May 072016

GainesRunnerIt looks like Ted Gaines has recruited George Runner in to his next office shopping bid.

See the fundraiser flyer for Cristi Beckstead-Nelson to the side.

You will note that George Runner is hosting the reception along with Ted Gaines.

For those of you that read this blog that have been unaware of my tracking the carpetbagging and office-shopping of the Gaines, Beth Gaines is running for El Dorado County Supervisor after vetting runs against Kirk Uhler and Roberta MacGlashan.

I have been tracking fundraising reports and have been seeing PAC money flowing in to the TED GAINES FOR BOE 2018 account. Mr. Gaines is not termed out until 2020.

This means that Ted Gaines intends to bail out of the State Senate in 2018. He gets a free pass if he runs for BOE in 2018, so if he loses, he is still in office. If he wins, then the Senate Seat opens up for another Gaines to run on name ID in early 2019 in a special election.

Beth Gaines is NOT serious nor committed to being an El Dorado County Supervisor. She would be a guaranteed candidate for a 2019 State Senate Special Election to succeed her husband (again like in 2011 when Ted jumped in to the Senate and she ran for Assembly).

If you don’t believe me – consider this: I have seen PAC money going in to the Beth Gaines for State Senate 2020 account (that could be used on a 2019 special election). She has 38K in this account and more money still in her Assembly account that can be used for a future run.

I have also seen PAC Money going in to the Ted Gaines for Board of Equalization 2018 Account.

George Runner? He is the incumbent. His appearance with Ted Gaines indicates that he is suggests he is supporting Ted’s run to succeed him. If not – Gaines is pulling another BS visibility drill that he is famous for.

Mean time – Cristi Beckstead-Nelson? Oh yeah, this reception is supposed to be a fundraiser or something.

If you live in El Dorado County you need to straight up ask Beth Gaines if she is going to finish her term if elected El Dorado County Supervisor.

Jun 112013

I’ve heard these rumors for weeks, and now they are coming back from D.C.

I wrote previously about Tony Strickland showing up in Antelope Valley and receiving a “rude greeting” from BofE member George Runner and State Senator Steve Knight. They both told him to go back to CA-26 according to the article in the local Antelope Valley paper.

Well, it appears that Buck McKeon wants Tony Strickland, not Scott Wilk (Or Cameron Smythe) for Congress… according to my sources, so much so that he is going to retire early in order to improve Strickland’s chances of winning in CA-25.

CA-25 is considered a safe Republican District, but Buck McKeon as he has aged has lost his grip on the district somewhat and rumors of “scandal” have been getting louder.

McKeon “only” won by 9.5 points in 2012. I was told to look for McKeon to be out during the summer of 2013, I was told July – but it would not surprise me if he waited a bit later but not too late for the special election to be concurrent if this intel is correct. I personally think a simple retirement (aka not running in 2014) is more likely since McKeon is currently the chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Committee through the end of the 2014 term.

The bizarre dynamic is that this will pit Kevin McCarthy and the GOP establishment against Steve Knight and George Runner – further proof that political alliances are fleeting.

The tie in? In 2012 CA-26, Strickland lost, like every other Republican in a competitive district in California. CA-26 is a marginal district that is currently infested by Julia Brownley. Strickland wants an easier ticket to Washington DC…

… which leaves Assemblymember Jeff Gorrell, a moderate, military veteran who has told insiders that he is running in CA-26 for Congress. When you couple Jeff Gorrell’s insider activity, Strickland’s insider activity with the intel from Washington D.C. you have the complete picture of what is happening. The question is when.

Oh, and the voters of CA-25??? They appear to be an ancillary footnote once again.

CA-25 takes in Antelope Valley (Think Lancaster / Palmdale), Santa Clarita Valley (Think Magic Mountain), part of Chatsworth-Northridge area along the 118 freeway to Simi Valley (which is in Ventura County).

CA-26 is almost completely encased in Ventura County with a bizarre slice of LA County.

Oct 052010

(Why did the Reverend Karen England choose George Runner over Alan Nakanishi and Barbara Alby for Board of Equalization?)

