Jan 232020

Why am I not surprised to see Sex Robot Shawn (aka Shawn Gordon or Our Town Videos) on Toll Road Billy’s reports? He got $1750 and the crazed Art Sanchez got $3500. More on Art Sanchez soon – but, suffice to say this slimebag has an obsession with attacking the spouses of candidates. He is a perfect fit for William “Bill” Brough.

Click here to see the SOS Summary

Note- I am focusing on items since 7-1-2019 as I have written about his past abuses in graphic detail. If you have any information about Bill Brough – you can email me at [email protected] YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS. Now is the time to come forward.

Did you know that Bill Brough’s Donors Sent him to Ireland (again), Hawaii and to a 49er’s Game? Yup, Toll Road Billy dropped $12,500 on the most evil decrepit team in NFL Football for some sort of “Campaign Event”. I am sure it went just as well as his Spring Training disaster.

49ers: $12,500
Levi Stadium $896.92
Irish Caucus Junket: $6,866.12 + $3,000 (that we can easily discern)
Hawaii Junket – at least $5,000 for the “Independent Voter Conference” – Notations include Makena Beach Golf Club, Fairmont Hotel

Toll Road Billy spent $4,000 on Legal Fees. (Your intrepid blogger has seen some of the work of his attorney in public records I obtained from the FPPC regarding the complaints I filed against him) He’d better get ready for a lot more in legal fees given what is coming down.

It looks like Billy spent $43,000 on Landslide’s Slates, about $15,000 on two of Tim Carey’s Slates, $4,500 for the RINO Revolution Slate, $2,200 on Campaign Signs and $20,000 on a Maryland Based Consultant. There are also thousands spent on other consultants, a fundraiser and a notation for $3,196.03 to Jim Bieber.

Bill Brough sent a bizarre email touting that he raised $223,000 since last year. The part missing from his email is that he raised $125. That’s it – only $125 from 1-1-2020 thru 1-18-2020 while being hotly contested for re-election. Consultants appear to have gotten $80,000 of that $223,000 Toll Road Billy bragged about.

Since 7-1-2019 – Bill Brough CONTINUED to abuse his donor’s money. 

Notations for $537.29 and $354.91 to BevMo. These are alongside two $200 notations to Drug Abuse is Life Abuse. (Alcohol is a drug too, Billy…)

11(!) Notations to Brassiere Capitale – One “Event” for about $1400 and 10 Strategy / Campaign Meetings.

13(!) Notations to Brio Tuscany Grille – in addition to the dozens we’ve detailed already. There are 11 Campaign / Strategy Meetings and two “Events” totaling some $7,000.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Brough is running up a bar tab and then paying for it under the guise of an event.

On 9-28-2019 Bill Brough’s campaign paid $908.98 to the Disney Grand Californian Hotel. Last I checked, Dana Point is an hour or so from Disneyland?

3 Trips to Target.
8 Notations to Lyft
7 Notations to Chevron
3 Notations to Elite Black Car – totaling over $600.

The following is a batch of “strategy meetings / campaign meetings”: Dana Kai Sushi x1, Frank Fats x1, Good Choice Sushi x2, Shady Lady Saloon x2, Sol Agave x1, Simon’s Cafe x2, Tony’s Deli x3, Turk’s Dana Warf x2.

It must be nice to spend thousands on dining using your campaign account.

Then – we add another 7 Notations to Verizon Wireless. 200.37, 204.85, 562.52, 207.21, 207.21, 207.21, 207.21 bringing the total to Verizon Wireless from his campaign to nearly $20,000 lifetime. (the 7 newest notations total $1796.58)

Please note – I requested an update on Public Records since the previous update I got in October. The FPPC indicated they had no additional records to send me as the case is ongoing and open. I will posit theories as to what that means later – but Bill Brough is in serious trouble

#1 He has lost all the critical endorsements in Orange County, The Party Itself, the Lincoln Club, the New Majority and dozens of local officeholders
#2 He has only raised $125 since 1-1-2020
#3 He only has $49K net left in his account
#4 He has two active investigations against him – the Sexual Misconduct investigation by the Assembly Working Committee and a large list of FPPC campaign finance issues
#5 The local media is using him as a punching bag

And he dropped over $13K on the Niners. That alone should be grounds for federal prison.

