Nov 212020

If you are new to Right on Daily, you missed our expose on the monster William “Bill” Brough. In just a few days, Brough will finally be out of public office. The lasting damage of Bill Brough to Orange County will play out for years. One such tentacle of the Bill Brough investigation revealed dirty deals in San Clemente and his sudden sell out on development in exchange for campaign cash from the nearly psychotic toll road haters in San Clemente.

In the course of our expose’ we revealed that the City of San Clemente may very well have been violating state law repeatedly. One such violation is when an internal city poll done by the questionable Adam Problosky found its’ way onto a facebook page opposing the toll road in Southern Orange County. Another such violation was the payoffs to Harvey Englander to run a quasi- legal racketeering operation where he was paid by the City of San Clemente to harass, threaten, intimidate and abuse existing legal processes to smear people that were doing their work on the project.

Your intrepid blogger had been told regarding the City of San Clemente: “Englander got paid a lot of money, somewhere around $2 Million” – yet until the City set fire to themselves in a council meeting agenda, there were no public records of the expenditures. “But Harvey Englander appears to have been getting $32,500 a month to file lawsuits, public records requests, oragnize opposition, run facebook pages and other sundry smear campaigns. Don’t take my word for it – the City of San Clemente just admitted as such in their reports. We have only been able to confirm $97,000 to EKA up to this point, now the City of San Clemente in City Meeting Minutes states that EKA was being paid $32,500 a month.”

Hiding polls. Hiding payments to consultants – especially a slime-bag like Harvey Englander (that is what I think of him and read my posts about what he did on behalf of San Clemente and you will agree) seems to be the standard daily operation of City Government in San Clemente.

Another offshoot of the investigation in to William “Bill” Brough was our expose’ on Gene James. We learned that he has had a lifetime pattern of abusing women, abusing the homeless in San Clemente, 11 Liens, 4 Judgements and a Foreclosure. James’ record of legal issues dates back to 1992 according to what we know and may well extend prior. In addition there is/was an investigation in to blatant “stolen valor” campaigning either by James or people supporting him. What made me the angriest was hearing from the women he abused and seeing what he was doing to the homeless people in San Clemente.

Two of the biggest pieces of garbage in Orange County Political History flank a complete failure of a State Senator whose ego is so out of control she refused to acknowledge the evidence against either of these monsters.

Click here for court documents, dates and case numbers detailing Gene James 11 Liens, 4 Judgements, Wage Garnishment and a Foreclosure. <<< and the OCGOP endorsed this guy!

Click here to view a video of two homeless victims of Gene James and others blowing exhaust in to their shelter. They clearly describe the pattern of abuse and harassment by Gene James.

Click here to see Gene James in the middle of a celebration where residents of San Clemente are flipping off, waiving goodbye and otherwise mocking the homeless people that were being moved.

Click here to see yet another video of Gene James harassing homeless people, this is six minutes long and is undeniable.

If you visit the Right on Daily facebook page – there are several videos featuring Gene James. What a terrible look for the OCGOP. The abusive behavior alone would be a black eye, but the lifetime pattern of judgments and liens is even worse. See even more in an expose from one of Gene’s Exes that is backed up with proof and evidence.

So why am I not surprised that San Clemente has paid Adam Problosky again to run a poll regarding a proposed tax increase measure? SC Councilmember Laura Ferguson published the poll. Apparently this enraged the psychotic Kathy Ward and Gene James. Apparently, polls run by the city of San Clemente are supposed to be a secret. As seen in the local SC paper:

The survey, for which the city paid $25,000 to Probolsky Research to conduct this past March, polled 300 of San Clemente’s likely voters, measuring their support on five key policy areas—the city’s Clean Ocean Program, homelessness, marijuana cultivation, transient occupancy taxes and policing.

San Clemente Times was provided a copy of the survey by acting Mayor Laura Ferguson.