OK. So Karen England hates Barbara Alby, everyone knows that the Reverend Karen England has a long list of political skeletons. But, no one knows Alan Nakanishi (except for those ANNOYING Robo-Calls)…

When called on the carpet for a blatant lie, Karen England claimed her attack against the CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines was to help Barbara Alby and not Roger Niello. But, she admitted to my source that she called Tea Party members with false information, nevertheless.

Are you confused? Does she or doesn’t she support Barbara Alby for anything?

Let me make it clear – Karen got bought by George Runner. Runner didn’t do anything wrong by giving the CRI money – Karen did something wrong by going all-out for George Runner and not telling anyone about the financial interest.

As an aside, when the CRA endorsed George Runner, The Reverend Karen England had nothing to say about the propriety of the CRA endorsement of Runner.

A check of the Runner for Senate 2008 committee shows a check for $5,000 to the Capitol Resource Institute for the SB777 referendum.

Like the current “campaign” for Lt. Governor, the SB777 referendum was nothing more than a fundraising ploy for the CRI.

But – this revelation from the Runner campaign account explains why Karen England would support someone from Los Angeles County to represent Northern California on the Board of Equalization.

P.S. Exodus 23:8: Take no bribes, for a bribe makes you ignore something that you clearly see. A bribe makes even a righteous person twist the truth

Apr 052010

Taxpayer Advocate. Actually, Senator/Taxpayer Advocate.

I should have put Blogger/Taxpayer Advocate on my Central Committee filing.

Well – Tom Harman for Attorney General got the beat-down and George Runner was allowed to keep his designation by a judge.

The Sacramento Bee made a strong case for Damon Dunn for Secretary of State – ripping Debra ACORN-Bowen for her lack of leadership over vapid and absurd ballot designations. There were a rash of lawsuits this year over said titles – thanks to Bowen doing nothing.

The Sacramento Bee – typical of them spent most of the article taking shots at Republicans, including a cheap-shot at “Small Business Owner” Ted Gaines. Gaines is my Assemblyman – who is also an insurance agent.

Sorry, but Gaines’ description is more accurate than Taxpayer Advocate… maybe Jon Coupal of Howard Jarvis could use that or Ted Costa…

The Barbara Alby campaign distributed a press release pointing out the absurdity:

The Sacramento Bee says “politicians are trying to game the system.”   CalNews calls it, “Feeding at the Public Trough.”

It was documented recently that Sen. George Runner developed a scheme to convince the Secretary of State and even a judge that he’s a taxpayer advocate as well as a full-time legislator.  The Sacramento Bee said “California’s secretary of state needs to stop the games by enforcing truth in advertising for how politicians identify themselves on official ballots.”   Maybe they should look at the latest evidence unveiled by CalNews in a piece written by Raoul Lowery Contreras.

Contreras criticized the Runners for “double-dipping,” both accepted per diem for living expenses. The current individual per diem rate is $141.86 per day, tax free if the member lives away from Sacramento.

“Republican California State Senator George Runner (Republican-17th District) and his wife, former elected Assembly woman Sharon Runner double-dipped over $200,000 just between 2005 and 2008 according to the California Assembly Rules Committee and the California State Senate Daily File.”

The Runners “presumably shared the same residence in Sacramento while in session, while they were collecting their tax free $283.72 per day, plus state supplied cars at $500 per month each. While they were collecting their double-dipped per diem payments and car allowances they cashed their salaries of $95,200 (before December, 2009, it was $116,000) each for total annual pay of $190,582.”

“Adding the Runners’ annual pay of $190,582 (it was higher — $232,000 – when Mrs. Runner served in the assembly) and their $283.72 daily “per diem,” Mr. and Mrs. Runner averaged over $300,000 a year between 2005 and 2008.”

Contreras called Runner’s actions of “double-dipping at the Public Trough” and the use of the ballot title taxpayer advocate as “disgraceful and dishonest” and “attempt to fool Republican voters.”

George Runner made himself vulnerable to this attack because he and his wife lived in the same house in Elk Grove and bought a second home in Tahoe during that period of time.

Perhaps married legislators will re-think their household budgets as this sort of boondoggle just looks really bad… especially when you’re on the ballot as a taxpayer advocate.