Jan 162021

You read that correct.

One of the major issues with the Jessica Patterson Chairwomanship of the CAGOP is that I have determined that many county parties in California are completely collapsed or so moribund they are ineffective. For those of you not aware, Stephen Frank is running for Chairman of the California Republican Party against Jessica Patterson. If it was not clear, I am his campaign manager and thusly am being paid by Mr. Frank. I have been hostile to Mrs. Patterson for several years and those around her so taking a paid position with Mr. Frank was a natural.

What is not natural is 11 County Central Committees with no elected members. An additional 16 have less than 10 elected members, including Merced and Yuba County that had one each. Recently, in one of the biggest absurdities I have ever seen, the Shasta GOP, with three elected members and three Republican Officeholders that get a member as well (total 6) voted 4-2 to elect a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage chair in one of the most conservative counties in California via a 4-2 vote. (All three electeds voted aye) Then they filled the other 18 vacant slots on the Shasta GOP with staffers and donors.

This is how a race for Chairwoman of the CAGOP is made – especially when it has been an express goal of the consultants and control agents to see county parties discarded because they are obsticles to control. Either create fake parties or let them die. 27 out of the 58 countes – nearly 50% have less than half their elected seats filled. I do feel sorry for the two elected members of the Shasta GOP that came out on the receiving end of that 4-2 vote and subsequent 18 member appointment drill. Will the Shasta GOP actually do anything?

Shasta is just the entree for the San Bernardino GOP. Once a purple county, SB is now pretty blue. A long time activist Robert Rego had made it clear months ago he was interested in returning as San Bernardino GOP Chairman. The outgoing Chair, Jan Leja is a liberal Republican former officeholder abandoning California for another state. According to several sources out that way, Leja never told Rego (or anyone else) that she and people who may or may not be a part of the New Majority had recruited another pro-choice, liberal Republican named Phil Cothran to run.

Cothran is a State Farm agent, and a check of his social media shows that he is a 64 year old white guy. (Ironic, given that the people that supported him specifically tell old white guys they are not welcome to run for office) Cothran had the support of the usual suspects, squishes and officeholders who reflexively support the moderate over the Conservative activist.

Robert Rego has been a long time CRA member.

Mr. Rego, according to my inside sources had his votes lined up. Typical of how the country-clubbers, moderates and consultants operate – deals were made under cover of darkness and a surprise attack was launched – even though Jan Leja and others knew Cothran was running for chair months ago. They never gave Rego the courtesy of telling him not to run, etc. They simply went to his supporters and either bullied them or bought them off (at least that is how it looks to me). Enter Bill Postmus: Source data linked here.

Bill Postmus, whose meteoric rise to the apex of San Bernardino County power and politics was unrivaled by that of any other individual in county history, only to be exceeded by the methamphetamine-fueled rapidity of his dramatic plunge into ignominy, has been released from prison, after serving less than nine months of the three year sentence handed down to him in November 2018.

On November 15, 2018 Judge Michael A. Smith had sentenced Postmus in accordance with the judicial discretion set forth in a guilty plea Postmus had entered more than seven years previously, in March 2011, to 14 felony counts and a single drug possession misdemeanor. In the finalization of his conviction, Smith had confirmed four of those 14 felony convictions.

Six of those original felony convictions related to Postmus’s action during the fewer than 26 months he served in the capacity of county assessor. The other eight involved criminal activity perpetrated while he was a member of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, specifically in the final two years when he was on that panel as its chairman.

It appears that Phil Cothran and others enlisted the assistance of Bill Postmus to undermine Robert Rego. I am not sure why a man with only a few years of sobriety, just over two years out of prison after a spectacular fall from grace would be attempting to re-enter public life so soon. I frequently advise alcoholics that I work with (BTW- congrats on your sobriety Bill, I have over 18 years myself) to stay out of public life for several years until they have resolved issues and picked up the pieces.

That chapter of the scandal occurred while Postmus was not merely the chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors but also while he was the chairman of the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee.

Postmus’s position at the head of county government in his capacity as chairman of the board of supervisors and his image as a rockribbed pro-law enforcement Christian and family values-oriented conservative Republican put him into a position in which he was vulnerable to blackmail, given his closeted homosexuality and what was at first his casual recreational and then later around-the-clock compulsive use of methamphetamine. A number of entities with business before the county board of supervisors exploited their knowledge of his proclivities to extort him into supporting them or their companies, unions, projects or proposals with his votes as supervisor.

