Aug 212016

The slow motion #trainwreck continues in the leper colony known as CRA. It appears that Alice Khosravy, the CRA’s Black Widow is slowly starting to weed out CRA Board Members.

Craig was described as a “Disgusting, Sweaty Pig” by Khosravy deputy Wendy Albright (she of the $10000 FPPC Fine). (I have the screenshots of the texts somewhere, but how could I forget this?)

When I first heard the news, I was hoping that maybe some time away from Politics would help Craig deal with the pious, pompous, self-righteous arrogant streak that has characterized him for years. Maybe a more balanced and mature Alexander would transform from a pariah to someone who used their talents for productive good.

Then I read his resignation email. While he had valid points, the highlights of his character flaws were evident.

Craig pointed out that the CRA needs to get younger and get more members. Alice and crew will never let the CRA grow, a larger organization will be more difficult to control. The two most recent CRA units are fraudulent shells in my opinion and are already beset with infighting.

Craig Alexander was indeed ideally suited for CRA. It appears that Craig has come out on the losing end of an internal pissing match and has decided to take his ball and go home. Such is life in the ineffective debating society known as CRA.

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Tom Hudson – who was recently at the CRA’s OC BBQ (attended by roughly 30 people despite representing 7 remaining CRA units) – is finding himself increasingly isolated.

Hudson, as you may recall is the executive director of a shell organization that is effectively a PAC that endorses and does the usual pay-for-play crap that “Republican Taxpayer Groups” do. While Hudson is emptying the boxes of wine at home, his business partner Mike Spence got in to a major accident and appears to be in major trouble.

Craig Alexander was, until yesterday, Tom Hudson’s firewall and biggest ally in the CRA.

Hudson is privately disdained by most people on the CRA’s board that I know. Most of them lack the character to be honest and open about it until, of course the opportunity arises to participate in the next purge. The Game of Thrones has nothing on the CRA – because at least some of the characters portrayed in the Game of Thrones can function in normal life.

Feb 082016

There is a price to being right. Wendy Albright was one of those sending self-righteous emails and telling people about all the money that was allegedly stolen by George and others from the CRA.

Now Wendy Albright has to come up with $10,000 to pay her fppc fine for get this, not doing her paperwork for AD38 GOP Central Committee and for also refusing to respond to multiple attempts to contact.

We warned you about the CRA’s leadership. And their assistant treasurer just got jack-slammed by the FPPC for willful negligence. I wonder what she has done to the CRA’s books in the meantime?

They covered up membership fraud and threw us out in order to try to close the lid on it. Wendy Albright is a close associate and lieutenant of the CRA’s Black Widow Alice Khosravy (whose name you see on every letter, email, blog post and social media function of CRA now).

The Saddleback RA had its’ own $12,000 debacle

And now, their assistant treasurer gets the FPPC death penalty of $5000 per violation for refusing to return letters or phone calls from the LA County Registrar and the FPPC.

Unfortunately for Wendy, they were able to prove their case and the documentation in the 94-page document linked here is legion. It lists dates of contact and types of contact and the entire process leading to the $10,000 fine.

Good things happen to good people.

Perhaps Wendy can get the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister to plead her case as he is a government election law lawyer. Whoops, that’s right, Wendy Albright hates Thomas N Hudson. #epicfail.

Reports have come in from around the state that several CRA units have collapsed, yet the CRA is still showing them as active. The organization is overrun with fraud and Wendy Albright is in the middle of all of it.

Get some marshmallows people, there is a nice bonfire burning just waiting for you.

Jan 312016

There is a price to being right. The CRA attempted unsuccessfully to cover up the rampant membership fraud in their organization.

As of this date, several CRA units have collapsed, do not meet and about half the existing CRA units are fraudulent.

In Thomas N Hudson’s CRA – meetings and membership are optional. What matters is having everything looking good on paper.

The CRA’s board needs to be right at all costs. When CRA VP Dale Tyler was commissioned to investigate the fraud within the CRA, it was supposed to be a fair and impartial investigation. He had copies of the rosters and signed affidavits of fraud. Tyler chose instead to whitewash the whole thing and one of his fellow committee members, Greg Powers resigned from the CRA and its’ board due to the dishonesty of Dale Tyler.

Dale Tyler’s home unit, the Saddleback RA has a $12,000 problem.

Last year, the unit held a series of fundraisers where people donated their own personal goods and sold them – ostensibly to raise money for the club.

