Feb 072021

Scott Alvord is a disaster. His wife is worse. She has a crew of moonbats that hang on her every word on Social Media.

David and Linda Tennies are resident fixtures on the Placer County Communist Party Central Committee. Someday as California’s downward spiral continues, people like them will be running things.

Note that Tracy Mendonsa was wearing a precious mask at the meeting and Karen Alvord lied. It took 3 1/2 days of people bombarding her to get her to finally “apologize”. In true liberal fashion, she played the victim and projected her own bad behavior on to others. This is similar to the business coach huband with FPPC Fines for sloppy paperwork, charities with expired corporations, lapsed business licenses and the like. But, I digress. Scott and Karen Alvord appear to be quite the pair.

Karen Alvord – I made a mistake last Wednesday. I made an… Facebook

Understand that the wacked out left is alive and getting more agressive in Placer County. It should not have taken Karen Alvord 3 1/2 days to apologize – in addition to her progressive revisionist version of Christianity, I suppose sincere apologies have also been torn out of her bible too along with the sanctity of life, religious freedom and biblical sexuality. I wonder if I could start drinking again if I was a part of that church too?

Karen Alvord’s apology features even more comments by the wacked out left in Placer County including the crazed Nancy Klevicis justifying her original lie. However, leave it to my friend Pete Constant for finally getting a response as he lambasted both Alvords shortly before the “apology”.

Given the fact that most of the city staff disdain Scott Alvord and my guess is his colleagues do too, I am sure that Constant’s message hit home pretty hard:

By the way Karen and Scott Alvord – if you want me to wear a mask, you can come put it on me.

BTW – the mailgnant narcissist LaMills Garrett (at least that is what I think of him) is trying to maintain some sort of public profile on his social media thus continuing his status as a public figure. My guess is that he is being urged to and supported in this endeavor by Roseville’s first couple of mask nazis.

Allow me to suggest something Mr. Garrett – try catching up your child support and try going a year without getting in someone’s pants and maybe people will take you seriously. Just sayin…

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  5 Responses to “City of Roseville Drama, Mask Nazi-Wife of a Democrat Councilmember Gets Caught in a Grotesque Lie and Then Non-Apoligizes”

  1. Of course her name is Karen! FFS!

  2. Blogger’s Note: The Alvords have an answer for everything AND when challenged are ALWAYS the victim. It is consistent

    You and your political posse have been working hard and spending a lot of social media and blog space trying to turn a misunderstanding and sincere apology into the political scandal of the year. I’m certain that there is no apology that Karen could have made that would resolve this since you’ll twist anything for a political advantage to attack. That’s what you do and I’m sad for you because you have to live with your reputation of hatred and twisted information.

    Anyone reading Karen’s sincere apology off the link you provided will realize that her PRIVATE post Wed night only reached a small group of her friends. And after she realized Councilmember Mendonsa was wearing an invisible shield, she clearly admitted her mistake on her post. She also removed the whole post in the same evening, AND she apologized to Tracy that evening and he responded the next day with a “Thanks for your apology Karen.”

    While that seemed to be the end of it and a very adult handling of the situation on both sides, it appears that Councilmember Mendonsa, you, and his apparent handler and High School Board member Pete Constant, all saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on her mistake and villainize her as someone who was deliberately lying. It started that same night when Councilmember Mendonsa decided to create a PUBLIC post that evening, saying she was “lying” about him, which might have been his understanding at the time. As elected officials, it’s difficult to always be in the public eye and to receive the scrutiny and criticism that comes with it. I can imagine how he must have felt when the person was a wife of another council member. Yet even after he knew she made a mistake, corrected it, and apologized, he chose to leave his post up as it collected snarky comments from you, Pete, and others. At this moment it is STILL up.

    You state that it shouldn’t have taken Karen 3 1/2 days to respond. As stated above, she apologized the night it happened and received a response the next day from Councilmember Mendonsa. So exactly who did she owe an apology to that hadn’t happened in 3 1/2 days? She took the high road again, and decided to go ahead and issue a full public apology Saturday when the councilmember kept Liking and commenting on posts where his handler kept posting their discontent that a public apology had not yet been received.

    What is really unfortunate is that Councilmember Mendonsa has told me and others that he has nothing to do with what Pete or you say and he tried to distance himself from the scandal. But your link to Karen’s apology text has a fatal flaw. If you scroll down, you’ll see that it’s a screen shot off Tracy’s phone! It looks like he is indeed feeding the political attack. I’m disappointed in him playing in your mud puddle but he’s an adult and can choose how his own legacy reads in our community made up of residents from all political parties.

    Karen and I like Tracy and his family and certainly look forward to getting past these immature political and personal attacks. Our city needs us working together and I look forward to future collaborations with him.

    As for your other attacks and digs on your post, I assume your readers know your reputation.

  3. WAR Pete – guy is amazing – no longer live in Roseville, but like keeping tabs from afar. Great stuff

  4. Handler? I wish I could simply have people do what I’d like, when I’d like – but that surely isn’t the case with Tracy.

    You make a BIG assumption when you point out the “fatal flaw.” If you had asked, you would have known that in response to an inquiry as to whether there had been a public apology, the screenshot was sent in in an effort to demonstrate that Karen had, in fact, publicly apologized.

    You also make a false and disingenuous claim that Karen’s original post was private. This is blatantly false. If it was I would not have been able to see it since I am not FB friends with Karen. Anyone could view her FB page and posts. Guess you need to check those privacy settings – know anyone familiar with online security?

  5. For clarification, Pete. Her original post was ONLY to her friends (search for how that works if you don’t know). And since she didn’t tag anyone in the post, no one outside her friend group could see it. That’s how Facebook works. I’m sorry to call you out but you are not being truthful by saying you saw with your own Facebook account. Right before she removed it, we verified by having one of my FB friends (not hers) attempt to see it. You could not have seen her original post because you were not her friend on Facebook. Tracy couldn’t see it either and found out after a mutual friend shared a screenshot with him.
    Stop stirring the pot.

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