Mar 122017

For those of you not aware – in 2018 the Democrat Party will accomplish another one of their social engineering goals. Electricity rates will basically double statewide as the State Changes to a 2 Tier Electrical Rating System.

I recently received a notice that my water rates are going up 16% and sewer rates 14% over the next two years. The notice was clear that the rate increase was due to state mandates.

This is the psychosis of Sacramento where tin-horn demagogues like Kevin De Leon (who has illegal alien family members here in California) and Ricardo Lara are in a pitched battle to see who can get the crown for the worst bill in State History passed.

Kevin De Leon has decided to go for broke with a bill mandating 100% Renewable Energy in California by 2050. Renewable energy is stuff like Solar and Wind Power. Solar Panels wear out in 5-10 years, Wind turbines break frequently (and GASP! kill birds) and both methods are subject to the weather. Note – Dams that let water run over turbines do not count.

CA residential electricity costs an average of 42.3% more per kWh than the national average. CA commercial rates are 51.8% higher.  For industrial use, CA electricity is an astonishing 93.6% higher than the national average (July, 2016). The difference is growing between CA and the national average.

Another thing that is absurdly expensive in California? Housing. Thanks to people like Victor Bekhet, Sierra Watch and others that file CEQA lawsuits to thwart development and of course the psychos in Sacramento, there is amazingly a housing crisis in California despite the mass exodus of people. California has 38% of the Welfare cases in America and apparently, the dependent class has nowhere to live. Read more here.

The 2017-18 Governor’s Budget detailed Brown’s intention of phasing out the Middle Class Scholarship program, which assists students who come from households with a combined income of $156,000 or less with 40 per cent of their tuition costs.

But not getting cut is the funding for illegal alien DREAMers. This is where the California Left is.

Paul Golaszewski, Principal Fiscal & Policy Analyst for the LAO, told Campus Reform that the DREAM Act is going to cost California taxpayers $88.6 million in fiscal year 2017/18.

The total savings from screwing the middle class citizens? $111 Million. Total.

The state is $2 Billion in the hole still. Read the article here.

The State of CA is taking steps to make sure all the regulations Donald Trump is rolling back get re-encoded in State Law. Apparently, those in Charge of California want to have over 50% of the welfare cases in this state.

Introduced into the California Senate by Senate leader Kevin de Leon and Henry Stern, SB 49 is designed to protect California if there are rollbacks of major federal environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act by making current standards enforceable as baselines under state law.

Why am I not surprised to see Kevin De Leon as the author of this?

Read more here about this and 5 other Water-Related Bills as the insanity rolls on.

Today’s Installment of Bad Bills – Every Year It Gets Worse!

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May 282015

SB04 – Medi-Cal for Non-Citizens. Will cost Citizens $740M -$1.2B a year in California. Last time I checked, the state is still in the hole financially?

AB775 – would force Crisis Pregnancy Centers to promote abortion. (If you can force Christian Bakers / Photographers in to “sensitivity training” for not doing gay weddings, then why not force other Christians to offer abortions too?)

SB716 – Would Ban The Use of Commonly Used “Guiding Staffs” in the Training of Elephants! (Don’t these morons have better things to do with the state in turmoil?)

SB128 – Assisted Suicide. With murdering Unborn Children elevated to a sacrament by the left, why not help usher in Euthanasia?

SD151 / SD140 – further restrictions on smoking. Let’s see, legalize dope but restrict tobacco severely… how consistent.

BOUNS – Don’t forget the annual effort to jack up inflation ( I mean minimum wage) and tie that wage to inflation! Brilliant! (who cares what the bill number is, it will be back)

AB465 – takes away option from Employers to require arbitration for employment disputes. This will make lawsuits easier to file.

AB357 – requires TWO WEEKS NOTICE to change an employee’s schedule! This is called communism, telling businesses how to run their business.

… and a brilliant bill mandating Double Pay for employees that work in Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s author decries consumerism. (aka – her intent is to use government to force California Businesses to close on those days)

News Update 3-31-2015 State and Federal – A few actions of government we can support!

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Mar 312015

AB23 – A bill we can actually support! Eliminates the cap and trade taxes on Gasoline / Fuel. How much you want to bet this gets killed in committee?

No Surprise here – Girls are outclassing Boys in education. Makes perfect sense given what society has been doing to men for the last 40 years.

Check out three of deserter Bowe Bergdahl’s former service-mates here ripping in to him . To think, we traded that loser for five gitmo hardened terrorists.

Take a look at this link for real information on the defense of religious freedom act just passed in Indiana. It flies in the face of the hate speech rhetoric.

How big is government in the US? Try 41.4% of our GDP!

Congress is taking on the Anti-Coal psychos in government. Finally.

Imgaine that! The NSA collected thousands of emails from people not on any terror list!

And a snippet from John Eastman’s Group:

In Texas v. United States a federal judge blocked President Obama’s order granting deferred deportation status to 4 million illegal immigrants. Texas—joined by 25 other states—argues the Administration circumvented Congress to change immigration law through executive action. In an unusual move last week, the 5th Circuit scheduled oral arguments to consider whether to stay the injunction.

Wisconsin is in the final stages of a hard-fought battle to protect its ballot boxes. In 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged the real risk that voter fraud could affect a close election’s outcome, citing Wisconsin’s experience with voter fraud. In 2011, Wisconsin passed a statute requiring voters to present photo ID at the polls. Opponents of the measure quickly filed 4 actions in state and federal courts. Last week the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the last of these cases: Frank v. Walker.


Do You Like Hidden Taxes and Assisted Suicide? Welcome to the current CA legislative session!

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Mar 252015

It’s Baaaaack – SB128 the “Death with Dignity Bill” is back. This apocalyptic bill will allow the family doctor to become an executioner in the name of terminally ill patients. What could possibly go wrong?

BTW- disability rights activists who are pretty far left have this issue on their radar. Google “Not Dead Yet”. They fear being targets of cost-cutting measures under socialized medicine. This is the natural next step if this “mild form of euthenasia” is legalized.

High Speed Rail? It’s very much alive and is siphoning money out of the state budget.

Your Gas Prices got jacked up at least $.12 a gallon starting 1/1/2015. That is just the beginning. Be sure to look at who bankrolled No on Prop 23, which would have overturned AB32 (the global warming bill that created cap and trade). You will see PG&E went in for $1million. Why? Higher energy prices boost profits, how green of them!

Wait until you have to replace your furnace! Thanks to PG&E and others support of AB32, new regulations may require complete replacement of ducting when your furnace goes out! Just because your home is newer does not mean you are safe.

AB1335 – a massive Real Estate Tax Increase is working its’ way up the food-chain. Try adding a new $75 tax to every single document that gets filed! Ostensibly, these taxes are to fund affordable housing – see also a giveaway to labor unions who would construct such projects as state law gives Unions a monopoly on them.

As we posted previously, extreme leftist billionaire George Soros funded the Yes on Prop 47 campaign. Prop 47 made a ton of felonies in to misdemeanors. As a result, of course said crimes are exploding all over the state. Now, even the morons in Sacramento are waking up to the brutal reality and are trying to fix parts of prop 47.

Thank you for reading… more coming soon (ugh).