Jan 162019

Did you know that Corrin Rankin has run a business, served on the boards of non-profits aiding in rescuing at least two of them from ruin? That alone should move her to the top of your list for consideration.

She is also a small business owner, having owned a Bail Bond business for a number of years. Since the state of California banned Bail Bonds, she knows better than most what it is like to run a business in California. She deserves serious consideration by all.

See her platform below:

The California Republican Party is in unprecedented peril. We’ve all heard the countless reasons of how we got here. While I believe that understanding our past and knowing our shortcomings is critical, we cannot afford to dwell upon the glory days of the past. Instead, we must look to the future and work towards success.

As a party, we must uniterebuild, and grow.

This is the ethos driving my platform, and the reason why I decided to run for Vice Chair of the California Republican Party.

It’s imperative that we unite. As America’s first Republican president said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our party has been plagued with internal divisions for too long. This negatively affects our ability to persuade voters, raise money, organize, and win elections. We must put our minor differences aside to defeat Democrats.

Republican Party registration in California is at a historic low, our political apparatuses are $1 million+ in debt, and our antiquated tactics and strategies have proven unable to win competitive elections. We need to do an honest assessment of where we are at in order to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Then, we must rebuild. To do so, we must adopt innovative strategies to win elections, improve our technologies and campaign infrastructure, and evolve our messaging and marketing. We must also defend what we have left while going on the offense so we can start winning seats back.

We must also focus on growing our party. At 24 percent voter registration we cannot afford to continue our dive into the depths of irrelevance through attrition. Saying we need voter registration drives is nice, but we must concurrently develop the tools and messages required to get new voters and bring decline-to-states and Democrats into the big Republican tent.

This is how together we turn our situation around. We have to be in the fight to win the fight. Currently, we are fighting from the outside. No amount of changing our logo is going to solve this – we all need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We have to use our talent, infrastructure, and resources wisely. In cities where we are drastically outnumbered, we need to increase (or begin) neighborhood involvement.

As your next full-time Vice Chair, I will work to bring people together, create a consensus and develop local, neighborhood-based solutions that will brings us back into prominence across our beautiful state.

I look forward to working with you to make this happen and I ask for your vote at the California Republican Party convention in February.

I believe that Corrin offers a huge upside for the CAGOP and should be taken seriously by all the delegates. Please join me in voting for her for CAGOP Vice Chairman

Jan 062019

For those of you that are avid readers of Right on Daily, you will realize that I am favorable to two candidates for CAGOP Vice Chair. Corrin Rankin has a higher upside for the CAGOP in my opinion. She has more potential and talent, thus making the tiebreaker. While Corrin is relatively new to being a candidate, the talent level is compelling. All this and she is a rock-solid conservative with a following:

The field for CAGOP offices is far from set. I am aware of yet another possible entrant in to the CAGOP Vice Chair Race from Lassen County. The field as it sits now is Corrin Rankin, Peter Kuo and Charlie Schaupp. David Hernandez is not running. 

There are various theories about why Kevin McCarthy has decided to flex his muscles as of late. It would appear to me that it is as much about self-preservation as anything. With only 7 GOP reps left, 2 of which are under siege, it would seem that McCarthy wants to cover his backside. It is a standard procedure for politicians that feel threatened to attempt to exert control.

We had introduced you to Jessica Patterson. She should be publicly announcing her candidacy for CAGOP Chair tomorrow. She has been on the phone with a lot of people. Patterson has quite a pedigree – Meg Whitman for Governor being the most noteworthy. After Whitman’s $150MM debacle, Patterson, along with Mitch Zak and Jeff Randle started California Trailblazers. This was to have been a flagship operation aimed at recruiting quality Republican candidates for state level office. It heralded with much fanfare with Kevin McCarthy being the public face of it.

Since the foundation of California Trailblazers, the GOP has gone from 28-20 in the Assembly and 14-11 in the State Senate. Despite having enough Republicans to forestall tax increases at most times recently, the democrat majority has never had to worry about finding the handful of Republican votes to pass their taxes. Now, they no longer need Republican votes for anything with 75% majorities in both houses. (taxes require 2/3)

I can only conclude that Kevin McCarthy wants to being the Trailblazers formula to the CAGOP. 

There are a couple of other possible angles. In the wake of the Chad Mayes disaster – Vincent Fong had attempted to gain critical mass to become Assembly Permanent Minority Leader. Fong, while incredibly conservative, is an acolyte of McCarthy. He is also close to Patterson, Zak and Randle. 

There is a similar dynamic to Shannon Grove. One of her top advisers is the wife of the late political Godfather Mark Abernathy. The Abernathy’s held an iron grip on everything Kern County, and to a lesser extent Tulare. If not Grove, then Jim Nielsen could also be tapped as he still has 4 years left before term limits. 

It is the opinion of this blogger that the CAGOP Chairman’s race is part of the three-piece set for Team McCarthy. It is clear that either Vincent Fong or James Gallagher will have the votes necessary in the Assembly, with 4 out of 5 of the recent losers being supporters of the current regime. It is also my opinion that Shannon Grove / Jim Nielsen would have little opposition if Pat Bates stepped aside on the Senate Side.

While I reiterate that I do not know Jessica Patterson well, I do know her by the causes and candidates she has worked with/for. With McCarthy in the background and the pedigree, she is going to have a tough sell to a lot of the rank and file CAGOP delegates.

At one point, former Assemblymember David Hadley was the choice of the Establishment. He is not even being rumored as a candidate for Vice Chair at this point (the position he currently holds). It would appear that Hadley has been completely abandoned. It remains to be seen what Hadley’s next move is.

Note: Right On Daily has endorsed Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 

CAGOP Secretary – there will be an opponent to would be platform destroyer Dan Trimble. The information is embargoed at this time.

CAGOP Treasurer – there are rumors of an opponent to Greg Gandrud.

This would be the first time in years we would have so many candidates for CAGOP office. I think this is a good thing.