Oct 162020

A new PAC has sprung up. Given the absolute hysteria over the Placer Good Government PAC, I wonder what the left in Placer County is doing now – especially those that attacked my Insurance business on line. (see also Alinsky 101 tactics) Visit my Park Family Insurance Yelp Page and see for yourself.

See the slate of endorsements here. See their Facebook Page here.

It is obvious they had a roll-out as their page is well over 3,000 likes (good job to them!). Introducing the American Council for Evangelicals

You will see that their board consists of the owner of a marketing company, the President of William Jessup University, a Local Realtor and failed Congressional Candidate (former Presidential Candidate and Placer GOP Cent Com Member) Julienne Benzel. Her bid to unseat Tom McClintock ended in March 2020.

Scott Alvord is an adjunct faculty at William Jessup University. I had called him an adjunct professor – that was wrong. Scott never corrected this even though he comments on the blog frequently confirming many of the things I am writing to be correct while trying to argue points. Adjunct faculty is the bottom rung of the food chain and there is a process you go through to become a professor. While Alvord touts his affiliation with William Jessup University – the truth is he teaches 1-2 classes a year and it is alleged by one of my sources that Scott may well have gotten his gig via his wife.

The fact that he is adjunct faculty does not Stop Scott Alvord from insisting the students of his class refer to him as professor. I’ve been told this three times now. In addition, some specific stories I learned consist of Alvord requiring a female student to come to class in the outfit she was planning on wearing to a job interview and other students relating that Alvord was discrediting their employers in the course of trying to convince them how right he was about things business.

When we wrote about how few books Scott Alvord has actually sold, we did not realize the following bombshell: Scott Alvord requires the students of his classes to purchase his book as required reading! You read that correctly. We will tie all of this stuff in, in future posts as we are unraveling the background of Scott Alvord – but suffice to say it is nearly impossible for Mr. Alvord to be doing what he is doing without people noticing or talking about it…

… and the punch line of today’s post is that an organization whose Vice President that is also the President of William Jessup University (where Scott “teaches”) has endorsed Scott Alvord’s opponent (Gary Johnson) for Roseville City Council.

That should tell you plenty.

Oct 152020

Who is Scott Alvord, really?

A little review as we’ve been unraveling the image of Scott Alvord. We’ve taken a deep look in to how he has been taking credit for other people’s work to self-aggrandize. We cited two specific examples – how he took credit for road construction that had been planned for over a decade and pre-empted the announcement of the Amazon Hub coming to Roseville, blowing hundreds of hours of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in a media drill.

We also dove in to his business ventures – seeing the same pattern of exaggeration and grandiosity. Research indicated that his books have sold few, if any copies.

Our first installment of the expose on Mr. Alvord can be seen here as we eviscerated his actual stances on the issues of the day when juxtaposed with his claims of being a moderate.

One of the selling points of Scott’s self-proclaimed resume’ is his business advanced development concepts, LLC. It is a web design and marketing business. It was also used as the front for publishing Scott’s books. It is deceptive, but perfectly legal way to not have to outright say that your book is self published. It would be like me using my insurance agency to publish my book.

We had a look at Advanced Development Concepts. They claim some successes on their home webpage. I thought the layout of the home webpage was quite familiar and it resembled my company’s old website from 20 years ago.

This screenshot is from his current website. It places 3rd on page one google. See Below

I thought any good web guy would have both domains direct to one spot? Check out this video for more.

I just find the old template odd for a business that is supposed to be helping other businesses be more effective on the web. Every time I take second and third looks at anything Scott Alvord, it causes more questions than it answers. Then there is this: Storevillage.com that appears to have been bankrupt or simply out of business since 2013 is cited as a success story without validation or proof (such as the post where I backed up my claim with evidence that he has sold few if any books).

There is the template with a copyright from 20 years ago.

Typically, when I tout success, I like to point to businesses still in existence and cite tangible current facts. Allow me to use Right on Daily and a Google Search of Scott Alvord as proof that the Right On Daily Blog is effective:

That’s Page one, slot 3 on Google, above his own Facebook Page. Perhaps your intrepid blogger should open up an internet marketing firm…

Your intrepid blogger Got 2.3 Million Hits on Right on Daily in 2018. That translated in to some income, but not enough for me to claim to be a successful political consultant. I’ve never held myself out as more than a political operative. in 2019, I received over 600,000 despite 2019 being an off-year. I am grateful for this, but there has been diligent effort since 2009. My Guess is I will arrive somewhere around 750,000 hits (unique IP 24 hour average) by the end of the year, possibly 800,000. That is good traffic, but I’d be lying if I presented it as anything other than a noteworthy political blog that hits target audiences.

