Feb 072021

Scott Alvord is a disaster. His wife is worse. She has a crew of moonbats that hang on her every word on Social Media.

David and Linda Tennies are resident fixtures on the Placer County Communist Party Central Committee. Someday as California’s downward spiral continues, people like them will be running things.

Note that Tracy Mendonsa was wearing a precious mask at the meeting and Karen Alvord lied. It took 3 1/2 days of people bombarding her to get her to finally “apologize”. In true liberal fashion, she played the victim and projected her own bad behavior on to others. This is similar to the business coach huband with FPPC Fines for sloppy paperwork, charities with expired corporations, lapsed business licenses and the like. But, I digress. Scott and Karen Alvord appear to be quite the pair.

Karen Alvord – I made a mistake last Wednesday. I made an… Facebook

Understand that the wacked out left is alive and getting more agressive in Placer County. It should not have taken Karen Alvord 3 1/2 days to apologize – in addition to her progressive revisionist version of Christianity, I suppose sincere apologies have also been torn out of her bible too along with the sanctity of life, religious freedom and biblical sexuality. I wonder if I could start drinking again if I was a part of that church too?

Karen Alvord’s apology features even more comments by the wacked out left in Placer County including the crazed Nancy Klevicis justifying her original lie. However, leave it to my friend Pete Constant for finally getting a response as he lambasted both Alvords shortly before the “apology”.

Given the fact that most of the city staff disdain Scott Alvord and my guess is his colleagues do too, I am sure that Constant’s message hit home pretty hard:

By the way Karen and Scott Alvord – if you want me to wear a mask, you can come put it on me.

BTW – the mailgnant narcissist LaMills Garrett (at least that is what I think of him) is trying to maintain some sort of public profile on his social media thus continuing his status as a public figure. My guess is that he is being urged to and supported in this endeavor by Roseville’s first couple of mask nazis.

Allow me to suggest something Mr. Garrett – try catching up your child support and try going a year without getting in someone’s pants and maybe people will take you seriously. Just sayin…

Oct 292020

Just how bad do the Roseville Police Union want to raid the city treasury? They have endorsed a man 7 months behind on his Child Support with verified accusations of child abuse from his oldest son (said to be estranged from him). See the story about the abuse here.

Note the words used. The term fraud comes to mind.

Scott Alvord? He’s a victim don’t you know. Heck, just ask LaMills Garrett. I mean it was his right to sleep with other women while married. Three kids out of wedlock later, no less. LaMills is a victim of a mean, racist blogger. It’s all someone else’s fault. (It seems like I wrote the exact same words about Scott Alvord)

Gina Garbolino? Crickets. Gun Violence, Admission of Sexual Assault?

One thing that has happened in this Roseville City Council election cycle is a threshing of community leaders. We now know a lot about who the clear thinkers are.

When I first started profiling LaMills Garrett, I knew he was angry and extremely liberal. What I did not know was the extent of his depravity. Scott Alvord is a fraud and a disaster when you look beneath the surface, but LaMills Garrett has led a life characterized by a path of destruction. While I believe both Alvord and Garrett are narcissistic, it is clear that LaMills Garrett has deep-seeded emotional and psychological issues. It is what it is.

I am sorry you and your daughter have had to deal with Mr. Garrett’s bizarre brand of cruelty.
According to him, his wife forbid him from being the involved with his daughter as a condition of staying married to him. I personally find that hard to believe. After HP fired him I don’t believe he could get hired in tech, so he has tried to reinvent himself as a pillar of society. And it suits his vindictive nature to not pay support. This is not the behavior of a decent person but he has done a good job of fooling a lot of people in Roseville that he is the right man for the job. As for getting his house in order, that will never happen, at least not for long. He may fool another woman into making him appear to be a family man and honorable citizen but he will cheat, liar, use and abuser her until the facade crumbles. The cease and desist order shows that what you are doing is getting under his skin so good for you. I have tried to post things on Facebook and Twitter and he has them taken down and my accounts deactivated. I wish there was away to really let people know what he is truly like. I wish you and your daughter all the best (soon she will be old enough to decline visitation do hang in there).


I’ve had several people feeding me information about LaMills Garrett – including the mother of his now 13 year old daughter (the product of an affair against his second wife, a little girl LaMills did not meet until she was 8 years old). Here is one such source.

