Jul 052019

I don’t know Liz Richie. I know others that were original Trump Supporters that have little good to say about her. After I got an email from her, I can see why people were all too willing to tell me about how she mistreated volunteers and the like.

Liz was the Norcal Trump Volunteer coordinator. She forwarded me an email written for her by someone else, because when I sent the email to other Trump people they told me it was clearly not in her voice. Peter Kuo does not speak English as a first language, and is known to have broken English (though he does speak well) thus it does not appear that Kuo wrote this either.

The 2016 Trump Campaign Sunnyvale phone bank headquarters was located at 1133/1135 Sonora Ct Sunnyvale, Ca 94086, headquarters for Wbiso International E-Commerce, Inc a company that is endorsed by China’s Ministry of Commerce. 
A quick google search on this property shows that a man by the name of Gary Ge  is in charge of the location  and the business.
Google searches also show that Gary Ge aka. Boalin Ge is the President of Tianjin Silicon Valley Tianjin Chamber of Commerce American Association for the Promotion of Asian Trade
When Peter Kuo ran for CAGOP Vice Chair – your intrepid blogger went in to some depth about all of the foreign businesses Kuo was involved in. Many of the enterprises are in fields that are fraught with fraud and other issues.
People within the Trump campaign told your intrepid blogger that ironically, Liz Richie was one of the first to float the idea that Peter Kuo was a Chinese asset. I don’t think Kuo is a communist or a asset, I just think he is a con man.
When Peter Kuo helped get a spot in Santa Clara County for a phone bank, he claimed to have leased a location at this address. There is ample proof the phone bank was here. Those involved in the effort dispute several claims made by Kuo:
1. Kuo claims to have led efforts to make 100,000+ calls. The real number was a fraction of that, Kuo was part of the team, not a leader.
2. Peter Kuo was not Chair of Four Counties. In Fact, San Francisco County never really had a chair according to two people within the Trump operation in 2016. This is another lie by Peter Kuo, and I have emails and lists to prove it.
The location that Kuo “leased” for the Trump team was reported as dingy and “a mess” when they first started to occupy it to make their calls. A lot of people reported not feeling comfortable with the area either.
Then there is this:
WBISO is endorsed by China’s Ministry of Commerce and partners with China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME) and offers vendor verification as well as a customs database to make sure that you know who you are doing business with. As a member you will have access to the database that will allow you to build relationships within a global marketplace. A trained WBISO business service consultant can offer the precise, personalized service your company requires in order to successfully source products from China. WBISO was founded to help small- and medium-size U.S. businesses thrive in the Chinese market.
Did Peter Kuo get help from the Chinese government to get space for a Team Trump phone bank in 2016?

Then there is Liz Richie’s Email to me – which I responded to with this simple answer: Liz – There was nothing attached. And the tone of your email is absurd. Peter Kuo is a con artist and it is too bad you’ve been taken in by him. 

It was brought to my attention that you posted incorrect information regarding CRP Vice Chairman Kuo’s volunteer position during the Trump for President Campaign in 2016. Your post is not only false, it is counterproductive to the mission of getting President Trump re-elected.
The letter that you use as “evidence”, specifically says, “We are part of the team that helped Donald Trump win the California primary, and then the Presidency. Mr. Kuo supported Mr. Cruz in the primary and started volunteering for Mr. Trump the day Mr. Cruz suspended his campaign for President. The 2016 Trump campaign leadership team was formed meeting for the first time July 1st after candidate Trump won the GOP nomination.
The regional, county and city leadership was the key focus inJuly through August of 2016. Mr. Kuo’s name was recommended by several Bay Area GOP leaders.  Peter’s credentials were excellent so we brought him on to be the Regional Leader for Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Mr. Kuo’s subsequent work in finding and setting up a Trump 2016 call center that led to over one-hundred-thousand calls during the final weeks of the campaign, If needed, this information can be confirmed by the California Political Director and Field Operations Manager for Trump 2016, Malcolm McGough. I am including an email I sent to Mr. Kuo and at least thirty others confirming that role.
Now that you have been presented with the truth, I respectfully request that you retract the false statement regarding Mr Kuo’s involvement with the Trump 2016 campaign and apologize to Mr. Kuo. He set up one of the highest volume call centers whose impact was invaluable to the success of securing many of the battleground states and the Trump Presidency.
Aaron, we have a tremendous task in 2020. The Democrats will do or say anything to defeat our President. They will stop at nothing, that includes dividing us; unfortunately, you are doing their work for them. Please get on board and join us, so that in 2020 we can continue the work of Making America Great Again!
I was laughing out loud, and even more so once I spoke to half a dozen people in the Trump team about this. Peter Kuo should probably start fact-checking himself, and even more so if he is going to get other people to fight his battles for him…
To be continued…
Jun 262019

CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo lied. I’ve made it clear I think he is a con man, here is the latest. In his campaign he claimed to have been a regional chair for the Trump for President Campaign in 2016.

