Mar 052012

Jennifer Montgomery (COM-Soda Springs)
Mark Wright (REP)
Jerry Johnson (REP)

Rumors are that there is a 4th Candidate.

If I am Jennifer Montgomery, I am not really liking my life very much right now. In fact, I’d be regretting that I was gearing up to take a run at Kirk Uhler.

You see, Monty has a problem – she’s a left-wing nutbag. Who cares if she is a liberal… it is the fact that she abuses people in the way she communicates. Oops.

Secondly, Jennifer Montgomery is an enemy of freedom. I’ll elaborate on that in plenty of detail later.

Third, she is a grandstanding hypocrite.

Mark Wright from the Placer County GOP Central Committee was regarded as “not a serious candidate” by Rob Haswell who arrogantly started calling people telling them to donate to Kirk Uhler’s puppet opponent. Oops.

Now, we have a double-belly-buster – between Montgomery and Haswell there is enough hubris for a debate team.

Apparently Jerry Johnson and Rex Bloomfield don’t like each other very much. Apparently that same hatred has transferred on to Jennifer. I like that.

There is a 4th Candidate – someone else with money. IT basically assures everyone that Jennifer is going to get pounded, which is good for America, but that Jennifer could indeed get smoked out of office – which the Taxpayers of Placer County need, desperately.