Besides being a reputed liberal and not understanding Republican Values, Phil Cothran has demonstrated a fatal lack of judgement enlisting this guy to be his hatchet man. I also question the rehabilitation of Bill Postmus as he was strong-arming central committee members. Postmus was literally telling people that no one in the local business community would donate to the San Bernardino GOP if Robert Rego was elected chairman. The implication was that Postmus would see to it. There is not a lot of recovery, 12-steps or Christianity in that behavior at all – it seems to resemble his days in public office as if he learned nothing from ending up in prison.

Worse, others who had received some of the ($57K was a specific number I was told, the actual may be different) money that Phil Cothran spread around in the last few years to candidatates were told in so many words they were expected to reciprocate. Where did Phil Cothran who is reputed to be a man of average to above average means get that kind of money to donate and did he donate that money specifically to feather his own nest? So, does Cothran actually care about building the SBGOP or himself? What is in this whole deal for Bill Postmus as well?

Bonus – they also appointed 9 members (all establishment people) to the SBGOP BEFORE By-Laws were adopted. This is a violation of state election law, but such shenanigans are quite common. This was done of course to run up the score against Mr. Rego. This is Phil Cothran’s SBGOP and we will be keeping close track of everything he does as it is clear there is more to this than just taking over a county party and fealty to her majesty the Chairwoman.

This is how it works in the establishment. The Shasta and San Bernardino GOP stories should serve as examples of what the consultants in Sacramento are doing to protect their multi-million dollar CAGOP Contracts. This sort of abhorrent behavior is also what gave birth to President Trump (who most of these people opposed long before the DC riots as well).

Your intrepid blogger is also aware of many more stories of what the establishment is doing in order to rig the Chairman’s election coming up in a little over a month. We are going to tell them all, because win or lose it is part of my job to make sure people know what is being done to them and just what happens under cover of darkness.

The conclusion of this is that it is obvious that Steve Frank is competitive (aka he is a threat) as they seem to be taking several risks with what they are doing.

Jan 122021

Blogger’s Note: These are not solicited and are coming in on the natural. In this case I can tell you it is from someone in Yolo County but was asked to redact the name of the author.

Dear Patriots

My Grassroots team from the Bay Area had a zoom call sat evening.
We are extremely disappointed in the CAGOP leadership, more like, lack of leadership. We have 6 action steps. We are working on 1 & 2 now. We meet in 2 weeks to assess progress.
#1. Work on obtaining signatures for the Newsom recall. He & his tyranny must go.
#2 we must call every Senate & House Republican & tell them we’ve had enough of their inept leadership that did not support the Constitution.
The election was fraudulently executed by unconstitutional actions.
The States were the Legislators did not implement proper voting changes & procedures should have been sent back to those states. The Governors, the courts & bureaucrats cheated their states & the American People of a Free & Fair Election.
The Rule of Law & Our Constitution has been violated.
Where to go from here is to continue to grow the Rural Alliance & incorporate all grassroots teams to counter the GOP establishment.
We think we should have The Trump Caucus. If we cannot turn the GOP around, there is talk of “‘A 1776 Party” or “The American Patriots Party”.  That didn’t work well for Ross Perot.
In my personal opinion, it was President Trump that brought new energy to the GOP The Rhinos repaid the win with Ryan & failed healthcare.   These Rhinos have no grit to counter the Destructive Democratic Party. They are weak. They fought against the Trump Presidency for 4 years. This party has proven to be inept.
President Trump’s policies are good for America. We must advance America First Policies. He repeatedly asked for the Repeal of section 230 for Big Tech. The GOP seems to lack common sense strategies to counter the Democratic Party.
My disappointment in the outcome of this election and the lack of Our Republican Leadership to support Our Constitution has illuminated the disregard for the Rule of Law. The fallout is Conservative censorship & a two tiered justice system.
We watched a summer of protesters, which destroyed businesses & cities to the cost of 2 billion dollars. The breach of the Capitol was wrong. All of the above is wrong. Where is prosecuting to the full extent of the law for BLM & Antifa?
We watched our Senators & Congressmen cowering & afraid. Were not those living in those Democratic cities afraid, day after day, watching their businesses & cities burn during the summer of. “PeacefulProtesters.”
Our Representatives in Congress are out of touch from the every day life of the people they represent.
We now must counter the Biden Administration, The censorship of conservatives from The Media & Big Tech and the Establishment GOP.
It is unfortunate that we do not have President Trump to lead us in this monumental task.  Quite frankly, I wonder if we have lost America.  It is not in our American DNA to stand down. My question remains, are there enough of us to take back what will be lost from a Biden Administration?
Just one Patriotic Woman’s opinion.
(((Name Redacted)))


Jan 072021

The Bay Area GOP is a front group controlled by Luis Buhler. Buhler at one point was a powerful player in the CAGOP, then the money behind him dried up. That said, he is still an embedded piece of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. His talking points are always in sync with the establishment. Below is his email with fact checks from your intrepid blogger in italics.

