Oct 052010

(Why did the Reverend Karen England choose George Runner over Alan Nakanishi and Barbara Alby for Board of Equalization?)

OK. So Karen England hates Barbara Alby, everyone knows that the Reverend Karen England has a long list of political skeletons. But, no one knows Alan Nakanishi (except for those ANNOYING Robo-Calls)…

When called on the carpet for a blatant lie, Karen England claimed her attack against the CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines was to help Barbara Alby and not Roger Niello. But, she admitted to my source that she called Tea Party members with false information, nevertheless.

Are you confused? Does she or doesn’t she support Barbara Alby for anything?

Let me make it clear – Karen got bought by George Runner. Runner didn’t do anything wrong by giving the CRI money – Karen did something wrong by going all-out for George Runner and not telling anyone about the financial interest.

As an aside, when the CRA endorsed George Runner, The Reverend Karen England had nothing to say about the propriety of the CRA endorsement of Runner.

A check of the Runner for Senate 2008 committee shows a check for $5,000 to the Capitol Resource Institute for the SB777 referendum.

Like the current “campaign” for Lt. Governor, the SB777 referendum was nothing more than a fundraising ploy for the CRI.

But – this revelation from the Runner campaign account explains why Karen England would support someone from Los Angeles County to represent Northern California on the Board of Equalization.

P.S. Exodus 23:8: Take no bribes, for a bribe makes you ignore something that you clearly see. A bribe makes even a righteous person twist the truth

Conservative Fraud The Reverend Karen England Now a Former State CRA Officer

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Oct 042010

This is truly a great day, Karen England is no longer a California Republican Assembly officer. One of Karen’s money grubbing publicity stunts has finally cost her something. Due  to a provision in the state CRA bylaws, Karen automatically vacated her position when she decided to perpetrate her write in candidacy for Lt Governor. Her candidacy by the way is totally based on the false premise that Lt Governor Abel Maldonado had the constitutional authority to give the Prop 8 case standing. Once again she is wrong. Not only was this not necessary, it would have been an unconstitutional usurpation of his authority. More on this in a post to follow from Aaron.

For now it is time to celebrate like the citizens of munchkin land in the classic film the Wizard of OZ, just after Dorothy arrived from the sky in her house.  You remember who Dorothy landed on. After all, Karen England does see those of us simpletons out here as mere midgets to her all powerful awesome volunteer god likeness. I am sure that you can hear the music playing now as the munchkins celebrate…….. (hail, hail, the…)

P.S. Meantime, the phony paper CRA units Karen helped found in Northern CA are in mourning. Perhaps their paper unit Presidents will all meet to take action. I here one of them lives in Penryn right here in Placer County!

How is the Reverend Karen England any Different than Lisa Murkowski?

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Oct 042010

Think this one through.

The Tea Party scored a major win in Alaska. Lisa Murkowski, the squish that was vanquished in the Alaska Senate Primary got angry and filed as a write-in candidate.

Those on the right cried foul – just like they did when Michael Castle hinted at a run and just like they did when the RINO (worse than a squish) Charlie Crist filed as an independent against Marco Rubio in Florida.

The anger was that the Tea Party / Conservatives knocked off liberals in the Primaries only to have the liberals run again to apparently defeat the Conservative by splitting votes off.

This also happened in 2008 when Uber-Liberal Congressmembers Wayne Ghilcrist and Joe Schwarz were defeated in their GOP primaries and then endorsed and campaigned for the Democrats who won both of those Republican seats in Congress…

There is a reverse situation in California.

The Liberal – very Liberal Republican Abel Maldonado won.

The Reverend Karen England was nowhere to be found in the Primary… she did not actively assist any Conservative who was on the ballot against Maldonado. Nor did Karen England have the courage to run for LG herself – so there’s one difference.

Now, here she is filing as a write in and she is telling people at Tea Party meetings she hopes to get 50,000-60,000 votes.

This is an obvious attempt to help Gavin Newsome – what other conclusion can you draw?

If it is OK for England to run as a write-in against Abel – then it should also be OK for Murkowski and Crist to do what they are doing… you can’t split it because there is an ideaological difference between the races and be consistent.

Think it through -The Reverend Karen England is California’s Lisa Murkowski.

Karen England Update: No Worries, McClintock has me Covered!

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Oct 032010

That’s what she told the Auburn Journal. (Quote: She was also the state’s Republican delegate for Congressman Tom McClintock, a post she also vacated. (McClintock) said he understood and promised to re-appoint me on Nov. 3 (the day after the general election).

She also told the Auburn Journal she is taking over the world um, the Central Committee with some sort of “reform” slate she was a part of.

England was also part of that reform slate which takes control of the Placer County Republican Central Committee in January.

Did that include the Moderates she endorsed like Spencer Short and Cheryl Bly-Chester? I’m confused. Karen is running against the Moderate Abel Maldonado because he is a RINO – but in the Primary “teamed up” with some “Moderates” to “reform” the Central Committee?

(It should be noted that the Central Committee endorsed several Moderate Republicans in this election cycle)

As usual – Ruffalo never called Tom Hudson, myself or George for comment… just like small number of Karen’s friends in the local Tea Party who never question what Karen tells them.

This Lt. Governor campaign is really getting bizarre… I wonder how all those donors to the CRI are feeling?

P.S. One final question – Will Karen Publicly commit that any unused money in her Lt. Governor account be given to charities other than the CRI or any causes related to the CRI?

Remember, Karen can roll all the money from her Lt. Governor account in to her own charity after Nov 2. Cozy.

Oct 032010

The Reverend Karen England – the most pure and unassailable volunteer in the California Republican Party today (just ask her, she will recite all the cannons of her pending sainthood) has a problem.

She’s a fraud.

Here at the www.rightondaily.com blog – my brother has been a warrior day in and day out for candidates and causes mostly for no pay whatsoever. Meanwhile – people such as the Reverend Karen England embark on self-righteous crusades to profit themselves.

We detailed how Karen England was basically paid to run phone banks for Congressman Tom McClintock – even though she never told anyone of her financial interest. It might affect her resume for sainthood.

Enter Doug LaMalfa.

2/23/2oo5 the LaMalfa Committee 2004 gave the Capitol Resource Institute (the Reverend England’s “Charity”) $1500. Was it for an indulgence?

03/03/2006 the LaMalfa Committee – renamed – gave the Capitol Resource Institute $1000, again securing the unfailing loyalty of the Reverend Karen England.

No wonder why her hatred of anyone associated with Rick Keene was so deep?

And now the pattern is set – while pointing self-righteous fingers, the Reverend England has been financing her endorsements for years. To be continued…

P.S. Matthew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”