Jan 172019

Blogger’s Note: Regarding Emails, Text Messages, etc. There is a guaranteed way to know I wrote it – I signed my name to it. There is also a guaranteed way to know I did not write something, it is not signed by me.

While digging for information, your intrepid blogger stumbled upon this article: WHY CALIFORNIA REPUBLICANS ARE PAYING KEVIN MCCARTHY’S WIFE. Whoops. It looks like Mrs. McCarthy is a fundraiser that receives a commission for donations she arranges via her Husband to the CAGOP. Kevin McCarthy appears to be paying his wife with 10-15% of the money he raises for the CAGOP. 

There have been similar problems – such as Patricia / Buck McKeon, David Stafford Reade (who is managing Patterson’s campaign for CAGOP Chair) being a fundraiser and State-Paid Chief of Staff for Doug LaMalfa and later Jim Nielsen. While none of this is illegal – what a conflict of interest it poses! David Reade for example was accused of taking kickbacks and peddling influence many times in the North State and for good reason (though it appears Mr. Reade was right on the line not over it). The small, insular universe is not healthy – the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is living in the grey zone seeing what they can get away with. (I base this statement on 20+ years of first-hand experience seeing what has gone on)

What happens when the unaccountable power brokers in the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure face challenges to their empire? Then the line between legal and illegal activity gets obliterated.

While I have disclaimed several posts saying I do not know Mrs. Patterson, and have several friends that speak highly of her, the cadre of folks around her should give people pause as should the circumstances. 

The face of Controlled Failure

Witness 2011 – a front page article featuring then Senator Doug LaMalfa and Senator Ted Gaines accusing now CRA President Tom Hudson of money laundering. Hudson and others had the audacity to tell the powers that be no when they came calling on the Placer GOP to stop endorsing candidates. It was also retaliation from a war within CRA fought earlier in the year where a series of fraudulent chapters created by David Stafford Reade (and other operatives) were caught and dismantled before they could send delegates to control the outcome of the CRA’s officer elections. 

There are people to this day that believe the FBI is and was investigating Tom Hudson, Myself, my brother and others. David Reade and Mark Spannagel were actually quoted in the Redding Record Searchlight confirming there was an FBI Investigation! 

“If that’s the way they want to go, that’s the way they want to go,” he said. He pointed out members of the Placer County Republican Central Committee, including Park, are under investigation by the FBI and state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Reade said he’d also make note of the ongoing investigations.

“The once venerable California Republican Assembly has fallen into disrepute under the current rogue leadership,” he said. “They’ve lost any legitimacy as an organization, and it’s sad.”

It has been 8 years. No one from the FBI has called or visited me. Yet, some idiots out there still believe it. The power of a smear. I have to wonder if similar tactics are being employed (or are going to be employed) in 2019. 

It has been put to me by several people that delegates are indeed being pressured, maybe even crossing the line in to implied threats. This, if true, would be a continuation of the events of the past and should be repudiated.

Luis Buhler arranged for an expenditure of $100,000 in the 2012 Placer GOP Central Committee election targeting all of us accused by Reade of being investigated by the FBI for elimination from the Placer GOP Central Committee. The smears were a central part of that campaign. To this day Luis Buhler brags to insiders about that. The independent expenditure was funded by Charles Munger. 

For those of you with heritage in the CRA, the YRFC or the CYR pre CYRF merger… you might remember when Kevin McCarthy pulled out all the stops to try and stop the merger of the CYRF. 

Ken Mettler, a long-time thorn in the side of the McCarthy machine, while President of the CRA showed those of us on the CRA Board at the time evidence his computer was hacked by someone he identified as Zach Scrivner. Anyone on the CRA’s board of directors at the time will remember this. It appears that several years later the investigation was halted or no charges were filed. It should be noted that the Kern County DA is in the orbit of McCarthy as the current and past DA’s were supported by him. When Mettler showed us that stuff, we remembered wondering if McCarthy’s crew had been reading our own email in real time.

Scrivner is a former council member in Bakersfield and now is a County Supervisor. Scrivner has a bit of a record of his own. These are the kind of people Mr. McCarthy has available to deal with political enemies.

Remember the 5-year legal battle over the Merger of the CYRF? McCarthy controlled the CYR’s and the Conservatives controlled the YRFC. Both organizations were small and struggling. They wanted to merge. McCarthy did not want that to happen. Enter Zach Scrivner again, it is alleged that he was using access to various people’s email accounts to smear leaders in the merger.

Some of the allegations being spread via emails included accusing 22 year old women of being whores, sluts and the like. Any of us that were in the CAGOP remember this drama. Some people still quote the smears to this day. 