I am not sure why Mr. Alvord has attempted to overstate his background, but it sure looks like he has. Given that he also takes credit for other people’s work – it seems that we are dealing with the all too familiar pattern that seems to repeat with people in office.

It is time for a change in Roseville City Council… to be continued…

Oct 132020

Roseville Municipal Code 2.60.020 Findings, Purpose and Intent: requires an effective enforcement mechanism <<< This quote is straight out of the city code.

Hello Aaron,

The City has not identified any additional records responsive to your request as we understand it (communications with Scott Alvord) as previous communication records were recently provided to you in response to your previous records request.

Additionally, we understand, based on your communications, that in addition to contacting the City Clerk’s Office, which independently provides the function of filing officer, you have contacted the most appropriate agency, the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), concerning your allegations and concerns and that the FPPC is undertaking an investigation of these matters.  Notwithstanding, and pending the results of your FPPC complaint, as a general note, the City has been, and remains more focused on ultimate compliance rather than strict penalty enforcement.

We, as you are, are interested in the outcome of your FPPC complaint.

Thank you,

Sonia Orozco, MMC
City Clerk
City Clerk Department

So there you have it. The City of Roseville has just said, we do not care about putting any teeth in to our own city campaign ordinances. I am pretty sure the FPPC will fine Scott Alvord for what he did, but not only has the City of Roseville displayed apathy – they could very well get fined by the FPPC themselves for not enforcing the city code.

All this and I had to file a PRA to get the date-stamped campaign finance reports.

I will say this again – the City Clerk serves at the pleasure of the City Council. What a huge disincentive for them to do their job. And yes, there could easily be retaliation by a councilmember if they got fined for violating city ordinances. Based on my personality profile of Scott Alvord it is 100% within his paradigm – so is the City in on the cover up? Or are they cowards?

Perhaps the Charter Review Committee should just recommend that the entire body of campaign finance ordinances be repealed since they appear to mean nothing. In the meantime, if a council candidate takes $5K from a donor, what is the City going to do about it? Suppose Alvord donates money out of his campaign account to other democrats running for office, what is the City going to do about it?

Apparently, nothing. Looks like Open Season is upon us.

P.S. Please note that Alvord’s illegal campaign donations included money to Krista Bernasconi, Bruce Houdesheldt and Pauline Rocucci. They represent enough votes to fire the City Clerk. I’d be remiss if I did not put this out there and ask if this is one of the reasons why City Staff are refusing to enforce their own ordinances. Note that none of the aforementioned three have done anything wrong by accepting the donations, (as Scott will get fined and then have to cover them out of his own pocket) nor do I have any evidence they have said a thing to city staff. I have intel that indicates none of them were even aware of Scott’s multiple violations of campaign finance law until your intrepid blogger posted it. The point is that City Run elections are problematic because the enforcement officer (in this case Roseville City Clerk/Attorney who are refusing to do their job), is literally in the position where they would be fining someone that signs their paycheck. This is a reason why elections should all be run by their respective county.

P.P.S. Click here to see the applicable FPPC Codes at the State level that are explicit as to the duties of a filing officer. It is these explicit guidelines that are the basis for why I believe that the City of Roseville is exposing themselves to state sanction for not doing their job.

Oct 092020

We know and can prove that Scott Alvord filed 4 Campaign finance reports late. If that was the only issue, it is not a huge deal $10-$20 a day in fines is typical. In Scott’s Case, this could be over $7500 because the 2017 Report was 730 days late at least.

The potential criminal issue is the backdated signatures on the reports.

So, let’s walk through this so you can understand the significance and focus on this.

When I checked the City of Roseville’s Website, I noticed that they used the date 1-31-2020 for all of Scott Alvord’s Campaign filings from the middle of 2017 to present. I followed up to ask for records from the City. The City confirmed in writing that they received the four reports on 1-31-2020 – confirming that they were all late. This is a clear violation of City Ordinances and State Campaign Finance Law. Click here to see the written response from the City of Roseville confirming the reports were filed on 1-31-2020 as in late. (please note that the screenshot referenced by the City of Roseville Staff did not translate when I converted the email in to a PDF, I can provide a snip of it upon request)

Now – at the time I made the records request, the City’s Website still had the reports with no date stamp on them posted. AS of 10-4-2020, I checked and the non-stamped reports were still there, in fact, I downloaded them on 10-2-2020 for this post. UPDATE: As of 11:20AM 10-9-2020, the unstamped reports are STILL on the City Website.

Click here to see 7-12 2017, 1-6 2018, 7-12 2018, and 1-6 2019 reports with no date stamp. 1-6 = Jan-Jun  and 7-12 = Jul – Dec. As you view these, I encourage you to look at the date they were signed as stipulated on the reports.

