Eureka School District Update: Labor Union Moonbat Andy Sheehy Calls for “Transparency”!?

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Oct 142010

In the Eureka Union School District? EUSD is tiny, it has about 10% of Roseville and almost all of Granite Bay.

The budget of the district is tiny.

Enter big spending Liberal Democrat Andy Sheehy and his union-made mailer.

First off – one of Sheehy’s supporters posted the following on his facebook page and it shows the arrogance of Sheehy:

Debate tonight isn’t even over yet and Andrew is CLEARLY the winner of the debate and he will garner the most votes on election day hands down. Was amazed, shocked, and floored at the lack of preparation by the other candidates and the quality of their skills. Again Andy…. You got this.

Like other progressive liberals – he calls for transparency. You know, he’s hiding his liberalism, democrat registration, teacher’s union support, $250 from the Democrat Party (who also removed any mention of him from their website) and his website is devoid of endorsements. (Even though Jack Duran, Homosexual activist Gary Miller and Liberal Icon Rene Aguilera are supporting him)

As to the mailer – the front side says nothing.

On the back, it attacks the current EUSD board for not being “transparent”.

Translation – The Teacher’s union wants more pay and wants to dip in to the reserves of the district to get to it.

Andy also pimps his uniform just like his idol Charlie Brown did in an attempt to fool Republicans in to supporting his campaign from a few years ago against Conservative Tax-Fighter Tom McClintock for Congress.

Sheehy runs a non-profit agency – the Placer County chapter of the MDA. Now, how did he come up with $3800 to give himself? I am sure that the salary there is not conducive to such personal magnamity… and did I mention that he recently ran for Assembly against Tax Fighter Ted Gaines?

A review of his facebook page shows several young socialists and a few people I recognize as members of the teacher’s union posting comments. This confirms reports that the Teacher’s Union is actively backing this guy.

Hide all you want Sheehy – we know who you are and we’re coming for you.