Placer County Grand Jury Slams the Eureka USD Over Documented Brown Act Violations

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Jun 262015

Dear El Dorado County Grand Jury – please read this report from the Placer County Grand Jury and use it as a template for how to professionally write a report.

Contrast the politicized El Dorado Grand Jury Report opener with the Placer Grand Jury Report opener:

Summary The Grand Jury investigated the formation of a food services contract between the Eureka Unified School District (EUSD) and the Roseville Joint Union High School District (RJUHSD) to determine whether the EUSD Board had violated the Brown Act in approving the contract. The Grand Jury recommends that an individual Board member not be allowed to attend more than one information meeting in a given series of meetings set up by the Superintendent. Further, the Grand Jury is recommending that EUSD Board members and executive district staff obtain additional training regarding the Ralph M. Brown Act (hereinafter, Brown Act or Act; Government Code § 54950, et seq.), so that the district can avoid any violation of the Act and any appearance of violation of the Act.

Much more professional and what you’d expect.

If you read the report, you will find out that the Eureka USD needed a vendor for their school lunch program. The RJUHSD entered in to negotiations with the EUSD. Apparently, it was not an easy deal. It also appears to have been done by a very small group of people in violation of the Brown Act.

I read the report. Here are the conclusions I drew:

1. It appears that one member of the EUSD Board was present at all meetings related to the food contract with Roseville Joint Union High School District. The RJUHSD is not mentioned has having a similar problem. I have learned that this member may, or may not have been Renee Nash. Apparently, there is a facet of the Brown act called “serial meetings”… the idea being to prevent one member of a board from controlling circumstances or an outcome. Apparently, the board can not designate a member either to be able to do “serial meetings” on behalf of the board. (Man, I hate the Brown Act)

2. It also appears that the Superintendent of the Eureka USD was involved in every aspect of the Food Contract as well.

3. A condition of the Food Contract with the RJUHSD was that there was supposed to be no dissent or negative comments at the EUSD meeting where the contract was ratified. I am not sure why this was the case, but I find it odd. Could it be related to the history of tensions in the EUSD amongst the board members? Could the inclusion of this issue be the grand jury implying that the RJUHSD or an individual member of it was in on this Food Contract deal as well?

So now the EUSD has to respond to the Grand Jury, which is extremely rare in these sorts of things. (see the last page of the report) Does Renee Nash have to respond, or the board on her behalf? The Grand Jury also addressed the superintendent directly as well, I’d assume the district’s counsel will be responding.

Why is the EUSD issue the top issue when you click on the Grand Jury site?

Renee Nash was more than polite to me when I saw her on election night in 2014. I have been told that she has been very supportive of my Mother on the RJUHSD Board. It seemed to me that the drama on the EUSD was abating…

… now we have a case where it appears that Ms. Nash and the Superintendent let their control issues get the best of them as it related to the food contract with the RJUHSD.

I hate the Brown Act with a purple passion for this exact reason. Nash, when she campaigned, railed on violations of the Brown Act committed by board members and now she has the shoe on the other foot.

Nash is an attorney who advertised one of her specialties being the Brown Act, she has also published a book or books on the act! Why did Renee Nash do this? Was she that worried over the school lunch program?

What happened here?

The Grand Jury wrote the following:

The Grand Jury recommends that:

R1. Informational 2×2 meetings between EUSD staff and Board of Trustee members should never include a common Board member present at all the meetings.

R2. The EUSD staff should arrange an annual training seminar on the Brown Act provisions for all Board members and executive staff.

Did I mention that I hate the Brown Act? The problem is that it is the law and the law was violated. Now what? Does someone go to jail? Get sued? Does the district get fined? Will the district superintendent get disciplined over this?

All this happened over trying to deal with the school lunch program (don’t get me started on that either) that the EUSD and other districts are forced to do by state and federal mandates!

Sep 212012

The following Anonymous comment was left on this blog – I believe it to be Renee Nash herself as the email address given has not responded to my request for verification. I left the typos in unedited.

Mr Park,

You hardly have anything close to a smoking gun to call someone a liar?  There was no ‘physical’ confrontation and no incident report was taken for that very reason. “Been told by several people” is your verification that she lied?

