Let the recriminations begin – New Website BLASTS Team Whitman

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Nov 062010

There is a liberal Republican that a lot of Whitman’s donors were positioning to run for Chairman of the California Republican Party… former Assemblymember Guy Houston.

How much you wanna bet – he gets cold feet?

There is a new website called www.worstcampaigninhistory.com

It TORCHES Meg Whitman and her team.

I have to derive some pleasure from this site after all the hell I have caught for the Red County episode… but Meg Whitman’s flunkie Chip Hanlon is the biggest political loser in the California Blogosphere because he sold out to the worst campaign in history.

The site is pretty caustic – the following is an excerpt which is like the “Mission Statement” of the website:

In every major political campaign, there are 3 main groups of leadership and activity. The leadership team which is made up of political consultants and senior staffer types who are supposed to be the best in their particular field and get paid a ton of money to do a good job. There are the politicians who whore out their principles and lie to the people for the sake of their own career advancement. And lastly the most amusing group, the liars theives and whores that make up the hanger-on types and nobodies trying to make a name for themselves, and assorted dickwads that have brought shame on themselves or the campaign by virtue of being the giant dickwads that they are.

All I can say is that I am glad I supported Steve Poizner.

I can’t help myself – $180M was it worth it?

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Nov 032010

Red County whored out.

Tons of Republicans – allegedly conservative sold out for some of the money.

What happened? Arnold in a skirt got returned to sender – torched by 13 points.

When your values aren’t clear, how can your message be clear?

And now – the RINO’s Patrick Dorinson, Tony Quinn, et al. are pulling the long knives out to save themselves. They are attacking the Democrats like Henry Gomez in Whitman’s inner circle.

What about the message? Whitman had none.

What did we know? Billionaire, didn’t vote, opposed Prop 23, didn’t like to answer un-scripted questions.

She got stomped while most of the rest of America turned Red.

Oct 172010

Please support Amanda “Mandie” Tingler, Glenn Moeller and Todd Lowell.

Quite simply, the Rocklin Unified School Board needs some change.

For too long there has been personal animosity that has overridden the best interests of governance.

I have spoken with Todd Lowell a few times and am convinced that Todd does indeed have the best interests of the children at heart. I also empathize with him about how it feels to get used as a punching bag.

Steve Paul. I do not know him at all.

Having met Glenn Moeller a few times – he has tripped over his own feet campaigning several times… but he wants to serve and he is also an honest man. We can do far worse.

I believe that others see that – which is why this race has not gotten nasty. How can you attack a music leader at a local church?

Amanda Tingler? She’s a Republican, Wendy Lang is not. Case closed.

With respect to those supporting Wendy – there is no such thing as a non-partisan race.

I have probably cost myself a few endorsements and supporters if I run for Rocklin City Council – but that is not the calculation. I am a Conservative first, a Republican second and a candidate third and I am willing to live with the consequences.

Once the primary is over – then I am a Republican – which is why I am voting for Abel Maldonado and Meg Whitman.

Sep 102010

First of all – we have to have Steve Cooley as Attorney General. The AG’s office has been used as a Left-Wing partisan hammer by both Bill Lockyer and Jerry Brown.

Steve Cooley also has a proven track record in LA County putting criminals in jail… Kamala Harris loves Cop-Killers.

Prop 8, Prop 187 and others have been allowed to die and the AG’s office has subverted the will of the people – most recently, Jerry Brown has obsessively used his power as AG to sue to stop development.

Which brings me to Meg Whitman.

She has done one key thing that Arnold never did – she has finally enumerated a fiscal plan with some details. I still have significant issues with Meg Whitman – but, she has real-world experience and that places her head and shoulders above anyone who has run for Governor since Bill Simon.

Jerry Brown will decimate what’s left of the state period. Chelene Nightengale can’t even balance her own checkbook or herself for that matter.

Abel Maldonado – he is not Gavin Newsome. Gavin Newsome is a liar, hypocrite and in the words of State Senator Elect Doug LaMalfa, “Evil”.

Damon Dunn – a compelling candidate who is talking openly about dealing with election fraud. Debra Bowen is bought and paid for by ACORN.

Tony Strickland for Controller – maybe for the first time in 30+ years we can have someone who is not a rubber stamp of the Democrat leadership who uses their office to exacerbate the year after year budget crisis.

Mimi Walters for Treasurer – see comments about Strickland

Mike Villines for Insurance Commissioner – if you want socialized insurance vote for Dave Jones. Jones also hates insurance agents, insurance companies and small businesses – he scored a perfect 0 from the NFIB and other groups. Villines is to the right of the current Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.

Doug LaMalfa for State Senate – he will score 100% from the CRA year after year. Need I write more?

CA-Gov Update: Is it true that Whitman has spent more on Spanish Language HQ’s than Republican Victory HQ’s?

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Aug 132010

We already know that Meg Whitman’s Spanish language ads basically say she opposes Arizona and supports Obama’s lawsuit against securing the borders.

There has been a considerable amount of controversy over that.

Now – I have been told by a few reliable sources that as of now, Team Whitman has spent more on Spanish Language outreach Headquarters than she has on Victory 2010 outreach Headquarters.

Meantime – the Whitman crew is running a full-court press to control the outcome of the California Republican Party Convention next weekend.

I’m getting a headache.