It is also common knowledge that when the CAGOP rules committee had approved the merger of the YRFC and the CYR that Kevin McCarthy is alleged to have called then CAGOP Chairman Ron Nehring and threatened to pull all of his funding and support for the party. 

Subsequently, a second meeting of the rules committee was called. Most all of the members of the committee boycotted it. So new members including Luis Buhler (remember that name?) were appointed who did the bidding of Kevin McCarthy. 

After the outrage ensued, at the subsequent convention the Merger was ratified on the floor and a few years later the 5 year legal drama was resolved.

Why did all of this happen? Kevin McCarthy wanted control. David Reade wanted Control. It did not matter who got smeared or whose reputation got destroyed in the process. It did not matter if CAGOP Volunteer Clubs got destroyed in the process. 

Reade is Jessica Patterson’s campaign manager and Kevin McCarthy is her primary funding source. While past political fights are no guarantee of future issues – anyone with life experience knows that you judge the future by the existing pattern.

Can you trust Jessica Patterson to rebuild the CAGOP given the patterns of those around her? Can you trust her to rebuild the CAGOP given what she herself has participated in as a paid operative? Can you trust her to be independent and act out of the best interests of all of us? Can you contest the assertions your intrepid blogger is making that the oligarchy of controlled failure is making a play to keep control of the CAGOP with Jessica as the figurehead leader of the party? 

Frankly, given that I have personally lived through the wrath of some of the people around her I am concerned that empowering these people will lead to many others experiencing the same. It could be anyone from their crew running for CAGOP Chairman, these criticisms and questions are not unique to Jessica Patterson. They are however very pertinent to the whole Oligarchy of Controlled Failure from whence she comes.

For those of you out there that are equally as worried, I get it as not everyone has a blog that got 2.2 Million hits in 2018 to defend themselves with. Remember, the vote for Party Officers is indeed a secret ballot.

I got a better idea, instead of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure How about electing Travis Allen instead? None of the people featured in the last three posts control or have influence over him. Perhaps this is why they are pulling out all the stops… to be continued.

Jan 152019

Your intrepid blogger was introduced to the CAGOP in 1997, by a former officer in the CRA and a former Placer County GOP Chairman Jeff Atteberry. I have 21 years and counting of knowledge and experience. What I am writing, I believe to be true and I have a lot of evidence to back it up as well. Thank you for reading and sharing these blogs. Knowledge is power and the more you know – the more powerful you will be. 

Most people refer to the insider game as the Swamp. I call it the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. The failures have been legion, but they are in control.

Jessica Patterson’s Place of Employment

Once again, I’d like to disclaim this and other posts by saying I am not accusing any of the players involved of illegal activity. What I am saying however is that the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that has controlled the CAGOP need to be introduced to the CAGOP faithful as many have attempted to hide in the shadows. There needs to be accountability. 

The delegates of the CAGOP need to know who the players are and then decide if they want one of their top operatives to be in charge of the CAGOP. 

Let’s take a look at the California Trailblazers and the New Majority. Since the New Majority is all over the California Trailblazer’s Financial Reports, your intrepid blogger decided to do a little digging for the purpose of finding out some of the connections and how small the insider swamp really is. (At less than 25% statewide registration, how big can it be?)

The California Trailblazers Board of Directors

You may recognize some of the names. I’ve written about a few of them before. I will have more to saw in some future posts. Let’s look at some high points:

Jeff Randle and Lydia Beebe both were in the Pete Wilson administration. Randle was there when Pete Wilson recruited primary opponents for Conservative Republican incumbents who would not vote for his tax increases. Jeff Randle ran some of those campaigns. Randle also ran Meg Whitman’s $150 Million trainwreck in 2010 – he employed Jessica Patterson then as he does now as the CEO of Trailblazers. 

Mario Rodriguez was on Jessica Patterson’s announcement email as some sort of volunteer leader, but here he is on the board of directors of her employer. I know Mario, he is a good dude, but the deception in the announcement email was unnecessary.

George Andrews is a good man and a paid political operative. He works for the Assembly GOP Caucus. He is another operative that makes his living from the system.

Howard Hakes is the connection between the New Majority and the Trailblazers. I’ve met him once and he acted like I was not in the room. Apparently this is not an uncommon occurrence as Mr. Hakes did not acknowledge my attempt to shake his hand after someone introduced us. (The Introducer was also not surprised by this at all) Mr. Hakes is reputedly wealthy and based on my experience chooses to associate only with those of like means. 

David (Stafford) Reade has been the subject of many posts on the Right on Daily Blog. He is the Chief of Staff for Senator Jim Nielsen and has a long storied history as a paid operative. He earns a 6-figure salary from the taxpayers while earning at least that much more for his side work. Reade’s work alongside Jessica Patterson will be and has been the subject of several posts on RightonDaily – stay tuned.