I guess Bill Halldin, Kirk Uhler, Linda Park, Eric Bose, Karen Atteberry and several others are lying and Renee Nash is the only one telling the truth?

That is such “weak sauce” and void of any sort of integrity.  No wonder you were booted from the Greiss campaign as “several people told me you were”.  Also, I happen to be on the ESF mail list for years and have never ever been sent any sort of personal or private message from any person outside of normal ESF related messaging.  I have been approached by Ms Nash for an endorsement and she was professional on all levels and not one hint of any of the slander you accuse her of from within your post.

This commenter needs to get out more. Start with reading the Roseville P-T article that quotes the ESF chair admitting the issue and then quotes Renee Nash saying that she compensated the ESF for the use of their list after the fact. (Which may still be a violation of the law!)

None of that comes through, only her tireless service to our district.  If one of my co-workers had not mentioned that Park Insurance was waging a personal attack on Ms Nash, I would have never known about your small-minded and ridiculous witch hunt.
Shame on you and your business!  You can bet Park Insurance will not receive any sort of endrosement from those in my cirles anytime soon.

Ah, and the threats against my other business. If I had a $20 every time someone threatened my insurance business – I wouldn’t need to sell insurance anymore.

This sort of boorish behavior – and done so anonymously by a coward has become standard faire in the Eureka School District race.

I am hoping that integrity will reign at some point with the ESF and it’s members. Somehow, it appears that Renee Nash has them all either intimidated or brainwashed. You see, the event that was promoted with the ESF email system – appears to have still happened.

I separated from Kristie’s campaign because I believe that the ESF is corrupt. Kristie still has faith in them. This anonymous comment appears to validate my feelings.

Eureka USD Update – Move to Put Bond or Parcel Tax on Ballot?

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Dec 122010

Declining Enrollment.

Excelsior Middle School has been fully or partially handed over to a charter school (depending on who you talk to)… new facilities built in the last 5-10 years are either unused or groosly underutilized…

… and there is a movement to post up a parcel tax or school bond.

I am sure the same people that walked precincts for and funded extreme left wing (now board member) Andy Sheehy will be out in force for this one…

Eureka School District Update: Labor Union Moonbat Andy Sheehy Calls for “Transparency”!?

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Oct 142010

In the Eureka Union School District? EUSD is tiny, it has about 10% of Roseville and almost all of Granite Bay.

The budget of the district is tiny.

Enter big spending Liberal Democrat Andy Sheehy and his union-made mailer.

First off – one of Sheehy’s supporters posted the following on his facebook page and it shows the arrogance of Sheehy:

Debate tonight isn’t even over yet and Andrew is CLEARLY the winner of the debate and he will garner the most votes on election day hands down. Was amazed, shocked, and floored at the lack of preparation by the other candidates and the quality of their skills. Again Andy…. You got this.

Like other progressive liberals – he calls for transparency. You know, he’s hiding his liberalism, democrat registration, teacher’s union support, $250 from the Democrat Party (who also removed any mention of him from their website) and his website is devoid of endorsements. (Even though Jack Duran, Homosexual activist Gary Miller and Liberal Icon Rene Aguilera are supporting him)

As to the mailer – the front side says nothing.

On the back, it attacks the current EUSD board for not being “transparent”.

Translation – The Teacher’s union wants more pay and wants to dip in to the reserves of the district to get to it.

Andy also pimps his uniform just like his idol Charlie Brown did in an attempt to fool Republicans in to supporting his campaign from a few years ago against Conservative Tax-Fighter Tom McClintock for Congress.

Sheehy runs a non-profit agency – the Placer County chapter of the MDA. Now, how did he come up with $3800 to give himself? I am sure that the salary there is not conducive to such personal magnamity… and did I mention that he recently ran for Assembly against Tax Fighter Ted Gaines?

A review of his facebook page shows several young socialists and a few people I recognize as members of the teacher’s union posting comments. This confirms reports that the Teacher’s Union is actively backing this guy.

Hide all you want Sheehy – we know who you are and we’re coming for you.