Embedded in this blog is the actual list as posted a couple weeks ago by someone else on facebook. As I’ve been working on other issues, I just now took a look at this and noticed that the violin-wielding Kuo is NOT on this list.

It makes me wonder what else Kuo has lied about.

P.S. Bitcoin has been labeled the #1 most likely source of fraud worldwide. Click here to see the most common Bitcoin Scams.

Stay Tuned.


Feb 182019

The first thing are these Jade Statues they are trying to turn in to Bitcoin. It is an all cash business and all unregistered, unregulated and unlicensed. Worse, the solicitation is for non-us investors, apparently to get around regulatory oversight in California and the USA. This is also apparently how he gets around scrutiny from Insurance interests for his outside businesses.

Watch this video and ask yourself if this looks legitimate

One of Peter Kuo’s companies is based in the ZGC Capital Building which has been a focal point of the Pentagon for industrial espionage and President Trump’s trade war with China.

Politico: How China acquires ‘the crown jewels’ of U.S. technology “But it’s not always easy to trace the money back to a single source, let alone determine what connection that source has to Beijing’s Communist leadership. Haiyin Capital, a Beijing-based VC firm, is partially backed by a state-run Chinese company, according to a company release. Also complex is ZGC Capital Corporation — located in Silicon Valley and focused on providing startups with basic business help — is a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise funded by the Beijing government, according to the organizations’ websites. Attempts to reach each organization were unsuccessful.”

The Financial Times: The tech fear behind Donald Trump’s trade war with China “Yet the incubator could also just as easily be ground zero in a 21st-century innovation war between the world’s two largest economies. Behind the Silicon Valley and Boston facilities is Zhongguancun Development Group, a venture capital fund that originated in Beijing’s technology district and is owned by the city’s municipal government. It is at the sharp end of what has become one of the most neuralgic issues in Washington.”

(Photo credit: Peter Kuo’s Facebook page. With Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna, Democratic Assemblyman Kansen Chu, and an unknown woman at the ZGC Innovation Center)

Kuo’s business advertises that it can connect Americans with Chinese Venture Capital Money…

President Trump has been staring down China in a trade war, and he has been effective and has forced them to the bargaining table. He has taken the step of banning Chinese technology from being used in American infrastructure.

So why then is Peter Kuo, an American businessman, working for the interests of China in China?

If you missed the first installment of our expose’ on the business dealings of Peter Kuo, it is linked here. It does not take an attorney to figure out that a lot of this stuff will make terrible optics for an American audience.

The Economist had something to say about the alarming wave of Chinese interests taking over American Companies:

In coming days President Donald Trump is expected to sign into effect the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernisation Act (FIRRMA), which establishes more vigilant reviews of foreign investments into American companies, including startups, on national-security grounds. While Mr Trump and China continue to spar over trade tariffs, FIRRMA reflects a fight over Chinese investment in American technology startups that is less visible but which nonetheless may have serious consequences for Silicon Valley.

Big deals with national-security implications have long been scrutinized. America’s powerful Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has reviewed attempts by foreigners to take controlling stakes in domestic firms where their presence could weaken national security. But minority investments in startups went unremarked, though the firms may hold sensitive innovations in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, 3D printing and more.

If (a big if) you believe that Peter Kuo’s business ventures are legitimate – then you’ve accepted that he is actively engaged in getting Chinese investors to buy American Companies. This is not a good look for the California Republican Party.

Secondly, we posted a list of questions that have still gone unanswered by Mr. Kuo. If Mr. Kuo is unable to answer questions from ordinary CAGOP Delegates, what will he do when the national media comes calling? (fold like a cheap lawnchair?)

As we looked for answers, we came across a Pentagon report about the alarming rate of Chinese takeovers of US based tech companies.

HONG KONG — China is investing in Silicon Valley start-ups with military applications at such a rapid rate that the United States government needs tougher controls to stem the transfer of some of America’s most promising technologies, a Pentagon report says.

There are few restrictions on investing in American start-ups that focus on artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and robotics, the report contends, and China has taken advantage. Beijing, the report says, is encouraging its companies to invest for the purpose of pushing the country ahead in its strategic competition with the United States.