Jessica Patterson for CAGOP Chairwoman
Jessica Patterson has delivered the best results the California Republican Party has seen in decades. She deserves re-election as Chairwoman of the California GOP. She has failed as chair of the CAGOP. 
The results speak for themselves. Under Jessica’s leadership the California GOP:
  • Flipped four Congressional seats from Democrat to Republican Fact Check: We lost 7 the previous cycle and are still 3 behind + She refused to allow the CAGOP to consider an endorsement of CA25 Congressman Mike Garcia. More below.
  • Reclaimed an additional GOP assembly seat. Fact Check: This seat was a fluke of Prop 14, 5 democrats filed and split the vote perfectly for the two Republicans to make the runoff. The CAGOP did next to nothing in AD38. Claiming Jessica Patterson helped facilitate this is a lie.
  • Raised $37.5 million to fund GOP candidates and our party Fact Check: This money was raised by outside interests and passed through the party. Suggesting that Jessica Patterson raised this money herself is either an outright lie or a grotesque exaggeration.
  • Helped register over 600,000 California Republicans Fact Check: This is also a lie, the CAGOP had no active voter registration program and the democrats registered 1,800,000+ voters at the same time, a net loss of 1,200,000.
  • Implemented new Get-Out-The-Vote tactics to level the playing field with Democrats Fact Check. Patterson falsely claimed to have recruited 37,500 volunteers. Only one county your intrepid blogger knows of got their list. The CAGOP also had no active volunteer recruitment program. 
  • Defeated Democrat Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra in court when they tried to prevent the CAGOP from implementing their GOTV program
  • Delivered on the most important priorities for President Trump and the Republican National Committee. Fact Check: She protected 4 delegates to the CAGOP actively campaigning for Joe Biden. 
  • Brought us a step closer to defeating Nancy Pelosi and making Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House Fact Check – confirmation of who her master really is.
  • Rallied the GOP to stop the Democrat split roll tax increase Fact Check How?
CCR, SPARC & Other Chapters Virtual Meeting Featuring Rep. Mike Garcia and Jessica Patterson
Monday, January 18, 2021 / 6:30 pm
Online, Via Zoom
The California Congress of Republicans, in partnership with SPARC, Villages Club, Central Coast and East Valley Chapters, will host a virtual meeting featuring Republican Congressman Mike Garcia and CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson. With four flipped seats accomplished in the November election, Patterson is ready to take that momentum to gain more seats in the House of Representatives in 2022. Come to hear Representative Garcia and Chairwoman Patterson discuss their plans for 2021 and beyond.
Fact Check: This meeting is being done in an attempt to shunt criticism of Jessica Patterson for ignoring the LAGOP and the Ventura GOP in the 2019-2020 primary when she refused to schedule a vote for the State Party despite 100% of the local parties endorsing Mike Garcia. Note that Kevin McCarthy was supporting Steve Knight and she refused to stand up for the local parties, instead asceeding to her benefactor. 
RSVP: Learn more and register for this free briefing at this link.
Former East Bay Assemblywoman Catharine B. Baker has been appointed to serve on the Fair Political Practices Commission, California’s election watchdog. She will be sworn in at the Commission’s next meeting on January 21.
Fact Check: Having a Republican like Catharine Baker on the FPPC is like asking Jack the Ripper to baby sit. State Law mandates two Republicans on the FPPC’s board, so the Republicans chosen are usually the most liberal and hostile to rank and file Republicans. Baker is no different. The FPPC is the campaign finance watchdog.
Baker, who served in the Assembly from 2014 to 2018, will serve a four-year term on the Commission. Baker has practiced election law and served as special counsel at the firm Hoge Fenton. She currently resides in Alameda County.    . . .  read more
GOP Senate Majority Hinges on Georgia Races
A Republican majority in the U.S. Senate depends on victory in at least one of the two Georgia Senate elections scheduled for Tuesday, January 5, 2021.
You can support both GOP candidates and the National Republican Senatorial Committee by contributing via the link below. Please be aware that many organizations are mentioning the Georgia runoff in their fundraising appeals but are not directly assisting in these races.
You can also sign up to make calls to Georgia voters by clicking on the Volunteer Sign Up button below.
January Events
See Details on BayAreaGOP Home Page
Tue 5 – Georgia U.S. Senate Run-Off
Wed 6 – Congress Meets to Count the Electoral Votes
Wed 6 – CAGOP Training for Newly Elected Public Officials: You’ve Been Elected. Now What? Fact Check: Because the CAGOP isn’t going to do a thing for you anyway… (except for pass-through donations the chair will take credit for that is…)
Fri 8 – SVARW Friday Forum
Tue 12 – Liberty Forum Presents Professor Richard A. Epstein on Coping with COVID
Wed 13 – Mt Diablo Republican Club Presents: Ron Trowbridge, Ph.D. on California Resurgence FACT CHECK: Steve Frank is also speaking to this meeting, note how Buhler deleted him from the list. What else would you expect after at least 8 lies and distortions in the above portion of this email? 
Fri 15 – The Hoover Institute Presents: China’s Global Sharp Power – Xi Jinping’s Himalayan Overreach
Mon 18 – CCR, SPARC & Other Chapters Virtual Meeting Featuring Rep. Mike Garcia and Jessica Patterson
Wed 27 – Marin Republican Women Federated Presents: Andrea Widburg on What Do We Need To Do Now?
View the Complete BayAreaGOP Upcoming Events List
Save the Date
Wed Feb 17 – CCR, SPARC & Other Chapters Virtual Meeting Featuring Prof. Michael McConnell on What’s Next for the Supreme Court
View the Complete BayAreaGOP Upcoming Events List
Jan 052021
Blogger’s Note: This decimates the narrative being put out by the re-election campaign of Jessica Patterson. She is attempting to get people to selectively focus on just a few things while ignoring the brutal reality. It is an important read.

