Jan 212020

Mike Garcia has a few problems. He has no name ID. He also has a T-Word Problem. I’ve looked at his social media and about a dozen campaign emails, not a single mention of President Trump by name. He is a Republican Refusenik.

Perhaps his consultants were taking cues from the Trump-Hating Steve Knight whose idiotic strategy in 2018 helped increase his margin of defeat. (ahem, even leftist polls show 95% GOP support of the President)

Allow your intrepid blogger to provide some unsoliticted advice.

Trying to look like a democrat when you are a Republican is idiotic. Democrats know who the real thing is (even if the democrat is a brainless marionette of leadership)

I am not so sure if in today’s world this is a wise move to advertise in one’s campaign. Perhaps Buck McKeon (Garcia’s top booster) has a Mitt Romney Complex?

John McCain has been outed as the conduit who sent the infamous dossier to the media once the corrupt FBI decided even they could not use it against PRESIDENT Trump. (say it Mike, I know you can do it)

Now – allow your intrepid blogger to give you two real world examples of Republican Leaders who understand the significance of 95% approval within the GOP.

If you look at Congressman LaMalfa’s social media, it has a lot of mentions of PRESIDENT TRUMP by name. (CA-01)

And here is Congressman McClintock (CA-04) with PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Dec 192019

The bottom line – there is a McCarthy versus Buck McKeon whizzing match in CA-25. It appears that neither camp is paying attention to the fact that the democrats have an advantage there.

First off Suzette Martinez-Valladares is now the CAGOP Endorsed candidate in AD-38. However, she was originally looking at Congress until team McKeon informed her they had a candidate. The field was apparently cleared in AD-38 and Suzette has picked up all the endorsements that really matter (save a few) in that tilt.

Suzette was not the only viable candidate that was a casualty of the control freak war.

Kevin McCarthy strikes again

I am not a fan of Mike Garcia. I am even less of a fan of retread candidates – such as 4 time loser Suzanne Jones or 5 time loser Tim Donnelly. Until George Papadopoulos entered the Congressional Race, it had all been about the Buck McKeon vs Kevin McCarthy whizzing match. While Steve Knight is only on his first retread, he is a retread nevertheless and as much of a sock puppet as Mike Garcia is.

It is alleged that in 2010 when the “Citizens Re-Districting Commission” was hijacked by the labor unions and the ridiculous congressional districts were drawn that McCarthy killed a lawsuit against the districts because he liked his own district so much. (It is about the only super-safe R seat in California) I remember the conversations with many and I get reminded of this every time I see McCarthy attempt to meddle in a Congressional District Race in California.

Kevin McCarthy is alleged to have dragged Steve Knight back in to the CA-25 race. Apparently Knight missed the memo that no one remembers his father anymore. Knight lost by over 10 points to scandal marred sex addict (my opinion of her) Katie Hill. Go away Steve all you’re doing is draining resources out of the other viable Republicans.

If Kevin McCarthy actually delivers anything to Steve Knight, it would be the first time I ever saw McCarthy fund a candidate other than himself. (In California that is)

Another well-qualified candidate by the name of Angela Underwood-Jacobs was effectively muscled out by the entry of Steve Knight in to the race. Angela’s campaign people had basically cut a deal with Suzette Martinez-Valladares to get her to roll over to the AD-38 Race earlier only to get Knighted by McCarthy.

Part of the nexus behind Buck McKeon recruiting and backing Mike Garcia is his visceral hatred of Scott Wilk. McKeon and crew were convinced that Scott Wilk was going to bail out of the State Senate and run for Congress – even as Wilk was amassing a warchest.

In the grandest of ironies – the CRA people that introduced me to Wilk when he ran for Assembly and beat the McKeon machine were also the leaders of the Coup in 2015 that ended up with your intrepid blogger being banned from the CRA. They have all moved out of California and I am still here.

I was proud to help Scott Wilk beat the McKeon machine when he got elected to the Assembly in the first place. Unfortunately, Steve Knight is the wrong antedote to the McKeon machine. He is about as inspiring as Capser Milquetoast.

This brings me to George Popadopalous. He has as much name ID as Katie Hill does at this point – and it is about to turn positive as the FBI and DOJ Scandal targeting the President Trump campaign is unfolding. It is likely that President Trump has not endorsed Popadopalous yet because McCarthy is nibbling on his ear to stay out.

Meantime, your democratic field is Christy Smith and Cenk “Fat Brown Buffalo” Uygur. Christy Smith is going to try unsuccessfully to reinvent herself as a moderate, when she is basically a straight faithful version of the far-left millennial poster child Hill. Cenk Uygur is a trainwreck whose multiple on camera incidents will help push the vacuous leadership darling Christy Smith in to the runoff.

Enjoy Cenk talking about legalizing bestiality.

At least we were spared Mike Thernovitch.

Should George Popadopalous make the runoff against the DCCC Puppet Christy Smith it will be cast as Trump vs (Dem nominee). Mike Garcia and Steve Knight have no such history or pedigree as Knight tried to distance himself from Trump in 2018 and Mike Garcia is avoiding the issue even today…

To be continued.

Dec 132019

CA-25 is the congressional district vacated by Katie Hill post scandal.


