on behalf of the two correctional deputies, I’d be grateful. This kind of garbage needs to stop.

It is even more infuriating to realize that Dekker was able to successfully sue the County of Riverside for Hostile Work Environment when he is creating the very thing. (And has been for at least the last decade)

Anyone with any further information please come forward, you can remain anonymous. [email protected]