[email protected]
(805) 795-1271
Tom Campbell: Republicans Shouldn’t Pretend California Is Experiencing A GOP Resurgence
Sadly some who consider themselves leaderstry to take credit for things they did not do or were actually opposed to. For instance: the Los Angeles Times ran thisheadline, “Column: Theleader of California’s Republican Party has a strategy for success: Nevermention Trump”, on March 2, 2019.

The good news is that the winning California congressional candidates ignored her, as they openly endorsed President Trump and won.

While telling candidates to ignore Trump, she was protecting the founders of the Lincoln Project who are delegates to the California Republican Party.  She opposed the mention of Trump, but by her silence and inaction, supported the several CRP delegates that openly supported Joe Biden.

Just like the L.A. Times story from last week, showing how strategy and policy won these races, Congressman Tom Campbell shows the unique situation where the DEMOCRATS hurt themselves by putting Prop. 16 on the ballot, assured GOP victories.

There are several important statements in this article. It shows that Jessica Patterson is trying to take credit for something she had nothing to do with. The most egregious example is Jessica taking credit for 624,000 Republican registrations while Chair—without noting that she had NO voter registration program for two years and the registrations came from the DMV “Motor Voter” program.

Here are some key statements from the OC Register article by former Congressman Tom Campbell:

  1. One of the congressional races was in the Central Valley, where Republican David Valadao won back the seat he lost to TJ Cox in the Democratic landslide of 2018. Both elections were decided by less than a point. A fair interpretation of that outcome would be that the heavily Hispanic district based on an agricultural economy remains a toss-up. The 2018 election went Democratic by 962 votes; the 2020 election went Republican by 1,522 votes. This race hardly indicates a broader rebound for the GOP in California.
  2. Neither do the other Republican Congressional pick-ups provide evidence of a Republican resurgence. In Orange County, incumbent, first-term Democratic congressmembers lost when they were running against Asian American Republicans, but won otherwise. The Asian American vote was particularly energized by the presence of Proposition 16 on the ballot which threatened to give the University of California the power to admit or deny admission to students based on their race. Asian Americans are 15 percent of California’s population but 36 percent of UC admissions. Every other major ethnic group’s representation at UC is lower than its statewide population. It was obvious to the Asian American population that Prop. 16 was a direct threat to their children’s opportunity to go to a UC campus.
  3. Properly understood, therefore, the outcome of the congressional elections in Orange County was not an endorsement of the Republican Party, but an artifact of the landslide rejection of Proposition 16.
  4. In contests for the State Legislature, Democrats gained two state Senate seats while losing one Assembly seat. This is hardly an argument that the GOP is surging in California. The Democrats grew their control of the California Senate from 72.5 percent to 77.5 percent, while accepting a slight drop from 76.25 percent of the Assembly to 75 percent.
  5.  If Republicans consider that outcome in the California Legislature a victory, they are engaged in massive self-deception.

