Feb 072021

Scott Alvord is a disaster. His wife is worse. She has a crew of moonbats that hang on her every word on Social Media.

David and Linda Tennies are resident fixtures on the Placer County Communist Party Central Committee. Someday as California’s downward spiral continues, people like them will be running things.

Note that Tracy Mendonsa was wearing a precious mask at the meeting and Karen Alvord lied. It took 3 1/2 days of people bombarding her to get her to finally “apologize”. In true liberal fashion, she played the victim and projected her own bad behavior on to others. This is similar to the business coach huband with FPPC Fines for sloppy paperwork, charities with expired corporations, lapsed business licenses and the like. But, I digress. Scott and Karen Alvord appear to be quite the pair.

Karen Alvord – I made a mistake last Wednesday. I made an… Facebook

Understand that the wacked out left is alive and getting more agressive in Placer County. It should not have taken Karen Alvord 3 1/2 days to apologize – in addition to her progressive revisionist version of Christianity, I suppose sincere apologies have also been torn out of her bible too along with the sanctity of life, religious freedom and biblical sexuality. I wonder if I could start drinking again if I was a part of that church too?

Karen Alvord’s apology features even more comments by the wacked out left in Placer County including the crazed Nancy Klevicis justifying her original lie. However, leave it to my friend Pete Constant for finally getting a response as he lambasted both Alvords shortly before the “apology”.

Given the fact that most of the city staff disdain Scott Alvord and my guess is his colleagues do too, I am sure that Constant’s message hit home pretty hard:

By the way Karen and Scott Alvord – if you want me to wear a mask, you can come put it on me.

BTW – the mailgnant narcissist LaMills Garrett (at least that is what I think of him) is trying to maintain some sort of public profile on his social media thus continuing his status as a public figure. My guess is that he is being urged to and supported in this endeavor by Roseville’s first couple of mask nazis.

Allow me to suggest something Mr. Garrett – try catching up your child support and try going a year without getting in someone’s pants and maybe people will take you seriously. Just sayin…

Jan 082021

Going home to be with the Lord is an expression Christians use to refer to dying. You will see that Scott Alvord took that to another level on a facebook thread. To a person, everyone that saw this exchange had the same negative reaction to it.

Scott is an isolated democrat City Councilor in Roseville.

Sometimes Scott’s medication levels drop and his true self shows. To be continued.

Dec 052020

So Nextdoor is another social media site and is typically used by residents to vent their frustrations. The Granite Bay nextdoor was used by the extreme left anti-growth contingent to organize against Kirk Uhler for example.

So, it stands to reason that the Mask-loving, lockdown-promoting Scott Alvord would live on Nextdoor. But, letting Alvord be a moderator is quite the conflict of interest is it not?

TGI is The Gathering Inn. They have put a group home for Homeless folks transitioning out of homelessness in to society in West Roseville. The resident was asking questions about potential conflicts of interest Alvord may have with the TGI group home. Some of my sources can not see this post anymore and others say they still can. Given that Alvord is a moderator, it is not unreasonable to assume that he tinkered with this. It is consistent with his pattern.

As you’d imagine group homes for the homeless, sex offenders, felons coming out of prison and others are a controversial issue. It has been an obsession of the extreme left to spread societal problems in to the suburbs that they resent. Scott has tried to walk a highwire on these issues, but his hard-left stances on other issues belie his true feelings.

Then there is this gem:

So, your intrepid blogger went to the government website to check. We want to give Mr. Alvord the benefit of the doubt as when we blasted him six weeks ago, the Corporation for the Placer Rescue Mission was indeed suspended.

Guess what? It is still suspended. Scott Alvord lied. (again) see below for a screenshot if the hyperlink does not work. This is as of 11AM 12-5-2020.

Scott Alvord is also telling people that the campaign finance complaints that I filed against him are baseless and will be dismissed. He lied about that too as your intrepid blogger got a nice letter from the FPPC. I am also aware that the City of Roseville has doubled down on their refusal to enforce their own ordinances. It appears they want to get an FPPC fine as well.

Please see below for a screenshot of the letter I received from the FPPC on 11-23-2020 indicating that my complaint has merit and there is a formal investigation. Scott says nothing to see here, the FPPC says there is plenty to see here is they only take up investigations they believe will lead to violations and fines.

I’d tell Alvord to shut up and stop digging himself a deeper hole, but he is not capable of that. Many in the community have told Alvord the same thing. However, based on past performance, I am sure I will continue getting new material for years to come.