And here is the New Majority – click the photo to see it more clearly

You will notice that Andy Garakhani is on the list. He is paid by the New Majority. He is also a key kingmaker in the LAGOP. I have worked with Mr. Garakhani on a few things over the years. Andy has one of my favorite nicknames of all time Andy “Gimmecandy”. Again, Garakhani as a paid operative and his role in leadership and influencing outcomes in LAGOP events can not be understated. 

Note the Political Director of the New Majority – Tom Ross. Ross is a polite, professional man. He is also a liberal Republican and can be found on the wrong side of almost every issue within the CAGOP politically. Ross as a board member of the CAGOP did indeed abstain when the CAGOP board considered calling on Chad Mayes to resign. This underscores that Mr. Ross, (while deep in the swamp) has professional integrity. 

Ross is a Partner with Matt Rexroad and former SLO GOP Chairman John Peschong (that’s right, a one-time County Party Chairman was a paid consultant while serving as a county chairman) in the Political Consulting firm Meridian Pacific. All are liberal Republicans (IMO). Ross’ firm was one of the leads in attempting to communicate Chad Mayes’ talking points for the Cap and Trade debacle. 

The purpose of this exercise is to show you the small world of insiders and the inter-connectivity of their lives. The fact that I have been in CAGOP circles and barely know some of these people (who have been around as long as I have or longer) should underscore that there are two worlds within the CAGOP.

There is the “Consultant World” also referred to the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure on this blog. This is the small group of players – some of whom are referenced above – the are attempting to wield the levers of power to keep their people in positions of authority and control within the CAGOP.

Then there is the world for the rest of us. There is a healthy reason for my cynicism. The brutal reality for party faithful is that it is an illusion that the ordinary grassroots are valued much less allowed to have a say in matters. 

Kevin McCarthy may well be able to rig the results of the Chairman’s election for his preferred candidate Jessica Patterson. However, in the process of this it is time for the rest of us to learn who the crew are and what they are doing – to be continued –

P.S. BONUS: Many (but not all) of the above players were staunch opponents of President Trump despite their current attempts to re-write history. 

Jan 132019

When you got Jessica Patterson’s announcement, the intention was to inspire a reaction of all the endorsements leading you to believe she is a near-lock to win. (Uh, no… basic math shows that is untrue)

Others asked me how some conservative stalwarts like Senator Shannon Grove could be on the list. It is simple – Grove is from Kern County. You can’t run for anything in Kern County without the blessing of Kevin McCarthy. In the case of Grove, her Chief of Staff is Kathy Abernathy, wife of the Late Mark Abernathy who ran all of Kevin McCarthy’s election campaigns.

As you read RightonDaily.com you will learn that EVERYONE has entanglements and the oligarchy of controlled failure is very small. Knowledge is power and I intend to lay out 21 years of experience educating those of you that care about restoring the power of the “little guy” about what and who you are up against. 


Jessica Patterson touts her work with California Trailblazers as one of her primary qualifications to be elected Chair of the CAGOP. A quick trip to the website reveals the power behind Trailblazers. 

A check of the California Secretary of State’s Website reveals a list of donors. You will recognize the names of several people endorsing Jessica Patterson. You will also recognize the names of Chevron, the Dental Pac, the Realtor’s Pac, PG&E, SOCAL Edison and others – all have funded independent expenditures attacking Conservatives in favor of moderates that are willing to “cut deals” on things like Cap and Trade or massive tax hikes.

Vincent Fong, Shannon Grove, Jim Nielsen and Frank Bigelow are clearly displayed on the donor report. Charles T Munger Jr as well. Note that the New Majority is on the Report for well over $50,000 in the 2017-2018 cycle alone. (More on them soon).

While I do not know how large Mrs. Patterson’s salary is, (It appears to be $12,000 a month) what is clear are the donors paying for it. This is not illegal, nor am I accusing anyone of breaking the law – what I am saying however, is that the list of endorsements Mrs. Patterson is touting ring quite hollow as they are all interconnected and beholden to each other. It is not an indicator of independent support. Secondly, there is no way Mrs. Patterson could claim to be independent of any of this – which should concern anyone that wants a CAGOP Chair that will balance grassroots, donors and elections. 

It is quite clear that the swamp is fighting back against the grassroots that have been shoved out of the decision making of the California Republican Party. Jessica Patterson is the ultimate insider. 

Coming up in the next installment – get to know more of the puppet masters trying to control the outcome of the 2019 CAGOP Organizing Convention. 

P.S. Take a look at the 2015-2016 report. The same donors + about $400K from Mr. Munger

Jan 082019

I am going to preface this by saying everything I know about Jessica Patterson as a professional save few exceptions is positive. Many professional political people I know like her on a personal level. I know her only by reputation. 