Over the coming weeks, SC Times plans to publish a series of articles detailing the results of the survey, with each report focusing on one of the five key policy areas that the survey covered.

Whoops. How dare Laura Ferguson do this!

Well now, Gene James gets to bully another woman, aided and abetted by the moonbat Kathy Ward and their sycophant Chris hamm. they are going to lynch Laura Ferguson at a special council meeting on 11-23-2020!

Ward later referenced Ferguson’s persistent use of her political Facebook page, where she “shares emails from staff,” “disparages city council decisions” and has “consistently eroded the vote of the public’s trust in city governance.”

The move to censure Ferguson comes after she shared with San Clemente Times the findings and results of a city-initiated survey that city management wanted to keep under wraps, citing it as confidential. While not explicitly stated, that action was also perceived to be included in Ward’s accusations.

“You have shared confidential information or documents after briefings where you have been advised the information is confidential, and you have unilaterally shared it, thereby waiving privilege for the council when you have no authority to do so,” Ward said Tuesday night.

“These allegations are numerous, but I believe they will be supported by evidence of actions you have taken in the past two years while on council,” Ward later concluded.

The city is estimated to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on special counsel engagement services with attorney Cristina Talley, who will oversee the conflict during Monday’s proceedings, when Ferguson will have due process in order to plead her case.

Let me translate the psychotic rampage of Kathy Ward: We are smarter than the public and you need to stop telling them how we are wasting their money under the cover of darkness!

And, it gets better, Ferguson will not be allowed to have her attorney defend her at the public lynching scheduled for Monday 11-23. Why am I not surprised that the same city paying Harvey Englander an absurd amount of money to destroy people would string Laura Ferguson out to dry? I mean, they have Gene James on their City Council too.

“I guess I just find this to be very serious if the council wants to do this to me, and it just appears that this is just politically motivated,” she said. “I’m being targeted just because I am so transparent and, again, have not broken any laws, at least to my knowledge.”

When Ferguson asked whether she would be allowed to have her own legal counsel represent her during the meeting, City Attorney Scott Smith explained that while it would be appropriate, her lawyer could only participate as a member of the public would be able to, noting that it’s a council meeting, not a court proceeding.

It looks like the cockroaches of San Clemente are freaking out because Ferguson is exposing their corruption. Similar to how the FBI tried to impeach President Trump to cover up their election meddling, it appears the crazed Ward and the Abusive monster Gene James are following the same pattern in San Clemente. Lovely.

P.S. Gene James – I know you read right on daily, resign now and pray like hell the OCDA does not prosecute you for the things you have done in your life.

Jul 232020

When Right On Daily takes on a case, we do not stop until the target is neutralized or completely eliminated from the political gene pool. The disgusting sexual deviant William “Bill” Brough is one such case. Female victims have continued coming forward, one from High School and another from just a few years ago alleging to your intrepid blogger that Mr. Brough raped them. Brough’s behavior post losing the primary indicates that his mental state is similar to a sociopath, he is right and everyone else is wrong.

Another person I put in that category is San Clemente Councilmember Gene James. Both James and Brough were celebrating the poorly written and legally vacuous Orange County Grand Jury Report. The report said nothing and regurgitated leftist talking points about the toll road. James has a bigger problem – it has been revealed that the City of San Clemente was likely concealing at least $1 Million in payments to Harvey Englander who they hired to slander and harass all the proponents of the Toll Road Extension in Orange County.

Gene James has been divorced a couple times and has had several disastrous relationships. Similar to Bill Brough, James has a trail of destruction left behind him and demonstrates zero empathy or remorse. Like Brough he is incapable of understanding his own failures such as the fact that 10 Tax Liens and 4 lost lawsuit judgements are a problem.

I am not sure how the OC GOP Attracted two Malignant Narcissists (maybe Sociopaths) for candidates, much less elected officials.

