Nov 022018

So, one inmate got the crap beat out of him and the Jail Staff mishandled the inmate causing him to become quadraplegic. Read the Desert Sun Story here.

Eight minutes after Manzo first falls to the ground, deputies hoist him into a wheelchair and push him out of view of the camera.

The lawsuit claims the jail staff caused “catastrophic injury” to Manzo’s spine.

“No cervical collar was placed on Manzo, nor was a backboard utilized to prevent damage to Manzo’s spine,” the lawsuits states. “Video of the incident shows deputies trying numerous times to pick up Manzo only for Manzo to slump back awkwardly to the floor, clearly lacking any ability to move his four limbs after having been picked up by the deputies.”

Due to Manzo’s severe disability, the lawsuit threatens to be exceedingly expensive for the sheriff’s department. In 2014, the county was ordered to pay $7.8 million after a deputy shot an unarmed man in the face, leaving him fully disabled.

Riverside County has not yet responded to Manzo’s lawsuit in court.

Please note that despite reporting on stories like these for years – the Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff.

And, here is dead inmate – after the Desert Sun endorsed Sniff. I wonder how full the cover-up of this one is going to be…

Shortly before 8 p.m., deputies assigned to Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside located an inmate, identified only as a Hispanic male adult, unresponsive within his cell in a housing area of the facility, Riverside Sheriff’s Sergeant Todd Torrenti explained today in a written press release.

“Deputies and medical personnel in the jail initiated life-saving measures,” said Torrenti. Paramedics rushed the inmate to an area hospital, where he later died.

Officials have not released the man’s name pending notification of his family members.

Based on the circumstances, investigators from Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station and Robert Presley Detention Center assumed the investigation.

Officials have not specified what may have led to the inmate’s death, what the man was in custody for, or how long he had been in jail, and citing the ongoing investigation Torrenti said no further information would be released at this time.

Under Stan Sniff’s department – the people in these photos will be in charge of sanitizing both issues. Take note of how few details were released and in the case of the second issue – an inmate death – note that it was not covered by the Desert Sun or the Press-Enterprise. (Both of whom endorsed Sniff for re-election based largely on covering themselves for past favorable coverage of the Corrupt Sheriff)

Sep 192018

From a Confidential Informant:

Today is Lt. Ron Heim’s last day in Moreno Valley. He accepted a position with Orange County Sheriff and is leaving RSO after being railroaded by Loren Tyler Clark and the second floor in the “Captain’s test cheating scandal.” Apparently he could no longer tolerate the corrupt, unethical behavior of Sniff and his puppets. A couple of weeks ago, Lt. Rick Zerkel (who used to be the Admin Lt. on the 2nd floor) gave a one day notice and abruptly retired. He told more than one person he was just sick and tired of all the unethical crap that goes on under Sniff and his administration. He said while he worked on the 2nd floor, he was forced to do a myriad of things that were unethical and just plain wrong.

Do you think Sniff or any of the upper brass called Ron Heim to thank him for his 29 years of service? Not only no, but hell no. They only care about themselves.

IF you’ve been a regular reader of Right On Daily, you will recall the story about the Captain’s test cheating scandal.

There is another cheating scandal that came after “Investorgate” that is smaller and stupider. Lt. Ron Heim at the Moreno Valley Station tested for Capt. And after testing he was speaking with 3 other Lt’s from Moval. One of them, Lt. Lorin Tyler Clark pressured Heim for answers, after lots of pressing Heim gave up the info. Clark immediately told on him for cheating! The investigation was done and the other 2 Lt’s backed Heim up. He was still disciplined and word is he’s suing.
Tyler Clark, as he’s known, has burned more deputies than most. He’s former internal affairs and relishes in getting people fired. MoVal station hates him. Rumor was when Purvis was to make Chief, Clark would make Capt and take over Hemet to watch Bianco.
There is so much crap that goes on its hard to keep track of it all. It is really sad, this used to be a great agency.
Loren Tyler Clark stays, is rumored to be on the short list for captain… 7 other LT’s are being Personnel Investigated for Supporting Chad Bianco and Tyler Clark’s victim leaves for another agency. Then yet another Lieutenant abruptly quits after a crisis of conscience about the corruption of management. I hope Loren Tyler Clark gets terminated with extreme prejudice when Stan Sniff loses the election.
Lt. Rick Zerkel – if you read this blog, please reach out to me. ([email protected]) I want to interview you about the corruption on the second floor.

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