Dec 052020

So Nextdoor is another social media site and is typically used by residents to vent their frustrations. The Granite Bay nextdoor was used by the extreme left anti-growth contingent to organize against Kirk Uhler for example.

So, it stands to reason that the Mask-loving, lockdown-promoting Scott Alvord would live on Nextdoor. But, letting Alvord be a moderator is quite the conflict of interest is it not?

TGI is The Gathering Inn. They have put a group home for Homeless folks transitioning out of homelessness in to society in West Roseville. The resident was asking questions about potential conflicts of interest Alvord may have with the TGI group home. Some of my sources can not see this post anymore and others say they still can. Given that Alvord is a moderator, it is not unreasonable to assume that he tinkered with this. It is consistent with his pattern.

As you’d imagine group homes for the homeless, sex offenders, felons coming out of prison and others are a controversial issue. It has been an obsession of the extreme left to spread societal problems in to the suburbs that they resent. Scott has tried to walk a highwire on these issues, but his hard-left stances on other issues belie his true feelings.

Then there is this gem:

So, your intrepid blogger went to the government website to check. We want to give Mr. Alvord the benefit of the doubt as when we blasted him six weeks ago, the Corporation for the Placer Rescue Mission was indeed suspended.

Guess what? It is still suspended. Scott Alvord lied. (again) see below for a screenshot if the hyperlink does not work. This is as of 11AM 12-5-2020.

Scott Alvord is also telling people that the campaign finance complaints that I filed against him are baseless and will be dismissed. He lied about that too as your intrepid blogger got a nice letter from the FPPC. I am also aware that the City of Roseville has doubled down on their refusal to enforce their own ordinances. It appears they want to get an FPPC fine as well.

Please see below for a screenshot of the letter I received from the FPPC on 11-23-2020 indicating that my complaint has merit and there is a formal investigation. Scott says nothing to see here, the FPPC says there is plenty to see here is they only take up investigations they believe will lead to violations and fines.

I’d tell Alvord to shut up and stop digging himself a deeper hole, but he is not capable of that. Many in the community have told Alvord the same thing. However, based on past performance, I am sure I will continue getting new material for years to come.

To be continued.

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  One Response to “Scott Alvord Update: FPPC Money Laundering Investigation is Real, Why is he a moderator in a local Nextdoor Group? Alvord caught deleting criticism? and jammed in another lie?”

  1. Aaron, the PRM Board met this week and confirmed that while the 501c3 filings were indeed late, they are now up to date. One board member stated that the website that shows it is often delayed. So twist it however you want, but it’s not an issue. We decided to remain intact for the time being in case some opportunities open up to help the community.

    Your understanding of how NextDoor operates is incorrect. I don’t have the ability to delete or “tinker” with posts, and criticism doesn’t bother me, but your dishonest posts do, especially from someone who claims to love Jesus.

    Your posting of the letter as “proof” of your initial 18 “serious campaign violations” that you claimed I had, is a joke. READ it. It doesn’t validate anything. Your initial 18 violations turned into something like 23 violations in a later post. Guess what? You’ll soon get a letter that says the ONLY valid issues are 3 late filings in the dormant periods BETWEEN the 2016 and 2020 campaigns, which we owned up to. The FPPC disagreed with ALL of your other bogus claims. I’ll pay the fine for the late filings but you will surely twist it, won’t you?

    You have the ability to write about real issues and make a positive difference, but instead you use your talent to brutally attack people, twisting facts and creating your own. Sad to watch.

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