Thanks to Scott Lay and Around the Capitol we know this is the field in CA-25. Maybe some of the also-rans drop off by the time filing is certificed. Let’s look at the “Top” Candidates: (Note: CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District)

Christy Smith – she is an empty shirt pretty faced type of candidate that Dem Leadership love. (Similar to Kevin McCarthy who tends to prefer candidates he can control, the Democrats have institutionalized that system) She has skipped some floor votes to create the false impression that she is a moderate.

Don’t kid yourself, she is Katie Hill minus the sex addiction.

Cenk Uygur – the Fat Brown Buffalo is a blowhard TV Jock who sees himself as a modern day cross between Kemal Mostafa and Rashida Tlaib/Ilham Omar. Cenk is a Jewish Holocaust denier and an Armenian Genocide denier. Watching him melt down on election night in 2016 on his “Young Turks” program was one of my all time greatest memories.

Speaking of Holocaust deniers – it was rumored at one point that Mike Cernovich who made a name for himself riding on Trump’s coattails (as did a lot of marginal characters) was going to jump in to the race. Some people call him the lisping gorilla. Thankfully, we don’t have to endure him extolling the virtues of the pills he was selling or explaining his love of Tulsi Gabbard.

But the specter of the Fat Brown Buffalo and the Lisping Gorilla in the same congressional race would have been hall of fame level grifter-ism.

Then we have former Congressman Steve Knight. People on the ground have told me that he appears to believe in his heart that he is entitled to re-election. He appears to be acting as such. Most of us from outside the district are asking ourselves why is he running? He got hammered (like a 10 point loss) by a bong-hitting sex addict in 2018. It is rumored that none other than Kevin McCarthy brought Knight back in to the fray.

Mike Garcia is the candidate of the has-beens. He has a stable of former legislators and congressmembers supporting him. Your intrepid blogger will be researching Mike Garcia as some things are not adding up with regards to him. On the surface he looks like a good candidate but reports we are getting from the ground indicate political brushfires all over the district with regard to Garcia.

This brings me to George Papadopoulos. Everyone knows him as the Trump dude that got framed by Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissman. Given the nearly hysterical response to his entry in to CA-25, it appears he is the 500 pound gorilla in the room. It is the opinion of this blogger that the IG Report’s contents once vetted and the Durham Investigation will ultimately vindicate and exonerate him. That said, the political reality is that the name ID and the constant focus will help Papadopoulos to the expense of every one else running.

This includes the Christy democrat poster child leadership puppet. Ms. Smith (if you’re nasty) will have all the money she needs. So will George. It’s party time.


Oct 242019

WHO DEFENDS WOMEN IN THE CAGOP? Who is the brain surgeon that thought it was appropriate to call on Katie Hill to resign while trying to AVOID the Bill Brough scandals???

What happened to the celebration of Women in Leadership of the CAGOP? They have done NOTHING to defend the women that Bill Brough Sexually Battered and/or Harassed. Yet, they call on Katie Hill to resign for having consensual sex with staffers? Resigning in disgrace is not just for bad democrats!

This hypocrisy needs to stop. It is time for the Women in Legislative leadership to resign. Period. They have abdicated moral responsibility. 

Your intrepid blogger was forwarded an email signed by the “Female Staff of the California Republican Party” calling on people to sign up for a list. Your intrepid blogger has written for the last three months that “Republican Leadership” have been running interference for Bill Brough. It is now absolutely undeniable. It is time for Marie Waldron to resign in disgrace. It is time for Jessica Patterson and Peter Kuo to either step up and call on Bill Brough to resign or they too should resign in shame. 

CA-25 Congressman Katie Hill is a disgrace. However, nothing she did was illegal save the ethics issue over having sex with a member of her congressional staff. Being bare-ass naked with a campaign staffer, having threesomes, taking a bong rip while naked, having an iron cross tatoo are all legal. Yes, Katie Hill is a disgrace and should resign for moral failure and an out of control lifestyle.

However, what is NOT LEGAL is Bill Brough’s sexual battery of a female staffer, propositioning women after they told him to stop, paying for booze and personal expenses with campaign funds, driving drunk with his kids in the car and a variety of other things he has been accused of with evidence and victims on the record. Yet, somehow the California Republican Party has nothing to say about this. Read more here from Bill Brough’s Victims and the director of Crime Victims of Orange County.

Have these so-called women leaders forgotten all the news media stories about Bill Brough? Read more here

The Hypocrisy is astounding. It is time for the delegates of the CAGOP to rise up and vote for no confidence if this wrong is not righted in short order. There is no way the voters of California will EVER take the CAGOP seriously if we do not take out the trash from within our own ranks. It is time for California Republican Party Leaders to stand up to the abusers within our own ranks! If not resign now.

Oct 222019

Again, this is re-blogged with the permission of Jennifer Van Laar. (Note: CA-25 = California’s 25th Congressional District)

In response to RedState’s series of articles regarding her alleged involvement in sexual relationships with campaign and congressional staffers, Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) issued a statement to Politico on Tuesday denying the relationship with her male congressional staffer and claiming that “an abusive husband” is part of a “coordinated effort to try to destroy” her.

“The fact is I am going through a divorce from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me. I am disgusted that my opponents would seek to exploit such a private matter for political gain. This coordinated effort to try to destroy me and people close to me is despicable and will not succeed. I, like many women who have faced attacks like this before, am stronger than those who want me to be afraid.”

In a text message from the female staffer involved in the throuple that was sent to Hill on June 3 of this year, the female staffer says that she is “terrified of pushing back against [Hill] or upsetting [her],” because she’s seen how Hill treats Kenny.