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Heck – John Moorlach already voted to make sure illegal aliens are counted for reapportionment – so why not tax them, too! Is this one of the reasons why the establishment in Orange County is choosing Big Government John?

Is this why Steven Greenhut wrote of Big Government John, “Moorlach’s not even recognizable as a conservative anymore.“?

Immigration, this is an issue that the GOP has blown chunks on. It is an issue used to hammer the GOP unfairly as racist. Like the Abortion Issue (see also “legitimate rape”) the GOP continues to shoot itself in the head with purely stupid public statements. A certain Presidential Candidate with a borderline personality has made a campaign out of it.

As someone who believes in removing quotas and a path to legalization (not citizenship) so that people coming here can be screened for disease and criminal history first, then a system that actually lets these immigrants work in the light of day instead of hiding, it galls me to see the Racism of both the left and the right on this issue. (in addition to the non-racist stupidity)

Racism? Yes, it is a purely racist statement to say, ” ‘they’ will do jobs others won’t do”. Well, Big Government John has said some bizarre things on this issue himself…

John Moorlach proposed a special tax on Illegal Immigrants.

In a 2/7/2007 Orange County Register Article, John Moorlach proposed another tax, beyond the 150+ the he voted yes on.

Moorlach figures a fine between $250 and $400 per inmate should generate the $3.5 million annual subsidy advocated by the Hospital Association of Southern California to help them recover the costs of providing services.

Local activists were stunned by the idea.

“Truly inhuman,” said Amin David, president of Los Amigos of Orange County. “I just can’t fathom it. I thought I’d heard everything. It just doesn’t stop.”

“I’m not proposing penalizing every undocumented person, I’m just going after those who have been arrested,” said Moorlach. “I’m just using a model that our state legislature has provided.”

State Sen. Lou Correa also slammed the idea.

“Nobody talks about the benefits that the undocumented bring to this economy. It’s sad. These people can’t vote and they don’t have a say, so they’re a target.”

Why is a solution to a societal problem a new tax? How is this conservative? Lou Correa is wrong on one hand and right on another – Undocumented is a BS way of saying illegal. However, even an idiot like Correa gets some issues right with the concept of hanging a target on these people.

Perhaps this IS how an alleged accountant (one who even has a license apparently) handles a problem?

Last time I checked, the County of Orange does not have the authority to set immigration policy. Secondly, what a great outreach message to minorities from Mr. Moorlach. I wonder what further brilliance Mr. Moorlach intends to bring to the GOP if elected… because we know he will sit in office and do nothing to expand the party based on his past behavior.


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