NorCal Tea Party Update: Day 12 of their Lie and Counting

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Feb 222015

In case you missed it, the NorCal Tea Party lied in an email.

They accused Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler of single-handedly conspiring to raise our taxes. Their attack was so ill-conceived that they told people to call the Placer County Board of Supervisors.

The NorCal Tea Party could not even attack the right government entity in their lie! The PCTPA is looking at ways to fund much-needed Road improvements in Placer, not the Board of Supes!

The attack was so absurd that liberal Democrat Jennifer Montgomery went to the most recent Auburn Meddlers meeting and set the record straight. That’s correct – a liberal Democrat told the truth and the NorCal Tea Party lied.

Something about that has to be unconstitutional.

Undaunted – the NorCal Tea Party has dug their heels in. They, like so many other tea parties have determined that even conceding one detail of their attack would be akin to getting captured by ISIS.

At the recent Placer GOP Central Committee Meeting NorCal Tea Party leader Ken Campbell repeated the lie again, including reiterating that it is the Placer County Board of Supervisors promoting the tax.

I wonder if the NorCal Tea Party knows about the 12 year old resentment that Ken Campbell has against Kirk Uhler – Campbell was making unilateral decisions as Chairman of the Placer GOP back then and Cent Com Members Kirk Uhler, Kathy Lund and others called him on it. Ken has never forgiven any of them and has been on a personal vendetta ever since. I doubt anyone in the NorCal Tea party would care if they knew, since the facts don’t matter.

Another Tea Party member of the inept and useless Placer GOP Central Committee asked the question about recruiting Republicans to run against other Republicans in office. (So there’s your context for Ken Campbell’s lie)

If the NorCal Tea Party uses this lie to go after local Republican Electeds (which I believe they will), you read it here first. They will lose and they will lose their credibility forever. But, heck, they will never have to apologize or retract their lie, will they?

… and people wonder why someone as far to the right as I am can’t stand the Tea Party? It was never their principles, it is many in their leadership and the libertarian anarchy that seems to have taken over. The Tea Party refuses to police themselves and in many areas are useless agents of chaos. Only they can stop being stupid – day 12 and counting.

Do I think they will ever retract their lie? Nope – some of the brain-surgeons in their group still think the FBI was investigating my Brother for Embezzlement (It has been 4 1/2 years since the alleged visit to Karen England’s House, btw)

P.S. Thank you Jennifer Montgomery for being an honest liberal and standing up for the truth.

Nov 092014

As of 11/9  – the Placer County Elections Office has Measure B passing with 62.35% of the vote.

This is an absolute landslide. You would think in a conservative county like Placer, that a measure that gives the County Supervisors a 138% pay raise would be stillborn.

Like anything on the ballot – see also Prop 47 that will put tens of thousands of dirtbags back on the streets – its’ mere presence is a threat.

In years’ past – the Placer GOP Central Committee has been a lightening rod and tremendously effective.

In 2008, the Placer GOP defied the establishment and endorsed Tom McClintock over Doug Ose. Tom Hudson was the Chairman at that time.

As a result of said endorsement – Republican electeds like Ted Gaines and Roger Niello both pulled their funding for voter registration bounty – because Central Committees “were not supposed to endorse”. Since that time the local electeds and the Placer  GOP had been at odds until $85k of outside money came in and blew several “Undesireables” out of the Placer GOP in 2012.

I have told the story repeatedly about the chain of events surrounding Doug LaMalfa’s senate campaign, the un proven charges and the idiots in the local tea parties that were recruited in a Jihad against the leadership of the Central Committee, but…

… The other side of the lynching of the Conservatives off of the Placer GOP Central Committee by Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa and GOP Leadership (funded by Charles Munger at the behest of someone who may or may not have been Connie Conway to avenge Beth Gaines) has now come home to roost.

The majority on the Central Committee are Tea Partiers that are still under the effects of their brainwashing. They vote in lock-step with the do-nothing Moderate Leadership. And, while Dennis Revell was quoted recently talking about how liberal Art Moore is, do not forget, Revell is a social liberal and his closest allies on the Cent Com are open in their hostility towards religious Conservatives.

The Tea Partiers did next to nothing in Placer County. Ed Rowen – who had his character assassinated by Dennis Revell only a few months earlier, led volunteers to walk 35 precincts for Tom McClintock. By himself, Mr. Rowen, the President of the Placer CRA, who was specifically targeted by Dennis Revell and the Tea Partiers on the Placer GOP Cent Com – outperformed the entire Central Committee’s volunteer effort.

However, Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines, Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa in particular needed to make sure that they had their revenge for the PCRA and its’ members not supporting any of them despite the fact that none of them have done a thing for the Placer GOP – in fact, they gutted the Placer GOP Cent Com and did less than nothing for the GOP in Placer County now.