Amy is describing a malignant narcissist. She was also responding to Karen the mother of the daughter, who had to fight a 3 year court battle against LaMills Garrett to be able to move to Arizona. Karen left this comment as a reply to an earlier comment from Amy challenging Scott Alvord on his defense of LaMills Garrett:

Amy. They are indefensible. I am the mother of his daughter whom he never met until she was 8. He is over $4k in arrears in child support right now and hasn’t been “caught up “ in over 4 years telling the state that he is unemployed. His website says he is a small business owner. Although I may believe his platform is the right one (I am a dem) I do not believe that a man who believes he is above the law (lying about employment status and/or ability to pay child support) should be an elected official. Obviously LaMills and I have our issues but that is not the debate here and now. The issue is how do we clean up the overall political mess this country is in. And I, as a staunch democrat bleeding liberal believe it starts here. In creating honest dialogue with people I don’t see eye to eye in on issues. But one thing I agree on is that we need to elect honest and moral political leaders to take us into 2021. Once LaMills cleans up his own house then I am on board but until then I will continue to do everything I can with the information I have to show Roseville that he is not an honest person who should be put in a position of power or leadership.

Please note LaMills has hit me with a cease and desist order and even sent it as a bullying tactic to my place of employment (they shrugged it off and didn’t care). I’m sure he didn’t do his homework on CA’s Anti-SLAPP law. Nothing I have emailed or posted is untrue. He is trying to bully me into silence but he forgets that when a mama bear is cornered she defends her young to the death.

Mr. Alvord also needs to read up on California’s Anti-SLAPP Law as well. That said, I guess LaMills Garrett will have to shoot someone on Vernon Street in Downtown before the Police Officers, Alvord or Garbolino back off of their ill-advised endorsement of this monster. We have every other base covered as far as being a complete disaster of a human being.

Child Abuse.
Sexual Assault. (read more here)
Child Support Issues.
Abusing the Legal System.

What an awesome candidate for office.

Oct 242020

I was alerted to the twitter account of LaMills Garrett’s 25 year old son, Malique Elder. The twitter account is full of left-wing conspiracy theories. I guess in that regard LaMills instilled his values in his oldest son.

The tweet was replied to by LaMills’ Garrett’s Second Wife (who he also cheated on).

It appears that the tweet sent by LaMills’ estranged oldest son was sent in response to an email promoting LaMills for Democrat Central Committee. LaMills got hammered in that race finishing a distant 5th place. It has been put to me that the dems understood that LaMills has issues, my guess is their silence as it pertains to this blog (instead, focusing their rage on behalf of Scott Alvord and pouring money in to Neil Pople) validates that supposition.

And Karen Alvord, the executive vice president of a major Children’s charity endorsed this guy? Scott Alvord doubled down (because he is incapable of admitting a mistake) and endorsed this guy. So did the local unions who appear to think he will raid the city treasury on their behalf – principles and ethics be dammed. What a scary day for Roseville, a deadbeat dad who is now an alleged child abuser (by one of the children he abused).

I wonder what his kids would say?

Oct 072020

I should note that I have been talking to several people about LaMills Garrett – to a person they all fear retaliation and have communicated in graphic detail about his anger issues.

This is why It does not surprised me to see LaMills talking openly about two of his friends getting murdered and how he got a gun himself to go settle a score. I had a hunch that Garrett had gone through his blog and sanitized it. Then a source sent me the screenshots, thus confirming what appeared obvious. Finding out what is there is also disturbing and graphic, yet not surprising given the profile I had of Garrett.

I will bet the Roseville Police Officer’s Association will be wondering what they got themselves in to endorsing LaMills Garrett – because Scott Alvord is constitutionally incapable of admitting or accepting fault for anything he has done. It should be noted that Alvord gave Garrett $241 out of his own pocket versus out of his campaign account which would have been in violation of Roseville City Ordinances (more on that caper soon), and both Alvords have been out publicly and forcefully promoting LaMills Garrett.

You will note that he clearly talks about his anger management issues and his desire to “Make a significant Contribution”. The murders were indeed tragic, but the issue is that LaMills Garrett’s behavior patterns are still in force today. Also, as someone who is a recovering alcoholic, I don’t run from my past I talk openly about it. This is why LaMills Garrett trying to hide this stuff is even more disturbing.

Garrett uses the murder of his friends and his own illegally obtained gun story to justify wanting to deny anyone else the right to own a gun.

Remember – we’ve written about LaMills Garrett fathering 3 children out of wedlock (thus making a significant contribution to the societal issues within Black America while blaming people like me that had nothing to do with it) and other maladies. Now, we have some additional details:

So this is the amount that LaMills Garrett is behind in Child Support. It does not seem like much – but given the monthly amount is $633. He is behind basically 7 months. He has been behind on his child support payments for over three years but has not been behind three years’ worth. In 2020, LaMills Garrett has only made two child support payments. You can see public records on those in this handy JPG I created from a PDF I got on the Santa Clara County / State Database (I deliberately deleted the mother’s name and the case number.

Now, the context for why LaMills’ Garrett is writing out $1,000 checks and spending money on his own City Council Campaign becomes crystal clear. Instead of making good on his child support, he is sending that money to promote himself while leaving his daughter in the cold.

it is really sad, because one of the young men LaMills Garrett fathered while cheating on his first wife is reputed to be completely estranged from him.

