Sep 142020

LaMills Garrett in my opinion attempted to scrub his social media of some of his more leftist rants. On Friday, we detailed his candidate statement in the 2020 Dem Central Committee Race where he attacked white people and the nuclear family among other things. (Makes sense in light of his illegitimate child)

His anti law-enforcement and racism cloaked in social justice was not an isolated incident. On Medium, basically LaMills Garrett said police shootings were never justified ever. I guess Cops are supposed to get shot and beaten up by thugs with no recourse. in LaMills own words:

It matters that

  • regardless of the number of cops or bullets,
  • regardless of whether fleeing or standing still,
  • regardless of a weapon in hand or not,
  • regardless of committing a crime or not,
  • regardless of location,
  • regardless of having a criminal background or not,
  • regardless of whether in the act of a crime or not,
  • regardless of the race of law enforcement officers,
  • regardless of mental state or involvement of alcohol or drugs,
  • and regardless of how police got involved

…pulling the trigger is a sentence. Pulling of the trigger is no longer just a stop, search, or arrest. It immediately escalates due process from the street to the jury’s decision. Any person believing in the Constitution of the United States should be concerned any time this happens with any citizen. It matters.

The discretion that leads to such numbers can be applied to any individual, group, gender, race, or neighborhood. All Americans should be outraged at this callous excessiveness that kills people under the auspices of protecting the public. And if the phone was a gun, pulling of the trigger is as unconstitutional as the killing of Philando Castile. We should all be outraged. It matters.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: The officer that shot Castle was acquitted by a jury that included two black jurors and the girlfriend of Castle filmed him dying rather than attempting to prevent him from bleeding to death. What an example of depravity for us all. 

And with the understanding that addressing the tragic epidemic of Black males being shot by police will ultimately benefit all efforts to reduce killings by police. Embracing #BlackLivesMatter is for the benefit of all.

Blogger’s Note: In 2019, only 9 unarmed black males were shot and killed by police. 9. There were 23 white males shot in similar circumstances. 

Allow your intrepid blogger to provide this left-wing cop-hating social justice warrior some reality:

Much of modern policing is driven by crime data and community demands for help. The African American community tends to be policed more heavily, because that is where people are disproportionately hurt by violent street crime. In New York City in 2018, 73% of shooting victims were Black, though Black residents comprise only 24% of the city’s population.

LaMills is apparently oblivious to the problem of fatherlessness in the Black Community that he himself helped contribute to and the resulting crime statistics.

Nationally, African Americans between the ages of 10 and 34 die from homicide at 13 times the rate of white Americans, according to researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Justice Department.

The fascinating article goes on to destroy the false canards about police shootings. Black suspects die from homicide at a rate 4 times white suspects, while Black citizens die from homicide in general at a rate 13 times that of White Americans. So LaMills whines about White Privilege, and in his anger refuses to acknowledge that White Children are 6-7 times more likely to have two parents at home. Somehow, White people should be ashamed of that in the mind of LaMills. Having been attacked by several people in the last few years for being a White Male, I get what racism looks like and this seems to be the goal of people like LaMills – revenge. Not healing, not reconciliation. Just people telling me off because I have “White Privilege” when I refuse to agree with the absurdity of their argument. (and worse in their mind, I am a Trump supporter)

Then we get to LaMills’ apparent life pattern of anger and hypocrisy:

Read it through. Do it while LaMills attempts to create a false image for himself. Reading his screed on medium and now looking at this message sent by the mother of his illegitimate child gives you a real window in to LaMills Garrett:

  1. He did not see his daughter until she was 8
  2. Then he fought a 3 year court battle to keep the mother and daughter from moving (after having abandoned her for the first 8 years of her life) Why? Because he could?
  3. Now he is behind on Child Support for over three years.
  4. She alleges LaMills is committing a felony – lying to the court about his lack of income to try and shirk his responsibility as a father.

This woman went public on several facebook groups and was attacked viciously by a lot of the same leftists that are trying to get me prosecuted for running an independent campaign to support some good people for office. The rapidity with which the near psychotic left responds to attack anyone that dares question any of their small cadre of #Defund #BLM crew attempting to take over Roseville Local Government suggest a lot of coordination.

This is where Scott Alvord and his Wife Karen come in. Both have created images for themselves in the community that are in stark contrast to how far they have gone out on a limb publicly for LaMills Garrett.

Karen Alvord has yet to make any public comment about the sordid history of LaMills Garrett – likely because she agrees with his extreme left-wing rants – and despite her position as a high-ranking officer in a leftist Children’s Charity that has Black Lives Matter on its’ homepage. (what about White, Asian and Latino?) This is the issue, she can be a trump-hating leftist, but as the Vice President of a Children’s Charity that helps children in single parent households amongst other things her public advocacy for a guy like LaMills Garrett is a terrible look for her and the organization she is in senior leadership of. IT is what it is. Facts are not negotiable.