Jan 162020

Bill Brough knows personally how the democrats in Washington DC must feel. He keeps moving the goalposts and losing.

There are a lot of consequences to alcohol abuse.

Losing. Like seeing AB1273 get trashed in committee in the State Legislature.

State legislators have killed a bill that would have blocked Orange County’s toll road agencies from building new roads.

The California Assembly Committee on Local Government on Wednesday, Jan. 15, voted against a bill from Assemblyman Bill Brough that would have kept the Transportation Corridor Agencies from building any new bridges or toll roads after Jan. 1, 2020, and from issuing new bonds to finance projects.

Ouch, Billy. The spiritual basis for your 2020 campaign was just flushed. Now, it is back to distilled spirits…

He had put a pause on the bill until this year, saying he wanted to see an external audit and more transparency from the agencies.

The TCA recently released an external audit of a communications and outreach contract with Venture Strategic, saying it “found no malfeasance.”

But saying the audit wasn’t comprehensive, Brough said he still wanted to see his bill move forward.

4 Audits later is the detail that William “Bill” Brough and the OC Register neglected to mention. The OC Register could not bring itself to come right out and say the audit cleared everyone as that would require them to contradict / retract a previous story where they practically parroted Harvey Englander’s talking points. The OC Register can read more here in the interest of Journalism.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) released the results of an external audit of their communications and outreach contract with Venture Strategic, Inc. (VSI). Flatly contradicting false statements made by politically motivated actors and reported in certain news articles, the audit found no malfeasance, a 99.88% billing accuracy rate, a net underbilling to the TCA of $5,761, and a satisfactory review of assigned task orders and corresponding deliverables and work product.

When you have to move the goalposts to support your position – you are losing. Bill Brough has a lot in common with the National Democrats playing the “Get Trump” game. It sucks to be Bill Brough, but remember he did it to himself.

Jan 132020

I’ve been told by anonymous sources that Harvey Englander has made a ton of money from the City of San Clemente. It does not show up as a line item in the budget – so if true, it means that Englander has been getting paid by one of the city’s other contractors. This may be the attorney they are using to constantly sue the TCA? (Speaking of audits, it might be a good idea to rip open the books of San Clemente)

Speaking of a taxpayer funded agitation campaign: (From the local paper that is in the bag for Bill Brough)

The city of San Clemente is again asking local residents to submit letters to state lawmakers, expressing support for legislation that would strip the authority of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA).

The measure, Assembly Bill 1273, which Assemblymember Bill Brough introduced last spring, proposes to restrict the joint powers authority from creating new toll roads while requiring the agencies to pay down the debt incurred from building its roads.

OF course William “Bill” Brough in his drunken stupor thinks this Bill is the cause of his demise. (Ignore the dozen or so women and the hundreds of campaign finance violations) It must be nice as a city to empty the treasury to engage in public policy…

The TCA has strongly opposed the legislation, calling it “an assault on local control.” In a letter Michael Kraman, the TCA’s chief executive, wrote to the chair of the Assembly committee, Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, he stated that the bill would be a job killer, circumvents the California Environmental Quality Act process and “will lead to dirtier air in Orange County,” among other things.

“This bill was introduced as part of broader tactics by the City of San Clemente to discredit the TCA and disrupt the environmental review process for the South County Traffic Relief Effort,” Kraman wrote.

The TCA is currently working with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) on the Relief Effort—the series of proposed routes meant to “improve north-south mobility in South Orange County and accommodate regional travel demand.”

The issue is that Bill Brough lied to a bunch of people about this, not even telling his own staff he was going to run this bill. But, of course Brough lied to me when I asked him via staff in 2018 about his sexual misconduct and weather or not he have been investigated for it.

