Sep 082010

For the benefit of some of the readers of this blog – Yountville is a study in real corruption. Take notes.

You have a hotel – the Villagio that is used as a primary destination for Democrat Party Fundraisers. The owners of the Villagio have a vested interest in having only their own cronies on the local City Council.

Enter Robert Stryk.

Mike Thompson and Nancy Pelosi both live within 5 miles of Yountville – and they are freaked out over Robert Stryk running for Mayor.

As I have written before – they have paid two private investigators to try and turn up dirt on Stryk.

If Yountville was the size of Rocklin – their City staff would be over 500. Rocklin currently sits in the 250 range.

The Owners of the Villagio along with reporters from the Yountville Sun and the Napa Valley Register flew an employee of Stryk’s across the country thinking they would get some dirt of Stryk.

They got more than they bargained for.

The Napa Sentinel references documents that show people who are desperate to keep Stryk out of office and people who are trying with everything they have to prevent ordinary questions from being asked.

Page one is linked here

Page two is linked here

The bottom line – Stryk has uncovered a massive pay-to-play scheme that involves local officials and could possibly involve tax evasion by the villagio hotel.

No one has denied anything Mr. Stryk has implied or asserted – they are simply trying to shut him up.

Read the story and my previous posts about Yountville and ask yourself what’s going on?

Yountville Update – Stryk Launches a New and Improved Site

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Apr 182010

100% Consultant Free, I might add.

Given the lack of local media coverage on this guy – he must be hitting the target and hitting very close to home.

BTW – Stryk is to speak to the NAPA GOP on May 18th. Click here for details of Robert Stryk’s meeting with the Napa GOP.


It details his work on clean energy.

It details his work on missile defense.

It shows his nomination to DTAG – a prestigious Defense related group in Washington D.C.

Most importantly – it shows has plan in bold, clear type of what he wants to bring to Yountville.

That should scare Mike Thompson and his hired PI’s more than anything.

The site is simple and straightforward. It matches Robert to a tee, if you read his Bio and story on the site – you’ll realize the real reason why he scares the establishment. He owes no one a thing and is self-made.

The ideal person to be in politics.

Now that is more than Pelosi and Thompson can handle.

Apr 072010

Congressman Mike Thompson hires a private investigator to crawl in to every detail of Robert Stryk.

Mysterious attack websites pop-up.

The Town Manager of Yountville Comments on a previous post.

And now there is a Website – Yountville Exposed. While some complain that this derides Yountville – it is about the people that infest government in Yountville.

This is not a Danielle Steele novel – this is Yountville, CA.

The Town Manager set me straight – telling me that Yountville is a Town of 3400 people with 24 City employees (not 30 as I had written). He insisted that none of them were related to the City Councilmembers. I forgot to ask him to define related.

If my home town of Rocklin had the same ratio of population to staff – we’d have 396 City Employees. Ouch. (That doesn’t include Police and Fire, either)

A friend on the Rocklin City Council emailed to tell me that Rocklin has 260 total employees including Police and Fire. This seems to suggest that Yountville does indeed have a bloated bureaucracy for a Town of 3400.

He also went on to tell me that it was a Town Center, not a visitor center that was built and they sold bonds (aka raised everyone’s property taxes) to finance the project. Nice.

Yountville does not have its’ own police force – they contract with the Napa County Sheriff’s department. Enter Mike Thompson again – his son is a Sheriff Deputy who does not like Robert Stryk very much.

Congressman Mike Thompson’s Son also has interesting tastes in Emails.

Say what you want about the spat between Stryk and the Napa County Sheriff’s department or the story from the local paper that was not complementary about Mr. Stryk… Yountville’s establishment is in an uproar.

This is a classic Democrat vs. Republican race – in the middle of Mike Baghdad Thompson’s district… end of story.

Even though John Dunbar is a Registered Republican – he is a shill and donor for Congressman Mike Baghdad Thompson.

When you add the PI that Thompson is paying, the Sheriff’s behavior, the illegal newspaper and the behavior of the Villagio’s owners – – –

It is a mess.

The Villagio – the hotel in the middle of the controversy – owned by some major Democrat Donors was also a central point in the negotiations for Health Care Reform.

I don’t think the Villagio is going to accept a reservation from this blogger anytime soon.

Mar 212010

A few weeks ago – your humble blogger blew the lid off of an absurd conundrum going on in the “sleepy” little town of Yountville.

Remember how the local congressman hired a Private Investigator? The local paper is an illegal business with a expired corporation?

Well, the local hotel owners are sparing no expense to stop Robert Stryk from getting elected. They flew someone across country to stay in their resort for free because they thought they were going to get some dirt on Mr. Stryk.

Problem – the “informant” was still a friend of Stryk’s. Problem 2 – the Congressman, Mike Thompson (who voted for socialized medicine tonight) hired a new PI and got embarrassed again.