In some instances, Chinese companies have made under-the-radar investments intended to dodge the oversight of a government agency, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, known as Cfius.

So, has Mr. Kuo been arranging transactions like the above or are his companies shells with no income? In just the last year, it appears from our research that Mr. Kuo has shut down two of his entities.

In a recent post about Mr. Kuo’s frequent, 3-week-plus trips overseas, we revealed a few more potential issues. The company highlighted above DCLUSA was featured in the post:

Another business venture is linked here. You will notice that there is limited information on the three-page site. It is a startup consulting company that alleges to recruit investors from China, Taiwan and Indonesia. I am struck by the typos on the site, lack of “Who we are”, the lack of testimonials and no physical or mailing address listed.

The post highlighted a Russian-Chinese Aircraft Manufacturing Interest that Mr. Kuo is attempting to start up. Kuo’s facebook is replete with posts about this company, its Russian investor friend of his, and the Chinese factory where these products will be manufactured for an unknown market. At the same time our President is stressing bringing back jobs to America, much of Peter Kuo’s business efforts seem to be aimed in the opposite direction, other than his insurance business.

At worst, these multiple offshore business dealings (crypto currency, Russia/China aircraft manufacture, helping Chinese plutocrats invest in US technology companies, and more) raise serious questions about their legitimacy and policy issues.

At best, the businesses are legitimate, yet look like they are competing with President Trump’s attempts to stop China from compromising our technology.

Somewhere in the middle is the fact that Kuo is gone out of the USA for as much as 6 months a year. Somewhere in the middle are the terrible optics of the unregistered securities and the Chinese Venture Capital – which side of these transactions does Peter represent? It’s unclear.

Some of these businesses do not have any visible activities – are they elaborate shells, that are being used for other purposes?

In case you wanted more information as to why the President is taking steps to reign in Chinese takeovers of American Businesses – see this Politico Article:

In fact, a six-month POLITICO investigation found that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, the main vehicle for protecting American technology from foreign governments, rarely polices the various new avenues Chinese nationals use to secure access to American technology, such as bankruptcy courts or the foreign venture capital firms that bankroll U.S. tech startups.

The committee, known by its acronym CFIUS, isn’t required to review any deals, relying instead on outsiders or other government agencies to raise questions about the appropriateness of a proposed merger, acquisition or investment. And even if it had a more formal mandate, the committee lacks the resources to deal with increasingly complex cases, which revolve around lines of code and reams of personal data more than physical infrastructure.

Unbelievable. Also, what exactly happens on these trips? To be continued…

Feb 142019

Just three months before he decided to run for CAGOP Vice Chair, Peter Kuo cut a video (purportedly in Taipei Taiwan) with a bunch of Jade Figurines. The Jade Statues are allegedly from a long-passed Chinese Royal Family (yet the treasure trove somehow made it off the mainland to Taiwan), and are to be the basis for a new crypto-currency.

As we researched Peter Kuo, we found an array of business entities he is affiliated with, one such entity is a Chinese Aircraft manufacturing facility.

There have been several posts on social media about this commercial aircraft venture by Mr. Kuo. However, when your intrepid blogger started talking about it in terms of Mr. Kuo being overseas for weeks at a time… Mr Kuo responded that it was #fakenews

Mr. Kuo – is the aircraft factory #FAKENEWS? What will you tell your investors?

It is the opinion of this blogger that the Venture Capital Company he has a website up for is dubious.

Feedback from several CAGOP Delegates who have watched his pitch video for the unregistered Jade Backed Bitcoin has been negative as well. Most people think it is a scam based on the feedback I am receiving.

Another business venture is linked here. You will notice that there is limited information on the three-page site. It is a startup consulting company that alleges to recruit investors from China, Taiwan and Indonesia. I am struck by the typos on the site, lack of “Who we are”, the lack of testimonials and no physical or mailing address listed.

So is the Russian Aircraft Venture Real or Not?

On one hand, you have Mr. Kuo flying to Asia to pitch start up companies. On another hand, you have Mr. Kuo advertising that he can connect your US company to foreign investors.

On yet another hand, you have Mr. Kuo pitching Jade-Backed Crypto Currencies, and still others you have a website purporting to be for an exclusive group of venture capitalists.

Then there is the Farmer’s Agency in America.

… and, then there is this:

Andra Capital – yet another unregistered security
Andra Capital is a late-stage, pre-IPO, technology growth fund where investors can choose to invest traditionally or via an optional liquidity feature — an asset-backed security token called the SILICON VALLEY COIN.

