Sep 152016

There goes that narrative about Trump…

After the June primary the metrics show that Amador is in the same zone that Republicans experienced in 2010 and Amador’s close race against McNerney in 2014.

A telephone survey of high-propensity registered voters within the 9th Congressional District was conducted between the dates of September 10 and September 11, 2016.  The sample size of 350 yields a sampling error of less than +/- 5.5%. 

Results demonstrated a strong early position for retired U.S. Marshal Tony Amador when matched against the incumbent Jerry McNerney with a 46.3-38.2 general election split.   Interestingly, Jerry McNerney’s vital signs were mediocre with 34% favorable and 26% unfavorable.

In the presidential contest, Clinton is struggling with a 42.2 to Trump’s 39.8.  More telling is the issue drift in Trump’s direction: with Trump besting Clinton on immigration by 52.9 to Clinton’s 37.3 and on the issue of National Security Trump beats Clinton 47 to 42.

In the general election contest, the support for Amador comes from two sources.  First, he has commanding support from Republicans.   In the general election match up, Tony captures 83% vote share among Republicans; slightly more than the 81% Democrat vote share by McNerney who has a significant drop off of Latino voters.  An even more encouraging sign is that among independent voters, Amador captures 52% of the vote compared to McNerney’s 40%. 

If Amador can keep the independent differential near the points found in this poll, Amador is well positioned to make the 9th district even closer than it was in 2014.

The explanation for the above results can be attributed to the district.  Historically the voters of the 9th District self-identify as conservative by a 2:1 ratio (60% conservative and 29% liberal).  The enthusiasm factor favors Republicans by a difference of 45% to 24%, with a switch vote percentage of 14%.  Obama’s 2012 performance in the 9th CD has evaporated coupled with Hillary’s down ticket suppression of the Democrat base vote

Significantly, Jerry McNerney’s attempt to sidestep the Hillary campaign and assume that his incumbency will carry his election is a shaky assumption at best. 

In summary, the Amador campaign is trending in the desired direction.  As one of the sleeper districts in the state, CD 9 is behaving as one might reasonably expect from a central valley district. The projected turnout model based on the primary numbers have narrowed the registration gap to almost dead even

This race’s rating will shift dramatically from safe Dem to tossup as soon as a moderate effort is made to elevate the best candidate Republicans have offered in years—Tony Amador.

May 222016

Lee Neves is Rico Suave. Just Ask him (to tuck in his shirt at the CRP Convention when you see him) he will tell you.

Lee Neves has had some interesting friends over the years. One such friend is one of my favorites – N Allen Sawyer who got sent to prison for being a crook. He fried along with Baxter Dunn the former Sheriff of San Joaquin County.

Baxter Dunn and N Allen Sawyer are recurring themes in San Joaquin Politics.

Currently, Neves is attempting to end the career of Elbert Holman in San Joaquin County, Mr. Holman had a few things to say about that.

Lee Neves really needs to start vetting his candidates and relationships better. After the Carlos Villapudua Disaster (who is ironically running for Stockton Mayor) Neves did end his relationship with the convicted Felon Allen Sawyer.

Neves is currently the consultant for Kathryn Nance for Congress. Mr. Neves was apparently a little more than agitated that Tony Amador  decided to run for Congress again. Neves is reputed to have flown off in to a rage, threatening to do in Jeff Acquitispace and Scott Winn.

It seems that the bevy of felons that Neves associates with have worn off on him well.

So why is a woman who has wrapped herself in her police uniform affiliated with Neves?

Given that Sheriff Steve Moore is is serious legal trouble and that another Stockton Council Candidate, Sam Fant got run up on charges related to campaign finance instead of the real issues he has…

… you start to wonder about the Stockton Police Department and why they did not nuke Fant for what he was really doing. Lee Neves is getting paid a lot of money by them to do their bidding.

