Sep 232011

(Blogger’s Note: The California Republican Party record of Proxies and Credentials is public record and available to anyone that asks Ann Whitley for it – please click the hyperlink or contact Ann Whitley at the CRP directly for verification of the info posted here)

How Much did Charles Munger offer? I was told by two political insiders that it was $100,000. Neither would go on the record – but the story is that every member of the Assembly and State Senate were offered $100,000 for voter registration inside their district by Charles Munger in exchange for supporting “his platform”. This “offer” was also extended to an unidentified Central Committee as well. (My source would not specify)

The above, if true, suggests why so few electeds were present at the Convention, in addition – I have also been told by many more that Munger’s resources (aka money) have a lot of people scared.

LaMalfa? Almost all of his appointees were tied up in the drill.

Doug LaMalfa’s district director – Lisa Buescher’s Proxy was in the hands of Bay-Area Liberal Republican activist Luis Buhler for this convention. Lisa is an alleged Conservative, Buhler is anything but a Conservative.

Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff – Mark Spannagel had his wife’s Proxy (Emily Jarvinen) in the hands of John D. Longwell of Santa Cruz County – a huge booster of Abel Maldonado and a donor to liberal Republican causes.

Mark Spannagel’s Mother’s Proxy? (Judy Jarvinen) Kevin Krick – the Marin County GOP Chairman, not exactly Jeff Atteberry from Placer. (who, incidentally didn’t have any proxies) Mark Spannagel lives in Placer County – yet two proxies he controls ended up in Marin and Santa Cruz County?

It didn’t stop there.

Phyllis Wing – a Tea Party Patriot and a Conservative Christian from Lincoln told my source that she “Gave my Proxy to Doug LaMalfa”. It is unclear who called Phyllis – but her proxy ended up in the hands of Suzanne Caro from the Alameda Central Committee – not someone from Placer nor someone who believes as Wing does.

Bill and Bonnie Williams? Both are members of the Placer CRA and have been for years. Bonnie is also the president of the Folsom Area RWF. Bonnie told me that she was called by Lisa Buescher and asked for their proxies. Bonnie indicated that she “gave her proxies to Doug LaMalfa” because “she could trust him” to do the right thing. Bill Williams Proxy was given to Peter Ohtaki, Jr from San Mateo County and Bonnie’s was given to Michael Pelzel from Santa Clara County.

Kelly and Casey Lawler gave their proxies to David Reade. (She told me as such) Their proxies ended up in the hands of Morgan Kelly, the CRP Vice-Chairman Bay Area who voted against the conservative platform. So, Glenn County was represented by San Francisco County, Sacramento County by Santa Clara and San Mateo, etc etc etc.

Looks like David Stafford Reade did a CRA redux?

LaMalfa Staff Christine Rydell – Lucy Calder San Mateo GOP Chair.
LaMalfa Staff Kevin Eastman – Harmeet Dhillon, San Francisco GOP Chairman and a leader in the Moderate Movement inside the GOP
LaMalfa Staff Erin Ryan – Tyler Savage, Bay Area GOP Club Officer.

Erin Ryan is supposed to be a leader in the Shasta Tea Party who parlayed that in to a Job in Doug LaMalfa’s office.

Here are the issues:

1. Did Doug LaMalfa know about this? If not, now that he knows, what is he going to do about it now?

2. Mark Spannagel, Lisa Buescher and David Reade all deceived people and in the case of Spannagel/Buescher – they are Conservative Frauds as demonstrated by their actions. (everyone already knew Reade is for sale)

3. At best, this is a major embarrassment for Doug LaMalfa – at worst, this is conclusive proof that LaMalfa is also caught in a fraud trap as it pertains to claiming the canard of a Conservative.

Given the behavior of the above and the fact that they are also driving the bus against the Placer-CRA led Placer GOP Central Committee, I am now more convinced than ever that the attack against Placer is an ideological one.

Don’t forget – David Reade was paid to orchestrate all of the above (according to several political insiders I have spoken to).

Aug 112011

Peace? So much for peace. The mantra of David Reade / Mark Spannagel / Karen England – if you can’t control it, destroy it is still in effect.

I got an email today from a livid Jon Green. Based on what he sent me – I can see why he’s angry. If you believe what Mark Spannagel wrote about yesterday’s peace summit with the electeds – you’d think that Jeff Atteberry and Joe Dorr lied, maneuvered the meeting to avoid having Mike Holmes and Cheryl Bly-Chester there and Ted Gaines / Ted Gaines’ scheduler participated in the screw up.