Speaking of lies – the City of San Clemente and Harvey Englander are now 0-4 on audits. Unfortunately for them, Jeff Corless and Venture Strategic did their job correctly.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) released the results of an external audit of their communications and outreach contract with Venture Strategic, Inc. (VSI). Flatly contradicting false statements made by politically motivated actors and reported in certain news articles, the audit found no malfeasance, a 99.88% billing accuracy rate, a net underbilling to the TCA of $5,761, and a satisfactory review of assigned task orders and corresponding deliverables and work product.

The audit was conducted by Crowe LLP, which, in the course of the audit, reviewed VSI’s compliance with the contract, billing records and invoices, and work product in comparison to required deliverables.

The audit noted that the complex billing process required under the TCA contract, which involved 12,000 individual lines of billing entries over a four-year period, was susceptible to clerical and input errors.  Nonetheless, VSI’s transparent and accountable internal procedures resulted in only a 0.12% error rate and a net underbilling of $5,761, which cut in the favor of TCA.  These results were consistent with the findings of two previous TCA internal audits and an additional external audit.

TCA awarded VSI the contract in October 2015 following a competitive procurement process, that was open, transparent, vetted by multiple committees, and unanimously approved by the F/ETCA Board of Directors in public.  All tasks, billing rates, and billing procedures were stipulated by, and received regular oversight from, TCA management and board members. It has been reported that the false accusations contained in the above-referenced news articles were precipitated by a VSI competitor who had unsuccessfully bid on the contract.

Contrary to those false claims, and due to VSI’s outstanding work, the TCA Board of Directors voluntarily extended the contract on three separate occasions over the course of a nearly four-year period.  Near the conclusion of the contract on April 4th, 2019, the TCA sent a letter to VSI that stated the following:

“We appreciate your service to the Agencies over the last few years, working with us to implement a robust and innovative communications, media and outreach effort; this effort has made it possible to engage many members of the public in Orange County, especially Southern Orange County, to be involved in the effort to explore traffic congestion relief solutions.”

Venture Strategic spokesperson Tim Lineberger commented: “We are extremely proud of our entire team’s work on the TCA project and are pleased that the internal and external audits completely vindicate us from the baseless political attacks and wrongful insinuations made by self-interested actors throughout the past year. We will consider any further statements that intentionally or recklessly run counter to the facts reported in these audits as defamatory.”

Tim Lineberger 714.676.4317

But hey, San Clemente has Gene James on their City Council now. The drama is far from over. The spiritual basis (not distilled spirits) of AB1273 was the alleged debt and corruption of the TCA. The Venture Strategic Contract was gaslighted as one of the top issues. Bill Brough’s bill was lied about and born from a lie, seems consistent with his background, his character and his life. To be continued…

Jan 072020

Apparently, PAC donors love paying for Bill Brough’s Bar Tabs

As we detailed last week – a handful of PAC Donors have donated to William “Bill” Brough in defiance of local Orange County Political leaders.

It appears that high-priced Fundraiser Anne Dunsmore may well be yielding some results. Brough got $1000 from Google and $2500 from an indian tribe on 12-31 in addition to the $22,200 I detailed in a previous post.

Perhaps UPS and Google need to hear from people about the monster they donated to? So Cal Edison? This is the exact swamp that President Trump railed against.

Listed in the Daily Reports is $4700 from the Building Industry Association. (BIA) They and the Orange County Realtors have told people they are going to stick with Bill Brough. Jeff Montejano (sp?) who is a honcho at the Orange County BIA was Bill Brough’s Chief of Staff during the time period within which two of the known complaints against Brough were said to have occurred. In fact, Mr. Montejano was Brough’s roommate in Sacramento. (at the place I refer to as Brough’s Rager Pad)

It is the opinion of this blogger that the poor decision by the BIA PAC and the Orange County Realtors (one of whose members is a publicly known victim of Bill Brough – woman #4) was done at the behest of Montejano. Perhaps the Orange County Realtors should explain to their female members their rationale for trying to keep this monster in office – I’ll wait.

This is how the swamp works and this is also a reason why it took super-human efforts to move Republican “Leaders” off of Bill Brough despite the scandals.