Do not forget that Don Parsons is still in the mix. Parsons is working with a few candidates that include, wait for it. Carlos Villapudua. Parsons and Neves frequently collaborate on projects and unlike Neves – Parsons is still associated with the Felon Sawyer.

I do remember when I lit up some of the Parsons / Neves stable for the massive amounts of cash contributions, this was not an isolated instance of lawlessness in San Joaquin County.

Kathryn Nance appears to have a Neves noose around her neck. That is pretty damn hard to fit under her police uniform, wonder how she did it?

May 182016

STOCKTON, CA, USA, May 13, 2016
/ — Stockton, California May 13, 2016


Antonio ”Tony” Amador, leading Republican candidate for California’s 9TH Congressional District today challenged “Obama’s executive order on school restroom access” as dangerous and unnecessary.

“Why hasn’t Jerry McNerney voiced his  opposition to this unconstitutional invasion of local rights,” said former US
Marshal Tony Amador.

“I believe in individual rights regardless of sexual orientation, but I draw the line when safety and privacy are involved,” said Amador.

“Bathroom confusion only allows predators an excuse to violate the privacy of our young women. Wasn’t it just last month that the Administration was telling us that women are at risk of their lives every day on every college campus from rape. And then now, they don’t see any potential danger whatsoever in allowing a man who says that he is uncomfortable using the men’s bathroom to walk in on unsuspecting young women,” says Amador.

“I know that Jerry McNerney has supported the LGBT community in the past, but I can’t understand why he would support this ludicrous executive order,” Amador said.

According to a report by the New York Times, a letter to school districts went out this Friday, signed by U.S. Justice
and Education department officials — describes what schools should do to ensure that none of their students are
discriminated against.

It does not have the force of law, but it contains an implicit threat: Schools that do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.

“This action by Obama has nothing do with civil rights, this is about the rights of everyone,” said Amador. “Grown men should NOT be allowed to use the little girls’ bathroom,” concluded Amador.

For more information, Contact:
John Feliz
916 446 1245

#CA09 Update: In My Search for Dirt on Jerry McNerney, I Found His Buddy Baxter Dunn

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May 032014

Years ago, a friend of mine, Jason Daniel wrote the blog – and he penned an excellent piece on the Corruption Scandal of Sheriff Baxter Dunn.

It becomes pertinent today – because Dunn appears to be back and is attempting to re-create a political empire. All of these guys involved are democrats and ostensibly part of the Jerry McNerney team.

The Spectre of corruption may well be coming down on San Joaquin County again – so let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

Dunn was part of a group who extorted a Power company to stop them in their bid to build a power plant at the port of Stockton. Dunn and friends wanted another company (that was going to pay them for the help) to build there at the same spot instead. Dunn and friends then began a few shelter companies to cover the payoff money that was to have been coming to them from the other power company if the plan worked – but it never did. They were busted without really making the money. It was the attempt that counted. That was the crime.

The plan hit a stand still when the Power Company that they were trying to discourage would not withdraw its bid and so the Dunn crew went into full Acton by holding political meetings with them, commanding them to appear before the San Joaquin board of Supervisors and during this time Dunn used his power to put pressure on them to quit on their bid for the property. He showed up at the meetings in his official capacity as law enforcement to strong-arm them and intimidate the opposition. Sound familiar? (Where was Baxter’s gun??!!)

This is called a conspiracy and Dunn was indicted on one count of conspiracy to commit extortion. In contrast, Cooper and Leary conspired to get the law enforcement contract approved. What’s the difference?

Dunn also, according to the account in the court documents, used his official capacity as law enforcement to successfully influence and to assist an entity that he was working for in gaining a political and eventual financial advantage. By having a financial interest in the matter himself- This is called a Conflict – of – Interest.

NOTE – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: The conflict of interest charge is not contingent on if the offender got any money from the moment of conflict; it’s the fact that there is a clear connection in which the offender logically has the ability and motive to gain.