Gene James’ lifetime pattern of not paying his bills has caught up to him yet again. It looks like Jim Bieber is suing Gene James (if James loses, this will be lawsuit Judgement number 5 in his lifetime) for not paying his bills, lying about his military service record, libeling/slandering Mr. Bieber and of course attempting to retaliate against Mr. Bieber by trying to blame him for the false advertisements in his successful council campaign. Jim Bieber was a paid political consultant doing work on Gene James’ behalf.

Summary: Gene James claimed to be a decorated military veteran. He is not. It appears that OC DA Todd Spitzer did nothing with the stolen valor complaints. Gene James attempted to blame Jim Bieber and then doubled down with threats and retaliation. This is the classic pattern of a Malignant Narcissist.

Jackson Hinkle was the opponent to James. Hinkle is so far left that he has been arrested at the Washington DC Capitol protesting and he’d be right at home with ANTIFA in Portland. I supported and helped Christina Stetler.

San Clemente is a cesspool. They hire people like Harvey Englander, then their best candidates for City Council are Gene James and Jackson Hinkle.

I hope Jim Bieber nails Gene James to the wall, but Mr. Bieber, if you read this post – don’t ever expect to get paid. Gene James has nothing to his name and lives off of the women in his life. I established that pattern when you were helping him.

Speaking of Malignant Narcissists – another Right on Daily Target Sean Doherty has re-appeared on our radar screen. Doherty was terminated by the Assembly Rules Committee for grotesque misconduct. One female victim detailed to me what I believe to be a sexual assault (the only reason it was not rape was because she was able to get away). I have a major problem with Men like Bill Brough, Gene James and Sean Doherty that have mistreated women and have been enabled to do so by the political process. These three men are scum of the earth. (My opinion based on facts I know about the three)

Sean Doherty has 7 children. He holds himself out as a super-Christian. He is reputed to be charismatic as he worms his way in to people’s lives and then he turns on them once he has gotten what he wants. See also Bill Brough and Gene James. It is the opinion of this blogger based on testimony from a variety of real people known to me that Sean has had a long pattern of abusing people and sexual misconduct.

Doherty now lives in the Texas Panhandle, apparently his wife’s family is from there. Despite his grotesque conduct, he is still married to the same woman he has been unfaithful to.

This an excerpt from a woman Sean Doherty had an affair with (at least I believe her story to be true):

I don’t know that he broke any “laws”.  He didn’t that I’m aware of.  I do know that twice he came to see me and I believe he charged his company for the visit though he did no company business while he was there, that I know of.  (wife) found out that he was with me the 2nd time… she called the hotel and had someone enter the room claiming that he had a [medical condition]…

… She and her sister then sent me an email threatening me to stay away from them and their family or she would tell my employer, my husband and my daughter about the affair.

Malignant Narcissists believe the rules don’t apply to them. I am continuing after Doherty as it is alleged he is still involved in the political process both in Washington DC and in Texas. I’ve been approached by people in Texas about Doherty as well.

Sharpened Iron Studios is the name of Doherty’s latest venture. The name is a play off of a scriptural reference though the person that reached out to me indicated they were doing a movie with heavy pro-lgbt agenda in it.

My actual question is if this venture is real and if Mr. Doherty can get it funded. He is following his pattern of schmoozing and getting himself appointed in to local government / charities according to sources. I was sent an article about his latest venture. He is working with the local college in Amarillo Texas and the Economic Development Council there.

“AEDC would provide Sharpened Iron Studios with $500,000, in up front money after the construction of the studio,” he said. “And that is based on a per job incentive of $12,500, for 40 jobs that will have an average base salary of $50,000 or more. They would provide those jobs for five years, so there would be some type of provision where personal guarantees would be signed in the Location Incentive Agreement stating there would be repayment if they did not meet that employee threshold every year.”

If this is legitimate, then I tip my cap to Mr. Doherty. I would caution everyone in Amarillo Texas to read up on the man’s pattern. If he is the malignant narcissist I believe he is then he will explode on everyone there as well. Regardless of weather the venture is not a scam, I do fear for any young women that come in close proximity to Mr. Doherty.

