Nov 172016

Apparently this Hillary Clinton supporter (as she is a 63 year old Democrat from Rocklin) believes the first amendment only applies as long as she agrees with you.

She sent me a love letter. It is posted here for your perusal. She claimed some sort of Copyright on the letter in an attempt to try to scare me in to not publishing it. I think it is necessary for you to see her words unedited , including the envelope the letter came in.

Every election cycle I get at least one threat to sue. This cycle apparently was no different – however, the threat occurred after the election was over. This threat is unique as it is written by McLennan herself.

Connie McLennan has left several comments on this blog. She tweeted at and facebook trolled Joe Paterson incessantly. Her behavior IS consistent with the pattern of a bully and like bullies when challenged she goes nuclear.

Like most would-be Perry Masons, Ms. McLennan has no idea what constitutes libel. How would a liberal democrat know what libel is when their leaders gratuitously call their political opponents racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc. In addition, her letter comes from a position of pseudo-intellectual superiority that is typical of liberals I have dealt with for years – aka everything I believe is right and you are always wrong.

The post that triggered Ms. McLennan is linked here. It particular, I challenged McLennan for her obsession over Joe Patterson’s employer and her attempt to tie Joe Patterson to a stabbing that occurred outside a card-room. It has been clear to me since the beginning that Peter Hill has been the godfather of the opposition to Mr. Patterson and his clicking like on Ms. McLennan’s classless, and baseless attack shows complicity. Guess what, it is my opinion as a journalist and I have the right to ask questions. Ms. McLennnan made herself a public figure by both commenting (trolling) this blog, and also doing so all sorts of social media in what was clearly a rampage against Mr. Patterson.

Here is the money quote from the previous blog:

Contrast this to someone that I believe is mentally unstable, Connie McLennan who was basically Cyber-Stalking Joe during the campaign. (She also left comments on this blog)

It is apparent that McLennan was encouraged/recruited/supported by Peter Hill. As you can see, her classless attack on Joe Patterson has one like. Peter Hill.

Apparently, the old man thinks that politicizing a death after a fight at a cardroom is a smart idea. Perhaps Hill was supportive of the canard by the Clinton Campaign that people getting beaten at Trump rallies was Trump’s fault? Or maybe Peter Hill was paying this McLennan loser in the same manner as his fellow democrat Hillary Clinton was proven to be paying the violent protesters at Trump events.

You will note that Ms. McLennan directly answers none of my questions. She does indeed validate my opinion that she is mentally unstable as her letter is grounds for a padded cell with fingerpaints.

Now, let’s say Ms. McLennan decides to sue. If it gets past threatening legal letters between attorneys to preliminary hearings, etc. there is a process called discovery, this will be fun as the sorts of things one can get in discovery are pretty broad.

In addition, she bought her house in 1986 according to the best I can tell from on-line records, which means it is either paid off or nearly paid off. I could secure some of my retirement savings by foreclosing on it. This is how I deal with bullies.

Ms. McLennan would have been better off retreating back in to her safe space and licking her wounds after Hillary Clinton’s #EPICFAIL and Joe Patterson’s resounding win in the Rocklin Council Race. By sending me this letter she has opened up a hornet’s nest and convinced me she is indeed mentally unstable.

This kind of behavior is a local example of why the Modern Democrat Party has been destroyed in 38 of the 50 states and is on life support in a few more.

P.S. I hope this constitutes a response within the requested 7 days.