Nov 262010

Gina Garbolino is the termed-out past mayor / current councilmember of Roseville. Her protege’ Tim Herman finished Second in the recently concluded City Council race and will succeed her.

My Family and I met Gina Garbolino at the Roseville Chamber of Commerce (as we did Tim Herman) in 1997.

Linda and Gina hit it off and became friends. It was an enduring friendship that survived Mine and George’s foray in to Partisan Republican politics.

I am writing this publicly, but this is what many people in Roseville knew… Gina was a family friend and was and is off-limits. I never took her on for the disagreements I had with her.

Gina Garbolino was always a straight-shooter. She did what she believed was right for Roseville. I watched her for the last eight years and can say that she served with class and integrity.

She endorsed Charlie Brown and donated to Jerry Brown and no one on Roseville’s right seemed to care. It is because Gina knew the art of diplomacy – her door was always open and she has built a ton of community goodwill.

In that stead – Tim Herman won for a lot of the same reasons. My Charge to him would be to parlay the relationships he has built over the years (that got him elected) to build bridges to people (like myself) that are not currently aligned with him.

Tim Herman has promised two things – to be a pro-business vote and to bring Drexel University to Roseville. If Mr. Herman is able to balance his green-streak with a true record of promoting business in Roseville… I’d be impressed.

I view both Gina Garbolino and Tim Herman as liberals. But, at the same time – I believe that Gina served Roseville well and that Roseville will miss her leadership.

I hope I can say the same about Tim Herman in four or eight years.