Jan 132020

I’ve been told by anonymous sources that Harvey Englander has made a ton of money from the City of San Clemente. It does not show up as a line item in the budget – so if true, it means that Englander has been getting paid by one of the city’s other contractors. This may be the attorney they are using to constantly sue the TCA? (Speaking of audits, it might be a good idea to rip open the books of San Clemente)

Speaking of a taxpayer funded agitation campaign: (From the local paper that is in the bag for Bill Brough)

The city of San Clemente is again asking local residents to submit letters to state lawmakers, expressing support for legislation that would strip the authority of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA).

The measure, Assembly Bill 1273, which Assemblymember Bill Brough introduced last spring, proposes to restrict the joint powers authority from creating new toll roads while requiring the agencies to pay down the debt incurred from building its roads.

OF course William “Bill” Brough in his drunken stupor thinks this Bill is the cause of his demise. (Ignore the dozen or so women and the hundreds of campaign finance violations) It must be nice as a city to empty the treasury to engage in public policy…

The TCA has strongly opposed the legislation, calling it “an assault on local control.” In a letter Michael Kraman, the TCA’s chief executive, wrote to the chair of the Assembly committee, Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, he stated that the bill would be a job killer, circumvents the California Environmental Quality Act process and “will lead to dirtier air in Orange County,” among other things.

“This bill was introduced as part of broader tactics by the City of San Clemente to discredit the TCA and disrupt the environmental review process for the South County Traffic Relief Effort,” Kraman wrote.

The TCA is currently working with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) on the Relief Effort—the series of proposed routes meant to “improve north-south mobility in South Orange County and accommodate regional travel demand.”

The issue is that Bill Brough lied to a bunch of people about this, not even telling his own staff he was going to run this bill. But, of course Brough lied to me when I asked him via staff in 2018 about his sexual misconduct and weather or not he have been investigated for it.

Speaking of lies – the City of San Clemente and Harvey Englander are now 0-4 on audits. Unfortunately for them, Jeff Corless and Venture Strategic did their job correctly.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) released the results of an external audit of their communications and outreach contract with Venture Strategic, Inc. (VSI). Flatly contradicting false statements made by politically motivated actors and reported in certain news articles, the audit found no malfeasance, a 99.88% billing accuracy rate, a net underbilling to the TCA of $5,761, and a satisfactory review of assigned task orders and corresponding deliverables and work product.

The audit was conducted by Crowe LLP, which, in the course of the audit, reviewed VSI’s compliance with the contract, billing records and invoices, and work product in comparison to required deliverables.

The audit noted that the complex billing process required under the TCA contract, which involved 12,000 individual lines of billing entries over a four-year period, was susceptible to clerical and input errors.  Nonetheless, VSI’s transparent and accountable internal procedures resulted in only a 0.12% error rate and a net underbilling of $5,761, which cut in the favor of TCA.  These results were consistent with the findings of two previous TCA internal audits and an additional external audit.

TCA awarded VSI the contract in October 2015 following a competitive procurement process, that was open, transparent, vetted by multiple committees, and unanimously approved by the F/ETCA Board of Directors in public.  All tasks, billing rates, and billing procedures were stipulated by, and received regular oversight from, TCA management and board members. It has been reported that the false accusations contained in the above-referenced news articles were precipitated by a VSI competitor who had unsuccessfully bid on the contract.

Contrary to those false claims, and due to VSI’s outstanding work, the TCA Board of Directors voluntarily extended the contract on three separate occasions over the course of a nearly four-year period.  Near the conclusion of the contract on April 4th, 2019, the TCA sent a letter to VSI that stated the following:

“We appreciate your service to the Agencies over the last few years, working with us to implement a robust and innovative communications, media and outreach effort; this effort has made it possible to engage many members of the public in Orange County, especially Southern Orange County, to be involved in the effort to explore traffic congestion relief solutions.”

