Sep 242018

Oh Karen, we hardly knew ye…

Chad Mayes, Arnold Squishenegger, John “Triggered” Kasich and their Ilk would be proud. (Maybe not so much over SB1 and High Speed Rail Support but I digress).

Gax Tax / Cap N’Karen Spiegel is starting to look at lot like Sabrina Cervantes these days. Maybe Spiegel has always been a flaming liberal and has been lying about that too?

Did Karen Spiegel forget what she sent her opponent, then Assemblyman Eric Linder???


Is there a tax hike Spiegel didn’t like??? (Hey that rhymes)

All this and Spiegel is a warm and cuddly councilmember that was subject to a recall! Perhaps this is why she wants to build a bridge in to downtown and close down a bunch of businesses while thwarting the process?

OR – you can support Eric Linder whose record in the Assembly is solidly pro-taxpayer and pro-business (even when people aren’t looking).

Sep 202018

Remember Jerry Brown’s Ego-Legacy Train that is now projected to cost over $100 Billion?

Well, when Karen Spiegel thought there was a chance it would come to Corona, she signed up for it!

Note that the Corona Chamber of Commerce (where here Husband served as President recently) is on the bottom of the letter. Still Cozy.

Soooo, we have SB1 the Gas Tax and Car Tax… now we have the High Speed Rail Boondoggle.

The California bullet train project has cost state taxpayers an average $3.1 million a day over the last year — a construction spending rate higher than that for the Bay Bridge, Boston’s Big Dig or any U.S. transportation project in recent history

But still it’s not enough, planners say.

In order to hit its 2033 deadline and $77-billion budget, the California High Speed Rail Authority will have to increase daily spending by up to nine times over the next four years or risk putting the already-delayed system further behind.

Russell Fong, the authority’s chief financial officer, acknowledges the goals will be difficult to achieve.

Whoops. Will she support wasting the money of the Riverside County Taxpayers like this too???

Read the rest of the LA Times article HERE.

It was supposed to cost $33 billion and eventually reach from Sacramento to San Diego. Now, the route connects only San Francisco to Los Angeles, with the completion date pushed back 13 years.

It was perfectly fine to waste billions of tax dollars when the project was coming to Corona, right?

Sep 172018

Note to all reading this. Insurance is my day job. If you have teenagers, jack up your policy limits. When they get in accidents stuff happens, like this story. Only – don’t be like Karen Spiegel, let your insurance carrier work it out.

See the lawsuit related to the accident here. See The Absurd defense offered here.

We all know greaseball personal injury attorneys would name a cat in a lawsuit if they thought the cat had some money. In this case, the nexus for Karen Spiegel, her family and the business getting named in the lawsuit was clear. The title of the car.

The way Karen Spiegel decided to handle the case? Instead of paying the victim for damages incurred, she demanded a jury trial. Then adding insult to injury, Karen spiegel then blamed the victim for the accident. To those of you in Corona, does this pattern sound familiar?

In a bizarre twist in the documents, Speigel also blamed unknown, third parties for causing the accident.

Undaunted, Karen Spiegel also sought to have the lawsuit dismissed, arguing that the plaintiff failed to word her complaint for damages properly. Get it? Legal technicalities like the ones she whines about from the podium in city council meetings.

If that argument didn’t work, spiegel also claimed that she can’t be sued because the statute of limitations had expired. (This was a complete lie at the time, but is in the court documents)

Karen Spiegel then claimed that if the court found against her for damages, any amount should be reduced because the victim injured the plaintiffs in the accident. IF you’ve been watching the videos that local activists are posting of Karen Spiegel who is suddenly having self discovery over a slew of issues, you will realize that the pattern in this lawsuit from 13 years ago is still in effect today!

Karen Spiegel also argues that is she is held responsible for the accident, she shouldn’t have to pay anything because victim was somehow negligent. Karen Speigel also followed up that claim stating if she must pay damages to victim, the amount should be reduced because victim did not try to reduce victim’s expenses or cost incurred due to accident. I wish she would apply that standard to her own mismanagement of the City’s Finances.

Spiegel’s insane defense also asserted that the victim should not receive damages from her because the victim didn’t try harder to have her injuries properly treated. This sounds an awful lot like the County Worker’s Comp System that fights all claims regardless of merit.

Karen Spiegel then claimed that no money is owed to victim because there is no proof that She did anything wrong! Let this sentence sink in. This is a key theme of her supervisor campaign.

It is amazing how a 13 year old lawsuit is still relevant today.

Sep 132018

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Some people were wondering why she had her hand stuck out for the $84.45 Million from the State of California? That money was earmarked for the controversial McKinley Street Overpass that would close down some 30 business in Corona and severely impact 150 others.

An effort to recall Karen Spiegel actually qualified to proceed over her jam down and gamesmanship with the process in approving the McKinley Street Project.

It all makes sense really, they wanted the money. The way to get the money was to do the most expedient project, which was to bridge the tracks rather than tunnel under them. The dirty little secret is that to actually get the money that Sabrina Cervantes and Richard Roth screwed California over for, you have to drop a shovel within 6 years.