To be continued.

Oct 292020

Just how bad do the Roseville Police Union want to raid the city treasury? They have endorsed a man 7 months behind on his Child Support with verified accusations of child abuse from his oldest son (said to be estranged from him). See the story about the abuse here.

Note the words used. The term fraud comes to mind.

Scott Alvord? He’s a victim don’t you know. Heck, just ask LaMills Garrett. I mean it was his right to sleep with other women while married. Three kids out of wedlock later, no less. LaMills is a victim of a mean, racist blogger. It’s all someone else’s fault. (It seems like I wrote the exact same words about Scott Alvord)

Gina Garbolino? Crickets. Gun Violence, Admission of Sexual Assault?

One thing that has happened in this Roseville City Council election cycle is a threshing of community leaders. We now know a lot about who the clear thinkers are.

When I first started profiling LaMills Garrett, I knew he was angry and extremely liberal. What I did not know was the extent of his depravity. Scott Alvord is a fraud and a disaster when you look beneath the surface, but LaMills Garrett has led a life characterized by a path of destruction. While I believe both Alvord and Garrett are narcissistic, it is clear that LaMills Garrett has deep-seeded emotional and psychological issues. It is what it is.

I am sorry you and your daughter have had to deal with Mr. Garrett’s bizarre brand of cruelty.
According to him, his wife forbid him from being the involved with his daughter as a condition of staying married to him. I personally find that hard to believe. After HP fired him I don’t believe he could get hired in tech, so he has tried to reinvent himself as a pillar of society. And it suits his vindictive nature to not pay support. This is not the behavior of a decent person but he has done a good job of fooling a lot of people in Roseville that he is the right man for the job. As for getting his house in order, that will never happen, at least not for long. He may fool another woman into making him appear to be a family man and honorable citizen but he will cheat, liar, use and abuser her until the facade crumbles. The cease and desist order shows that what you are doing is getting under his skin so good for you. I have tried to post things on Facebook and Twitter and he has them taken down and my accounts deactivated. I wish there was away to really let people know what he is truly like. I wish you and your daughter all the best (soon she will be old enough to decline visitation do hang in there).


I’ve had several people feeding me information about LaMills Garrett – including the mother of his now 13 year old daughter (the product of an affair against his second wife, a little girl LaMills did not meet until she was 8 years old). Here is one such source.

Amy is describing a malignant narcissist. She was also responding to Karen the mother of the daughter, who had to fight a 3 year court battle against LaMills Garrett to be able to move to Arizona. Karen left this comment as a reply to an earlier comment from Amy challenging Scott Alvord on his defense of LaMills Garrett:

Amy. They are indefensible. I am the mother of his daughter whom he never met until she was 8. He is over $4k in arrears in child support right now and hasn’t been “caught up “ in over 4 years telling the state that he is unemployed. His website says he is a small business owner. Although I may believe his platform is the right one (I am a dem) I do not believe that a man who believes he is above the law (lying about employment status and/or ability to pay child support) should be an elected official. Obviously LaMills and I have our issues but that is not the debate here and now. The issue is how do we clean up the overall political mess this country is in. And I, as a staunch democrat bleeding liberal believe it starts here. In creating honest dialogue with people I don’t see eye to eye in on issues. But one thing I agree on is that we need to elect honest and moral political leaders to take us into 2021. Once LaMills cleans up his own house then I am on board but until then I will continue to do everything I can with the information I have to show Roseville that he is not an honest person who should be put in a position of power or leadership.

Please note LaMills has hit me with a cease and desist order and even sent it as a bullying tactic to my place of employment (they shrugged it off and didn’t care). I’m sure he didn’t do his homework on CA’s Anti-SLAPP law. Nothing I have emailed or posted is untrue. He is trying to bully me into silence but he forgets that when a mama bear is cornered she defends her young to the death.

Mr. Alvord also needs to read up on California’s Anti-SLAPP Law as well. That said, I guess LaMills Garrett will have to shoot someone on Vernon Street in Downtown before the Police Officers, Alvord or Garbolino back off of their ill-advised endorsement of this monster. We have every other base covered as far as being a complete disaster of a human being.

Child Abuse.
Sexual Assault. (read more here)
Child Support Issues.
Abusing the Legal System.

What an awesome candidate for office.

Oct 272020

What do you say to community leaders that support a deadbeat dad? That is how Scott Alvord and Karen Alvord elevated themselves from just another pair of Liberal Democrats to Scott Alvord being one of the main courses for the right on daily candidate chef school in 2020.