And Roseville Councilman Scott Alvord was straight out defending this guy! It sure looks like he recruited LaMills and if not, he is fully invested in him.

I’m going to have more to say about the whole crew that are in full bloom in Roseville – but suffice to say LaMills Garrett has a lot of explaining to do for his rants, life decisions and circumstances around his daughter. The leftie moonbats are out in force, likely motivated by a seething rage against President Trump and have hitched their wagons to a bunch of disasters.

Scott Alvord’s grotesque lapse in judgement (is not isolated to this by the way) should cause anyone and everyone to question his fitness for office as well.

To be continued…

Sep 132020

I found a man after Scott’s own heart on twitter. Here he is tagging a local business in an attempt to get them shut down / fined by OSHA, etc. This is what liberals do.

Watch Mr. Alvord’s rhetoric and his carefully chosen words. They really believe as this guy does and then ask yourself do you want lockdowns and mask mandates? If yes, vote for Scott. If no, vote for Gary Johnson, it is that simple. Roseville City Council District 5 ballots will be headed your way in a month.

People want to live their lives normally. Go to church. Go to School. Yet, Placer County is being invaded by people like these.



Sep 112020

Oh no, I just posted stuff from the Placer Elections Website… maybe County Counsel will send me another nasty letter because I am bashing another liberal democrat.

So what did Placer Democrats know about LaMills Garrett when he got hammered in his bid for Dem Central Committee? His candidate statement sure sounded like communist manifesto:

I’m seeking to be on the Placer County Democratic Central Committee to help expand the voices being heard, lives benefited, and leaders driving change. In my personal and professional journey, I’ve seen the staunchest of conservatives become the most liberal of liberals. And the most liberal of liberals attack those of like-mind in hopes of getting their way or having a victory. Thus despite, being a life-long Democrat, I’m informed to query the vexing and misinformed thinking of everyday people and relentlessly hold leaders accountable for their behaviors. All with a focus of seeing the choices as bad versus the people.

Blogger’s Note: Um, Mr. Garrett what about that illegitimate child and the 3 years of Child support you owe?

I’m a firm believer that people always come before ideology. Candidates or policies must be inclusive and intersectional. Policies should be challenged that theoretically advocate for the poor but excludes women, ethnic minorities, any religion, people with disabilities, or LGBTQ. Likewise, any candidate who finds their politics too nuanced to openly advocate for those marginalized groups should be doubted.

Bloggers Note: What about the Straight and/or White people? Is there room for them too? If people come first, why are you 3 years behind on Child Support? 

My commitment to community can be seen in my past and current work which has been consistent since my days in the US Air Force up until today. I serve on the Board of the Placer Food Bank which works to sustain communities of Placer, El Dorado, and Nevada counties by nourishing families experiencing food insecurity. I also serve on the Board of the Roseville Police Activities
League which enriches the lives of Roseville youth by building positive relationships between youth, police officers, and the community.

Blogger’s Note: Given Garrett’s open hostility for law enforcement – I have to wonder if these things were done to provide cover for a resume. 

During my 20 years with Hewlett Packard, I led the Hewlett Packard Black Employee Network, was President of Kaseberg Elementary PTO, served youth and families via Sacramento NAACP as well as organizing NAACP’s HipHop at the Capitol, sat on the Board of MLK365 which puts on annual Sacramento MLK March and Celebration, and sat on Boards and Commissions in Fort Collins and Larimer County, Colorado.

Blogger’s Note: No mention of being unemployed, like he is telling the court in child support hearings. 

As successful as our party has been in outmaneuvering the other party, I believe we can further our success by standing up to our own blind spots to stand up for the future of the Democratic Party by unapologetically fighting against the trauma and policies that arise from white supremacy, patriarchy, the abuse of labor, and the exploitation of our natural resources. This future will be largely lead by our youth and I intend to embolden their leadership.

Blogger’s Note: This is the same mantra repeated by Scott Alvord in different words. Also note that Garrett is signaling his hostility towards the timber and oil industry. These are mainstays of the extreme left. Note the use of the term Patriarchy. This was also used by left-wing wacko Theresa Landon when she launched a rampage against the Rocklin Unified School District.

It is a fascinating dichotomy between the LaMills Garrett he wants you to believe he is and the LaMills Garrett he really is. Does emboldening the leadership of our youth mean teaching them about White Privilege, Cops are Bad and how to father children out of wedlock? (Smashing Patriarchy is attacking male leadership, including the nuclear family – read the BLM’s core mantra. It is anti-family, pro government raising kids, open borders, abortion at any time for any reason, cops are bad, white (and asian) people are privileged and bad, etc)

Garrett is alleged to be three years behind on Child Support, hardly social justice for the child.

