Today’s Installment of Bad Bills – Every Year It Gets Worse!

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May 282015

SB04 – Medi-Cal for Non-Citizens. Will cost Citizens $740M -$1.2B a year in California. Last time I checked, the state is still in the hole financially?

AB775 – would force Crisis Pregnancy Centers to promote abortion. (If you can force Christian Bakers / Photographers in to “sensitivity training” for not doing gay weddings, then why not force other Christians to offer abortions too?)

SB716 – Would Ban The Use of Commonly Used “Guiding Staffs” in the Training of Elephants! (Don’t these morons have better things to do with the state in turmoil?)

SB128 – Assisted Suicide. With murdering Unborn Children elevated to a sacrament by the left, why not help usher in Euthanasia?

SD151 / SD140 – further restrictions on smoking. Let’s see, legalize dope but restrict tobacco severely… how consistent.

BOUNS – Don’t forget the annual effort to jack up inflation ( I mean minimum wage) and tie that wage to inflation! Brilliant! (who cares what the bill number is, it will be back)

AB465 – takes away option from Employers to require arbitration for employment disputes. This will make lawsuits easier to file.

AB357 – requires TWO WEEKS NOTICE to change an employee’s schedule! This is called communism, telling businesses how to run their business.

… and a brilliant bill mandating Double Pay for employees that work in Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s author decries consumerism. (aka – her intent is to use government to force California Businesses to close on those days)

Mar 292012

I took due note of some of the questions.

1. They were primarily interested in the Paycheck Protection and the Jerry Brown Tax Increase measures.

2. They asked my opinion of Obama, Brown and only Mitt Romney on the Republican Side. They did ask opinions of the Parties themselves.

3. They of course asked a ton of questions about Government Spending and Regulation vs Spending on Police and Fire… and they asked several of the same questions 2-4 different ways interspersed throughout the poll. It was quite sophisticated and expensive.

4. They of course asked if I owned Guns, went to church, etc… just like Obamacare regulations require of people going to Emergency Rooms.

The people that commissioned this poll were certainly fishing for ways to deceive voters in to screwing themselves this fall…

Your Government in Action – State Fund Phone Number 1-888-WHAT!?

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Sep 072011

I got this from the Work Comp Executive and almost fell out of my chair. The link is broken to the article on line, so I am re-posting the email in its’ entirety.

State Compensation Insurance Fund employees who choose to avail themselves of the carrier’s customer support toll free number (888) STATEFUND better hope the number isn’t symbolic of the support they would receive on the other end. What State Fund employees have discovered is that you don’t have to dial all 9 letters. 1-888-STATE FU will suffice.

The number appears on the customer support page of its website. And for employees facing upheaval under State Fund’s agency-wide consolidation plan, it seems emblematic of their future prospects. But there is no indication of subliminal messaging. No intentional flip off here.

“We have used this number in the past, but not state-wide. The number is easy to remember and our goal is to make it easy for customers to reach us,” State Fund spokeswoman Jennifer Vargen tells Workers’ Comp Executive. Vargen says that to her knowledge, no one has complained about the number.

According to state sources, 1 888 STATE FU is being greeted with some derisive chuckling from State Fund employees, who find it ironic that such a phone number is being put to state-wide use after State Fund’s announced consolidation.

Faced with a declining premium base, State Fund has begun the process of downsizing its operations, closing several offices and transferring employees to other geographic locations. Many employees are faced with lengthy commutes, difficult moves or finding new jobs in a perilous economy.

According to the musings of The State Worker blog, the phone number has become a running joke with State Fund employees. “Are you worried about your job? Just call 1 (888) STATE FU.”

When State Fund announced its consolidation, some employees were inclined to tell State Fund management the same thing. The Service Employees International Union, State Fund’s largest union, has accused management of engaging in de facto layoffs with its consolidation plan. Because many employees will not be able to make the change, they’ll just leave. When State Fund announced its plan at the end of last year, rank and file employees complained that they weren’t valued.

State Fund’s plan is expected to affect some 1,400 employees over three years, but earlier this year State Fund struck a deal with SEIU to lessen the impact to employees. Provisions of the deal include paid time off for employees relocating to take care of various aspects of the move. Employees who choose not to move will also receive paid time off to assist in their job searches.

Vargen says, overall, the moves are going very smoothly and all 2011 moves are on schedule to be completed by the end of the month.


And now for the Latest Labor Union Dirty Trick

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Jul 292011

The latest is claiming if you sign a petition for a referendum or ballot measure, you could be at risk for identity theft.

The Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert just posted a story on a new radio ad being aired by a shadowy group claiming as such.

Now these are the battles we should be fighting.

Excerpting the article:

The spot claims to be paid for by a group called “Californians Against Identity Theft.” The coalition has no website and has not filed a campaign committee with the Secretary of State, though the content of the ad likely would not trigger disclosure requirements because it does not mention a specific measure or candidate.

The group does not appear to have any ties to legitimate organizations dedicated to protecting consumers from identity theft. A spokeswoman for the San Diego-based Identity Theft Resource Center disputed the premise of the ad.

Later in the article is this gem:
Derek Cressman of government watchdog group Common Cause said he was “hard pressed” think of a situation where signing an initiative petition led to identity theft. He said the ad sounded like an attempt to “provoke a fear” to discourage people from signing petitions.
And then there is the SEIU – imagine that…

Supporters of the so-called “paycheck protection” measure, which would also restrict political contributions by unions and corporations, have reported spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid signature gatherers to secure a spot on next year’s ballot. The effort has sparked at least one labor-backed campaign to prevent the measure from qualifying.

SEIU California is dispatching its own representatives to the streets to persuade voters not to sign petitions. The union has sent members a toll-free number to report canvassers circulating petitions for the measure, urging them to dial in “if you see someone trying to fool voters in your community into signing away our rights.”




Stupidity Alert: California Wants to Tax the Internet (again)

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Jan 282011

So, the heroin addicts in the California State Legislature want to tax the internet.

Not only is it a violation of interstate commerce – but it will run even more businesses out of California.

Nancy Skinner – whose most recent accomplishment was participating in giving Cal-Osha Pharoh-like powers over businesses in California… is at it again. Like an addict whose life is 100% dedicated to getting another fix – she has brought her tax-the-internet bill back.

Now that Jerry Brown is Governor – she thinks he will sign a bill so bad that even Arnold vetoed it.

Heaven forbid we get rid of overpaid government workers with outrageous benefits or cut welfare…