WWDRD? What Will Dennis Revell Do?

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Jan 302015

To this date, Mr. Revell has refused to answer several direct questions about the social issues and where he stands on the California Republican Party Platform.

Does Dennis Revell support the California Republican Party Platform – including its’ pro-life and pro-prop-8 planks? Will Dennis Revell take a public  stand for the conservative values he tells his Tea Party supporters on the Cent Com he has?

Will Dennis Revell ever answer direct questions regarding his stances on Issues?

The California Republican Assembly will lead the charge to defend the traditional values in the GOP platform – will Dennis be true to his Tea Party  supporters, or will he choose to stay home on the Country Club?

Choose life, Dennis.

Dennis Revell’s Placer GOP Party Building 101- Shoot Your Bench

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Jan 162015

People bitch about the GOP getting older, whiter and how we don’t have a bench.

Dennis Revell and the Placer GOP missed the memo.

Pictured are two of the Placer GOP’s finest manning the Placer GOP booth.

On the Right is the First Vice Chair of the Placer GOP – Mike Holmes who was defeated by a left-wing Labor Union Troll Daniel Berlant. (who is a registered Republican) Berlant has reliably been spouting the Labor Union talking points since his election.

Holmes’ loss is the single largest embarrassment for the Placer GOP and this happened under the watch of Dennis Revell.

We have illustrated how out of touch Mr. Revell is as he failed to recognize that the extent of the candidate recruiting of the Placer County Democrats. He completely missed Dem Cent Com Recruits Darin Hughes in Roseville City SD, Christine Colvin in Lincoln and Robert Vizzard in the Nevada Irrigation District.

So, it stands to reason that he would participate in a political lynching of a key member of the GOP bench on Wednesday night.

I had been told that the chemically imbalanced Cyndy Taylor (with whom I have extensive personal history) was recruited to fill a vacancy at a previous meeting. This should have clued me in to how the well was running dry for Dennis Revell and friends to find seat-warmers.

Another vacancy occurred in Sup District 4 (home of Kirk Uhler), when a member accumulated four absences.

The alternate, Tracy Mendonsa decided to run for the seat. According to accounts, he called all of the members of the Central Committee – true to form, many did not take nor return his calls.

At the meeting – Mr. Revell who was speaking down to everyone from an elevated podium attempted to cut off a member who was attempting to nominate Mr. Mendonsa in an attempt to create an unopposed election for his choice of candidate.

The candidate? None other than Beth Gaines’ district director, Jeff Short. Mr. Short adds nothing to the local GOP – the only experience I have with him being a volunteer is seeing him stealing Andy Pugno signs, but I could not get the pictures of him I shot to turn out.

So, Mr. Revell has created two problems while trying to keep control. (which is an illusion)

He just drew the lame-duck Beth Gaines in to the Roseville City Council race against a Republican Candidate for City Council. Second, he just engaged in overt action against a member of the GOP bench for local office.

Had Dennis Revell been in touch with South Placer County, he’d have realized that Tracy Mendonsa sits on the Transportation Commission, is part of several other groups and has been working hard on relationships in Roseville. He is widely liked and respected in the community.

If Dennis Revell had realized any of this, he may well have not made the desperate move of getting his last option Jeff Short in against Mendonsa.

The last minute and harried nature of Revell’s counter-drill to Mendonsa does suggest to me that he did not slander Mr. Mendonsa like he did Ed Rowen – rather, he just gave the order to his Tea Party faithful to vote how they were told to. This is the Placer GOP we have now – the anti-establishment Tea party troops voted for a legislative staffer over a local businessman for a vacancy on the Cent Com.

Get your popcorn folks, I see the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific on the horizon and Dennis Revell is the conductor.

Confidential Memo: You are not in Placer County and You are not Reading This…

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Jan 122015

… now what?

Your intrepid blogger has intercepted a confidential message from the entity claiming to be the Placer GOP. I had almost forgotten that the Placer GOP existed, but an exhaustive investigation yielded fruit.

The message yielded some shocking information that needs to be day-lighted to the faithful readers of this blog who wonder if the GOP waves that hit the rest of the country will ever come to California.

The confidential message contained a lot of messaging about transparency. I guess the transparent confidentiality is what confounded my search for the Placer GOP.

I learned that in 2013, the Placer GOP hosted the “largest ever” salute to local electeds. A look at financial records shows they made little if anything as the records are extremely difficult to analyze (there are no standard ledger columns, only transparent  non-specific summaries), perhaps they gave out a few too many free tickets?

I learned that there was a volunteer effort in 2014. I was involved in campaigns from Loomis, to Granite Bay to Roseville and never encountered any. Perhaps they were in Auburn? But, then, the man listed as the “First Vice Chair” of the Placer GOP was defeated in his election campaign.

I saw notes about the effort against democrats all over Placer County. Were the volunteers in Lincoln? But, Lincoln was not in the list of successes despite one of the closest margins a democrat had in the county… democrat Christine Colvin, supported by every major democrat group in Placer County missed election by under 200 votes in Lincoln City Council.

I saw a note about Rene Aguilera who was the subject of several media stories, none of whom quoted the Placer GOP. The same Aguilera was attacked by a non-partisan group called the league of Placer County Taxpayers and was defeated in his bid for a City Council Seat. Was there some sort of secret effort on behalf of Republicans in Roseville?

Has the transparency of the Placer GOP made it invisible?

The Placer Democrats recruited candidates all over the county. The democrat candidate in Nevada Irrigation District Candidate Robert Vizzard lost in a landslide, but missed mention in the confidental commuinque from the Placer GOP. Could it be that the Placer GOP was unaware and unprepared for the onslaught of democrat candidates?

The documents reveal that there was some sort of inclusive endorsing convention, that I’d assume was as transparent as the confidential memo or the financial records.

The documents indicate that the Placer GOP sent out a mailer – could this be what several candidates told me they had to pay $300-$600 a piece for? Our search of campaign finance records show that the Placer County Democrat Party DONATED money to their candidates versus the Placer GOP that charged candidates money.

This transparency is all very confusing.

Sources tell this blogger that the Placer GOP endorsed against Placer County Measure B without a hearing or allowing those supporting the measure a chance to make their case. I am sure that endorsement that was done outside of the inclusive, transparent endorsing convention was equally as transparent.

Then Measure B passed with 62.62% of the vote – the basis of my theory that the Placer GOP was dead and thus started my search for its’ relevancy.

Further investigation reveals that while volunteers for the Placer GOP were nowhere to be found in Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, Granite Bay, Lincoln or parts elsewhere, we did see some home-made “No To Measure B” signs. Is it possible that the volunteers from the Placer GOP were fully occupied on the No on B campaign?

The document has certainly left the Right On Daily Blog with more questions than it has answered.

What we do know is that Placer County GOP Chairman Dennis Revell was married to Maureen Reagan many years ago. That, we are certain of… the quest for answers will continue.