(Mark Spannagel is Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff)

Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines are not into destroying the Republican Party. I have never seen them take overtly vindictive action against activists, I have never seen them take a lot of overt action period (until the hit piece email they signed in May against the Placer Cent Com).

I have a lot of years of experience with the Gaines’ – they vote Conservative and usually aren’t heard from very much otherwise. I have come to believe that they both sincerely want to resolve this situation and move on. To Ted Gaines’ credit – I have heard him talk about his desire to support voter registration for years.

I still believe that the Gaines’ were dragged in to this by Karen England and Cheryl Bly-Chester. The deliberate timing of the email was after the Cent Com voted 14-7 to resolve the issue.

But Mark Spannagel is packing around a lot of grudges and Mr. Spannagel has a pattern of dishonest behavior. Take a look at the email he sent Jon Green:

Not sure where this broke down. Gaines office set the meeting. Obviously there was a mistake somewhere. I thought Cheryl and Mike were attending the meeting today.

From the comments sent to me tonight I believe Jeff misstated the Senators positions. All agreed that any PCRP and HQP checks, payments or other activities related to the party or headquarters should be turned over immediately. There was some dispute on “other activities” by HQP that they do not want to disclose and claim are part of other consulting agreements.

We’ll get this fixed.

The first conclusion I can draw is when I observed Karen England feverishly texting last night – she was text messaging Mark Spannagel.

Second – Spannagel throws Ted Gaines and Ted Gaines’ scheduler under the bus. Please note that at the meeting, Mike Holmes disclosed that he had breakfast with Ted Gaines that very morning – and Gaines said nothing to him of the upcoming meeting later that day!

This also means that either LaMalfa, Spannagel or Ted Gaines are lying – or that LaMalfa and Gaines had a different view of what was supposed to happen at that meeting.

Spannagel goes on to completely contradict what Jeff and Joe recounted from the meeting – even though he (Spannagel) was not in the meeting.

Spannagel – like he does when he comments anonymously on local blogs, threw a ton of gas on the fire – basically ensuring that the controversy will last for months longer.

This makes me wonder if Spannagel works for the Capitol Resource Institute of if he works for Doug LaMalfa!

Mark Spannagel is the same man that told the local media I and others were being personally investigated by the FBI, he was also thrown out of the CRA for gross fraud (we recently discovered that the Yuba CRA that he ran never paid CRA dues in addition to the rest of the stuff it was used for) and evidence suggests that he still has an axe to grind with Congressman McClintock for not hiring him in to his office after the 2008 campaign.

Did Doug LaMalfa sanction this? Did Doug LaMalfa change his mind after Karen England called him complaining over the agreed on settlement?

Or, did Mark Spannagel act unilaterally to try and placate those who are obsessed with their desire for political revenge?

The bottom line here is that Doug LaMalfa now has a high-grade mess, and it is all his own. Spannagel threw Gaines’ staff under the bus and called the Chairman and 2nd Vice Chairman of the Placer GOP a liar – end of story.

So Spannagel re-opens the wide gash and says “we’ll get this fixed”. What, by bringing in the world criminal court where the FBI wouldn’t go?

Somewhere, Jennfier Montgomery, Camille Maben, Lowell Jarvis and other extreme leftists that infest office in Placer County are laughing and thanking Mark Spannagel for his assistance to their re-election campaigns.

CRA Fraud Expose Part 5 – David Reade and the Yolo CRA

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Jul 272011

On the exact same day – 9/8/2007 – the Yolo CRA was chartered along with the Sutter, Tehama and Yuba CRA by Karen England (who was a then-CRA Vice President).

Like Yuba – Yolo has existed as a Zombie club for service to its’ master, David Stafford Reade, listed as its’ President. This is the third unit in Northern California that was targeted to be re-organized by the CRA. While some have tried to spin the 7/23/2011 board meeting as a lynching, or a bloodbath, the intention is to get Real activists involved in these units.

What David Reade, Mark Spannagel and Karen England did to the CRA in Northern California should have been grounds enough to expel them from CRA, but their behavior and the lawsuit added an exclamation point.

