Aug 052012

It’s amazing, really. Sometimes good things happen to good people.

Many of you that regularly read this blog remember when I was thrown off of Red County for being paid by Steve Poizner. Many of you read when months later, I found out that Meg Whitman had bought the Red County Blog 4 days before I was tossed.

People that were recruited by Team LaMalfa (Karen England et. al.) used the fact that I got tossed from Red County repeatedly to get mainly Tea Partiers that had never met me to believe I was some sort of scumbag. Welcome to Politics.

Recently – the FPPC was considering regulating paid blogging. Similar to the Dave Gilliard led media drills against the Central Committee – some of Meg Whitman’s former team ran one against me. They attempted to re-write history claiming that I never had a job offer from Whitman… in a similar manner that the Red County founders were never honest about my disclosing to them my arrangement with Poizner.

The media drill ended with my quote, “… government telling anybody to do anything, but if these idiots would start being ethical about what they’re doing there would be no reason for government to be stepping in with more regulations.”


The Orange Juice Blog broke the story about the demise of Red County. (that I called Meg County to highlight its’ purchase)

I left the following comment:

I don’t believe in Karma.

I wrote previously that I had forgiven Chip Hanlon and Matthew Cunningham years ago for being double-dealing political whores. I continue to stay involved in politics because I meet people like Allen Bartlett and others along the way that remind me there are true people out there for the cause.

Hanlon reaped a whirlwind. I sincerely hope that Mr. Hanlon finds God, or at the very least his integrity as a result of his world collapsing. Everyone is redeemable – but I have a really hard time thinking that either Hanlon or Cunningham are.

I learned a lesson – Matthew Cunningham is a step worse than Hanlon. Cunningham has deluded himself in to believing that his political prostitution is the right thing to do and that every position he takes is the right one.

In retrospect, when Hanlon got bought off by Whitman and threw me out of the blog – it was because his house of cards was collapsing and he needed some cash desperately.

Cunningham has no such defense for his behavior at all.

In the end, Matthew Cunningham got off way easier than Chip Hanlon. Hanlon will likely end up in Prison or so financially devastated that he will be on welfare.

Meanwhile, Matthew Cunningham continues to leech $200 an hour off of the first five bull—- that he opposed when it was on the ballot, and the list goes on and on and on.

I learned another lesson – simply telling a couple people when I have a conflict of interest is not enough. I told Hanlon and he misused the information – and for 2 1/2 years since, political opponents throw it in my face, occasionally, I get calls from the media about related issues.

I learned to jealously guard my integrity, because at the end of the day no one can take that away from me unless I let them…

… and this is where Karma comes in. Matthew Cunningham and Chip Hanlon attempted to destroy me and now look where they are. Both exposed, Hanlon destroyed.

… that’s sad

Will team LaMalfa / Gilliard ever set the record straight over the smears? Of course not.

Wonder Why GOP Numbers slide?! See Also Red County / Matt Cunningham

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Apr 282010

I have been reading the whole slew of blogs for two weeks, I’ve said little. I am trying to help Sam Aanestad get elected Lt. Governor against a fraud – Abel Maldonado.

Now – I have read about another fraud. Meg aka Red County.

1. Chip Hanlon is starting a policy to prevent Matt Cunningham from Attacking people who write here? Thanks a ton Chip. I am still getting email forwards of psychotic rants being written by the Jerbal and others… I’ll believe that deal when I see it.

2. Let me get this straight – I get tossed from Red County because I took money from people associated with Steve Poizner (who, incidentally is gaining big time on her Megness) while Meg County was bought to the tune of $65K that we know of…

The Irony? MEG WHITMAN TRIED TO HIRE ME and I refused to betray Steve Poziner. Maybe if I was a whore, I’d still be writing on Red County!?

Now, Cunningham grandstands telling people “if he (york) only disclosed what he was doing”… really? It only works one way, of course – it took the OJ blog outing the first $25K payoff from Meg Whitman for anyone to realize that while grandstanding on ethics – the real ethics were who was paying them.

3. Now, my friend and principled Libertarian Conservative Allan Bartlett gets ejected from Red County because he would not endorse hypocricy? Allan Bartlett refused to defend Matt Cunningham and his double-dealing.

People like Chip Hanlon and Matt Cunningham create DTS and Libertarians out of Republicans. People assume we are all hypocrites when our public leaders are unprincipled whores.

Now, Cunningham – who grandstanded against the Meathead initiative before it passed, runs to the front of the line with his hand out for the money after it passed. That is called double-dealing… and while legal, is immoral.

Man, do I feel violated. (just like those poor Children Cunningham outed on his blog)

Red County has become a joke – unbelievable.

P.S. Allan – welcome home. Welcome to the halls of real bloggers with ethics.

Feb 112010

Hat tip to Calbuzz Blog for Covering and an NBC affiliate blog for covering this – in the last 24 hours I have talked to a few media outlets.

The keys to my ouster from the Red County are that Hanlon was told about my situation, by me on 10/30/2009 and threw me out of Red County on 12/9/2009.  That’s key – Hanlon knew because I disclosed my situation to him… he decided to wait six weeks and use the information publicly and as loudly as he could to maximize traffic to his financially failing blog.

Both Calbuzz and the NBC affiliate reported that Hanlon got his $20K payoff after throwing me off the Red County Blog – the report states Hanlon was paid on 12/3 through I was ejected on 12/09 – a minor correction, but one that underscores the absurd hypocricy of Hanlon.

Excerpting their posts:

Meg Whitman’s campaign apparently isn’t very good at negotiating advertising deals, as one blog cashed in to the tune of $20,000.
Getty Images

Twenty thousand dollars will buy you a lot of advertising online. A lot. Especially on a site with a limited readership — like Chip Hanlon’s right-wing blog Red County.

But that’s how much the former eBay CEO Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial campaign paid to Green Faucet, the investment firm owned by blogger Hanlon and parent company of Red County.

Hanlon told Calbuzz that the money was for advertising, however other advertisers seem to be much better at negotiating than Whitman’s campaign — another advertiser is only paying $300 a month.

Plus, the timing is rather suspicious. The payment was made only a week after Hanlon kicked a writer off the site after finding out that the contributor was getting paid by Whitman’s Republican primary rival, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

At the time, the Poizner campaign stated that Red County was a pro-Whitman site, thanks to advertising deals with the campaign. And if they’d like to score some points with fiscal conservatives, they were only paying the fired blogger $2,500, a relative bargain!

Wonder if Hanlon will fire himself?

What Chip Hanlon did was a ploy to try and drive traffic to his site at my expense – in addition given that Hanlon’s consistent gripe was over money to begin with, is anyone surprised that he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar?

There is more to this story – and that will come soon…