I knew Scott was a liberal democrat and was trying to present himself as a moderate – this is how most candidates that are in the minority in the area they are seeking election in do things.

The original plan was to hammer Scott for being a tax-and-spend liberal, supporting Abortion up until birth, and a host of other things. Then along came LaMills.

It was Karen Alvord publicly and forcefully pushing LaMills Garrett that raised alarm. It was well-known that Garrett had some issues. We’ve since learned they include admitting to sexual assaults, gun violence, fathering 3 children out of wedlock, not seeing his daughter until she was age 8 and then abusing the court system in the custody case just because he can. What kind of man refuses to go through a 30 minute mediation course with regard to the case of his own daughter?

Now, Scott Alvord has doubled down by finally coming out publicly in support of LaMills Garrett.

In the mean time – I started looking for answers with regard to Scott Alvord. They came fast and hard.

The information revealed that his resume was embellished at best and his personal situation was nowhere close to who he wanted people to believe he is.

Business Owner? Yes. Successful? It is easy to make a solid case that he is not.

Author? Yes. Has he sold books? Not many at all. Was he published? Investigation proves that he published his own book despite trying to obfuscate that fact. Worse, it appears that he created an author’s group on paper to give himself credibility.

Community Leader? It appears that Scott Alvord founded a paper non-profit as proven by our research.

Business professor? Try Adjunct Staff. Take a look at all of his expired paperwork and ask yourself if anyone should take his advice or business teachings seriously. But hey, we’ve been told by sources that you will be the proud owner of Scott’s new book if you take his class!

Ethical City Councilmember? We detailed 19-23 violations of Campaign Finance Law that we filed public complaints regarding. Mr. Alvord has even admitted to several of the violations. He’s taken personal credit for the work of others (such as City Staff when he blew the Amazon Hub rollout) and then blamed the same people for his own screw ups when caught!

I have not been surprised to see Alvord pleading his case in the comments section of this blog. Typically people living a lie are very thin-skinned and react to exposure, often in real time. What has also been disturbing, but not surprising is seeing Scott blame others for things clearly his fault. I expected to see him try to minimize and obfuscate – but blaming the current CFO of Placer Rescue Mission for issues whose genesis were under his tenure is beyond the pale. He also blamed city staff for his campaign finance maladies.

What happens when I deal with candidates that are hiding large closets of skeletons is the fact that people come forward. In the case of LaMills, everything I know about him as come from a few people that have come forward. LaMills has responded by calling me a racist, but similar to his hero Joe Biden’s response to the pay-for-play scandal with Ukraine, China and other countries – he has not denied a thing, just attacked the source. (Note, I’ve spoken to people that have known LaMills Garrett for many years – they have related that he screams racism to all who will listen and he even told a judge that his activism is the reason he has not gotten a job. I guess to explain the 7 months of Child support he is in arrears.)

Scott Alvord has threatened to sue me, while at the same time validating many things I have written thus undermining his own legal case. It is really hard when someone has woven an intricate web of lies to keep them straight – especially when unraveling them has been so easy. Given that Alvord has made so many amateur and basic mistakes I am also wondering about his skill set in general.

You’d think that if Alvord was truly loved and respected in the community that people would come out of the woodwork to defend him. Thus far, his defense has been leftist trolls on facebook using typical Saul Alinsky tactics that the left is now known for. Aside from a comment from a Staffer at WJU – I have had literally several people all of whom are public figures tell me to keep blasting Mr. Alvord.

It appears that Scott Alvord has alienated City Staff who can’t stand him. Nothing feels better than being gaslighted, used and minimized.

It appears that several local stakeholders are afraid of Scott Alvord as they perceive him to be vindictive and a bully. It is my opinion that they resent dealing with him on City Issues.

It appears that several people in local government that have to serve with him in various capacities disdain him and refer to him with terms like “fraud” and “Narcissist”.

What Mr. Alvord does not know is that I have a few stories from people I believe about Mr. Alvord that I have not told on this blog. They are disturbing and graphic. I did not know who Scott Alvord was, even Three Months ago. What an education it has been and if Scott is looking for someone else to blame (because he will never take responsibility for his own actions), he should blame his endorsement of LaMills Garrett for starting me on the path to discovery.

Do not vote for Scott Alvord under any circumstances, he is not qualified to hold office much less anywhere close to honest about who he is.