The significance of the unstamped reports being on the City’s Website is that it calls in to question if the City did it on accident or on purpose. Your intrepid blogger was sent an email redacted from another source that was chasing the information. You can see that email here. In the email you will see that the city indicated that the date/time stamps were too faint to show up in the scans.

The next problem is when I received the Stamped Reports I requested – the date stamps are quite clear. You can see them here yourself: 7-12 2017, 1-6 2018, 7-12 2018, 1-6 2019 – all have very easy to read stamps, all prove that Scott Alvord filed those four of these reports late. (up to 2 years late) The significance is the date stamps prove it beyond a doubt.

So why are the stamped reports so easy to read and why were the reports on the City Website so clearly absent a stamp? Did the City scan them in before stamping them and post them? Why aren’t the stamped reports on the website?

I have to wonder if Scott asked the City of Roseville for a favor. Did Scott ask them to help obscure the fact he filed 4 reports late? Did Scott take advantage of an Inexperienced City Staffer?

Since I have filed a complaint with the City Attorney, I have been notified that the City Staff are taking the complaint quite seriously. This suggests that it may well have been Alvord manipulating a City Staffer and/or a City Staffer inexperienced and unaware of campaign law. This is a huge problem in City Council Elections – most small Cities are simply not equipped to handle this stuff.

Worse, the people tasked with investigating Scott Alvord’s Complaint could in theory be fired by him as a councilmember.

Scott’s Late reports once public, showed that he committed several violations of campaign finance law:

Twice paying entities controlled by himself out of his campaign funds.
Twice paying a non-profit corporation controlled by his wife out of campaign funds.
Twice receiving over-the-limit contributions
7 Times donating to other candidates (legal FPPC wise, but a violation of city ordinance)
Once having a large decrease in cash balance that is unexplained nor accounted for
Once having a small increase in cash balance that is unexplained nor accounted for

Then there is either maintaining a campaign fundraising committee outside of designated campaign periods, or failing to convert a candidate committee to an officeholder committee – both improper and clear FPPC violations. (the State regulatory agency)

For those of you scoring at home, we have 19 violations of campaign finance law that we filed a complaint regarding. Does Scott Alvord not know the ordinances in the City he represents on the Council? Or, Worse do the rules not apply to him? AND – did he file the reports late to conceal the 15 violations of campaign finance law/ordinance we found? (The other 4 are the late reports themselves)

Now – let’s explain the backdated signature. This is a big no-no. These are official documents. All four were date stamped 1-31-2020 but they all have different dates on them. It appears this was done to conceal the fact that they were late. These signatures were made under penalty of perjury. Now, this is why the conundrum over the date stamped copies is so important.

I hope the City of Roseville was not involved in trying to obfuscate the late reports. Since I know some of the people that work for the City, my assumption is that the City acted in good faith. Since Scott was quick to blame the city in our previous post introducing his campaign finance issues to the public, it buttresses the headline – he must have taken advantage of an inexperienced City Staffer. He’d have pulled it off had your intrepid blogger not taken up the case of Roseville’s 5th CD race.

Given my research on Scott Alvord and his pattern of trying to create a false image for himself which I will summarize again in graphic detail shortly – it is not far-fetched to draw the conclusion that Scott knew what he was doing. Scott’s later betrayal of the same staff on the Amazon hub communication is also significant – but suffice to say after City Staff apparently trying to help him (most likely unknowingly) in Jan of 2020, he set fire to them in August of 2020 and again 4 days ago on this blog.

In case you needed any other evidence: The County of Placer will follow up with candidates and committees if their form 460 are missing or incomplete. I’ve seen those follow ups a few times. It appears that the City of Roseville does as well (I saw some in the documents that they sent me via the FOIA I filed) but they may not follow up more than once. The State of California also bills for the $50 a year maintenance fee that is required of all open political accounts. Did Scott pay the $50 Bills late as well? The point is that these are two more pieces of evidence that make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Alvord knew what he was doing.

It is clear that if everything presented here is true (and I believe it is) that Scott Alvord attempted to cover up his actions. What is not clear is if or how the City of Roseville helped him. I have been told that the City Government is taking the detailed complaint I filed seriously as the evidence is there in spades of what Mr. Alvord did.

This story is not complete yet, to be continued.

Oct 072020

I should note that I have been talking to several people about LaMills Garrett – to a person they all fear retaliation and have communicated in graphic detail about his anger issues.

This is why It does not surprised me to see LaMills talking openly about two of his friends getting murdered and how he got a gun himself to go settle a score. I had a hunch that Garrett had gone through his blog and sanitized it. Then a source sent me the screenshots, thus confirming what appeared obvious. Finding out what is there is also disturbing and graphic, yet not surprising given the profile I had of Garrett.