Gas Tax Karen says she supports Proposition 6 (the Gas Tax Repeal), yet, here she is signing the letter of support from the City of Corona supporting SB1 (which would be no on 6 to keep SB1 in force). SB1 was the original gas tax that did the following:

Up to a $175 per car registration “fee” hike. (also known as the Car Tax, a regressive tax that hammers the poor)

$.12 per gallon on all of us. (See my above comments about the disproportionate effect on the poor)

$.20 per gallon on diesel AND a 4% sales tax hike on diesel. (This is why it costs more for shipping in CA when you buy stuff on line now)

Gas Tax Karen did not have a thing to say about the fiscal mismanagement at the state level and the budget games that led to re-characterizing gas taxes to circumvent voter passed ballot initiatives to get existing gas taxes to be used properly instead of to pay off democrat voters on welfare.

I hope the overpass was worth it. See for yourself the entire letter of support for raising your taxes here. Otherwise, enjoy the photo snippet. For comparison, Eric Linder never supported SB1, ever.


Sep 072018

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel speaks with forked tongue. She also tells people she disagrees with to “go to hell”. One one hand being abrasive and abusive to political enemies can have its’ upside (See also Donald Trump), however being brusque and abrasive with no real power to back it up can be disastrous.

This is probably why Karen Spiegel was subjected to an attempted Recall. While 95% of Recall efforts fail to make the ballot, and roughly a third of those that do, fail, Recall efforts usually fall in to one of two categories. 1. It is a group of extremists trying to impose their political brand on the municipality or 2. Legitimate outrage from a group of stakeholders that feel marginalized.

In my research on Karen Spiegel, I am of the opinion that she does not play well with others. Witness this article from the Press-Enterprise (that unlike the Sheriff’s Race, actually covers events in Corona):

Though not mentioned in the petition, Morgan said “the straw that broke the camel’s back” involved the city’s plans for a railroad grade separation at McKinley Street. Corona will receive $84.45 million for the project as part of the recently-approved state gas tax increase.

At a June study session, the council agreed to study three options for the project: build a railroad bridge over McKinley, raise McKinley over the railroad or leave it as it is.

Morgan said the council should eliminate raising the road as a choice because several businesses on McKinley would lose their property under that option.

“They’re going to wipe out twenty-something, thirty businesses,” he said.

Wouldn’t a City Council Member try to work with the community to re-locate affected businesses? Have hearings to solicit better ideas?

Of course not – being right and jamming down the project appears to have been the MO. Amazing things happen to people, especially those in office long-term. 

The City Council was supposed to vote on this $100M business destroying project last June 28th, but it was vehemently opposed by over 150 local businesses owners and residents who showed up and spoke in protest to the surprise of the entire city council. So the city council decided to delay the vote and “study it further.”

The city Public Works Director, Nelson Nelson, contacted BNSF Railroad in September and was told of unreasonable BNSF demands for the 2nd option which is elevating the “Railroad Over the Road” which would save local businesses and property from eminent domain and many others from closing, including Shell Gas Station, Chuck-E-Cheese, Self-Made Gym, Food 4 Less and Simply Fresh Markets, because McKinley car traffic would be diverted from the 91 freeway off ramp up to 40′ high, over the rail road tracks and 1/2 mile down to Magnolia Avenue.

So the city has quietly waited from September until the start of the holidays to vote on the only option left, which is to elevate McKinley “Road Over Rail” up to 40′ high for 1/2 mile from the 91 freeway to Magnolia Avenue, hoping people would be too busy to show up and protest.

To throw people off even more and not show up, the city council had set the “Study Session” for the day before Thanksgiving, November 22, at 3:30pm. Then suddenly changes it, at the last minute to the following Tuesday, November 28th at 3:45pm.  Furthermore, the City of Corona City Council is calling it a “Study Session” instead of a “City Council Meeting” so they do not need to notify by law the businesses and residents that a vote will be taking place as per the Corona City Clerk.

Even the Corona Chamber of Commerce is silent on this business destroying bridge matter because the President of the Corona Chamber, Bobby Spiegel, is the husband of Karen Spiegel, who is a Vice-Mayor/City Council Member and sits on the board of the RCTC who allocated the $84.5M for the bridge project after 10 years of planning.

Hmmm. Cozy. Mr. Spiegel is a big-wig in the local Chamber of Commerce? Nice to see Corona is no different than so many other jurisdictions. Based on my research, it looks like Corona is run by a very small group of people, so small in fact that you could fit them in a phone booth.

Nice to see the games being played with hearings. Nice to see the pre-ordained outcome. Freedom appears to be an illusion as Gax Tax Karen Spiegel seems to know better than the rest of us.

Nice to also see the hand out for the Gas-Tax Money. The $84.5MM for the bridge (the total price tag will be over $100MM if it is built) was part of the Price for Richard Roth and Sabrina Cervantes’ vote for SB1, which is on the ballot as Prop 6 due to a taxpayer revolt against it. (vote yes on 6, by the way)

The issues in Corona are pretty straightforward. The issues in Supervisoral District 2 are pretty straightforward: Jurupa Valley nearly filed a municipal BK in the last 10 years, was rumored to be looking an unincorporating, Norco and Corona are suffering from the effects of financial woes and increasing Crime, the 91 Freeway is a nightmare made worse by the decisions of government (the 15 is not much better), local leadership is inbred and new entrants in to the fray are annihilated, and of course the age old debate about development vs NIMBY-ism.

Spiegel is 100% the old guard. She has been on the Corona City Council for two decades and her husband runs the local Chamber of Commerce. They both have significant ownership of the problems in Corona. As such, Spiegel is not qualified to be a supervisor and people should choose Eric Linder instead.

Now we are getting a flavor for Karen Spiegel.

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