Feb 132019

Recently, an anonymous email hit that lambasted several within the GOP for snubbing long-time party stalwarts for delegate appointments.

The crap that is being pulled to rig the outcome of the CAGOP Convention is decimating the remaining ranks of the Party. The Oligarchy of Controlled Failure would rather destroy everything than allow real people to have their voice heard. It is the opinion of this blogger that they would be content to collapse every county party and volunteer organization as it would make the political process easier to control.

REALLY Mr. Flora!? You Couldn’t at least find a Republican to hang a badge on???

As of the writing of this blog – your intrepid blogger has determined that nearly 40%(!) of the CAGOP Delegate Universe are consultants, staff of consultants or legislative/congressional staff. This is not a representative sample of California Republicans. This is a control drive.

As of January 15th 2019, Charles Dossett was a Registered DTS Voter

Heath Flora is the “Republican” assemblymember from AD12. Flora is a #TRAILFAILURES all-star. He also benefitted from over $1.5 Million in independent expenditures directed by Luis Buhler in his favor and attacking Conservative San Joaquin Supervisor Ken Vogel.

Heath Flora is also a cap and trade vote.

Josh Whitfield has been identified as a whip for Jessica Patterson in Stanislaus County. He was employed by Jeff Denham before Denham was defeated for Congress. Josh Whitfield is an appointee of Heath Flora.

Whitfield is reputed to be running the appointment drill in that area (I had thought it was Scott Winn, perhaps Winn is only working San Joaquin County). Enter Luis Vargas. Luis Vargas ran unsuccessfully for SD40 which is in Chula Vista through to Imperial County.

Your intrepid blogger has received 3 concrete rumors, (one firsthand) from Republican Nominees that team Jessica Patterson was offering to help retire their campaign debt in exchange for endorsements. It is the opinion of this blogger that Marla Livengood, a former Richard Pombo Staffer and Lobbyist received such a deal and it appears clear that Luis Vargas was part of this deal as well.

Mr. Vargas appointed three delegates, one from SD39 in San Diego, one from Orange County and Charles Dossett who lives in Stanislaus County. I have solid accounts that Whitfield arranged for that appointment as part of the Jessica Patterson delegate appointment drill.

Add in that Dossett is wanting to run for Jeff Denham’s Congressional Seat and has a close relationship with team Flora. It is also the opinion of this blogger that Dossett is being used as a mule to keep CA-10 warm for Kristen Olsen, who is fresh off of a DUI and needs some time to pass before she can run for Congress without a suspended Driver’s License.

Kristen Olsen is also quite close to Jessica Patterson as we’ve proven on Right on Daily, including $11,000 in payments in 2017 alone. See the web? Flora and Olsen are working together, they attempt to control delegates to the CAGOP to help elect Patterson while trying to set up Olsen’s next run for higher office. It is in both Heath Flora and Kristen Olsen’s interest to get Jessica Patterson elected CAGOP Chairman.

Problem – while screwing over long time loyal Republicans, they appoint this guy

When I was first appointed as a CAGOP delegate in 1998, I had to wait a few months before I could function as a delegate. I first registered to vote in the summer of 1997 and I was told I had to be a Republican for a year.

It appears that someone who may or may not have been Luis Buhler led yet another by-law change to pull that requirement out of CAGOP By-Laws. This means that squishes like Heath Flora could go down to the local IBEW and pluck a few of Mr. Flora’s fellow union members and sign them up as delegates as long as they re-registered that day. Yup, kinda like same-day voter registration.

Dossett was challenged on his registration. It turns out that he submitted a voter registration card with his sign up and dues for the CAGOP. Someone with a complete copy of the Stanislaus County Voter file had Dossett as a DTS as of 1/15/2019.

Once again, we are seeing what the Consultant Class is doing to subjugate the will of real Republican Activists. They are buying off nominees (what it looks like), appointing non-Republicans they can control and are snubbing true party activists in order to control an outcome.

When you couple this with bully tactics and behind the scenes machinations to control outcomes all over the state (as reported constantly for weeks to your intrepid blogger), it is clear that the Consultant Class are content to decimate what little party structure is left as long as they install one of their own as CAGOP Chairman.

Sadly for Jessica Patterson, this is not about her. It is about them and their future ambitions. Where Jessica Patterson has an issue is that she is fine letting them run their rampage as I’ve received nothing to indicate that she has expressed any opposition to what they are doing.


I can only speak of the outright incorrect “rumors” about me in this blog. I can’t speak on the other stuff and theories. I just want to state unequivocally that I have only ever met Mr Dossett once in my entire life and that was most recently at the Modesto Chamber Gala. I spoke with him once on the phone before that. Outside of the 10 delegates that, My Boss, Mr. Flora appoints by virtue of being an elected official, I have had no dealings with delegate appointments. Nor will I in the future for this convention. Personally, the real truth is I am not a big fan of convention. I’d rather be home working on practicable projects as opposed to being mired in the blood-on-blood internal fights of our party. I am whipping for no one, and apart of no whip operation. Currently, I am focused on serving my local community, trying to start a family with my wife, and serving the 12th Assembly District in my role as a district staffer. The only thing here that is correct with regard to me is that I have personally endorsed Jessica Patterson for our next party chair. That endorsement from me is becasue I believe she is only candidate to lead from day one. I’m happy to debate and be told I am wrong on that. I can be reached at (email address) or by phone anytime you ever have questions about what I am doing. Your solid accounts have let you down on this one. Always happy to be transparent and answer any questions any fellow Republican has of me. I am committed to taking the fight to Democrats. I personally have little time or interest to involved in GOP internal swuabbles. Feel free to contact me anytime to get direct answers, directly from me, when it regards me.