I will bet the Roseville Police Officer’s Association will be wondering what they got themselves in to endorsing LaMills Garrett – because Scott Alvord is constitutionally incapable of admitting or accepting fault for anything he has done. It should be noted that Alvord gave Garrett $241 out of his own pocket versus out of his campaign account which would have been in violation of Roseville City Ordinances (more on that caper soon), and both Alvords have been out publicly and forcefully promoting LaMills Garrett.

You will note that he clearly talks about his anger management issues and his desire to “Make a significant Contribution”. The murders were indeed tragic, but the issue is that LaMills Garrett’s behavior patterns are still in force today. Also, as someone who is a recovering alcoholic, I don’t run from my past I talk openly about it. This is why LaMills Garrett trying to hide this stuff is even more disturbing.

Garrett uses the murder of his friends and his own illegally obtained gun story to justify wanting to deny anyone else the right to own a gun.

Remember – we’ve written about LaMills Garrett fathering 3 children out of wedlock (thus making a significant contribution to the societal issues within Black America while blaming people like me that had nothing to do with it) and other maladies. Now, we have some additional details:

So this is the amount that LaMills Garrett is behind in Child Support. It does not seem like much – but given the monthly amount is $633. He is behind basically 7 months. He has been behind on his child support payments for over three years but has not been behind three years’ worth. In 2020, LaMills Garrett has only made two child support payments. You can see public records on those in this handy JPG I created from a PDF I got on the Santa Clara County / State Database (I deliberately deleted the mother’s name and the case number.

Now, the context for why LaMills’ Garrett is writing out $1,000 checks and spending money on his own City Council Campaign becomes crystal clear. Instead of making good on his child support, he is sending that money to promote himself while leaving his daughter in the cold.

it is really sad, because one of the young men LaMills Garrett fathered while cheating on his first wife is reputed to be completely estranged from him.

Meantime, it is full speed ahead for Roseville Councilmember Scott Alvord supporting LaMills Garrett.

In another deleted Blog – this one sent to me in a PDF, from October 2017, Garrett describes in graphic terms sexually assaulting girls in his home. HE describes attempting to remove the panties of an older cousin in graphic detail in the second page of the PDF. At age 12, he describes attempting to rape a girl he was once sexually active with.

He related that he turned in to a player, and did not get specific about his issues – referring in generalities to cheating on wives and girlfriends and having children out of wedlock because he had an inner fear of being called gay.

The post is extremely graphic which is why I am not citing it in the blog – click the link and read it.

The amazing thing is that he wrote this blog while behind on child support. He concluded the blog post by talking about being a changed man and the shame he felt for cheating and fathering children out of wedlock – fresh off a 3 year long court battle against the mother of his third illegitimate child and while being behind on his child support! I was told that Garrett filed the custody lawsuit before he had met his daughter for the first time (she was 8 when they finally met) and that he fell behind on child support in 2017 and has not caught up since.

The daughter’s college fund was essentially drained to pay legal bills and while the daughter has never lived in poverty, her upbringing has been far more difficult than it should have been under normal circumstances – much less being forced to fight her father in a custody lawsuit, being left in the cold on Child support and not even having seen her daddy until she was 8 years old. Remember, LaMills Garrett is writing checks to local charities while still in arrears on Child Support. (We documented three such checks in 2018, 2019 and 2020)

This is why when I have read the two blogs that LaMills attempted to hide that I see zero sincerity in his claims of alleged changes or recovery. I know when I work with someone struggling to get sober if they have a chance to recover or not. It is my opinion when I juxtapose everything I have learned about Garrett onto a straight line that he is still riddled with anger, displaced against White people at that, and is still a frightfully broken person. And, now that he is running for office, he is trying to cover up his past whilst trying to create a false image for himself to overcompensate for how he feels inside.

I have empathy for him for sure. I get that his background really sucks, but I do not think he has recovered from it at all nor do I believe he should be in any position of leadership. When people come forward in graphic detail about his current behavior – finding blogs about his life and background validate the ongoing behavior pattern of today. I have a general rule, if you’re a convicted felon let’s see 10 years clear, if you’re sober 5 years or more, or if you are a former democrat 2-10 years removed depending on the office you are seeking.

I am not sure why a group like the Roseville Police Officers would endorse this guy as he is still a train-wreck and walking wounded.

My advice to LaMills Garrett – get current on your child support, get help for your rage and get out of the race for Roseville City Council until you’ve had a full spiritual awakening and deliverance from your behavior. I write this as both a political operative opposing your campaign – and as an alcoholic that is approaching 18 years completely clean and free of that lifestyle.

The good news is that there is hope in Christ, not a Jesus Christ you control to justify your worldview, but the real Jesus that died for you and wants you to surrender your will to him. 

To be continued.