Just who is Ken Cooley, Anyway? Absentee Councilmember, Bizarre Record

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Jan 072014

Ken Cooley has a nickname at City Hall, “Ghost”. He is reputedly rarely heard from.

When combined with his horrendous attendance record and the fact that in 10 years on the City Council, Ken Cooley has never passed a single ordinance. Maybe it is the lobbying experience in him that causes him to take other people’s ideas and promote them?

Liberals should take pause when they evaluate Ken Cooley for Assembly as well. Every liberal in the state legislature takes pride in the laundry list of bills they submit and fight for to pass. Ken Cooley appears set to be nothing more than a rubber stamp if elected. This is where his comments about, “not needing training” and “knowing the process” should give someone pause.

Whose orders would he be taking?

On one hand, Ken Cooley could brag about how he tried to stop Wal-Mart. While he was an executive officer in the league of cities, the League Promoted a Bill:

SB 1818 (Alarcon/2007-08) Punitively singles out big box retailers by discouraging their ability to challenge a local government’s decisions in the courts. Allows cities or counties to recover attorneys’ fees if they prevail in a lawsuit that a court finds was filed by a big-box retailer to “intimidate” the local government over a zoning decision.

Support: League of California Cities
Oppose: Wal-Mart, California Chamber of Commerce

(The Cal Chamber ran Independent Expenditures on behalf of Peter Tateshi, Cooley’s Opponent in 2012)

Maybe this is why people in the know in Rancho Cordova are speaking out against this guy. He appears to be anti-business. The left should love that, right?

However, if Ken Cooley had his way, Rancho Cordova would be the next city of Bell.

In 2010, it was reported that Rancho Cordova’s City Manager made $259,000 per year – the highest in the Sacramento County, even exceeding the $205,000 paid the City of Sacramento City Manager.

Rancho Cordova $259,985
Sacramento $205,110
Folsom $237,000
Elk Grove $206,197

Maybe if Cooley bothered showing up to City Council Meetings he could have done something about this?

Is this Conservative? Nope. Is this something Liberals should like? Fat Cat Salaries? Nope.

Ken Cooley for Assembly appears to have a serious identity problem and appears to act based on the audience he is dealing with instead of out of conviction.

But sometimes, Cooley took stands, like torpedoing development that could have raised money for the city, preferring instead to raise taxes. All of this comes, of course with a twist…

… there is a reason why lawyers in politics conjure up so many bad images in people’s minds.