Apr 072012

Dan Hughes. Bold New stupidity for California.

Today’s installment of the Orly, Moe and Curly show:

The Sacramento Bee mocked Dan Hughes’ campaign email – albeit, not nearly as aggressively as claiming brain damage, but the Bee wrote:

The Buzz: GOP rival of Dianne Feinstein crows about polling at 2 percent

Epic Fail.

Dan Hughes qualifies for a political Darwin Award.

Not unlike the 2008 winner that attempted to get free electricity by jumping a live, hot 2,000,000 volt wire… (they found him four blocks over, burnt to a crisp) Mr. Hughes seems to enjoy standing in a tub of political gasoline with matches screaming for people to notice him.

I am running a poll to see if my Kidney Stones get more votes than Dan Hughes in June. One thing I can guarantee people about my polling data: It will be more accurate than Richard Ramirez’ polling data.

The Sacramento Bee finishes today’s installment of  Amateur Night:

Dan Hughes, who tied fellow Republican Elizabeth Emken with 2 percent backing, fired off a donation solicitation last Friday carrying the subject line “A New Poll … Shows Me Ahead!”

Perhaps the true credit for second place at this point in the race should be given to “undecided.”

That was the answer given by 30 percent of respondents.


Dan Hughes for US Senate – Bold New Tax Shelters?

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Mar 262012

Bold new solutions for America, I mean, California. I had to look at Hughes’ website and it occurred to me… even his campaign theme was ripped off, from Herman Cain.

Dan Hughes ripped off the idea for a campaign email from the Catholic Church.

Dan Hughes ripped off the taxpayers with over $11,000 in tax liens.

If you take a closer look at Hughes’ corporations – you’ll see that even that isn’t a new idea. If you listen to talk radio you hear ad after ad about Nevada or Delaware Corporations…

… it appears that Dan Hughes listened to them, too.

He’ll tell you that he is a job creator – and I believe it, he has the tax liens to prove that he is a successful ‘manager’ of finances.

He is also adept at avoiding taxes the old-fashioned way (other than simply not paying them):

DAV Healthcare Services, Inc. was registered in Florida and based in San Diego.

Coast Environmental, Inc – a stone-cold Nevada Corporation

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc… I don’t see it on the California Secretary of State’s website – so I’d guess this one is a Delaware Corp to round out the three piece set.

Hughes has given his campaign $50,000. I am starting to wonder why…

Dianne Feinstein knows a few things about Tax shelters – enough to know how to avoid tax liens and bloggers. Imagine if Orly, Moe or Curly got in to the runoff with Feinstein???

I think she’d give Dan Hughes a facepalm in November.

Mar 252012

I really am feeling sorry for Elizabeth Emken.

The candidates surrounding her include Orly “Birther” Taitz, Richard Ramirez,  Dan Hughes. Heretofore referred to Orly, Moe and Curly.

If you take a trip to Dan Hughes website – you are greeted by a cheezy self-video about “Bold New Solutions for California”.
In my spirit of trying to help Mr. Hughes with his spiritual life – I had suggested that he attend confession in an earlier post. I’d like to suggest that Mr. Hughes invest a few bucks in paying his taxes.

Even the Bible says, “Render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s”

Mr. Hughes has a long string of disobeying the words of Jesus:

Over the past three years, Hughes’ corporations have failed to pay multiple tax bills and have accrued tax liens.

DAV Healthcare Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 7/21/11 – $1,273

Coast Environmental, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 8/18/2010 – $1,422

Coast Environmental, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 11/4/2009 – $1,885

For those of you scoring at home: $4580.

But wait, there’s more:

Hughes’ corporation, Coast Environmental, owns real estate properties with “DBA Western Medical Gas Services” and also appears jointly on tax liens with the WMGS corporation.  Western Medical  Gas Services has had three California tax liens filed against them worth a grand total of $6,612:

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 7/25/11 – $3,511

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 4/21/95 – $86

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 8/8/94 – $3,015

That’s $11,192.

Now Hughes has lent / given / contributed $50,000 to his US Senate Campaign. I’d like to suggest as a practical matter that he take some of that money and pay his taxes!!!

… then go back to confession again.

I’m glad to help, because Dianne Feinstein sure won’t…

Mar 232012

What would you think if a candidate walked in to the room and told a pro-choice group, endorse me! I’m a conservative!!!

That’s exactly what the latest slash from Richard Ramirez said and did.

In Ramirez’ latest email he uses the word CONSERVATIVE in bold type three times.

I need to remind Ramirez that the CCR – the group he is courting with this latest email – broke off from CRA essentially over an ideological dispute years ago.

Secondly – Richard Ramirez mentions Orly in his email again!!! I guess the Ramirez campaign really does believe their own unscientific polling data, or he has a crush on Orly and is trying to use his campaign to help her…

Third – don’t tell a bunch of old White guys you’re the only candidate running that can reach out to Latinos and speak to them in their own language! From, me to you, Ramirez – I grew up in Fresno, ?me entiendes? – !hay alguienes de estes hueros que pueden hablar la idioma!

And Fourth – you advertise that you support the current CRP platform. The CCR membership fought for the Charles Munger platform.

Epic Fail.

Richard Ramirez is just not ready for prime-time – and Dianne Feinstein would give you a facepalm big-time.


Dan Hughes to Attend Confession before Religious Freedom Rally?

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Mar 222012

Update 4/13 – I spoke with Dan Hughes on the phone who assured me he had the permission of his local Catholic Bishop to cut and paste the email and re-send it. Fair enough. Feinstein certainly would not be truthful about this or even care.

On the heels of the most insane polling data from Richard Ramirez showing that even a penniless candidate can manufacture 15% support – we have a campaign email from Dan Hughes, A warrior with Bold Solutions for California.

Look at his website – he will tell you so. Dan Hughes who looks about 22 years old has bold solutions for California. He even has the endorsement of the information minister – former Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore who skipped out on California. (more on skipping out of California later)

Your intrepid blogger would like to extend a helping hand to Mr. Hughes.

Plagiarism is a sin. I’d like to suggest that Mr. Hughes attend confession before heading out to the San Diego religious freedom rally.

Mr. Hughes sent out a campaign email announcing his attendance at the March 23rd Religious Freedom Rally in San Diego while plagiarizing the content of a March 14th news release from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

You can read Mr. Hughes Bold, new email from today as well if you like.

If you wasted 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back you will realize that Mr. Hughes, bold new solutions for California involve using Microsoft Notepad to cut and paste content from one website to your own without attribution. That is called plagiarism.

I, too believe in Religious freedom – including redemption – unfortunately for Mr. Hughes, tomorrow is not the Day of Atonement. Therefore, I’d like to refer Mr. Hughes to the local diocese for confession before heading out to the rally so he can be congruent.

Now that’s a bold new solution for California.

Hat Tip – Chris Emami and the OC political blog for being the first to point this out.