The Swamp is protecting their investment

Did you know that Republican Assembly “Leader” Marie Waldron has done nothing to Bill Brough, even though she is allegedly no longer supporting him?

Bill Brough still has his ‘party office’ in the Capitol that has a nice patio. It is alleged that Brough and crew crack open the Bourbon Barrel (bought with donor money) and party down in that office. Sean Doherty and Bill Brough were reputed to be drinking buddies and close – until Doherty was terminated by the Assembly Rules Committee for his outrageous and criminal behavior (my opinion of Doherty).

Marie Waldron has done nothing. Brough has the same office and the same access – there has been no sanction.

Bill Brough is also still on the GAO Committee. This is the number one Committee for fundraising – called a “Juice Committee”. In fact, Brough’s top two committees are the ones you’d want to be on if you were a Republican Incumbent.

Does this mean that Waldron is actually undermining the CAGOP, the OCGOP, the OC Lincoln Club, the New Majority and other prominent local leaders? Does this mean that Marie Waldron is STILL protecting a leadership vote? (meaning that Bill Brough is one of the 18 remaining GOP members that will vote to keep Waldron as Assembly Permanent Minority Leader)

I’ve had political insiders tell me straight out that the reason Waldron, and others were blocking and tackling for Brough until recently was 100% because of his support for Waldron as leader. (and they are also seat-mates)

I have been told reliably that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson is indeed engaged in trying to assist Laurie Davies. This is a split and is an example of Jessica Patterson doing her job as CAGOP Chair.

Do not forget the Assembly Rules Committee Complaints from at least 5 known victims and as many as 12 that we believe the democrat leadership are stifling in order to gain political advantage in AD73.

In related news, Your intrepid blogger is being told of a potential purge in the State Senate side of things. We’ll follow up as events warrant.

In the mean time – Right On Daily will continue documenting the disgusting actions of the political world that seeks to protect the guilty. To be continued…

P.S. When I can get corroboration, your intrepid blogger may be setting fire to a PROMINENT local Republican Elected who is helping Bill Brough out behind the scenes purely out of spite. (Hint, this elected is in local level office, not partisan office) It is alleged that this elected may well have aided Brough with one or two of his swamp PAC donations..

Jan 062020

Allow me to start 2020 by saying that Bill Brough is deranged and his buddy Sex Robot Shawn did not do him any favors by talking about a letter I received 20 months ago. (Note: AD-73 = California’s 73rd Assembly District)

Whoopsie. Your intrepid blogger saves the envelopes, too.

When also-ran candidate Ed Sachs filed against William “Bill” Brough in 2018, there was a buzz about issues related to Bill Brough’s conduct. On 5-14-2018, Your Intrepid Blogger received the above envelope with a three-page document in it. Note – this was 14 months before the lid blew off of Brough’s Sexual misconduct scandal.

The document described almost 100% accurately the Sexual Battery allegations against Bill Brough by Hxxxxxx Bxxx, who alleged that Brough rubbed his erection against her at a public event. This story must have been referred to as Whistleblower 1 in the document. I never knew the name of the victim until Bill Brough outed her and she went on public record with the crime victims of Orange County.

May 14 2018 Anon Letter

Note the details

Note that a summary the official assembly complaint of Whistleblower One is here for your review. I have every page of both complaints and have not published them at the request of the person who sent me the documents. (The source is not a part of any campaign in AD-73)

In February of 2015, Assemblyman Bill Brough followed me into the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel and sexually battered me by pressing his erection against me and saying, “You know I’m really into you, right?” I was shocked and disoriented and stammered something about being married. I’ve no idea why I said those particular words, but he replied, “So am I.” This happened after almost two years of subtle and overt attempts to initiate an intimate relationship with me. At all times, he has been in a position of power over me. When the un-welcomed conduct began, he was a Chief of Staff working for the Assembly and I was a district representative working for the Senate. The power imbalance remained when he became a legislator and I accepted a governmental affairs position that required me to lobby state legislators, the position that I still hold…

Similar to the national democrats that are trying to Impeach the President because several scandals are unraveling, Bill Brough believed in his alcohol-induced delusions that having Sex Robot Sean write about your intrepid blogger contacting his office related to this document would somehow impugn my credibility. All it did was prove the allegations where known long before I wrote about them. (Think validation, folks)

Then there was the second issue that we all now know was Lisa Bartlett. It is her standing up in public in July 2019 to tell her story that set off the string of events that have William “Bill” Brough in serious jeopardy of losing his re-election.