Venture Strategic spokesperson Tim Lineberger commented: “We are extremely proud of our entire team’s work on the TCA project and are pleased that the internal and external audits completely vindicate us from the baseless political attacks and wrongful insinuations made by self-interested actors throughout the past year. We will consider any further statements that intentionally or recklessly run counter to the facts reported in these audits as defamatory.”

Tim Lineberger 714.676.4317

But hey, San Clemente has Gene James on their City Council now. The drama is far from over. The spiritual basis (not distilled spirits) of AB1273 was the alleged debt and corruption of the TCA. The Venture Strategic Contract was gaslighted as one of the top issues. Bill Brough’s bill was lied about and born from a lie, seems consistent with his background, his character and his life. To be continued…

Oct 292019

San Clemente is an insane asylum. The Voice of OC detailed how communist insurgent Jackson Hinkle is under investigation from the OCDA for abusing the Firefighter Endorsement.

Remember, Hinkle has a long history of extreme left win activism despite only being 20. I am not sure the OC Firefighters thought their endorsement through.

Your intrepid blogger is in receipt of documents from several other cities with their invites from the OC Firefighters and a cease and desist letter the OCFA was forced to send Jackson Hinkle after he broke the law:

Subsequently, the OC Sheriff’s dropped $10,000 in to Gene James. It appears that the Sheriff’s Deputies are equally as disturbed by Jackson Hinkle’s anti-cop rants and the abuse of goodwill.

We’ve hammered the OCGOP for their endorsement of the deeply flawed Gene James. Then, the OCGOP outdid themselves:

Note the medal they tout as part of Gene James’ military service. They had to know that Jackson Hinkle has top democrat operatives helping his campaign. Within a day of this independent expenditure dropping, Jackson Hinkle’s campaign had a copy of Gene James’ DD214 which was missing a reference to the claimed award. (The Legion of Merit)

The only conclusion I can draw is that the OCGOP and their vendor did not do due diligence on their mailer. There has to be some sort of record or website somewhere showing Gene James falsely claiming to have won that award, or that Gene James told people he did. Note – the mailer was not done by the Gene James campaign, so the near hysterical claims of Jackson Hinkle are less provable than Hinkle’s violation of the law with regard to the fire uniform.

It is also ironic that the cop-hating Jackson Hinkle suddenly becomes pro-military.

Gene James’ campaign response to the stolen valor issue was terrible, giving more credence to the fact that he may well have been the source of the erroneous information. The OCGOP failed a basic test of doing political communication… when extolling the virtues of a candidate you’d better have proof and be able to defend anything specific. The media and the left have a pattern of saddling up on one issue in order to invalidate everything in campaign communication. This happens while the media covers up multiple lies by the candidates of the left – or in the case of Katie Hill, attacks the people whose accurate reporting brought her down. This is the double-standard set up by a media and educational establishment that would make Josef Stalin proud.

Fred Whitaker and the OCGOP stepped on a rake yet again. Between their terrible and weak handling of the Bill Brough issue and now this stolen valor mailer – the leadership of the OCGOP should be purged and replaced.

Oct 282019

Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough – embroiled in two scandals. #1 an active FPPC investigation in to misappropriation of campaign funds and 4 documented female victims of his out of control behavior.

Jackson Hinkle – extreme left wing protester. Got arrested in Washington DC. He Boycotted the 4th of July (or celebrated if you use his words) doing an #OCCUPYICE protest. He has espoused free needles, legalizing prostitution and Heroin. He has railed on the police as agents of oppression. He is the most viable challenger to Gene James in San Clemente. A 20 year old communist. The Republican Alternative to this leftist wackjob? The Bully Gene James. I am wondering if I am just having a nightmare and someday I will wake up and San Clemente will be a normal town again.