My Choice for CAGOP Chairman

The key issues we should focus on, is her long pedigree of service to the left of the GOP and her history as a staffer / paid political operative. It is the same criticism someone could level against myself or Steve Frank. While none of the three of us have done anything immoral by doing politics for a paycheck – being a paid political operative brings with it a conflict of interest as it relates to serving in a position of leadership in a political party or organization. While I personally would never work for someone I would not vote for, the natural cynicism of people makes that assertion ring hollow. 

So this is the issue with Jessica Patterson: Who’s Chairman will she be? Since we’ve had a generation of CAGOP Chairs that were too close to the partisan electeds to the exclusion of the Grassroots, it is a fair question.

My knowledge of Jessica Patterson’s political work is extensive.

Jessica Patterson appeared to emerge out of nowhere in 2009, working for Meg Whitman’s ill-fated $150 Million disaster. It is my understanding that before that she was a paid staff of the Ventura GOP and a deputy field director for the Victory 2006 effort. 

After 2010, two liberal Republican Political Consultants, Jeff Randle and Mitch Zak formed California Trailblazers in coordination with Kevin McCarthy, then an ordinary Congressman, but known to have ambitions. McCarthy wanted to clone the “Young Guns” program of the National Congressional Committee in California for Legislative Candidates.

While the circumstances behind Patterson’s Hire to the Executive Director position of the California Trailblazers is the subject of legend, that is the Job she has had since 2011. 

Enter Charles T. Munger, Jr. Similar to a lot of stuff from 2010-2016, Mr. Munger was a primary funding source. While Trailblazers had other institutional donors (called the “Third House”), Mr. Munger was by far and away the primary funder of Trailblazers.

Trailblazers claimed to have no ideological bent – I take them at their word on this as their list of alumni is ideologically diverse. However, at the same time all of the outside money that poured in to Republican legislative races was almost exclusively to the benefit of “Moderate” Republicans. 

While Patterson was executive director for Trailblazers, she also did consulting work for Charles Munger’s “Spirit of Democracy” PAC. They poured millions in to a who’s who of “Moderates”. Heath Flora, Frank Bigelow, Jordan Cunningham, David Hadley, Catherine Baker, Rocky Chavez and others had $1MM+ spent on their behalf over more conservative primary opponents and then their general elections. (note: neither Hadley nor Baker were opposed in their initial primaries) 

In addition – in violation of the so-called support your incumbents rule, Spirit of Democracy attempted to unseat Incumbents Alan Mansoor and Tim Donnelly. This further undermines Jessica Patterson’s ability to claim to be a unifying force. 

Most of these folks were “Cap and Trade” votes.

In my own home area, I had a front row seat to almost $3MM over two races spent attacking Andy Pugno who wrote Proposition 8 – the Traditional Marriage initiative that was overturned by the Supreme Court. While conservatives were being hunted down by the Spirit of Democracy, Jessica Patterson (and others) were on the payroll. 

I personally witnessed as a Delegate to the CAGOP – Patterson involved in two proxy drills to stop attempts to adopt a position in opposition to the Prop 14 “Top Two” Primary system. Both were at the behest of Luis Buhler financed by Mr. Munger’s Largess.

In the 2016 Presidential Primary she was known to be supportive of, and possibly working for Marco Rubio and later John Kasich. Her twitter account has been cleaned of anything pre-dating 6-2017 so it is unclear if she was a “Never-Trumper” similar to many other CAGOP Consultants / Insiders. 

I’d be remiss if I did not mention however that while she was employed to perform Proxy Harvesting for Mr. Buhler / Munger that she also whipped votes to approve the charters of the Log Cabin Republicans AND the California Impact Republicans. Both were controversial and both were opposed by Steve Frank. Both the LCR and CIR owe their existence in part to the delegate drills being run by Patterson. 

I personally have never liked Proxy voting and would like to see it abolished. Jessica Patterson has made an honest living as a paid operative to harvest proxies to give people like Luis Buhler and Kevin McCarthy out-sized influence over the outcomes of CAGOP Conventions. When I was involved in getting the CIR Chartered, we were forced to deal with the “leadership types” as we knew we needed their proxies in order to get our charter. If you disagree with this dynamic, this is a compelling reason to support someone other than Jessica Patterson. 

The California Trailblazers has also failed in its’ mission. The Republican Caucus has fallen from 28-20 in the Assembly and 14-11 in the State Senate. Some of this is the self-centered world of term limits where those in office don’t care about the world around them as long as they have their own seats and the other part is a failure to sell the product. On some level, Mrs. Patterson owns this.  

The choice is clear – Mrs. Patterson has a pedigree of a Liberal Republican Political Operative. She is also a professional political operative, like Steve Frank. Travis Allen is a Conservative and is free of the entanglements. Choose wisely.