The Yolo CRA may well be the most grotesque example of fraud any California GOP organization has ever seen:

They are not listed on the Yolo GOP website, Consumnes RA President Carl Brickey has not been able to get them to participate in local endorsing conventions and two years of calls from CRA SD-09 director Steve Macias regarding when the club is going to meet have not been returned. This suggests multiple violations of Section 10.05 Meetings.

When contacted by the Credentials Committee, they refused to provide records of membership or bylaws. This is a violation of Section 10.07 – (Availability of Records)

Official CRA Records do not back up the unit’s claim of 45 members for the 2011 convention. There have been no new members join since 2010 – suggesting that growth from 35 to 45 members is impossible (they reported 35 members for the 2010 Buena Park Convention)

Unit lists David and Amy Jackson as members – the only Republicans in California with that name at the same address live in Kingsburg. When called said they had not been CRA members in over 8 years as told to Paul and Joel Olsson. At that, their dues expired in 2010 – but they were submitted as alternates. Violation of section 4.01 / 4.03 / 4.06 / 13.10 (Membership, Membership Dues, Delegate Fraud)

Unit lists Calvin and Christine DeKnikker as members. Cal DeKnikker is a client of ours and when I called him, he said he has never been a CRA Member. He put that in writing in an email. Violation of Section 4.01 / 4.03/ 4.06 (Membership Fraud)

Karen and John England are listed as members without notifying the Placer RA of their intent to transfer. Their daughter, at the same address is listed as a member of the Norco RA. Violation of Section 4.06 (Illegal Transfer) Karen admitted to this during the credentialing process at the 2011 convention.

Irregularity: Yolo sent three senior Meg Whitman staff to the 2010 CRA convention as delegates. They are all ex- Pete Wilson people – Michael Saragosa, Justin Smith, and Todd Cranney. This suggests violations of section 10.04 club elections of delegates.

Yolo RA listed Pete Conaty as a would-be alternate, his name is not on their official CRA roster. Violation of Section 4.01 / 4.03 / 4.06 / 13.10 (Membership, Membership Dues, Delegate Fraud – Laurie Conaty is listed as a paid member as a single.)

The above irregularities suggest that this unit has never elected it’s delegates and also suggests that they did not pay dues to the CRA nor did they collect dues. Consistent with other suspect units – the bulk of their membership renews 3/31/2012, suggesting they paid dues after the deadline to submit their delegation if they paid their dues at all. This is a violation of Section 4.03 membership Dues, 4.08 Remittance of Dues.

In the local endorsing conventions that Yolo CRA did participate in, their delegations consisted of legislative staff as witnessed firsthand by several CRA officers. The Yolo CRA has never endorsed in local Yolo County elections the entire time it has existed.

Finally, their roster does not list a single real member outside of West Sacramento. The north part of Yolo County is where most of the Republicans in Yolo live – it would be impossible as a practical matter for a County-Wide club in Yolo County not to have a real member in Woodland, much less Winters or Esparto. Again, this suggests the fraudulent nature of this unit.

With the elimination of the known fraud – this unit has at most 38 members. This means they would only be eligible for 5 delegates instead of the 6 they attempted to send. This is a violation of section 13.08 representation.

As a footnote – George and I will be filing a complaint with the FEC against the Romney for President campaign. The Reason? They wrote the check for the 75 delegates they paid for in 2007 out to the Placer County Republican Party – not the Placer CRA. They also reported it as such on their filings.

Since David Reade, Karen England and Mike Spence have attempted to spin that check as another example of misdeeds in Placer County – we will clear our name regarding this issue at Mitt Romney’s expense.

David Reade and Mark Spannagel Highlighted all over North State Media

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Jul 262011

UPDATE: Bruce Ross of the Redding Paper jumped in to the fray:

Title of article: GOP group boots Chiefs of Staff

The article is linked here. Please also note that the only responses from Spannagel and Reade were to reference the FPPC investigation of the Placer GOP Cent Com – that was based on an anonymous blog comment and the “FBI Investigation” alleged by (you guessed it) Karen England.

Please also note that Karen England refused three times to tell anyone who she spoke to at the FBI when asked directly. As a side note, Karen was also expelled from the CRA for 10 years.

As a key note – Reade, Spannagel and England did not receive any support from anyone against the proposed CRA action against them.

Chiefs of staff for two Yuba-Sutter area state legislators have been booted from a conservative grassroots organization over claims they committed membership fraud and were disruptive.