Now we have some patterns. Venture Capital and Unregistered Securities. Cash businesses with no regulatory oversight. Not good.

If I was caught promoting unregistered securities by the Insurance Carriers I represent, I’d lose my contracts with them. I can’t even sell Amway, some of the contracts I have are so strict. I am sure Farmer’s has no idea what Mr. Kuo is doing. Mr. Kuo, as a fellow insurance agent should know that this stuff presents a problem for his insurance practice.

It is the hope of your intrepid blogger that if you are a CAGOP Delegate that you take a look at Mr. Kuo’s business ventures. There are some key questions to ask.

Do they look legitimate to you? What would the California media do with these, as we all know the media is grotesquely biased against Republicans. Kuo’s world looks like easy low-hanging fruit for inuendo.

Since Venture Capital and unregistered securities are near the top of the list for money laundering and fraud type of issues – imagine what reporters could do with their ability to spin.

If you think these businesses are legitimate, how does Peter Kuo have enough time for all of these ventures and the CAGOP?

Perhaps some of these ventures are dead shells? Why have them?

Mr. Kuo’s Farmer’s agency is reputed to be large enough to support his lifestyle. This further ads to the questions as to what exactly he is doing overseas.

No matter how you slice the information about Peter Kuo’s current business dealings they present a variety of problems for anyone concerned about the direction of the CAGOP. The media could have a field day with this stuff, and Mr. Kuo likely will not even be in the country to do his job.

There is a better way than Peter Kuo for Vice Chair.

Feb 132019

Apparently, Peter Kuo is not aware that the Manchukuo dynasty was a puppet government set up by the Japanese Government in the Conquered Parts of China in the 1920’s. As in – it was a FRAUD.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Peter Kuo has several dubious and questionable businesses that he should answer for. None the least of which is the Jade Bitcoin business that was being lampooned in the comment thread that has him playing the race card.

The second question any cagop delegate should ask, is Peter Kuo so weak that he will run to straw men to defend himself when asked tough questions? It is clear that the factual information presented on the Rightondaily blog is bothering him, that is why he cried wolf.

Peter Kuo is getting lit up on Social Media after our first expose’ on his business dealings. The following is a series of questions being shared all over social media: (The original post was from Susan Walsh)

Ask yourself if this looks legitimate

Delegates- please pay attention. Peter Kuo is running for CA GOP Vice Chair. This video was posted on Oct. 16th 2018. 
Keep in mind the following:

1.) Asset backed securities need to be registered, if for sale in the United States, with the SEC. If it hasn’t been and there isn’t a circulated prospectus, then Houston, we’ve got a problem.

2.) Do you have an appraisal to the value of these artifacts or did we find them at Target?

3.) What or who is the registered custodian for these artifacts / antiquities?

4.) If I want to redeem my tokens into partial ownership of one of these artifacts, how does that work? Do I get to break a paw off of one of the dragons and call it my own?

5.) With respect to your comments about your new cryptocurrency, how EXACTLY are you going to insure that it will be less volatile than bitcoin? And, which financial institutions have you partnered with that will allow me to use my debit card to do future transactions?

6.) Have you cleared any of this with the Chinese authorities? If these artifacts are worth $100m USD do you have clear, uncontested ownership? And in whose name is this under?

7.) The laws that govern the sale of unlicensed securities, much like a hedge fund, expressly prohibit the advertising of these types of investment opportunities. Clearly, you have failed to pass the “sniff test” under any United States laws. Are these opportunities expressly open to investors outside of the United States?

8.) Who is the insurance carrier available to underwrite your asset backed investment opportunity and where can we expect these artifacts to be domiciled for safe keeping? Your family room is not an adequate answer.

9.) $100m USD is a lot of money and with great ability and stewardship demands even greater diligence and management. Sounds to me like this alone will require a great amount of time and talent.

10.) Why are you running for CAGOP Vice-Chair? Is it for your future ventures or is it to improve the party?

Peter Kuo, I think you are an awesome dude, a violin virtuoso, and a true Trump supporter. I just don’t think you are up for this. We value your enthusiasm but honestly we don’t need the #2 of the CAGOP to be the headline for 60 Minutes.

I wish you well with your endeavors

As you will recall, I switched my endorsement from Peter Kuo to Corrin Rankin for a variety of reasons.

It is clear that Kuo lacks the qualifications and the depth of character to be an effective Vice Chairman for the CAGOP by virtue of his actions. He is gone out of the country a lot and will not be consistently available to do his job. He has also not demonstrated a grasp of the fundamentals of party organization to do the job.

Add this latest stunt to the list.

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