When Jeff Atteberry was told he was done as Cent Com Chairman, he was told that the $40k he had raised as Cent Com Chair was a failure. Please note that had it not been for a golf tournament run by CRA Member Ken Hubert – the Placer GOP Cent Com would have raised negative money and to this day, the dwindling balance in the accounts were left over from the ousted PCRA Leadership.

But Gaines, Gaines, Nielsen and LaMalfa got their revenge. Apparently, in their mind, who cares if the local party is dead as long as people they don’t like are not a part of it?

Meantime – Measure B Passed in a landslide.

You see, the Cent Com Railroaded a no on B position without ever giving the yes side a chance to speak. Tom Hudson and Ken Campbell, arguably the two most Conservative activists in Placer County, both former Cent Com Chairs were the leaders of the No on B campaign. You would think that two men with their influence, backed by an official GOP endorsement in a GOP year would have slain Measure B.

They had no back up from the Cent Com. While the local Tea Parties were furious over the “Pay Raise Thing”, they did next to nothing. This could have been the Placer GOP’s chance to shine. Instead, it exposed the ineptitude of the Placer GOP Cent Com.

The one piece of mail that was sent was basically paid for by Tom McClintock. There were some poorly homemade signs about No on B done independently, there was an email from Tom Hudson and a Robo-Call from Tom Hudson and that was the extent of the No on B campaign.

The Placer GOP Central Committee did no phone banking, walked no precincts and donated nothing to or for local elected candidates. Is this what Gaines, Gaines, LaMalfa and Nielsen wanted?

The Central Committee has become so ineffective that the Vice-Chair of the County Party (Mike Holmes)was defeated for re-election to the Auburn City Council!

The leadership of the GOP have a hard choice to make – reconcile with the people they have disagreed with in the past – or continue to #EPICFAIL. It really isn’t that hard.

However, the GOP leadership have an immediate problem on the Placer GOP. They need to get rid of Dennis Revell. He has failed miserably. His record is as follows:

$2k raised in two years. (Outside of McClintock effort for mailer)

Attacking and alienating the best volunteer in Placer County who single-handedly outperformed the entire Central Committee’s Volunteer Effort.

Inability to muster volunteers. The Placer GOP did no phone-banking and no precinct walking at all in 2014 for the local electeds at all.

The Vice Chair of the Central Committee Losing Re-Election for Auburn City Council.

Not a single dollar contributed to a Placer GOP endorsed candidate while the Dem Cent Com handed out nearly $5k.

Measure B passes with 62+% of the vote despite the heroic efforts of Ken Campbell and Tom Hudson.

The above is the definition of failure.

I am not suggesting that I am the solution. I named my kidney stones after Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa for pete’s sake and worked for Beth and Ted’s primary opponents in 2012! Rather, the immediate answer to the Placer GOP’s leadership problem is within its’ own ranks.

With the humiliation of Mike Holmes and Dennis Revell, Tom Hudson and Ken Campbell could be the exact back to the future that the Placer GOP needs.

The last time GOP registration grew was under Ken Campbell’s tenure. He is a donor to all my favorite partisan electeds. Ken Campbell got it done, the GOP needs him back. Tom Hudson would be excellent as a #2. Tom is #2 material all the way with his knowledge of the CRP apparatus, the bevy of by-laws and campaign finance laws.

Ken Campbell is deep within the national ranks of the Tea Party. If anyone could rally the tea party to get off the overpasses and in to donating money and manning phone banks, it is Ken.

It is time to go back to the future. The Placer GOP should never be in a place again when a grotesque waste of money like measure B passes with the GOP powerless to do anything about it.

Nov 122010

John Allard and Scott Yuill should be quaking in their boots now.

Former Lt. Governor Candidate the Reverend Karen England has been promoting the idea of running for Assembly. She has recently been making the rounds at local Tea Party gatherings.

Some in the local movement are skeptical, while others believe all the other candidates are corrupt and those supporting them are liars. (Liars like the staff of Bayside Church and anyone who witnessed the antics of volunteers)

The latter group of Patriots supporting Karen England (some of whom do not claim affiliation with the local Tea Party) will be sure to be on street corners waiving signs.

Karen would bring years of Goodwill in the local community and according to sources is looking seriously at Ken Campbell for her Campaign manager.

The two have been affiliated for years through the Capitol Resource Institute – a group we characterize as a fund-raising organization that routinely hauls in campaign cash from candidates for office. (When you start looking through campaign finance reports, it is hard to draw any other conclusion, especially since the disclosure of said contributions has been forced out in the open and was not willingly disclosed before an anonymous source sent copies off of the State of California’s website.)