Instead, at the direction of former Saddleback RA Secretary and her friends that included noted activist Larry Gilbert – the money, all $12,000 of it was sent to the “Community Common Sense” newspaper / website. The CCS as they call it is a marginal publication that apparently has a small fringe following in Southern Orange County.

The current president found out that the $12k was missing only once elected and getting the bank records. Whoops.

Connie Lee went berzerk over being questioned an apparently she and Larry Gilbert began smearing the current leadership of the Saddleback RA. Gilbert has since disappeared from the CRA scene again and Lee has since resigned as Sec/Trez of the unit.

Enter Dale Tyler. Guess what he did? Attempted to cover up the disappearance and the unethical manner of the allocation of said funds. Even he had to admit that the end game of Lee was never clearly disseminated to those donating their own personal goods to raise funds.

But – it did not matter. Dale Tyler’s pattern is to avoid conflict at all costs and make it go away – similar to the OC GOP. At least the narcissists and nerds on the State CRA board had the internal fortitude to cover up their lie by throwing more people out of the organization.

It is my understanding that the Saddleback RA is growing once again with Connie Lee and Larry Gilbert gone – however, they still practice exclusionary membership practices and are small and insular.

The unethical behavior and the cover up by a man who served at least two terms as a CRA Vice President? That is the price of admission to be in the CRA itself.

… and people wonder why the OCGOP has slipped from 68% down to 56% of the vote?

Right on Daily Blog is on the Minds of People…

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Oct 212015

official elephant This is the “Official” trademarked elephant of the GOP.

Only officially chartered organizations can use this elephant in their communications.

Oftentimes, political consultants will use “Two-Star” elephants or close derivatives in order to deceive people in to believing their candidate is the “official” candidate of the Republican Party.

Recently, via an anonymous phone call, someone via someone in the leadership of the California Republican Party complained about the logo of this website.


Now -we direct your attention to our logo.

Could you imagine that on a piece of mail? There is no way in hell you could think that was official, unless you were tweaking, drunk at 9AM or certifiable. (Any or all of the three are prerequisites to be in CRA leadership)

Back to our regularly scheduled beatings of knuckleheads.

CRA Update: The CRA Board Prepares to Elect a Death Panel

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Jul 302015

I got a copy of an email from this morning. The CRA is asking for its’ board to appoint a Special Litigation Committee by Tuesday August 4th at 8AM.

We warned you. This is what the all-consuming desire to be right looks like when you are dealing with a pack of rabid dogs in a nerd colony.

If you read the text of the letter – a couple of things should jump out at you. Are they expecting a lawsuit? Are they going to file a lawsuit?

Who are they going to sue? (One clue could be the reference to conflicts of interest with spouses of “someone the organization may have a claim against”) My sister-in-law is still on the CRA’s Board.

Are they going to sue the charitable organizations they have been sending legal threats to? (They already bullied Acres of Hope successfully)

Are they going to sue the former board of the former Placer CRA that voted 4-0 to donate the money? (Better get yourself an attorney, Ed Rowen)

The makeup of the committee are some of the most rabid dogs on the CRA’s board, so caution and rationality are out the window. (with the exception of Greg Goehring)

However, you have to take a good look at the recent events as written about on this blog and you should ask even more questions:

Is this related to Tom Hudson’s ego being bruised?

Is this related to Tom Hudson needing to go back to the State CRA’s board after-the-fact in order to get them to sanction his rogue actions?

What does the CRA hope to gain out of this? Members? Good Press?

Do the board members of the CRA think that the timing of this will help their efforts to stop the bleeding in the organization?

Does Tom Hudson think that the Placer GOP and Tom McClintock are going to gain from this as he is publicly tied to both…

Logic is out the window. Political insiders will think about the California GOP’s rules about lawsuits and ask questions from that paradigm, but the pattern of behavior has more resembled a sociopath on a rampage to get his next victim.

Asking the questions about what the “benefits” of these lawsuits, threats and bullying are to the GOP at large, then asking how this registers more voters and asking how this elects more Republicans are moot related to the pattern of behavior here. Tom Hudson will destroy himself and anyone else that helps him in order to be right – and I write this blog and others related to his actions as a man that has known him 18 years.

The CRA is already starting to sink. All over the state, reports are coming in and they are not good. You may even ask yourself if this is some sort of murder-suicide pact that the CRA’s 900-club are leading the organization in to.

For those of you that know my background in dealing with substance abuse and helping others, I have seen a lot of people dig their own graves before. This is a special case where people are already in their grave and are starting to bury themselves in it.