The board of the directors of the California Republican Assembly voted 36-2 in separate motions Saturday to expel Mark Spannagel, chief of staff to state Sen. Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, and David Reade, chief of staff to Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber.

Aaron Park, sergeant at arms for the CRA, said Reade manipulated units of the assembly to get the group’s endorsement for Mitt Romney during the 2008 presidential primary. And Reade and Spannagel submitted records of association members who weren’t actually affiliated at all, Park said.

“These instances go back as far as 2007,” said Park, adding Reade is expelled for 10 years and Spannagel for five.

The expulsions do not affect either man’s position with LaMalfa and Nielsen nor their status as registered Republicans, Park said. Reade and Spannagel can appeal their expulsions when the statewide assembly meets for a convention, which could happen in either November or January.

Spannagel said he hadn’t attended the meeting where the expulsion vote happened.

“If that’s the way they want to go, that’s the way they want to go,” he said. He pointed out members of the Placer County Republican Central Committee, including Park, are under investigation by the FBI and state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Reade said he’d also make note of the ongoing investigations.

“The once venerable California Republican Assembly has fallen into disrepute under the current rogue leadership,” he said. “They’ve lost any legitimacy as an organization, and it’s sad.”

Former CRA President Mike Spence and U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock have recently criticized the CRA’s current leadership for infighting and moving to purge some members rather than reform itself.

Once called by Ronald Reagan as the conscience of the Republican Party, the California Republican Assembly bills itself as the largest conservative grassroots group in the state.

CRA Fraud Expose Part 4 – Mark Spannagel and the Yuba CRA

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Jul 262011

Mark Spannagel was designated for discipline by the CRA board of directors for being a central figure in the consultant manipulation and endorsement fraud that beset the CRA in addition to his gross misbehavior at the 2011 April CRA Convention. The Yuba CRA was chartered by Karen England in 2007 for two purposes – one was to send delegates for Mitt Romney to the 2007 CRA Presidential endorsing convention and the second 2007 purpose was to screw over Dan Logue (by sending LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen staff as delegates to the local CRA endorsing convention to stand up for Sue Horne). The Yuba CRA is not the only CRA unit ever to be chartered for purposes of a campaign – but unlike Placer, which was chartered to help Rico Oller in 1996, the Yuba CRA has existed as a zombie unit for awakening every time its’ consultant masters needed it to produce a result.

Despite the rantings of some – people like David Reade, Mark Spannagel and Karen England earned their tickets out of the CRA.

While some have tried to spin the 7/23/2011 board meeting as a lynching, or a bloodbath, the intention is to get Real activists involved in these units.

Mark Spannagel was the President of the Yuba CRA Unit for 4+ years. The evidence gathered against the Yuba CRA follows:

This dubious unit appears to be controlled by persons outside Yuba County who have never shown any interest in recruiting actual members from the territory claimed by the unit.  The unit does not even appear to operate in its own territory.  Long-time unit president Mark Spannagel (who lives in Placer County) even refused to cash the dues payment that he received from would-be CRA members Paul and Marcia Myers, who are well-respected officers of the Yuba County Republican Party.

Assembly members Dan Logue and Rick Keene joined this unit on-line, through the CRA website.  As in the case of Yuba County residents such as Paul and Marcia Myers, these two legislators were never notified of any unit meetings, which suggests multiple violations of Section 10.05 and Section 10.04 concerning meetings and elections.

The Yuba County CRA unit is not listed on the Yuba County GOP website and its activities (if any) are not announced at Yuba County Republican Central Committee meetings.

This unit sent Meg Whitman staff members to the 2010 CRA Convention as Delegates, even though they were listed as living in Diamond Bar and Hacienda Heights.  This suggests that they were not properly elected as Delegates under Section 10.04.

When contacted by the Credentials Committee for the 2011 Annual Convention, this unit’s officers refused to provide records of membership or bylaws, in violation of Section 10.07.

In the local endorsing conventions in which the Yuba County Republican Assembly has participated, their delegations have consisted of Legislative staff members, as witnessed first-hand by several CRA officers.  It has often been said that none of the Yuba County Delegates ever seem to come from Yuba County.  The unit has never endorsed in local Yuba County elections in the entire time it has existed.

The unit lists exactly 25 members, all with expiration dates of 1/31/2012.  A majority of the members live outside Yuba County, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever seen one of their delegations to an endorsing convention.

This Unit is easily one of the biggest frauds in the CRA – the evidence is self-evident.