Mar 302017

For those of you wondering why I am writing about the demise of the CRA so much, it is pretty straightforward. The malcontents and the bathroom boys that threw George and I out of the CRA publicly proclaimed a manifesto of grievances in a rigged hearing in May of 2015 in order to project their bad behavior onto George and I. Donald Trump has proven that the only way to deal with liars (particularly the media) is to hammer them repeatedly until they change their narrative, then hammer them again until they go away. (They will never apologize or retract as that is a fate worse than death for the self-righteous)

Secondly, and more importantly, bombshells manifest at the just concluded CRA Convention. The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson told the gathered CRA Board that the CRA is down to 41 units, with only 31 being in good standing. This is significant. When George and I were expelled, there were 54 Units. My understanding is that only 20 units were represented with delegates at the 2017 Convention. In 2013, there were 162 delegates for a contested election and 137 in 2015 (with 220 credentialed) with the CRA Presidency not contested. IN 2017, there were 54 on Saturday, later increased to 62 by Sunday Morning. The total number Credentialed was 130.

When we were expelled from CRA, we believed that the membership had dipped below 1000, even though there were around 1200 names on the list. If you remove the 50 or so board members from the credentials list, this leaves some 80 available delegates. Anyone with an understanding of the CRA’s rules and math will deduce that this means the CRA is at 500-600 members statewide. Half the delegates gone. Half the members gone. In their minds, it is all George and Aaron’s fault.

For whatever reason, despite the wholesale collapse of the CRA – they thought it was wise to try to scuttle the charter of the CIR at the CA GOP Convention. If you think about it, it makes sense. I’ve been using Thomas N Hudson like a punching bag, similar to what Trump has been doing to the National Media. As a result, Hudson is on tilt. If you look at the attached picture, the happier he gets, the larger he gets. The CRA could not stop a nosebleed let alone a motion on the floor of the CRP convention.

The “charges” brought against us by the Bathroom Boys, Tom Hudson and others included harassing “good” CRA units. The linchpin of this was the fraudulent Nevada RA which was basically a zombie designed to muck up CRA endorsements (namely to nullify Placer, which at the time was hostile to incumbents). The conclusion I believe is since Mr. Hudson is a government employee, it was in his interest to support incumbents and he fought to keep the Nevada RA under wraps even as real people wanted to join it.

The Nevada RA is basically gone now. It is being kept alive on paper, in my opinion to assuage the bruised ego of Thomas N Hudson. Hudson fought all attempts to legitimize CRA and get units in to a status where they were real. He fought attempts to deal with the rampant fraud and cheating. The Nevada RA has not noticed a meeting, but they did send delegates in 2017 to the convention. I am also unaware that they did anything in 2016. The “President” of the Nevada RA, is a scumbag lawyer in the mold Mr. Hudson was an author of a complaint against George and I. Their collapse is a vindication of us (Whether they sent delegates or not).

Here we are, still standing with a healthy, viable organization and there they are in a papered over leper colony. (Please Note, I still live in California. If you’ve heard anything different, it is a lie.)

Sutter-Yuba? Just like with Placer 2 years ago, they surrendered their Charter with CRA. Just like with Placer 2 years ago, Hudson led an effort to refuse to accept the surrender. Again, these are right in Hudson’s backyard. Hudson needs to cover this #EPICFAILURE up in order to cover his ego. He claimed that there were 4 people wanting to keep the S-Y unit alive. I bet those people exist in his drunken fantasies.

Hudson appeared to be pretty miserable the weekend of the CRA Convention as the collapse of the organization has become real. Several people I have spoken to over the last three months have told me that Hudson’s explosive temper has been in full effect against a variety of people.

El Dorado? Reports from that county show that the unit can’t make quorum most of the time when they meet now.
Sacramento? It has been a listless shell with no more than 15 members at any time in the last 10 years
Placer? It is a remnant kept alive only by Thomas N Hudson’s ego, Ed Rowen’s duplicity and God knows what from Damian Fussell (who is very much a liberal Republican to the left of most in the GOP) all three are pictured above. (Rowen on far left, Hudson fills the Right half of the photo and Damian is in the middle)

Cosumnes RA? a 15 member shell, maybe 20 tops.
Contra Costa RA? Gone.
San Francisco RA? Gone.
Yolo RA? Gone.

