DC Sources: Kevin McCarthy to Resign / Retire From Congress?

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Oct 082015

UPDATE2: Now the calls from DC are saying that NOTHING is going to happen, when followed up regarding the subject matter, the sources are back-peddaling. Was McCarthy the victim of a smear drill? (Updated 10/13)

UPDATE1: Late Friday: The story has changed to McCarthy retiring.  Early Monday 10/12 Erick Erickson reported that McCarthy told colleagues he is not resigning. Still no answer as to the reason or whether he is retiring. Rumors and calls are persisting.

Reason: Multiple affairs. No one confirmed whether or not the allegation involving Congresswoman Renee Elmers was true.

The building is abuzz and insiders are calling people in an attempt to warn them that McCarthy will be leaving Congress (either immediately or simply not running for re-election) as the sex scandal is about to break.

If this is true – then we now have context for his abrupt exit from the speaker’s race.

I am writing about this because the sources are impeccable and have been for years.

RNC Appoints Moderate Attack Dog as California Grassroots Chair?

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Jul 252013

The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that Clinton Soffer will become its first California state director. Credit San Luis Obispo Newspaper.

Who is Clinton Soffer? He was an outspoken supporter of the Jim Nielsen-Abram Wilson – Charles Munger Financed – effort to annhiliate the California Republican Party Platform.

He signed every letter and email in support of the so-called 21st Century Platform.

Clinton Soffer appears to be heavily connected to the Kevin McCarthy squish machine in California. He was a past President of the CR’s – a young Republican group with a socially liberal bent they control.

Soffer also worked for Moderate Turncoat Nathan Fletcher when Fletcher infested the Assembly. Fletcher left the GOP and became an independent when he thought it could help him gain an advantage over fellow Liberal Republican Carl DiMaio in the 2012 San Diego Mayor’s race. (Embattled current San Diego Mayor Bob Filner won that election)

Soffer is only 23.

While we could care less how young he is, the problem for Mr. Soffer is experience dealing with a state as enormous and diverse as California.

The second issue we have with the RNC’s choice is why they chose someone with a history of aggressively fighting against the Conservative base of the California GOP.

We have to conclude that Kevin McCarthy and likely Charles Munger had something to do with this choice by the RNC. The RNC has long preferred Moderate Republicans to their more Conservative Counterparts. Soffer fits that mold.

Soffer has also served McCarthy and Munger well in his short tenure of “service” to the GOP.

Count us as skeptical about Mr. Soffer’s ability to unite and organize – especially once the Conservative base finds out about his pedigree.

Letter From GOP Leadership – A Thesis For Why the CAGOP is Dead

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Aug 042012

In a post earlier – George lambasted Connie Conway, the imperial Republican Permanent Minority Leader for one of the most absurd campaign tactics ever… she mailed the donors of Andy Pugno.

I was ready to move on in the AD06 race until that gross act of stupidity by Connie Conway. That forms the back drop for this letter I got from the Moderate Republicans that are the “leaders” of the California Republican Party.

Right now – I am interested in several local races. The State of California has stolen 35% of the state money from every school district and has stolen so much from cities and the county that they may still be figuring out all the damage.

Where have Connie Conway, Bob Huff and the others been on this? Whining to small audiences in their own backyards instead of aggressively fighting.

The same goes for our local State Level Representatives – Beth Gaines was at the Placer GOP Headquarters talking about Crayfish fishing at Lake Tahoe – while people like Carol Garcia, Kirk Uhler, Kristie Greiss, my Mother and so many others are dealing with financial armageddon. I keep wanting to warm up to Beth Gaines and I get slapped with stuff like this. I could care less if her staff members glare at me at a chamber of commerce meeting – at least I know I am getting listened to by Beth Gaines!

Many in local government at all levels have told me they feel abandoned by their state level representatives.

Dear Delegate,

With the primary election behind us we can now focus on the top priorities for the November election.


  • Build a strong organization for Governor Romney that will help put a Republican President in the White House. (Romney has no organization in California, nor will he. This is a pipe dream)
  • Add to our Republican representation in the California Assembly, Senate and Congressional Delegation. (Really!? Then why did Connie Conway send out her letter supporting a candidate in a SAFE Republican district???)
  • Defeat Governor Brown’s initiative to raise state income and sales taxes. (Even a Cub Scout could get this one right)


All of these goals are achievable if we work together and are singularly focused on Victory in November.

With that in mind, California Trailblazers, in coordination with our state Assembly and Senate caucuses, is working with our legislative candidates to make sure they are prepared to win competitive districts this fall. (Cal Trailblazers is run by Jessica Patterson who is reportedly a close associate of Charles Munger)

The California Republican Congressional Delegation is leading the effort to establish a California Republican Victory Program targeted in competitive districts around the state. While it is focused on winning 10-12 congressional races it will closely coordinate with our effort to win overlapping targeted legislative seats.

Separate ballot measure committees have been formed to defeat the proposed tax increases and to limit the power of special interests.

Not mentioned in this letter – the California Republican Party is broke. Placer County has more money and we got criticized for raising it by some so-called Republican leader.

We have a lot of work to do at our California Republican Party Convention, now scheduled for August 10-12 in Los Angeles. We encourage you to attend.

However, if you are unable to attend, please make sure you are represented by proxy. Thanks to your response to our request prior to the last convention, you still have the right to be represented by proxy. We are grateful for your support.

If you would like to have your vote cast according to the wishes of your legislative and congressional leaders, please sign the proxy form which you can download here and return it to Republican Leadership, 1017 L Street, #715 Sacramento, CA 95814-3805. You may leave it blank or designate someone you know who supports our elected Republican Leadership to carry the proxy. Either way we will make sure that your proxy is turned in so that you are represented.

Again, thank you for your past support. We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles or at a future convention and working with you towards many victories in November.

There is a notable omission – there was no mention of opposing the Molly Munger tax increase in this request for Proxy votes. There are a number of us that believe that the leadership have become dependent on Charles Munger’s money and as a result are running a drill to prevent the California Republican Party from opposing  Prop 38. Prop 38 is a $120 Billion tax increase put on the ballot by Molly Munger. (Charles’ sister and liberal democrat activist)

If the California Republican Party gets twisted by these people in to not opposing Prop 38 – you will know that the California Republican Party is officially owned by Charles Munger and is officially dead.