Absolutely no doubt this described Lisa Bartlett

Your intrepid blogger is aware that Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough has driven drunk several times according to human sources in Orange County. He may well have driven drunk with staff or family members in the car with him. The significance is that both of the above incidents involved alcohol and one alleges a possible DUI – then a third woman who I spoke with (also outed by Brough, and quoted by OC Crime Victims) indicated that Brough was drinking with another member of the legislature at a bar when she was mistreated.

The part of the letter I was sent that Sex Robot Sean and Bad Billy did not publish follows – and it will become clear why they did not publish it as you read on:

It is clear that the person that sent this letter to me had spoken with Lisa Bartlett. Back in 2015-2016 when HB’s complaint was investigated, it appears that Lisa Bartlett was also interviewed and the Assembly Rules Committee came up with hair-splitting legal nuances to dismiss the complaint with no action. Now that we are in the #METOO Era, This complaint that was stuffed is among the 5 known (as many as 12 according to inside sources) that are in the Assembly Rules Committee now. It was re-filed as justice was denied in 2016.

How interesting – the letter attacks Diane Harkey in 2018. Harkey was one of the first to come out publicly against Brough in 2019

The letter makes points that the OCGOP Establishment were all in lock step with Bill Brough despite the well-known issues with Brough. Even your intrepid blogger from 400 miles away knew that Brough was a drunk and a “Pig”.

Ed Sachs (who I don’t support in AD73, by the way – I prefer Laurie Davies) made valid points in 2018 about Brough’s issues and the potential damage to other Republican Candidates.

Now – I believe that part of what motivated Lisa Bartlett to finally stand up publicly 8 years after her incident with Brough (and I am sure there were others) is knowing that Brough was clinging to the institutional support. Harkey defended Lisa Bartlett from Day One. Your intrepid blogger was not contacted by Harkey, Bartlett or anyone that works for either of them at the beginning of my shelling of Bill Brough in July. I was contacted because the OCGOP detonated that fateful evening in July of 2019 and some were trying to control the explosion.

What has happened since?

We now know about 4 Women and a 5th complaint that is anonymous but in the capitol.
We know that the investigators have spoken to dozens of people
We know that Bill Brough’s Campaign Finance Reports are replete with dozens, if not hundreds of dubious expenses – There is a bona-fide investigation with the State FPPC in to those complaints.
We know that Bill Brough has a proven history of personal financial maladies
We know that Bill Brough has a documented pattern of drunkenness

ATLAS PAC Endorsed Laurie Davies
The OC Lincoln Club Endorsed Laurie Davies
The OC GOP Endorsed Laurie Davies
The CA GOP Endorsed Laurie Davies
The OC New Majority Endorsed Laurie Davies

Laurie Davies is assembling a long list of supporters.

Now the above should give you even more perspective for why your intrepid blogger believes that the Assembly Rules Committee – controlled by Democrats who would love nothing more than to see Bill Brough make it to the runoff – are going to stuff the release of the sexual misconduct report until after the March Primary.

So what happened in 2016 when I believe the Assembly Rules Committee covered up a complaint against Bill Brough – may well happen again in the form of a delaying action to inflict maximum political damage on the GOP. This means waiting until after the March Primary when in theory, a severely wounded Bill Brough could be on the ballot against a dem in the fall. He would get hammered by all kinds of dam campaigns and be used as a lead weight on any Republican in Orange County.

But wait, there’s more – the swamp is bubbling, wait until you read tomorrow’s post about the people in Sacramento and Orange County’s political scenes who are trying to triage Bill Brough…

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