I’ve talked for years about how we need to accept where we are as a Party. The “Back to Basics” approach is quite literally accepting where we are, figuring out why we are where we are, and doing something about it. Celebrating re-taking 4 of 7 lost seats in Congress, a fluke of Prop 16 in the Assembly, while ignoring a net loss  in the legislature is not an honest assessment of where the CAGOP really is. We won’t survive doing the same exact thing again from 2021-2022.

The pillars of my campaign for Chairman of the CAGOP are simple, rebuild county parties, register voters and focus on getting them to the polls. As of right now, I am aware of 17 County Parties with 6 or less elected members. When combined with a net loss of 1,200,000 voters, should set off alarm bells in every like-minded activist for the Republican Party.

For years, we have been told to focus only on things that pay people’s salaries to the detriment of the fundamentals of party building. This needs to stop, otherwise Tom Campbell’s piece in 2022 will say the same thing all over again with even smaller numbers in all areas of state government.

I am providing answers and solutions for the CAGOP, this is why I am running for CAGOP Chairman. Steve Frank, candidate for California Republican Party Chair.

Steve Frank
Candidate, Chair of the California Republican Party

To support me, go to www.frank4leadership.com.

Dec 292020

I don’t like the CAGOP’s setup. I never have. As I am peeling the layers back, I truly understand why it is small, insular and dying. The handful of people getting rich off of it want it that way. The candidates change but the control agents stay the same. This is why the expose’ on Meridian Pacific is critical to understanding how intracate the web is. The same people pop up in every PAC / Group related to the control structure.

Groups like CRA, CYRF, etc that are not controlled by them are shunned or sued or both. (Remember the CRA getting sued? The CR/YRF Suits?)

If you are a candidate for office – you have two choices, spend a ton of your own money to be a speedbump in the legislature (Only 19 Rep in Assembly, 9 in Senate out of 80/40). Option 2, you have to play the game:

All three have endorsed Jessica to protect the status quo so they can continue to rely on the pass-through dollars from the CAGOP. Jessica and crew will have a hard time convincing me that she raised the above money – she did not, this is “Third House” money sent to the party to be pumped in to campaigns. Note that I saw money to Tom Lackey, Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh and others in smaller amounts. It looked like the party dumped about $500K in to Choi and Chen – both of whom endorsed Jessica Patterson.

Do note though, that the CAGOP ran out of unrestricted candidate dollars about a month before the election day. They had little bits here and there after the well ran dry, but they must think that Steve Frank would do worse than running out of money in early october. I am not sure how you do worse than running dry even with the establishment helping you.

Meridian Pacific is also the consultant for Jordan Cunningham – who is an open trump hater – and just how is that not a conflict of interest? Note that Meridian Pacific is also running Jessica Patterson’s Chairwoman campaign. They are also all over the reports of the California Republican Party for millions worth of pass-through expenditures on ballot measures. They are also all over the New Majority PAC Reports – along with $40,000 worth of New Majority money sent to Jessica Patterson. How is this not a conflict of interest? How is this ethical? And how could anyone prove that the $40K was not GOP donor money passed through various accounts to Jessica Patterson’s Chair Campaign? Where is the oversight? Was there a vote on any of this stuff? Is there an audit?

The purpose of this exercise is for you, the reader to understand what is being done under the veil of secrecy. It is also so that you can understand why even the most conservative of member are brought to heel by the establishment. The CAGOP’s bylaws are written to sustain this system and the players involved assert control in order to keep their people in place to continue the flow of money and contracts regardless of how badly the CAGOP is getting shellacked at the ballot box.

I don’t really blame the electeds that are getting money out of this rigged operation for doing their duty to sustain it. They sign up for this and ascede to it of their own free will.

This is why no one cares about 1.8 Million democrats registered to vote in the same period as the Chairwoman brags about 624,000 GOP registrations neither she nor these people had a thing to do with. They will use whatever means – including a deceptive approach regarding voter registation (which is a net 1.2 million loss disaster) to keep people in the dark long enough to keep the money flowing.

10 Dead Central Committees (and counting)

2 Assembly Seats Lost due to defection (Why not, the Dems have more money…)

2 Senate Seats Lost.

Party ran out of “candidate dollars” in early october.

Diane Dixon left in the lerch (got no support yet only lost by 2500 votes), Greg Raths, Bryan Maryott, Buzz Patterson, Tamika Hamilton – all competitive and ignored.

Then take a look at the campaign finances of the winners in Congress – that was national money – and had little to do with these guys. Ironically, congressman Mike Garcia was dissed by the Chairwoman in the Primary despite having the local endorsements of 100% of CA25. Why? Kevin McCarthy was supporting another candiadate, so Jessica Patterson refused to honor the will of the rank and file party asceding to her top benefactor.

It is our party, not this group’s party. Let’s take it back.