Breaking! Assembly Speaker John Perez Cuts Deal Over Abel Maldonado Confirmation

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Apr 212010

That’s right – an informed source in the Capital has told this blogger that Assembly Majority Leader John Perez has cut a deal with the Governor.

The Deal: The Citizens Compensation Commission backs off its’ 10% pay cut suggestion and the Assembly Passes Maldonado out.

The Big loser is still Abel Maldonado because now his status as Lt. Governor was the result of a backroom deal AND he is a tax-raising incumbent. (Harvey Milk Day be dammed)

The Assembly will be voting to confirm Abel Maldonado tomorrow.

Click here to learn more about Abel Maldonado.

Click here to see the letter the California Republican Assembly is sending to the Republican members of the State Legislature

Apr 202010

Arnold. It’s all about Arnold.

This is the same Arnold that Doug LaMalfa betrayed true conservative icon Tom McClintock for in 2003. The same Arnold that Doug LaMalfa and Chuck DeVore served up ceremonial Kool-Aid for in 2005 to get a pre-primary endorsement.


This is the same Arnold that rewarded Abel Maldonado with an appointment to fill the vacated Lt. Governor’s office for his “service” to California.

You could say that Abel already got his payoff – Prop 14.


He champions the Citizen’s Compensation Commission – some feel-good band of folks that “set” legislative pay.

OOPS. John Perez likes to pay his staffers a lot of money – Perez also likes his own salary, thank you very much.

Perez is bringing Abel Maldonado’s confirmation up now. The CCC meets on Thursday and is expected to recommend a 10% pay cut for the legislature. Maldo is scheduled to be heard by the Assembly Rules Committee tomorrow at 11am.

The story goes that John Perez is going to make Arnold choose. 10% pay cut or Abel Maldonado.

If I was a betting man: Sorry Abel – you just got torched again.

The next question is – will Martin Garrick enforce a yes vote again? Will Martin Garrick call it a leadership vote and will Republicans stand up to Garrick if he does it?

The State Senate is doing nothing. Screw “comity” I guess.

Apr 092010

That’s correct. As early as next week – Assembly Speaker John Perez will be putting the confirmation of Abel Maldonado up for a floor vote. This comes from a well-placed source in the capitol…

So the man who supported Harvey Milk Day, the Largest Tax Increase in State History, Voted to Ban .50Cal Weapons, Voted for Socialized Medicine and so much more is going to get rewarded.

Remember – Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Martin Garrick has declared that voting to confirm Abel Maldonado is a leadership vote. Yikes.

This is politics over principle – and a lot of the Orange-County Based Republican Blogs are silent because Garrick is from their neighborhood.

I have no such constraint – and if I was from Orange County, I’d probably be in Garrick’s office making them defend their decision to sell out Republican Values in the name of strategy. Why is a man who sells his budget vote every year getting backup from the Republican leadership?

You see – Sam Blakeslee, the immediate past Assembly Permanent Minority leader is in line to run for Maldonado’s Senate Seat. The thinking is that we get Maldonado out of office now so that Blakeslee can have an easier time of retaining that seat.

What about the effect of making it that much easier for the poster child of reject Republican values to be the nominee for Lt. Governor? Janice Hahn and Gavin-Any-Twosome-Newsome are in city governments that will both be in municipal bankruptcy shortly.

Martin Garrick’s legacy to the Republican Party will be set in stone soon. If the Assembly Republicans – including Chuck DeVore – all tow the line again, we will have had our values trampled.

Leave us not forget who Abel Maldonado is.

Meantime – a good man, Sam Aanestad who most of the above Assembly-members support is getting thrown under the bus.

Apr 042010

Bear with me for a bit…

Chuck DeVore was part of the leadership team for the Republican Assembly Caucus… Chuck DeVore very publicly resigned from his leadership post over a deal made to raise taxes – the largest tax increase in state history.

Chuck DeVore sent his email resigning from his post as Senior GOP Whip on 2/14/2009 over the budget.

OK – has you thinking that DeVore did the principled thing, right? (You know, like grandstanding on opposing the confirmation of Abel Maldonado – before abstaining instead of voting no)

Well, apparently DeVore’s pattern of duplicity was set long before reneging on his pledge to oppose Abel Maldonado.

Just a couple weeks earlier – Chuck DeVore was on the TV saying that “everything was on the table” in budget negotiations. As in they (the GOP) were willing to toss the no new taxes pledge to get budget concessions.

I guess promises were “subject to” in 2009 as they are in 2010 for Assemblymember DeVore. Mr. Devore sounds more like Abel Maldonado or Tom Campbell than a tax fighter, that’s for sure.

This TV appearance was on January 25, 2009.

On Jan 29, 2009 – you guessed it, rumors were breaking that Chuck was about to draw a primary opponent for U.S. Senate, Carly Fiorina.

Poof – on February 14th – DeVore flames out.

It appears that self-styled maverick Chuck DeVore is appearing more and more like any other politician. Add to that, he is a middle-aged white guy from Orange County and there is nothing new for the voters.

It could be worse – he could be a middle-aged White liberal guy from the Bay Area… but that’s a story for the shepherd to tell.

I’ve got whiplash – which way is it? We need leadership and principle – not campaign strategy.

Martin Garrick and the GOP Leadership Need to Be Called Out for Supporting Serial Tax-Raiser Abel Maldonado

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Mar 182010

Why Do I seem annoyed?

Someone explain this to me – you have someone in your midst that votes for horrific budgets year in and year out. He votes for nanny state laws, extreme environmental regulations and expansions of government that the mind strains to quantify.

Yet his fellow Republicans want to promote him to the second highest office in the State. It is especially absurd when you realize that his appointment to Lt Governor was itself a payoff for rolling over for King Arnold time and again.

And Martin Garrick – the Assembly Republican Permanent Minority Leader has basically told the CRA, Conservatives and the Tea Party to go pound sand.


There’s a State Senate seat in the balance, don’t you know. That’s right – the former Assembly Permanent Minority Leader – Sam Blakeslee wants to become a State Senator in Abel’s District.

The Play?

They claim to have polling showing that Blakeslee can win in this majority Democrat District. So get Maldo out of the Senate and Blakeslee can become the Senator denying the Dems a vote on the budget.

How many voters do you think will see it that way?

Only the 29 Republicans in the Assembly. Self-Styled Maverick Republican Chuck Devore cowered to Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Martin Garrick and reneged on his promise to oppose Abel Maldonado.

… and the rest of the Republicans who refused to stand up to Garrick subjugated Republican Values in the name of Strategy.

We need leadership Martin Garrick – not strategy.

What has happened is that the voters are now going to see Maldonado as a victim of the Democrats. And the second confirmation hearing will occur in May – right as people are getting their absentee ballots.

Meantime the Assembly Republican strategy will come at the expense of one of the Republican Party’s finest. Sam Aanestad.

So – there you have it… Martin Garrick has picked Ultra-Liberal Republican, gun grabber, eco-nazi, Serial tax-raiser and nanny government potentate Abel Maldonado over Sam Aanestad.

Man, do I feel violated…

DeVore? Anyone?