Leftist Dark Money Groups are Pouring Money in to Hinkle

Take a look at the photo. It is a big parking lot, with lots of room. Gene James’ Silver Truck is Backed in along with the Tan Truck of another person (who is not a candidate so I will not mention them by name). They could have parked anywhere. Look at the position of the tarps. Why would the trucks back in? Why are the trucks idling – sometimes for 15 minutes? The Grey truck is Gene James’ truck. I’ve been told by eyewitnesses about a raft of issues… (I spoke with the person that took this picture of Gene James and another man blowing exhaust in to the shelters of the homeless that used to be at North Beach in San Clemente)

So there was a homeless camp with a reputed brothel tent and people dealing drugs on the sidewalk. The frustrated residents of San Clemente took the law in to their own hands and started harassing the homeless – throwing rocks, firecrackers and of course this truck exhaust incident. I have spoken at length with people that minister to the homeless and they have had multiple issues with citizens harassing the homeless. There is ample proof in photos and videos too.

Leave it to a citizen who left a comment:

Why would he need to back into a stall to make a point.  Wouldn’t it make sense to just pull in?  And the brown Tundra who accompanied Gene James, was he making a point as well?  The SC Homeless bashers talked and joked about blowing exhaust into the tents on FB.  Gene also knew that the occupant of that tent was a disabled homeless vet and Mr James must know what carbon monoxide does to a person.  A crime indeed and horrifying that anyone would consider doing something that low.

Jackson Hinkle’s solution: Trash the police whose patrols have helped reduce crime and suggest free needles and legalizing crime. This is the polar opposite extreme to the abusive Gene James and would have far greater societal impact than Gene James assaulting homeless people. Congratulations San Clemente.

Where are the leaders of the Orange County Republican Party? The only response I have seen from Fred Whitaker and most others on the Orange County Republican Executive Committee was to forward the information I had sent them to Gene James and his campaign. They never followed up and basically gave Gene James a pass. The best they could muster was a weak resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire despite the very public evidence of corruption and sexual misconduct.

San Clemente? They are willfully blind to Gene James, Jackson Hinkle and Bill Brough because the only thing that matters is the damn toll road. I don’t care about the toll road. I care about what happens to Orange County and the kind of people running it. This is why I have railed on the feckless leadership of the OCGOP. This is also why I am sounding the alarm about Jackson Hinkle – he literally is the Manchurian (Communist) candidate!

I don’t discriminate by party. Jackson Hinkle scares me because his documented behavior tells me he hates people like be because of my faith and conservative values, and the alternative are the feckless nincompoops that are running the OCGOP in to the ground.

Check out the recently filed lawsuit against the City of San Clemente. (Read it here)

Got all that? Throwing Firecrackers at defenseless people, Throwing Rocks at defenseless people, showing up at the crack of dawn yelling at people, pumping truck exhaust in to shelters… and people on the ground indicate that they had to deal with Gene James doing the abusing frequently. In the words of one who works with the homeless on a daily basis, “Until his campaign for City Council, Gene James was down there at least once a week or more. I’ve dealt with him many times.” You can’t lend the good name of the GOP to a vigilante.

This photo is provided for proof that Gene James’ truck is in the above photo.

It looks like the OC GOP has forfeited any moral high ground as they can neither claim to be social conservatives (they don’t stand up for crime victims) and can not claim to be fiscal conservatives (they refuse to deal with campaign corruption by Bill Brough, tax liens, civil judgments and the like). The OCGOP should have sat out this race if they did not want to endorse one of the other Republicans.

The OC Firefighters have given themselves two black eyes by endorsing this wackjob Jackson Hinkle. Trying to solve societal problems with a little kid that hates authority is like injecting a cancer patient with poison. How do the OC Firefighters look at the OC Sheriff’s anymore after this decision.

I’ve talked to a few ex-Republicans and to a person, they all talk about the good ol boys club and the moral bankruptcy of the local GOP. Look at them: Gene James, Bill Brough, Pat Bates.

Meantime, San Clemente is an insane asylum.