Meantime, it is full speed ahead for Roseville Councilmember Scott Alvord supporting LaMills Garrett.

In another deleted Blog – this one sent to me in a PDF, from October 2017, Garrett describes in graphic terms sexually assaulting girls in his home. HE describes attempting to remove the panties of an older cousin in graphic detail in the second page of the PDF. At age 12, he describes attempting to rape a girl he was once sexually active with.

He related that he turned in to a player, and did not get specific about his issues – referring in generalities to cheating on wives and girlfriends and having children out of wedlock because he had an inner fear of being called gay.

The post is extremely graphic which is why I am not citing it in the blog – click the link and read it.

The amazing thing is that he wrote this blog while behind on child support. He concluded the blog post by talking about being a changed man and the shame he felt for cheating and fathering children out of wedlock – fresh off a 3 year long court battle against the mother of his third illegitimate child and while being behind on his child support! I was told that Garrett filed the custody lawsuit before he had met his daughter for the first time (she was 8 when they finally met) and that he fell behind on child support in 2017 and has not caught up since.

The daughter’s college fund was essentially drained to pay legal bills and while the daughter has never lived in poverty, her upbringing has been far more difficult than it should have been under normal circumstances – much less being forced to fight her father in a custody lawsuit, being left in the cold on Child support and not even having seen her daddy until she was 8 years old. Remember, LaMills Garrett is writing checks to local charities while still in arrears on Child Support. (We documented three such checks in 2018, 2019 and 2020)

This is why when I have read the two blogs that LaMills attempted to hide that I see zero sincerity in his claims of alleged changes or recovery. I know when I work with someone struggling to get sober if they have a chance to recover or not. It is my opinion when I juxtapose everything I have learned about Garrett onto a straight line that he is still riddled with anger, displaced against White people at that, and is still a frightfully broken person. And, now that he is running for office, he is trying to cover up his past whilst trying to create a false image for himself to overcompensate for how he feels inside.

I have empathy for him for sure. I get that his background really sucks, but I do not think he has recovered from it at all nor do I believe he should be in any position of leadership. When people come forward in graphic detail about his current behavior – finding blogs about his life and background validate the ongoing behavior pattern of today. I have a general rule, if you’re a convicted felon let’s see 10 years clear, if you’re sober 5 years or more, or if you are a former democrat 2-10 years removed depending on the office you are seeking.

I am not sure why a group like the Roseville Police Officers would endorse this guy as he is still a train-wreck and walking wounded.

My advice to LaMills Garrett – get current on your child support, get help for your rage and get out of the race for Roseville City Council until you’ve had a full spiritual awakening and deliverance from your behavior. I write this as both a political operative opposing your campaign – and as an alcoholic that is approaching 18 years completely clean and free of that lifestyle.

The good news is that there is hope in Christ, not a Jesus Christ you control to justify your worldview, but the real Jesus that died for you and wants you to surrender your will to him. 

To be continued.

Oct 022020

Do note that my sources on LaMills Garrett include the mother of this third illegitimate child and another source I have communicated with who has requested anonymity. I have gotten some information from public records, but the human intel has carried the day.

Something I found peculiar in my own research is this blog site that LaMills never took down:

Take a look at the archives. It is clear that LaMills deleted a ton of posts. The subject matter was a lot of the anti-white and anti-police rants he was reputed to have written. Even the posts he left up allude to some of it. There are gaps of as many as 18 months in his blog posts.

When LaMills Garrett did the recent RCONA forum all the reports I got were that his presentation was dominated by cries of racism and discrimination. That is just sad. I also watched part of it and turned it off because I could not stand it. RCONA is a group that Scott Alvord has dominated in recent years – leveraging them amongst others for support.

I received some human intelligence I followed up on – especially in light of the claims that LaMills told the Judge he has no income and therefore can not pay child support:

A platinum sponsor is $1000. As I recall, Garrett is behind about three years worth of Child Support payments.

And, here is another $1000 donation while the mother whose daughter is being left behind says the payments are lagging up to three years behind.

Please note that the charity did nothing wrong accepting the money. They had no way of knowing that LaMills Garrett was years behind on child support when he gave it.

It would seem that LaMills Garrett and Scott Alvord have had a co-awareness about their images. Did it ever occur that if the two self-promoting sponsorships, were ever seen by the judge in family court that judge would blow their stack?

LaMills Garrett has reported $6134 in contributions as of 9-19-2020. Of note – he filed his campaign report late and he also violated Roseville City Campaign finance ordinances by taking more than $500 from one of his donors. LaMills had an event with a far-left leader of a Sacramento based Urban League affiliate around the time that the report cut off.

$241 is from Scott Alvord who is listed as the CEO of his company. However, none of the other donors appear to be from inside his district or any interested parties anywhere near Roseville. That is fascinating.

To be contiued…