Stryk is a rookie at a political campaign – but I will credit him for being one tough cookie. The powers that be are fighting like hell to keep their power…

This is Robert’s latest campaign email (unedited)-

Dear Friends,

Less then 48 hours ago, a secret meeting was adjourned in the offices of David Shipman, the G.M. of the Villagio Properties. The participants in the meeting were Kerry Egan, Owner Representative of the Villagio, David Shipman, Dawn King (Private Investigator hired by Kerry Egan) Sharon Stennas of the Yountville Sun and Jillian Jones of the Napa Valley Register.

They were all coming together for what they thought was a Confidential Informant from Washington D.C. that Dawn King the Private Investigator had contacted weeks prior and communicated to the group that this Informant would be able to provide “Dirt” on myself.

This alone was enough to entice Kerry Egan and David Shipman to pay for him a Suite at the Villagio, provide him a bottle of free wine in the room and leave him a welcome note containing the hand-written signature of David Shipman.

Email records will show that these individuals (minus Jillian Jones of the Napa Valley Register) as well as many others, most notably a member of the Napa Valley Sheriff’s Department are part of a massive effort to discredit and spread lies about myself.

Upon entering the lobby of the Villagio, Sharon Stennas introduced herself to the groups Informant whom she mistakenly indentified as a member of the Napa Valley Sheriff’s Department who she expected to also be in attendance and said, “I think we are going to the same meeting.”.

During this meeting, Kerry Egan confidently asked the reporters when he was going to see his articles.

After the meeting adjourned, Sharon Stennas of the Yountville Sun placed a an emergency call to David Shipman that there supposed Informant was actually a friend of mine. The individual was threatened over the phone by David Shipman in the middle of the night and then promptly escorted out of the hotel, again, in the dead of the night.

This action alone shows the Sharon Stennas, Kerry Egan and David Shipman have been colluding to use her “Suspended Corporation” the Yountville Sun as a tool to spread vicious lies about me. Mrs. Stennas has been corrupted and for the second time I ask her to quit printing this illegal newsletter.

Friends, for months I have been telling you that Yountville needs new leadership. I have been telling you that Yountville needs a leader who has the power and the vigor to stand up to these enemies of change.  Well my friends, I am that person.

This is an urgent plea. I am asking you to spread the word to all of your friends and family about what is going on. Over the next few weeks I am organizing an event where all of the citizens of Yountville can hear and see for themselves what is going on. The people of Yountville need to know and deserve to know what is going on in there community.

Please tell your friends that no matter the level of intimidation, lies and threats I will not give up. Come June 12th, my name, Robert Stryk will be on the ballot to earn your vote to be the next Mayor of Yountville.

Until then all of us must start asking the following questions.

What is Kerry Egan and others hiding?
What are they trying to protect?
Why are they spending all this money and time?
Why are they having “Secret Meetings” about my candidacy?
Why are they spreading lies?

Folks, this stinks.

Feb 212010

Recently, the Flashreport lit up Robert Stryk who is running for Mayor of Yountville. Yountville… say it rapidly, then look for it on a map.

Think Napa County – where all the wine is. Jon Fleischman writes that his second passion in life after politics is Wine, therefore, he is interested in Yountville.

Robert Stryk is a newcomer to elections – but is registered as a lobbyist in Washington D.C. He is a legal arms dealer and has to deal with members of Congress frequently. Stryk worked for J.D. Hayworth and Jim Colby – both former Republican Congressmen from Arizona.

Recently, Conservative ICON Lynn Westmoreland nominated Stryk for an appointment to DETAG. DETAG is one of those alphabet-soup committees in D.C. that deals with National Security issues.

As a result of the fraudulent transparency rules of Obama, everyone that talks to Congressman about “business” has to register as a lobbyist. This is an easy shot to take until you look further-

In his hit piece against Robert Stryk – he features information about a lawsuit ten years ago between Stryk and John Greene a former business partner.

Greene is a former Senate Leader in Arizona, who settled the Lawsuit and remains a mentor and close friend to this day of Mr. Stryk – yet Fleischman fails to mention this even though 2/3 of his post about Stryk focuses on the lawsuit.

Stryk is 34 and looking to settle down – this is what he told me when I spoke to him. Fair enough. He wants to run for Mayor of Yountville because he sees some issues.

Why does a town of 3,000 have 30 public employees? Why are a significant number of those employees related to members of the city council? Why is there an 11-member parks and recreation department staff?

Why does a town of 3,000 see fit to drop $52 million on a visitor center?

Why is the vice-mayor (Stryk’s Opponent) getting a pass for being a “Republican” who is a Mike Thompson Donor and Mike Thompson Endorser?

Obviously, someone other than Jon Fleischman is concerned about Mr. Stryk. Mike Thompson’s Pac hired a Private Investigator to dig into Robert Stryk. Jon stopped at using Lexus Nexus – but Stryk’s opponents, all of them liberals and Democrats… are pulling out all the stops.

Adding to the absurdity – the local “paper” that is attacking Robert Stryk is on the Secretary of State’s list of suspended Corporations. (For failure to pay taxes?) The Paper calls itself the Yountville Sun.

Yountville has issues – I am thinking that this “lobbyist” just might be the enema the good ‘ol Boy’s network in Yountville needs.

Man, I’m glad I don’t drink – I drive right through that area on my way to the coast…