Lastly, Dunn was charged with making a false statement when he lied to a federal agent when questioned about a whether he had planned a public appearance before the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors on a particular day. The question was: “did you meet with others and plan your appearance?” Baxter said no, when it was well know that he had met before the meeting with his co – cronies to plan his show of support. Maybe Baxter should have said, “You know, I think that it’s the city attorney fault.” Or the better line, “What’s conflict -of -interest?” and don’t forget the always popular, “We need smart people.”

So, now you know the rest. Baxter got caught and Baxter is going to the slam. Was it worth it? Baxter resigned from being sheriff as part of his plea bargain. This is what Baxter had to say in an article from the Sacbee this morning,

I made a wrong call in one instance,” Dunn said. “I think it’s important for me to step up to the plate and take responsibility.”

After all the garbage that this guy put on the trust of the citizens, that is really the least he could do. Own up.

So goes the lesson of good old Baxter Dunn. Oh ya…the pay off was going to be about $250,000 dollars. Was it worth it?

And the Sacramento Bee Covered it as well:

Dunn gets 6 months, $40,000 fine
Former San Joaquin sheriff is spared a harsher sentence after he aids prosecutors in lengthy corruption case.
By Sam Stanton — Bee Staff WriterPublished 2:15 am PDT Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Baxter Dunn, who was driven from his job as San Joaquin County sheriff in January by scandal, was sentenced Tuesday to six months in federal prison and a $40,000 fine.
Dunn, 58, also will serve six months under house arrest after his prison sentence for pleading guilty to one count of honest services mail fraud.
The guilty plea agreed to in January stemmed from a wide-ranging scandal that wrecked the careers of four other prominent San Joaquin County politicians.
Dunn was the best known of the group and saved himself from a stiffer sentence by providing “substantial assistance” to federal investigators, officials said.
He could have been sentenced to up to two years in prison, but U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. said Dunn already is suffering from the “humiliation” of the scandal and that his 38-year career in law enforcement mitigated the need for a longer prison term.
“As sheriff, your accomplishments were many, they were great,” England said. But, the judge added, “you started to believe your own clippings.”
A co-defendant, J. Tyler Reves, also was sentenced Tuesday, receiving five years of probation and 240 days of home confinement. Reves had been an aide to former San Joaquin County Supervisor Lynn Bedford. Bedford and co-defendant N. Allen Sawyer, former head of Gov. Gray Davis’ Office of Criminal Justice Planning, also have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing June 7.
A fifth defendant, lobbyist and rancher Monte McFall, insisted on a trial and was convicted in March on 17 counts of attempted extortion, conspiracy, mail fraud and witness tampering.
McFall and Dunn had once been close friends, but Dunn cooperated with investigators in the case against McFall, although he did not testify against him.
On Tuesday, Dunn distanced himself from McFall and his actions, referring to him as an “associate” who had made “some serious misjudgments in this case.”
McFall faces up to 20 years in prison at sentencing Aug. 23 for his role in the scandal, which involved the group’s efforts to lure energy companies to the Stockton area and during which McFall was accused of shaking down some officials for payoffs.
Dunn, who was elected sheriff four times since 1990, resigned as part of his plea agreement, and he said after his sentencing that his role in the scandal was an aberration in a life of public service.
“I made a wrong call in one instance,” Dunn said. “I think it’s important for me to step up to the plate and take responsibility.”
Dunn’s attorney, Wayne Ordos, asked that the former sheriff serve his prison time either at Lompoc Federal Prison or at the Federal Prison Camp at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas.
Dunn was ordered to report to prison by 2 p.m. June 22.
After he serves his sentence, Dunn said, he plans to “enjoy life” and remain active in the Stockton area.
Because he listed his resignation on county forms as a retirement, Dunn was able to claim his pension for his 38 years of service to the Sheriff’s Department.

Take note of a named co-conspirator, N Allen Sawyer. Like Dunn, he also took a felony rap. Like Dunn, he is a figure in San Joaquin Politics.