Feb 082019

This meme was prepared by a member of the Travis Allen team. It is devastating and pretty true.

Mr. Buhler has told people I am lying about his record and this blog is an invitation for him to come forward and tell his story. [email protected]

Come and talk to us about all the moderates you spent money on over more conservative primary opponents. Come talk to us about the 2015 by law drill followed by the 2016 massive IE against 44 cent coms,

Come talk to us about your life’s work to shred the crp platform

Let’s talk about Bill Jahn vs Tim Donnelly, let’s talk about Leslie Daigle vs Alan Mansoor. All races Mr. Buhler was involved in. Maybe we might find out why they invaded safe seat rafces,

Perhaps the story about the $800K donation to the CRP. and the strings that were attached to it should be addressed.

We have questions and I am sure he does too.