Is LaMills Garrett stable? Is he trustworthy? Is he too far out on the fringe? Why does the story about his illegitimate child matter? When we continue, we are going to elaborate on even more details in the the mind and the real character of LaMills Garrett.

P.S. Scott Alvord Roseville Police? Here he is in his own words:

One is Alvord defending LaMills Garrett, the other is eulogizing a convicted felon who was toxicly overdosed on drugs being arrested for another felony. I can safely say that if I (or any other white male) died in custody, neither Alvord nor Garrett would care.

Do we want this sort of thinking leading the City of Roseville?

Sep 102020

I got a special message from Scott Alvord today. Apparently he does not like Tracy Mendonsa very much. Please note folks – I don’t work for Tracy Mendonsa, Gary Johnson or anyone else. I am an independent operator and am 100% free from any entanglements. Now, do you guys think that makes me less dangerous or MORE dangerous?

I am not bound by any sort of inane “Clean Campaign” pledge, deal with it. I am especially liberated now that the lawyers have tried intimidating me too – that was a nice touch (beyond the complaint against Tracy’s Business) speaking of clean campaigns.

Note that the phone number is Scott Alvord’s Cell Phone. It is not redacted as he has published it.

Sorry Neil Pople, you are off Team Alvord Roseville Police.

I guess a deadbeat dad with a history of political Tourette’s Syndrome is the solution because Alvord just does not like Tracy Mendonsa. What a position for Scott to be in, having to support an unemployed deadbeat dad. (At least LaMills told the court he has no income to avoid child support payments?)

I am also quaking in my boots thinking of all the horrible things Scott Alvord could do because he has a deeper reach than I do. I mean Placer County Counsel just could not get the job done, but now it is Scott Alvord!

Well Team Alvord – the last sentence should make you all feel warm and fuzzy. It looks like Roseville Transit just showed up with Scotty behind the wheel and you are looking at the rear axles. Alvord is going places with his deeper reach but there is only room on the bus for LaMills Garrett as it goes headlong in to Folsom Lake.

The election is in just 7 weeks. Party Time.

Sep 102020

So we know, at least I know that Neil Pople is a far-left candidate for Council. He was 10 years ago as well. Similar to now, he is a marginal also-ran. Now, note his social media presence and the presence of both Alvords all over it. He is also packing a load of far left, mask wearing, shutdown loving, never manage forest, defund the police liberals as endorsers.

Let’s have a closer look. Pople’s page is replete with all the leftist stuff, masks, lockdowns, defund the police and Team Alvord Roseville Police as well.

So, there is Scott Alvord leveraging a volunteer social media page to spread #BLM rhetoric. Here is also Neil Pople doing the same.

We now know that George Floyd was higher than a kite when he died and had a long criminal history. That does not stop Scott Alvord from pandering to the extreme left – so much so that he is out and proud defending a deadbeat dad for City Council in another district. Why let facts get in the way of a good politically motivated riot that spread out of control (only in democrat cities with weak DA’s imagine that)?

IT is long been rumored among Roseville insiders that Scott has craved more votes on the City Council. The things we are seeing happen in the last few weeks suggest there is a pattern and a team at work here. This has to be the only logical explanation for why the Vice President of a large family services agency (Scott’s wife) and Scott himself are defending a deadbeat dad some 3 years behind on his Child Support:

And there you have it. Defending LaMills Garrett and ignoring the fact he is behind 3 years on Child Support. Bad look for Scott Alvord.

Yes, Scott the whole story on LaMills Garrett is coming out soon and it will not look good for you – or the crazed democrats you are leading (one of whom may well have filed the bogus complaint against Tracy Mendonsa’s business) in to battle here. While your intrepid blogger never accused Scott of filing the complaint against Tracy Mendonsa’s business – I wrote that if it was him he was going to get hammered – it is highly likely that the frenzied rhetoric and the extreme and violent tactics that are mainstream in the left precipitated the abuse of government.

And here is another one of Scott’s Democrat Party Crew in all their glory. This was a private facebook message send to Tracy Mendonsa’s Roseville City Council Campaign, note his opponent is LaMills Garrett, the deadbeat dad:

Team Alvord Roseville Police: The Thin Blue Line flag is used by Neo-Nazi Groups. This sounds a lot like LaMills Garrett.

The problem for Team Alvord is that I have multiple people that send me stuff. Tracy Mendonsa is not one of them. It appears that Alvord is content to let Roseville degrade in to a measure of chaos to get what he wants at the ballot box, control of the Roseville City Council to reshape it in his own image.

Mr. Alvord is having a coming out party as the liberal democrat we all know he is. His carefully crafted, but easily shattered image as some sort of moderate pro-business democrat is being exposed as a fraud. There is more underneath the carefully crafted veneer we will be talking about soon…

To be continued.