The San Joaquin RA claims it is the largest Unit in the CRA at 75 members. (Two CIR Units are larger than 75) While the Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister claimed a Unit in Orange County had near 100 members at the recent state convention, perhaps they (douchemaker and crew in SJ) can have a big fat board fight and expel more members in a fight for the kingdom over this very issue. The SJRA managed 12 people at a recent meeting.

Stanislaus? No one went to convention. Membership around 15
Kings? Gone.
Fresno? The host unit of the CRA Convention is a 15 member shell.
Kern River Valley – Gone

The Porterville RA? 40 members tops, some of whom George and I discovered are white supremacists. Lovely, huh? (We raised the issue at a past board meeting and the two members were still on the books at the time of our expulsion)

AS the wholesale collapse of the CRA is statewide, this post is split in two parts. The second part will follow shortly.


Jim Nielsen: The Poster Child for CRA Reform

 California Republican Assembly, Jim Nielsen  Comments Off on Jim Nielsen: The Poster Child for CRA Reform
Aug 112011

There has been a ton of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the California Republican Party Platform recently and the CRA’s recent upheaval.

There is a connection now – provided to us by Moderate Republican Assemblyman Jim Nielsen.

Nielsen was endorsed by CRA in 2008 and 2010. One of those times, Nielsen was endorsed over current Shasta RA President “Colonel Pete” Stiglich. Another time, it was over retired Marine Colonel and CRA member Charlie Schaupp.

There are many that argue about Nielsen’s contributions to the Republican Party and about his Conservative record. A quick look at the 2009 and 2010 CRA scorecard shows Nielsen checking in with some of the lowest CRA scores this side of Abel Maldonado. Nielsen finished with 72% in 2009 and 76% in 2010.

Nielsen also made the motion to adopt the completely gutted CRP platform as proposed by the drafting committee. Despite Jim Nielsen’s attempts at spin control – people were there, people observed his votes against re-inserting pro-life and pro-gun language in to the platform.

Click here to see an in-depth analysis of the Jim Nielsen CRP Platform. (Hat tip to CRA Senate Director Rohit Joy)

By comparison – Assemblymember Dan Logue who was not endorsed by CRA in 2008 scored 94% in both 2009 and 2010.

How would a moderate who presided over the destruction of the CRP Platform, who voted to expand Mello-Roos taxes, who voted to tax blueberries, voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot, etc. Get a CRA endorsement twice?

The Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, South Butte, Yolo, Yuba CRA – that’s how.

The Sutter, Tehama, Yolo and Yuba RA were chartered by former CRA members in 2007 and maintained by them to control CRA endorsements in the North State. Currently, the Sutter RA is run by real CRA members, the Tehama RA (which is run by Jim Nielsen’s district director) is under scrutiny and the Yuba and Yolo RA were de-chartered for gross fraud at the 7/23/2011 CRA board meeting.

The Siskiyou RA and the South Butte RA were chartered in 2009 by the same former CRA members in order to make sure no endorsement would occur in a hotly contested primary. The South Butte RA is currently in jeopardy and the Siskiyou RA has since been taken over by real CRA members.

The Siskiyou, Tehama, South Butte, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba RA’s also sent college students as CRA delegates to the 2010 Buena Park CRA Convention to support Meg Whitman.

This is how a moderate like Jim Nielsen got a CRA endorsement – a string of dubious CRA units, including several that are proven frauds.

Jim Nielsen’s CRA endorsement is the most prominent case for CRA reform today. I am hopeful that real CRA members will lock arms in a common effort to reform CRA so that this kind of fraud and manipulation will not happen again.

(Note: Yuba did not have jurisdiction in AD02 – but the other 5 units provided the necessary delegates to override the other legitimate units in the district. In addition, The Glenn and Colusa RA abstained at the 2010 local CRA endorsing convention)

Jan 282011

I couldn’t agree more.

Calpeek did a blurb on the AD-04 race that featured John Allard mostly with mentions of the other candidates.

The third paragraph in the entry was the best…

…Allard seems to be distributing the most news releases. His
most recent ones tout the endorsements of Assemblymembers
Dan Logue and Kristin Olsen; former Assemblyman Rick Keene
and former State Senators Sam Aanestad and Tim Leslie.
perhaps Allard’s best endorsement is from the Calif. Republican
Assembly (CRA)
CRA is the state’s oldest and largest GOP
volunteer organization
. Haven’t received any news releases
from Beth Gaines in the last two weeks. The other candidates
must not have press operations. Stay tuned…

The CRA is not the largest – the Women Federated is… but we are the largest that will pre-primary endorse and we (the CRA) are noted to be staunchly Conservative.