May 022016

IMG_3747Every campaign for a major office has its’ normal stuff… unknown candidates with access to money and exaggerated resumes. Candidates try to hide obvious things in their backgrounds. Candidates try to pander to various groups, sometimes outright lying.

However, each election yields it’s own stupidity. First, I present you with Ron “Mik”… Mikaluco. He’s a leader. He will tell you himself… repeatedly. On day one of candidate school, you are told to never put your picture on your signs. (Maybe on the 4×8 signs,  and then only if you are photogenic)

This is why the Mikaluco sign is the complete package. It will scare the hell out of anyone that is not a freedom fighter digging a trench in Montana. Worse, it says have a Mik and a smile. I guess Mik is in to drinking, who knew? (not like that is unique in politics)

You will note that Kiley and Mikaluco violated the private property rights of the landowner whose property they placed their signs on. I am sure they will be gone soon.

Next up is Tropical Depression Hanley. He spammed my inbox with an email simply titled, “Request Your Lawn Sign”. For what? Is Mik going to buy me a beer? Is Kiley going to manipulate a jury for me? Is Hanley going to blow the roof off of my house?

You Want a Lawn Sign?
Lawn signs are going out, you still have time to request your lawn sign.
How to Request your Lawn Sign
Just email, campaign manger, Damian, at [email protected] or will out this form  All we need is your name and address. Don’t worry about being home, our volunteers will set your new sign up in your lawn for you.
Also, if you have a nice size of land by a heavy traffic area, you can request a huge sign. This will help us out a lot.
Thank you,
Kevin (Hurricane) Hanley

That’s it folks – you got the entire email. (Minus one iteration of his logo). It is reassuring to all that the same people that wrote this inspirational email will be mutilating your flowers while you are away at work!

Sometimes, when working on campaigns and seeing candidates (or their staff) I often hearken back to my own personal quest for purpose and meaning. Then I read further and realized that if I had a nice size of land, I too could have a tropical depression on it!

IMG_3741Not to be outdone, Suzanne Jones just got bizarre. I mean she makes Kevin Kiley’s lawyer double-speak seem downright normal. (Jones is also a lawyer)

Did you know YOUR VOICE is HER VOICE!?

Does Suzanne have a voice of her own? Is she telling the world she lacks boundaries and is willing to take on the personality of others to win?

This sign is terrible, it is busy and is way too small. I was only able to see it for what it was because I look for these sorts of things.

The #AD06 race is a mess. But, not for long. Once the land owners of #AD06 clean Hanley, Kiley and Mikaluco’s garbage off of their land, it will be less of a mess.

Somewhere, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson is in a fetal position under her desk thinking about all the meanies on the ballot and how she got robbed by 10 people filing after she started running for this office 18 months ago…

Once the voters take care of the rest at the ballot box – we will go from 11 down to 2. I sure hope at least one of the adults makes it to the runoff…

Meanwhile, I need some Advil. Please, vote for Bill Halldin, it matters more than you may realize.