Ken Campbell is a former Chairman of the Placer GOP (in case you haven’t been reminded of it by him personally) and has a lot of connections from outside the county.

The Reverend Karen England could certainly out perform the roughly 1300 votes she will end up with in Placer County by the time the counting is certified from the November Lt. Governor election.

Ken Campbell’s Rampage Continues – Trying to “Support” Barbara Alby?

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Oct 152010

Note: Ken Campbell has not walked a precinct, made a phone call or attended a Placer GOP event in about two years. Yet, he is always available when the local media needs comments critical of the local GOP leadership.

Those of you that read the “Flashreport” may have seen this gem from Ken Campbell on a related post to the SD01 Race.

I would not put too much faith in that CRA mail piece and the Ted Gaines endorsement. Roger Niello tells the story that Aaron Park repeated called his office and offered to block that CRA endorsement for $4,000 per month until the election. Aaron Park claimed the Park brothers would be able to do that for the $. Niello said, “NO”.

Evidently Aaron Park then went to Ted Gaines. Steve Davies personally told me they would not pay the Park brothers for an endorsement. I failed to ask Steve if money was funneled to the Parks in any round about manner. Believe me, $ went somewhere. The bottom line is, we all know how things work in this county, and that is why we throw away any recommendations from our local CRA.

Remember there is always Barbara Alby

Steve Davey’s Response: “I don’t know what Ken is talking about. This is nonsense. End of story”

Those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee know Ken Campbell is psychotic and basically could be the subject of a sophisticated psychological manual.

He and his fellow deranged operator – Karen England run a formerly legit organization the, CRI. Karen recently got hammered on this blog for telling an un-Christian Lie and apparently she shared her kool-aid (um Coors) with Mr. Campbell.

Ken talks about his faith in the community and it gets him votes for Central Committee – But Ken’s faith stops at trying to get revenge on anyone and everyone that he “thinks” has wronged him.

Bruce Kranz, Rocky Rockholm, Ted Gaines, John Doolittle, Robert Weygandt, Susan Rohan, Kathy Lund, John Allard, Kirk Uhler (those are the few that come to mind) – Ken hates them all.

But, in person, he’s a coward. Give him a computer and a couple beers and he gains 150lbs.

It has been Ken Campbell’s passion to drive a wedge between the CRA – the most Conservative Group in the Republican Party and the Tea Party. For the last year, Ken Campbell has propegated lies along with the Reverend Karen England (including her “race” for Lt. Governor).

So the man who is on the national board of directors of the Tea Party is still an obsessed coward – So much so that he prostitutes his faith telling a ton of colossal lies in his comment on the flashreport.

Karen England already admitted she lied about the whole deal.

Now Ken ups the ante by saying that Steve Davey confirmed a conversation he says I had with him and also drags Roger Niello in to the fray.

In an Email, Steve Davey wrote: “I don’t know what Ken is talking about. This is nonsense. End of story”

Ken Campbell is a liar and is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and I am sure Barbara Alby would disavow this behavior.

Former Placer GOP Chairman Ken Campbell Endorses Karen England for Lt Governor

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Sep 212010

As posted on the Flashreport – Ken Campbell is supporting the insurgent campaign of Karen England.

The former Chairman of the Placer GOP highlighted that he is a national board member of the Tea Party and threw down the gauntlet to the GOP.

I am still wondering where this fire was when a true conservative (Sam Aanestad) was on the ballot against Abel in the Primary.

England resigned from the California Republican Party and the Rightondailyblog wonders if Ken Campbell is next…

Posted in its’ Entirety – Campbell’s comment on the flashreport:

This is great, go for it Karen.

As a national board member for the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) I have to say this will be a very interesting drill.

The TPP have over 2,700 groups across the United States. Our emails reach 20 million people. We hold tightly to three principles, fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government, and the free market. Certainly by any objective standard Abel fails on each of these three principles, and is in fact hostile to these three principles and to the TPPs.

We look forward to seeing the radio talk show hosts, the Republican leaders and the Republican elected officials who support Able and thereby prove themselves to be hostile to the three TPP principles of fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and the free market. We look forward to helping you join the Mike Castle club.

Every county Republican central committee needs to prove they are not hostile to these three principles. They must immediately meet to confirm they believe in fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government and the free market thereby pulling their endorsement from Abel and endorsing Karen England and these three principles. We really don’t want to see the Mike Castle club grow.

What Mr. Campbell is saying is that he was nowhere to be found when Sam Aanestad was on the ballot against Abel Maldonado and now that Maldonado is the nominee of the GOP, those of us within the party are supposed to revolt and support Karen England?

And of course, the communication is replete with threats as well – all from a national board member of the Tea Party.

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